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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rape on The Train

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a few minootos to throw up some stuff here as my work PC got the dreaded "Pushes a n d Updates have been installed: Restarting" which means I probably have time for a Poast or two, and a Coke, Smoke and a Joke or 5.  Nuthin' like waiting on the updates Aye?  Got no choice what with Winders being the OS of biddness choice.

So, lots of outrage at the rape on the Subway Train in Philly last week.  Can't say I'm even remotely surprised.  The story is here:

And it's also going away pretty quickly.  It WAS at the top  of the fold on the Daily Fail today but now?
Annnnnnnnnnd it's gone. 

Mainly because the perp was a 32 Year old Congolese Illegal with a propensity for Rape, Rape, Felonious Assault and oh gee, MOR Rape and was -supposed- to be deported in 2015 by the Obamamessiah.

Makes me wonder if they -didn't- deport all these fuckwits we're finding now with the intention of leaving them behind as 'time bombs' for someone to deal with later.  Now... everyone has been freaking about how everyone Vidya'd this, instead of "White Knighting" and saving the "Damsel in Distress" 

Let me tell you Mister and Missuz ("That's MIZ to you cis-het-hater!!!") Fake and Ghey, Y'all made this particular bed, so enjoy the more 'rapey aspects' that're going to become MOR popular as them Afghanis start showing up in your towns.  THOSE guys are super-dooper especially Magic-Dirtalicious Rapey McRapefests... small boys, girls, goats, Teh Wahmenz?  They rape 'em all. 

And the Congo-Critters?  Right up there in a close second for Rape... 'cept they tend to eat the victim afterwards...  Yeah, the Congo... THAT place... holy hells what a weird place that's spawned OH so many Memes... a veritable paradise for Shitlord Memeing.
Nothing like being 'culturally enriched' by Congolese Cannibal-Rape-Monsters amiright?

But yeah, this is what they wanted...
Defund the Police? 
Indict -anyone- and -everyone- who even attempts to dial 9-11 on a Black in the Untied Statz these days? 
Accuse all Whypeepo as Eeeee-vil Rayyycysts for even questioning the behavior of these fucking Dindu Nuffinz and the actions that thereof?

At this point?  Fuck 'Em and I do mean Fuck 'Em ALL.  Unless the individual is personally known to me that motherfucker is purely shit-out-of-fucking-luck now and forevermore, Amen.

I ain't helping or doing shit.  Unless there's a operational and immediate need that endangers me or mine?  The pistola is staying right there in Ye Olde Holster.  The Rifle in it's case.  I won't do shit, 'cos even if I do help and theoretically AM on the 'right side' both morally, ethically and legally, if it's a Dindu?  Nah brah... rather sleep soundly knowing I protected mine by NOT allowing meselves or mine to be exposed in any way that could cut into my bottom line.  What good it it to 'do the right thing' when in the end you're gonna take a public cornholing and more n'likely a monetary hit/assraping by some fucktard lawyer who's out to score social justice points as well as line the pockets of he and his by financially destroying a Whypeepo for fun n'profit?

Sheeeeeeeeeee-it... Kyle did the 'right thing' and look what it got him.

So, beyond putting Ye Olde Middle Finger in the Air, I did have a 'cute' moment with one of the Kittahs today.  Past couple of days, Nook has been sleeping on the kitchen table.  In the lasagna dish no less. 
 Garfield Much?
The sun hits the dish for the most of the early morning, getting it nice and warm.
She curls right up in it for 80% of the mid morning to early afternoon.  I've told everyone not to fuck with the dish... we generally eat at our various 'workstations' so the table ain't a big deal, and the dish I can wash before we need to use it again.  Right now she just loves it so much and looks soooo cute, soo let her enjoy her dish and 'place'...Purring away and sleeping the day away....

Besides, if God forbid, Post Apocalypto, we got to eat her, I now know which dish she'll fit in Aye?

Got ya with that one didn't I?
Sorry but not sorry... yeah, Just being the sick bastard with bad humor that I am...
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

MORE! Vidya!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Loads of Fun and Logistics

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Telling you, this workforce?
Completely and utterly fucked.
I started this class of trainees with 18 people.  2 didn't even show.  In 12 days, I've lost 6 more.  I'm averaging a 1 every two day killshot.  Today was actually a twofer.  Queue the music:
Rather appropriate considering.
It's un-fucking-believable.  The sense of "just show up and I'm good" is startling.  And -thusfar- I -haven't had anyone try and throw the race card at me.  Yet.  Not really sure how they can though, as the attendance policy is straightforward enough, and I'm just following it to the letter.  Hells Bells I'm not really even in charge... the Training Management is responsible.  I'm just riding shotgun here.

Better to clear out the deadwood now though, 'cos when the rubber meets Ye Olde Road?  I ain't gonna have time for hand-holding and a bullshitfestivus of fuckery.

Speaking of Fuckery:
One of the Droogs reached out to ask me aboot the adverts here.  Seems that he got rooked by a company called "Blaroken" a 'supposed' tacticacool store.  Now I got no real control over the ads.  I did choose that it show 'similar stuff' for the crawler, i.e. military type tactical gear, BUT I have no, ZERO control over the goolag.  

Droog got his $$$ back with a chargeback for a ripoff, but do your due diligence on any and ALL webcrawler ads... this one when you do a search comes up right off the bat with "SCAMMERS!" in like 3 foot high burning letters.  Chineseum bullshit it would appear... 

Now, as to 'other stuff' I've been soooo out of the loop lately.
It would appear that shit is -still- the same, just shittier.  The Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is still too stupid to safely play outside without supervision.  Or is it stupor-vision?  Fucking Aye... this whole shitshow has a the feel of I don't know what.  The 'smartest guy from South Bend' the Queerer than a Three Dollar-Make-You Holler Bath-House Pete Buttplug Secretary of Transportation is still on 'paternity leave.'  

Yep.  Welcome to the New Bizarro World.

Fucking covered THAT shytteshow on my vlog.  Paternity Leave is supposed to be for a dood to help out his wife after giving birth... Passing a small human out yer body is sorta-kinda traumatic and exhausting.  Many times the have to lay open the mom like a trout and C-Section that kid out, or like they did with my X, cut her on the ladybits to 'widen the hole'... < shudder >  No thanks.  But since all that abuse gets inflicted, NewMoms need some help around the house in getting the strength back and whatnot.  I know I had to help the hell out with BOTH kids both times.

Buttplug, well seeings that he can -probably- sit naked on a standard issue barstool, and have it shoot/slide right up the ole pooper sans lube, I'd say there isn't any issue in that house.  Nope... and then, they essentially bought a whypeepo bebe.  Actually, make that two whypeepo bebes.  Twins.  Guess they didn't want the other getting jealous when they fire up the pedo later in life...  It shows how genuinely 'ungenuine' these prog-globo-homo fuckwits are.  How many minority kids with real developmental issues are abandoned/not wanted/whatever/orphaned out there? 

Buttplug was ALL about sympathy for the BLM or whatever 'flavor of the month' out there is,  but the spermburper apparently only purchased hisself two lil whypeepo bebes.  Him and Mrs. Cumguzzler Buttplug didn't go through any stress, outside of maybe worrying that -somebody- might call out the fact that they shouldn't get paternity leave, but in Clownword, no one's gonna say a thing as they're a 'special protected class' of A) Rich as Fuck, B) Powerful and C) Gay as fuck.  No one in the current Ministry of Propaganda is going to call those two out for baby trafficking, never mind that this taxpayer funded "Paternity Leave" is both a scam AND a fraud.

Nero supposedly fiddled while Rome Burned...
Buttplug is probably lactating as we speak.

And it's under this fucking guy our Fragile and Not-Yet-Recovered Logistics System is getting worse.  And he's too busy getting Vogue and Vanity Spreads of him holding a baby, and gazing loooongingly into his "missuz" bearded face...  Let me tell you.

In Iraq in 2006 we had a minor 'bump' in the Logistics shipping.  'Bump' as being defined by the fact that the Haj went batshit, and the IEDs were soooooo bad, that the roads went from "Green" (safe to roll on) to "Red" (Robot-Levels of "Danger Will Robinson!!!!").  There were sections of Route Irish that were so thick with IEDs that the roads were essentially closed the fuck down.  For like two weeks.

And we started running out of food... and everything else.

Went from 3 Hot Meals in the Chow hall to One a day.  MREs were available but they were a bit worried about available stocks as that hadn't been "The Plan" to need a metric shitpile of those on hand.  We also got told to re-use the disposable plastic tableware.  "Hold onto your fork!"  Bottled Water started getting rationed, and mail was non-existent.  I'm sure AT LEAST one or two of my 'care packages' from the US got nuked on a convoy... leastways I think... 

Either way, even with the entire US Army and ALL of KBR-Halliburton working to alleviate this, we still needed help.   At one point they had the Ukrainians load up ONE aircraft chockablock FULL of critical supplies and fly it into Sather Air Base in Baghdad.  Then they did it again.

One plane you say Big Country?  That ain't much...
Wanna Bet?
Two flights worth of cargo, but it was the AN-225 Mirya.  I actually SAW that gorgeous thing taking off... went -right over- the Crib on Victory.  Looked like the Empire State Building grew wings and decided to go for some sight-seeing.  It's that fucking big.

Yah, we 'slammed the wall' getting shit unfucked.  But that's a microcosm compared the shit we got going on here n'now.  Like that was a teeny tiny issue with what we ACKCHULLY got going on right here, right now.  And the assclown (literally!) that they have nominally 'in charge' is as fake and gay for his qualifications to be "Transportation Smegmatary as he is in his personal life.  Meaning he's utterly fake and gay.  I mean fer Crissakes, I believe when asked about his qualifications, didn't he say something about he once rode an AMTRAK once?  More like used the men's room 'Glory Hole' in the South Bend Train Station...

Jes' Sayin'

For real, between the 'lack of willingness' of people (which is what -I'm- seeing IRT) to do any work these days... the 'lotus eaters' that have been spoken of, and then the near fascist-intervention of the DotGov on any and all levels to impose unneeded and unhelpful regulatory supra-state 'environmentally friendly' rules, shit's on the slide... quickly.

Take all the new rules that Califrutopia is putting in... sure... enviro-friendly laws and rules that make the Hollyweird and Box Wine Aunts and Karens have the good feelz, but the reality is, even they're gonna 'suddenly' find theyselves out of food.

Oh Quick Note!
Evvabody go check your preps!
Don't forget to top off and rotate.
I found a bad can last night.  Needs replacement as soon as I can.
Hell, -I- have to wait til payday.  One of my cans of Provident Pantry went bad...  Can was ALLLLL swole like a motherfucker.  Tomato Powder.  Bought in 2012.  Very common unfortunately for acidic stuff like that.  Now they claim it's good for 30 years.  Reality?  Not so much.  And the can was stored inside for the entirety of it's life, out of the sun (I use a big wardrobe as a storage locker) in a stable comfy temperature for that whole time (outside of a few power outages.). 

As dumb as it sounds, a BIG menu item for the "Big Country Post-Apocalyto Cafe and Diner" is pizza.  I got a metric ton of flour, yeast, freeze dried sausage, ground beef, peppers, onions, mozzarella and I got a solar oven that bakes up a pie in about an hour on the lanai.  Even got aged and stored pepperoni.  I mean hell, why not?  One large pie feeds 4-5 people, and if it's reduced rations, one slice a person, a 6 slice pie is a pretty good meal Aye?

But right now?  The majority of these morons out there are ALL about the 'daily shopping' even IF they go shopping.  I usually avoid Publix after work because its ALL people buying what they're going to cook THAT NIGHT that they're picking up on the way home... you can tell with a glance at the cart if that's a 'week worth' of grub, or if it's the "I need to feed Jimmy and Hubby as soon as I get home!"  That's usually the chick with either Manwich and ground beef, with a pack of buns or the Hotdogs, bag of OreIda oven bake fries and rolls.  Otherwise they're ordering from UberEats or GrubHub....

I only go if I realize I forgot something... a quick hit n run.  
JIT Logistics is almost dead
And when it does die
That's when shit'll get interesting quick.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, October 18, 2021

Internet Issues?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Having trouble maintaining Ye Olde Connectivity.  In fact ALL my people in my Training Class are experiencing connections issues.  I've got a Spectrum Biddness Line, and my Trainer (awesome lady!) has Verizon and SHE's having issues too.  In and out... minor bounces.

Anyone heard if there was any electro-magnetic stuff happening?  I know last week we had a minor CME that suspicious observers reported on, but otherwise it's theoretically quiet?

Weirdness I guess.

So, dealing Gaaaaaaaaaah!
My GAWD!  My fon won't stop detonating!!!
OK waaaay too busy today to blegg.  Will try tonight.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Overworked Reporter
Big Country
First Time Meeting

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Yeah, Again with Editing?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaaaaaaaaaaan I am sooooo having to learn ALL the editing Software.  AND I'm pissed at meselves.  I don't want to make loooooooooooooooong rambling vidyas.  However, as I write, so goes nYe Olde Viday Channel.

So, we gots another one:

Which is:
Dis fukking one?
OK... without too much reveal, I was dead the fuck right to keeping Wifey home today.  And no 'Derq, we ain't  at the pork-chop-gator-walkaboot.....


I AM keeping it in mind tho.  Good Idea Bro...
It's what I love aboot you sick fucks.
Even a Good Church Going Lady like Large Marge give me something I can work with
And man, so is she, DumBunny, (keeping said aforementioned Gator-Walk) in mind....  Think she went through 2-3 pairs of panty-shields when I got home, maybe even drawers 'cos when -I- go on a rampage?  Yeah, it's bad, but today?  I went all fartlike... silent, but deadly.  It's when I get quiet... Sapper went in, blocked and locked his door, and told me he'd be on 'standby' with the shovel and quiklime.

God I purely love good subordinates.

Hard to find Great Minions these days Aye?

And if YooToob nukes it, IT IS on GAB:

Hope you enjoy.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

After Action Report

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaan... note to self:  I am entirely too white to be out in the Florida Sun without sunscreen.  Got a bit roasty-toasty today at the Range.  Had a meetup with The infamous Borepatch ( who on the reg organizes the mid-to-south Florida Blogshoot.  

Every six months or so, we were doing it, Last time was sort of a sad time as Miguel from moved to waaay up yonder to Tennessee.  So, this 'un here wasn't a per-se Blogshoot, as much as just two bros and their old ladies getting together to bust caps.  Borepatch's significant other, A.K.A The Queen of the World was there, and most unfortunately, Wifey couldn't make it.

Because DumBunny we've found can't be trusted to stay home at Mi Casa and do the right thing.

So, Wifey got stuck on babysitting duty which has pissed me off to no end.  Fucking unreal... DumBunny is one of the most self-entitled fucking To The Letter Definition of a Fucking Millennial.  Like the polar opposite of Spawn.  Man... I'm not going to rant, but needless to say ALL the good, de-stressing that I did breaking in the firepower is oot the fucking window the second I walk in the door.

Time to sell -everything- and move to Costa I'm thinking.

OK:  So, unfortunately not a lot of pictures as we were a bit to busy pulling triggers.  I did get one of 'Patch throwing from his OMFG Beauty of an AR:
Team America FUCK YEAH!
I personally think he should get that put on the side... but 
He was working on getting on paper with a new scope while I was in 'new test of the M1A' which you can see on the table behind him, on the bipod.  I also worked in the AR-10 with the Russian Dragunov scope I told y'all about waaays back.

OK:  The M1A:  Thank you Springfield for restoring my faith in you.  FLAWLESS except for three 'soft strike' on some Tula Russian Ammo.  Now for that matter, they weren't soft strike but them damned hard-assed rooskie primers... total of 5 rounds out of 40 had to be re-run through for a second attempt as they just were HARD Aye?  NO issues on the M1A and the National Match sights/barrel combo are a tack driving dream, leastways when I wasn't shaking with 'deer fever'.  Rounds were for the most part in a 4-5 inch group which for me and my shakes ain't bad.  That was at the 100 Yard shooting distance.  Respectable but I'm way the fuck out of practice.  In fact by a few months ago price standards, I was joking with Patch that we'd pretty much shot a mortgage payment's worth of Boolits today between the 4 of us.

Now:  The AR-10 Dragunov Scope Combination.
Zeroed here at the house with a laser boresite to 'rough gage' the scope aiming point and mount.  Did a quick three rounds at 100 to confirm, dialed in the scope... which by the way was a stone bitch.  The knobs on the scope?  In Cyrillic Rooskie.  Couldn't tell if something was "Up" "Left" or "Right" and "Down"... I had to do 3, adjust, do 3, re-adjust and THEN I was in the right center mass grouping.

3 sets of 3 rounds.
I walked them from top to bottom, with the last round being a 'flyer' up on the top left... jerked the trigger... 'cos I got excited as fuck to see the two damned-near center mass.

Not bad for a blind Shakes-the-Clown Motherfucker.

Now, the Dragunov Scope... whoooo wee!  I need ANOTHER one.  It's incredibly well-matched to the AR-10 platform.  Fucking a dream-scope-rifle combo.  Mind you that target to MY blind ass was barely visible to me at 100 years.  The eye relief is great, and I think Borepatch is going to get one for HIS rifle.  When I explained the 'how it works' he was muy impressed.  For those who don't remember, the reticle is this:
The sloped scale on the left?  It's for estimating target distance.  It works thusly:
The stadia lines on the top are to adjust for movement/lead.  The middle hash marks on the up/down axis are for ranging the round impact.  Like I said hella cool and fucking need another one.  
As Aesop is fond of saying, One is None Aye?
Ivan makes great optics.
Sold out currently but HIGHLY Recommend:

So, went to a dive bar for a beer.  Was nice.
And yep.  That is an honest to God functional Cigarette Machine.  Right out of the olde daze gone by.  Outlaw Biker Bar with Outlawed Cigarette Machine?  Fucking coolio.

Place -did- reek of cigs tho, only drawback that I could tell.  Only because I quit smoking two years ago after like 30 years of it...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd came home to a shitfestivus of fuckitude 
OMFG Please I do not need this.  
If I 'drop off' the Net, it's 'cos I either stroked the fuck out
I done kil't everyone
Might have to flip a coin on that.  Right now I'm leaning towards telling Sapper to get the plastic tarps, duct tape and shovel.  
I. Am. Too. Old. For. This. Shit.
Annnnnnnnnnnd the BP: 189 over 127.... Might have to relax a bit 
Ya Thiiiiiink?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, October 16, 2021

MOR! Vidya!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Fuck it, we'll do it live...
Got cut short but still, MOR info, discussion and comments welcome!
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Nothing to See Here...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Appreciate the feedback from the test.  I'm still working the Audio out and as far as the production 'values'?  Well that's more in place to shield the rest of the room.  I don't want/need that much exposure of the room, as it IS my workshop.  The pallet of ammo, food, tac-gear and computers is downright frightening to a point.  It looks like a Fallout 3 bunker/mission control.  Gaming Computer, Work Computer, 5 monitors, 2 Laptops, as well as a Blogging PC.  

NASA Circa 1965 or such
'Cept mine is waaaay less organized.
Pile of Shytte #1 Tactical Gear, Vests, Helmets (where and HOW did I end up with so many fucking helmets?)  Enough varied 'flavors' of unassembled Tac-Gear so's I can change out the loadout for whatever needs/wants be.  Base Tact Vest(s) to upload said-gear as needed... you get the idea.

Pile of Shytte #2 Reloading bench, Rolling Gunsmith Tool Chest... Good Gawd, really looking at it, I got a LOT of shit, and that doesn't even touch on the shit in the garage...DotMil cases and cases FILLED with shit.  Think I'm going to have to join the HOA Yard sale this year to declutter the 'excess to needs'

So, anyways.  To today's foulness:
Seems in Jolly Olde England, The Happy Home of Headrag Hajiis, One David Amess, Conservative British politician was, and I quote: 
  • "Sir David, 69, was murdered on Friday by a crazed knifeman while he held a meeting with his constituents in a church in Essex"
He was at church, and for some unknown reason a 'crazed knifeman' went after dood and gutted him like a fish.  Bled out before they could get him to the hospital, even using a LifeFlight, he was toast.  This was HUGE news for about 12 hours in Jolly Olde...

Now?  Notsomuch Aye?  
But Big Country, Whatever could this have 'dropped off the radar' so Quickly?
Reason in 3...2...1...
Dropped that fucker faster than the radioactive rock it is.  I had to dig like a mother to find that infonugget.  Ain't mentioned over there at all.  In fact right now the BritNews is harping more on the Liberals who Tweeted 'Mean Things' about Mister Conservative Gutted Fish.  They're trying to play up the whole 'mental illness' thing as they ARE wont to do.

Which really means that it was another case of SJS 'Sudden Jihadi Syndrome'... again.  Aloha Snackbar kicking it Olde Skool again with the knives.  Telling you, protecting Muh Diversity! is a full time gig.  The crime stats HERE are covered up to the point of no return, I can only imagine how buried it is in Joly Olde.  Can you imagine how bad it'd be if they hadn't banned guns over there?  Not that that stops the 'bad guys' from getting them.  Just ask my cousins in the IRA

Jes' Sayin'

So today -was- supposed to be 'clean the haus' day BUT now I'm a bit distracted.  Wifey had a client today who by what she told me, "just ain't right".  And now she's a hour overdue here and NOT answering the fon.  Not a good thing.  I'm sure she's ok, but man, some of her clients... this one I TOLD her I had a bad feeling about.  First time (her first visit) she said that the House was a complete nasty foul-smelling shithole.  Now THIS from a chick?  Who's personal propensity, well, she's not gross but Wifey IS the stereotypical Hairdresser-Cluttered Clusterfuck with her shit...  Makes me nuts occasionally.  When SHE said it was gross as hell, I told her to ditch the broad as a client, as maaan, when a chick finds ANOTHER broad's A.O. completely repellant that's a red flag on the crazy for me.  She still went though as it IS $150 that we need, so hey amiright?

She -should- be fine...  I just hate the whole 'not answering the fon' thing.  Annnnnnd there she is.
Now I got my ass chewed for blowing up her shit while working
>Le Sigh<
Damned if I do, Damned if I don't LOL.
Call and it's "What!?! Why are you blowing up my phone!?!
Don't Call and it's "OMG You don't love me!  I could have been dead in a ditch!!!"

Ah well.  Shytte do happen.
So, Thanks for the feedback gang.  Like I said, I need Spawn to assist really... my tech voodoo/kung fu is weak these days.  Sooooo many changes soooo quickly, leaves my head spinning.  The software is intuitive to a point, it's trying to figure out what format you guys want to see.  Any suggestions?  A full on Rant-a-Thon?  OR I was thinking like the Headlies of the day, with me scrolling through commenting form the Corner?
That ain't Bad... "Big Country's Corner Commentary and Rantathon"...
Have to see the tech side and if it works, then fucking Aye.
So, Suggestions Welcome!
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Test Time (Vidya)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Tough Call?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, October 15, 2021

So, Cleaned my Combat Shotty Today...(now last night)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now, Y'all know I love to run me that Black Aces Tactical Pro 'X' (10?) 12 Gauge.  
Couple of things... First, I don't get no dimes or shekels for my reviews.
This's all for the 'reg'lar' folks out there who've never been "Gear Queers" and need a bit of assist from a BT-DT guy.  And let me tell ya, Dis Fukkin Shotty?  I wish I had one in Iraq.  VERY versatile.  Can be modded in SO many ways.     

It's my 'modern day woobie' to a point.. literally the last, first and last thing I touch as I hit the bed... even AFTER marital issues (i.e. ye olde in-and-out) has been done I always check to make sure the Gauge is where I left it.  So, I'm VERY pleased with it.  AND someone on the other 'House" commented that this model right here is on sale right now at Atlantic?

And I'm broke dammit.

So last night I finally cleaned it.  I wanted to see how dirty it is after 400+ rounds of various 'flavors', to include Buckshot, Bird, Flechette...So I tore it apart.  Now -normally- that's an easy job BUT I modded it out a bit.  The normal loadout, without mag tube extensions is 4, with a 2 round extender or the 6 round extension.  Now, the +6 round tube makes it retardedly loooong.  It's for three gun matches more than anything, to be used in conjunction with the 24' inch barrel.  Now since I'm wanting MORE than 6, but less than 10, (or 7 and 11 if you have a 'round up-the-pipe')

So I found that I could get a Remington 1187 4 Round extension on it.

Now, the threading on the mag tube on the Black Aces is, I don't know what it is, but it matches the Remington 4 round tube, see here and here:
That's the threading on the 1187 tube... the matching point on the B.A. is:
Now, its much longer than the 1187, and when the tube extension is on there, it's used to hold the front forearm in place.  Since there's a difference, I added a spacer to insure a nice tight fit.
It's a 1 inch interior diameter piece of PVC that I cut and measured, and then hit with Ye Olde Blacke Spraypaint., and installed it.  It's been a perfect fit, and has worked for 400+ rounds without loosening and whatnot...  10 for 10 Would Recommend.
Now, the threading matches, and you do NOT want to overtighten.  That then, once it's on there, I added a few 'other' toys.  One was a Bayonette Lug for my M-9, seen in picture #1.  Which also shows how I fucked up.  I'll repoast it, but can anyone see where I fucked up?
Well, it's right there.  I re-assembled the ENTIRE thing and realized
I forgot the mag spring...
Fucking Brilliant Aye?
Even experts like me can fuck up on occasion.
Had to tear it ALLLLL down all over again... And redo it.  Not a bad thing, but went from a one hour block of cleaning to an additional hour or so for unfucking my fuckup.
But it was worth it.
Now, I added a Barrel Brace as well which 'straps' the barrel to the mag tube.  This reinforces it, and adds stability for the pig sticker on the end.  So, in all, I can load 8 rounds up the tube, 1 in the chamber, for a total of 9 rounds, but without it being stupid long.  The tube -does- take a bit of a burn from the firing, but a minor trade for the increase of fire, with an 18 inch Barrel.  As you ca see, WITH the bayonette mounting lug (mounted on the front of the tube and held in place by an Allen screw) it only adds like 4.5 inches out of the front.
A six shot ammo side saddle as you can see rounds it out, and the rear lug also has two small aluminum Picatinny rails that allow me to mount a surefire tac light.
And the Bayonette?  Makes it killer scary to a 'normie'
Unfortunately That's all I got right now, Work is INSANE for a Friday... usually it's more mellow
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Trans Insanity (Literally!)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
It's too early for all this... didn't sleep good again for whatever reason.  Then the day started by racing to Publix for cat food... seems Ye Olde Kittahs went and ate theyselves out of food.  I also have my suspicions about the doggo... she's looking might sus when I look at the apparently licked-clean-cat bowl and then her... she gets that sideways guilty look going like "I have absolutely NO idea why that cat dish is completely and utterly crumbless!"
So, besides the fun there, I got heated reading an article on ZeroHedge.  It was pretty pertinent to the INSANITY of the world today.  The article is located here:

The TL;DR is this:  For millenia Humanity, as a species, would see insanity/mental illness and whatnot as not a good thing.  It was considered aberrant.  An outlier to be avoided.  History is littered with the stories of the Madness of leaders who eventually were removed due directly to their actions they performed because they were fucking cracked.

And now?  We embrace and elevate these fucking psychos as 'better' and 'more worthy' than the rest of us common folks... that because we naturally, on an instinctual level know that "that person ain't right!" are castigated and declared that, per the article:

"The insane are now above the rest of us. The insane must be worshiped. The insane are our leaders and role models. Biology is wrong, and the cultural Marxists and woke ideologues are right.

The new narrative is that truth tellers and rational people are the “insane” ones and they should be watched or possibly locked up."

And, more frighteningly, that the truth tellers and rational people need re-education and/or elimination because our 'badthink' causes 'hurt feeewings'.

Now Smith breaks it down to the reason it's sooooo hyped right now, and that's that Whypeepo, being on the 'outs' and targeted for the "Original Sin" of just being a Whypeepo, are embracing this shytte as it gives them the cachet of now being in a special and protected if not outright better class of people.  Now, just to continue, it's not like anyone is ackchully going out and actively hunting down trans folks... if anything, people have gone to literally insane lengths to coddle these people.  Like going waaay the fuck out of their way to use their fucking fucked up pronouns and whatever... My big question is since when do YOUR feelings matter one fucking iota to me?
The past 100 years, we finally started helping the mentally ill... for like the first time ever, we tried to help.  For the first time in history of humanity, we have the means (chemistry) and ways to attempt to assist those unfortunates who's elevator doesn't go all the way to the top so to speak.

And now?  here we are, at the Apex of it all, and we're regressing like a motherfucker.  Look.  I have compassion for these folks.  MY very own fambly has been severely negatively impacted by this whole fucking nutjobfestivus.  I've been upfront about it... I actually blame Bruce Fuckhead Piece of Shit Please Die In A Fire Jenner.

Why him?  

Before, "Transgender" was rare and uncommon.
I can tell you right now what the issue is with that fucktard.  See, BJ as I'll call him here for brevity, as what I want to call him is DeadMeat.  BJ... if you remember, he was "The Man" in the late 70's and 80's.  The male Paris Hilton if you will... everywhere he went, it was "Hey There's BJ!!!" and the paparazzi followed him, he was allll over the Enquirer... constant attention.  And that's what he craved.   


When he FINALLY settled down, it was HUGE Hollyweird News... Marrying the Widow of Robert Kardashian, OJ's Lawyer, finally putting all those whispers about his questionable sexuality and whatnot?  Kris Jenner, Momanager Extraordinaire?  Well... everything was fine and dandy... Until BJ started sloooowly sliiiiiding out of the Limelight.  Kim "Drinks Piss" Eldest Stepdaughter sex tape came out, (rumored to have been released by her Mom... sick fucks Aye?) and then the whole "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and bullshit, alll the other kids taking over?  BJ became a bit-player in what HE thought was 'his show'.

So, what to do?  Well, a headline grabbing "Put on Drag and Declare hisself Transgender" seems to have worked out rather well didn't it?  Except for 'collateral damage' which has, as far as I can tell, been catastrophic as well as had an enormous negative impact both numerically and spiritually... the sheer numbers of kids who now identify as "Trans" is staggering compared to 'legit' numbers...we're going to be feeling the fallout of this fucking attention-whoring asshole for the next 10-30 years... hell, how do you know it's a ploy? Fucker still ain't cut off his cock....

The Collateral Damage? Especially bad since the mentally ill "Munchausen Mothers" who proudly jumped on board when they realized that they too could declare that their 14 month old boy, because he played with a barbie doll is now "Trans" and going to be allowed to 'transition' as soon as viable.  MAD Attention Whoring!!! OMFG!!!  Those bitches?  Take the kids.  Sorry, you're insane.  Dangerous even.  You do NOT have the right to fucking essentially destroy your kids future because you like the 'attention' and 'social status' you crave.  Fuck. Them. Whores.

And for any 'haters' out there?  My gay daughter went "trans" because essentially she was a 15 year old girl, uncomfortable with BEING a 15 year old girl (female 'things' grossed her out, and many a time she was jealous that men don't have those 'things') and being gay wasn't good enough socially.  The 'feeding the attention and drama hamsters' contributed to her -suddenly- declaring herself "Trans" and when I spoke up?  Yeah... I wanted her to get fully evaluated before doing anything too radical.  Wasn't asking much, BUT it contributed significantly to the dissolution of my marriage and family, who ALL went social-justice 'full retard' and encouraged her instead of asking the hard questions.

So, I'm cut off... and it's a shame.  I miss her greatly.  

And unfortunately, the numbers of 'post-trans regret' who suicide at middle age are unbelievable.  It's sad and horrifying... according to now-suppressed info (I've studied it in depth) a LOT of the female to males are the worst in raw numbers.  Some of the research is that women naturally have what I call "the baby making switch" in their heads... part instinct, part hormonal, and when the "Babies Rabies" urge hits (Red Pill term) and they've terminally fucked up their bodies and hormones, the "Self Destruct" switch gets thrown...  my worst nightmare really... and such as it is...

"So It Goes"
Billy Pilgrim "The Children's Crusade" 
Kurt Vonnegut

One of my favorite books.  The other quote is what was put on Pilgrim's headstone (or what he WANTED on his headstone): "Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt."
Just about Zen in that Aye?
So, maybe more later, as it's a full day, and I need to check the headlies to see what's going on.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Healthy Yay!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Clean Bill O'Health at Ye Olde Veteran's Admin-Run Hospital!  No sign of Cancer nor any of the Herpagonasyphilaids.  (That keeps Wifey happy) The staff was great however, I am a bit miffed with Ye Olde Automated Appointment System that called me and verily told me to produce me carcass at 1030 for the 1100am Appointment with The Saw of Bones... Nurses doing nursey things...  So, it being the VA, early is betterer than late so I was up at the asscrack of dawn, and boogied through rush hour traffic to get there at 10.

Imagine me surprise/horror (not!) when I got there at 0945.  Did the obligatory screening at the door "Have you had a fever..."
Then the poor bastard started to aim the temperature checker up to my forehead, not knowing that right before I went in I put my icepack on my forehead.  No idea what the temp read, but dude had a really puzzled look on his face when I went through... probably said I was room temperature.  I -should have- registered far less than the 94 or so I usually run.  Next time I should get some 'zombie contacts' and do the same trick...  Ask where they store the brains... gotta keep it real and jumping, lest I get bored. 

In fact when I left after the appointment, the gentleman asked if he could do it again, where he had this MASSIVE look of relief when it came back normal.... normally I'd leave someone hanging, but ALL the screeners are older prior-service vets who look like this's to supplement the SSI and Retirement, and generally get them out of the house.  I told him the gag and he was like laughing and told me I was a dick.  BTW, I didn't get initially seen until 1130....

< Le Sigh >

So, now on to Loudoun County Virginia...
Now, I will NOT FedPoast.
If -I- had my daughter raped by a 'Transtesticle' AND the school principle AND allllll the school board members decided to handle it 'in house' AS WELL as the prosecutor trying to fry this guy in court as well as the court of public opinion?

Smith is a fucking Angel.

These libtard fucksticks INSTEAD of calling in the fuzz, quietly transferred the Predator TO ANOTHER SCHOOL.  Whereupon said Transtesticle raped another girl.  

Catholic Church Much?

Dad wasn't having any of it  He went to the Sherriff, who shockingly opened a case and performed a rape kit PROVING said Transtesticle Predator DID do the deed... while waiting on the usual ratfuck crawl of prosecutorial misconduct, i.e dragging their fucking feet, said should be shot as well as his ENTIRE Family Transtesticle did the NEXT rape.  Well Dad wasn't putting up with it, and called 'em out vigorously.  Now, he was confronted, and when the Fuzz grabbed him, he violently pulled away, giving the Pigs their excuse that he was 'resisting' and gave him a beat down toute-le-fucking-suite.  His reason for blowing his stack?  

"Minutes before Smith’s arrest at the June 22 board meeting, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Superintendent Scott Ziegler declared that "the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist," and that to his knowledge, "we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms," The Daily Wire reported."
Add on a well known AntiFa Activist (who  usually are screeching "Believe all teh wahmanz!!!) who said his daughter was a lair?  Man, they even had him escorted out of the school by a SWAT team because he got into the Principle's ass verbally... let me tell I would have killed every. single. one. of. them.  My daughter?  My baby girl?  

Right now, every. single. member of that school board needs to be indicted by the Feds, as well as the prosecutor who's still dragging his fucking feet on the fucking predator.  The kid in question?  I'd have cut his cock and balls off... if he's genuinely trans he'd be appreciative.  Of course the lack of anesthesia and cauterizing with a blowtorch might be a bit much, but needs be Aye?

Now, of course the Prosecutor's name is being stripped from alllll the articles out there... seems Buta Biberaj doesn't like the publicity of being an Albanian Mujahidee...errrr  Mooslim.  Guess her 'cultural enrichment' of the Persecutor's Orifice is acceptance of the rapey nature of men... leastways allll them Rapey-McRapefaces.  Would LOVE to know what's up with the Transtesticle... it sounds more like the little ratfucker worked a grift to be around broads/targets in the men's room.  I figure we'll see his picture when he gets kilt.  Not calling for violence, just stating that dis fukkin' guy's life ain't worth a plugged centavo IMO.  

Yeeeeeah... ALL of these people done fucked around, and they going to find out shunning is real
As well it should be.
Even IF this kid is mentally ill, that doesn't excuse THEIR fucking fucked up approach to this ENTIRE shitfestivus.  This's beyond a shitshow... I mean -just- when you think things can't get any worse Aye?

THESE are the adults that were elected to oversee kids?
Let me tell you, Spawn #1 only had a grand sum total of 3 YEARS in publically funded skoolz.  ALL the rest was home school.  One year where he asked to go in 4th Grade 'cos his best friend was there, and then the last two years of High School 'cos that's where his now-FiancĂ©e was going.  Otherwise?  -ONLY- three years en toto.  

Spawn #2?  All four. years. of High Skoolz per HER request.
And now, she's gone... lost to me, and her Mom... a victim of the Poz and being a 14 year old girl...

Someday I pray and hope she gets the help she needs.
But anyways.
So a good day
But tiring.
Only thing of note was my Doc asked me about the unusually high Blood Pressure... 120 over 98 which for ME is HIGH as all get out.  Normally, even though I'm a larger dood, it runs about 110 over 70/80 range.  Got a good blood pump thankfully... the rest of Ye Olde Carcass, held together with Hate, Booze and Scar Tissue.  Explained to her the latest living situation, what with alllll the stressors I have, I told her "Xanax please stat!!!"    She's got a great sense of humor... in fact she's a great doctor overall...  she was, after a somewhat longwinded explanation, was like "Well Mr. Country, that's the most f-bombs you've ever dropped in here... so yes, it's readily apparent that your a bit 'out of sorts' "  I'm usually on best behavior as she's originally from Korea (South) and is usually very formal, and I watch my language...  usually... I was like "My bad!" and she re-upped all my stuff, gave me all the good news, and I was set

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country