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Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Stupid Continues and Mellow Sunday

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
A cold assed day here in Floreeeeduh!  Like down in the 50s, which 'round here is like OMFG cold to the locals, and even my carpetbagger Damned Yankee Born Ass broke out the Sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirt.  Haven't turned on the heat, probably won't at all either way.  Wifey has spent the day snuggled up in her favorite Marilyn Monroe blankie watching the Netflix, whilst Sapper and I have just been poking 'round the various webs reading and seeing the stupid unfold in real time.  Dumbunny just got back from taking Gran#2 for a short stroll around the A.O. to get some fresh air and sunlight, which usually conks her out like a lil light after.

All in all a very pleasant day.
The kind of Sunday I remember from years gone by.  The only outside interactions that I've done was to go across the street to 'borrow' a red pepper for tonight's vittles.  I got me some damned solid relations with MOST of the neighbors in the A.O. now, so this's a good thing.  The only bad thing was at Christmas there were so many cookie swaps and gifting around, I swear I gained like mad pounds, as GeeMaw from across the way makes these killer beignets that make you gain weight just -looking- at them. GeeMaw is like 10,000 years old, tough as nails and a For-Real French Quarter N'awlins Lady of the Old School.

Mad killer cook too.
The shrimp etouffee she makes?  Fucking unreal.
Me, I got a night off Dumbunny is doing the cooking.  Unlike Wifey, DB does have -some- skills in the kitchen... I'm trying to broaden her recibe collection so to speak, but what she does make, she does well.  She's actually come around a huge amount which has taken a major load of stress off me.  I'm mad happier these days and there's not a lot of tension going on.  Mostly the times the tension escalates is when the Gran starts cutting more toofuses, as usually, she is like literally the. best. behaved. Bebe I've ever come across.  She only fusses when she really hurts.  Tough lil kid man.  Can't wait to start training her up.  DB gets sorta kinda frantic as we took Gran#1 before the whole toofus thing was an issue, so's this her first rodeo and panics like the first time mamas always do.  She's getting better, but hey, this now what?  Kid number 4? that I've done the whole 'super lil bebe' to 'toddler' I raised.  MY issues are going to be when they hit the mid years 6 to 14/5 'cos thats like what I missed when I was runnin' and gunnin' in the Middle East.  Missed like ALL the shitshow(s) that my Spawn did.

Now, onto polly-ticks and hows I'ma seeing it.
Now, no joke but this one, too many people are sleepwalking their way into this shytte.  ESPECIALLY the fuckin grifters and shills in charge...   This Ukraine thing?  Has -serious- potential to go ballistic really fucking quickly and Average 'Murican Joe and Jill Sixpack ain't got no idea nohow nowhere on how dangerous things really are.  By way of WRSA and Concerned 'Murican, is Bracken via Michael Yon...
That's a looooooooooooong resupply line...
We had trouble getting food and shit into Iraq a couple dozen times, and that was up against underequipped locals using scratched together IEDs initially.  Our MLL (main line, logistics) was coming primarily from Kuwait in the South, and through the Habur Gate on the Turk side in the North.  And even then, with ALL the power and might of the US DotMil at it's best shape in like 20 years still couldn't keep convoys safe and running smoothly.  

Ivan? The Ukraine?  Where the majority of what equipment, supplies and troops that we have left in USAEA is located in Germany.  And this time the Krauts seem to be wanting to sit this one out.  There's the Airborne unit in Vicenza Italy, and scattered onesies-twosies like everywhere else, but the bulk of what we have left in Europe is in Krautland.  Got a little bit of stuff and folks in Poland, but pray tell just where and how the fuck are we going to get MASSIVE shit to the Ukes if Vlad decides to roll his now rumored 120,000 troops, of which approximately 50,000 of them are Shooter Looters and Scooters (SpecOps, Infantry and Armor), nevermind the fucking Arty, which Ivan does have in spades.

Add into the mix that word that sometime earlier in the week? weekend? a fucking Ivan Ballistic Launching Nuke Sub surfaced off the coast of the Untied Statz, not that you'd hear a fucking word of it from the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies.  Now mind you it did come from Pravda, so yeah, Rooskie dizinformazon?  Tough call but man, if they DID manage to get one of their Boomers right off the coast, that's like a serious middle finger thrown at us.

Its the fucking Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den's coterie of Misfits, Mental Midgets, Morons and that're dragging us into a war that can't stay conventional.

Dat ain't cool.  
The Pravda article was also kind enough to identify the type of missiles that the Sub carries.  Seems it uses the Bulava SS-N-32 SLBM.  16 missiles on the boat, 10 IRVs (Independent Reentry Vehicles or MIRV Multiple IRVs)... 160 'nukes'...
The 'good news'?  The low end is only 100 kilotons of Kaboomie-boom.
An Airburst of ONE of these things over say, McDill?
I've poasted it before, but the Nukemap is a fun and educational toy
We'd be out of immediate danger here at Casa BigCountryExpat, but still, these things will, to quote Austin Milbarge "...will suck the paint off your house and give your family a permanent orange afro!"

Not fun Aye?
Not much we can do, but lets be realistic.  The fucktards in charge are literally out of fresh ideas... in fact the freshest thing they have was a demented 79 plus child molester with so many issues, that man.... we're totally and completely fucked.  When in doubt, get everyone to 'rally 'round the flag' and then, do the whole "Declare Martial Law!" and thusly be able to suspend the 2022 shellacking that's coming up. 

The morons have been trying to ALREADY float the idea that there's shenanigans afoot for the 2022 ouster of all demoncRats, but it's not getting much if any traction at all.  As in even the fucking Normies are asking "Why is it when a demoncRat loses, it has to be an illegitimate vote, and yet the blatantly obviously stolen election was the bestest and greatest and fairest ever held by anyone evvar, so much so to question it, we'll arrest you and lock you away peasant!" 

So since they ain't going to be able to pull the 'usual shytte', they'll go for the 'unusual power grab'.

I wouldn't even put it past them to do a Black Flag Nuclear Bombing of a city somewhere in Blue Held territories and blame the Russians or some such horseshit, so as to get everyone on board with the concept of a full on bloodbath.


So, More to think on.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Freudian Slip? And a Birfday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Things that make you go "Hmmn?"  Seems that Good Ole Jennifer "Red" Psaki (pronounced 'Piss-eye') gave an interview that got a lot of the usual suspects in a panty-uproar.  Some drivel about Margaritas and whatnot... the usual brain-dead drivel that I've come to expect fromt eh Head of the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies.  Literally the "Talking Head" for the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den. Seems the Cockholster Supreme said some puerile drivel which I've full come to expect.  Now, THAT was what they focused on here in the Untied Statz.

However, the overseas Daily Fail had a different take on that interview on "The (dim) View".  
Link here:

The money shot:
"At the end of the interview, Behar also asked Psaki if she still planned to leave the job sometime this year. 'I don't know when I'm leaving. This is an honor and a privilege and I love working for President Obam...-Biden,' she said, almost slipping up and saying her ex-boss' name."

That right there.
A Freudian Slip is defined in psychoanalysis, a Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought.

I.E. either who she wishes was calling the shots 
More n'likely who is actually in charge of this shitshow
Let's face it.  The Obamamessiah, up until now was considered to be one of the worst presidents out there, in a close run with the Nosepicking Peanut Eater Jimmah Carter.  (They also coincidentally had two of the ugliest presidential daughters as well, only outdone by Hitlerry's Chelsea "Horseface" Clinton)

Jes' Sayin'

Though other thing is, comparing the foreign policy, or lack that thereof, it's a near carbon copy of the Obamamessiah's stupidity.  Just like well, everything.  People have even openly joked that this's "Obama 2.0" in the Enemedia.

Question is, just how much IS going on with the Jugeared Former Commander-in-Cheif?
Because it's sorta kinda been telling that ALL HIS former 'senior folks' are now and have been Tater Joe's 'senior people' and that well, we ain't heard shit from either Jugears or his husband "Big Mike".  They've been quiet as fuck.  That ain't normal for a sociopathic narcissist like him.  Also add on the domestic unrest and BLM stupidity, well that's right in Jugears bailiwick.  His M.O. so to speak.

Makes sense now donit?
Jugears, "The One" who IRL couldn't do -anything- productive on his own, is actively running the Retard-show behind the scenes.  What say you?  

Tell you what though, if it -were- true, guess that puts to rest the whole "Whytte Privilege" thing that those race-bailing whores have been talking about to bed permanently, when in reality, it's now a has-been Black Guy puppeteering a Decrepit Old Demented Whytte Dood...hand up the ass and all.

Go figure.
So, More Later I'm in recovery from the day as it was Granbebe's Birfday (#1, your favorite redhead) today.  
4 Years old.
And 1...2...
Yeah... a great day.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, January 21, 2022

Huh, Imagine That

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couple of notes from the other side, I got a message today that AntiFa managed to as the message said: "Get the word out… chans are saying pantifa doxed patriot front. 500 gigabytes of names addresses and pictures. Detailed skill and family info. Nationwide dox. Sorry if you are associated with Patriot front, but if this is true– even more proof this is/was a glowie buffalo jump operation. No cell based group would have such identifiable crap. Let alone in a spreadsheet for the entire nation. Story goes down as soon as its published so no link. Sorry."

Now, all over Gab it's been a repeat of the same thing.  Personally, I got no dog in the hunt, however I do find it interesting that they got all the information... 500 Gig?  That's a LOT of info... like a HUGE amount, as when you see comparative size stuff... I had to upload a document made up of hi rez images one time for an insurance claim.  49 images, all high rez, and when I put them all into an Adobe PDF, with compression it was about a total of about 38 megabytes of info.

Your average excel spreadsheet is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller... Like the one I use to track my on hand ammo and foodstuffs for FI-FO info.  They're tiny.  Kilobytes if even, no images, just the raw data?  Utterly itty bitty.

WTF info did Patriot Front have then to count 500 gigabytes of info?  I mean shit, somewhere 'round here, I got a Terabyte drive filled with half of the music of the entire 1960, 70 80s and 90s, never mind the porn and movie collection from all my time in Iraq... I used up, no shit about 990 gig of space on that HDD. 

Good times, Good times.

But IMO The Patriot Front was/is another intel gathering false front.  Way too many weird things going on with them, not enough real-time intel.
What I think?  My opinion?
OK, according to wiki Patriot Front is: " American nationalist, white supremacist, and neo-fascist hate group. Part of the broader alt-right movement, the group split off from the neo-Nazi organization Vanguard America during the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally in 2017."

Now, up til the end of last year, no one ever even heard of these 5.11 assclowns who -suddenly- and -unexpectedly- showed up in December of 2021 doing some weird assed marching around Washington D.C. 

I think that they're a FedFront and Run Glownigger Op. 

Reason being, the Fucking Cowardly Scum-of-The-Earth, also known as Clowngress and the other Democrat Douchemonkey Brigade desperately needed someone, ANYONE to 'show up' and look 'threatening'  in order to make the whole "Anal-versary of the January 6th Wet Fart" look like it was going to have bad people doing MOR bad things and that they, Our Elites, the Bestest Evar! would show their bravery and righteousness by 'confronting the eeeeee-vils' of whypeepo superpreemiecysts.

Instead they got made fun of.  
Laughed right out of town out like the Abercrombie and Snitch Fedbois.
September 6th, Buffalo Jump Attempt #2... another epic fail to make #ourguys look like we're going to show up and -do something-.


See, I think that Patriot Front IS a real group... somewhere, sometime right after the Charlottesville Debacle, a bunch of Good Ole Boys prolly DID break off and form "Patriot Front" complete with a cool logo... and that's where it was more n'likely stillborn like a motherfucker.  After the last 2 or three times of idiots showing up in Camo, With or Without Guns, the reaction by the media AND the Feds was not horror or a genuine concern, but undoubtedly met with glee and joy at that Cletus and Bubba Joe gave them the optics that the Ministry of Propaganda could work with.

And then, realizing it's all soooooooper fake and ghey as fuck
The smart people on our side stopped showing up

Not because we quit the field of battle.

Nope... THEY may think that, and thusly feel the need to 'homebrew' some Black Swan Groups to keep the optics up, and on the Tee-Vee... they have to have a justification to keep all them FedBux flowing and to justify all the bullshit in and around The District of Criminals, but IRL?  The real Patriots?  

They're biding their time
Quietly and amassing Intel Locally
Fambly members of those listed above
THEIR locations as well
As well as more guns
More ammo
and waiting for Godot.  

Maybe I need to start calling it "Gotime" instead of Godot

Thing is, it may have already started
Finding out is going to be the bitch.  The Ministry of Propaganda is going to -squelch- any and all attacks and/or murders involving any political operative until such time as it's too obvious that this shit is happening...  Hypothetical Case in point:  a local low-level bureaucrat's family, wife and two kids were found dead.  The news tells the story of the tragedy and it was a minor blurb... come to find out it was a carbon monoxide space heater incident... tragic Aye?

Or what if it wasn't.
Same person or peepos unknown got into the garage after everyone was asleep while Daddy was on an overnight training session for a week or so...  said unknowns managed to either start the car and have it run all night, filling the house and turning it into a gas chamber.  The note left on the drivers seat states plainly that this was an opening act in cleansing the country of the demented fucks currently running the show, or in the case of Low Level Joe, enabling the show to allow it to continue...

Unless it's a particularly graphic demonstration of the hatred that these fucktards inspire in us... like Low Level Joe comes home and finds his whole family reduced to a Jackson Pollack Painting allllllllllllllllll over the interior of the house, THAT we might hear about... seeings how "If it bleeds, it leads" but yeah, until such stories start cropping up, well, it's still going to be Godot-Time for me...

But tell ya, when that bastard Godot finally does show up, it'll be brutally obvious to even the fucking pinheads and the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and the coterie of Retarded and Barely-Sentient Fuckstains surrounding and enabling this fucked up shit in all it's glorious Fuckeduppedness that they'll collectively shit their Depends, and go on into full Militant Moron Mode.

We shall see Aye?

And lastly, on one final note.  The Troll Patrol is back again, but I think I need to mention something that they may or may not be aware of:
A) I ain't -ever- letting you poast anything ever again, so it's worthless to bombard me with unwanted and unnecessary comments, threats and shytte like that.  I'm just collecting it all to save for your eventual trial, and or if the ROL does fall apart, so I have a reminder of just WHO you are and WHERE you live so I can handle my biddness.  That's Check
B) Did you know the blogg is monetized?  Every. Single. Time. you come here and comment and or visit, I earn money.  Yep.  This month was $300 in views and ad revenue.  So, feel free to come by, you're literally paying me to get you pissed off and be stupid.  And no, you -can't- get me de-monetized as I already warned them about all yer stupidity, and the review team has ALL your shit in their possession.  And that's Checkmate.
and lastly
C) Go fuck yourselves, collectively.  Y'all got serious mental health issues.  I should report you to CPS as I personally think your a deranged danger to your kids.  Hell, Ole Militiza already is hemmed up that way, and me and mine had nothing to do with that.  Quality people there y'all are.
Game, set and match
So go die in a fire, slit your wrists, whatever, I do not care about you.  Not one. fucking. stinking. dink. body's. worth.  YOU started this war, I ended it.  Smells like Victory to me.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, January 20, 2022

As England Goes, So Goes the World...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems Jolly Ole has completely flipped the script on the COVIDiocy.
Link here:

Now, what in the world could have happened here?
Oh... waitaminute.  I -do- recall something that recently happened in Jolly Ole England...
A little thing they dubbed "Partygate"
Seems at the height of lockdowns, mass beatings of protestors, the complete infringement of freedoms for 'the little people' in England, Boris "Bad Hair" Johnson went to and hosted multiple parties with the Bigwig Movers and Shakers in the Higher-Higher of the British Establishment.

All unmasked.

When his tyrannical diktats stated that you couldn't even visit Dying Granny in Hospital because of the 'risk', and when lots of people were fucked with by the Coppers for the audacity of having a >gasp!< birthday party for a 3 year old, here he and his kind were whooping it up at BYOB Booze Bashes, knowing full well that all the shit was never about the Beijing Booger Bug, but about implementing tyrannical control of the population...

Seems they want to shitcan him AND everyone involved.  "You're Fired" as OrangeManBad would say... but he's refusing to budge and/or resign.  It's apparently getting testy over there, and what's even worse is by -suddenly- and -unexpectedly- ending well, like everything, it's NOT going to have a positive downrange effect.

Backlash follows... people are going to be "Why NOW all of a sudden are you giving us our freedoms back?"  and the other side of the coin is going to be from the Neo-Cultists that've fully embraced the COVID Cargo Cult of The Mask who're going to be like "Well, is it or is it NOT necessary, or was this all a big heaping steaming pile of doggie donuts from the get go?" (Hint: it was and still is)

I personally think that the Cultists are the ones who are going to go full on into freak-out mode...

People hate the idea they got played.  
"But that Nigerian Prince sounded like such a polite and nice young man!"

The question that remains is what happens when the bodies still start piling up?
Been seeing a lot of stories about "genetic markers for Myocarditis" and other propaganda that they're starting to 'spin up' right here, and right now.  
This from the Children's Hospital in St Louis:
Copyright 2019... hmmn...
And on a bus in Canada:
"Know the warning signs of your toddler having a stroke!" said no-one -ever- before 2020.
Not. Ever. to my limited intel.
This's the roll out.  I also saw on Gab that a high school is now doing pre-athletic EKG screenings of wannabe athletes in school so's to avoid having the kids with Badvaxx Tickers drop fucking dead on the courts/fields.  Looks bad when a 15 year old drops dead in the middle of a game.  It used to be rare as fuck, to the point when it did happen, it made national news, even if only a blurb.  What also was never mentioned when little Timmy dropped dead with an exploded heat at 16,17 or 18, it was never mentioned that lil Timmy had ADHD and had been on Adderall for 10+ years.  The real name of Adderall?
D-Amphetamine Salt (bold mine)
Per "Adderall is an amphetamine drug, while methamphetamine, or meth, is its chemical cousin. Adderall and meth are both stimulant drugs. Both drugs are Schedule II controlled substances that are FDA-approved for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)."

Slight chemical differences, with Meth being usually the nastier more potent brutal cousin of Adderall if you will allow.  Thing is, it tears up (over time) the heart tissue, and -some people- have different body chemistry and whatnot.  One kid may NOT get the racing heart, whereas Lil Timmy did, and his ticker just burned the fuck out sooner than Lil Suzy up the street, 'cos genetics and reasons Aye?

So watch... we're going to get bombarded with the propaganda as the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies attempt to make it sound normal that 10 to 18 year olds are dropping fucking dead like flies, and that the need for new heart transplants for those who don't cash in skyrockets.

And what country has a HUGE population and a massive flex in the organ trade?
Howabout that?
Ain't no co-inky-dinks are there?  Not anymore.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Late Again and Lawfare?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Busier than a one legged man in an asskicking contest today.  Production on line at the Glorious People Tractor Factory has been so much that my Boss said we're hiring another for the line.  So busy that I haven't had time to call and bullshit with the IT Commissar until just now... normally we get a few during the day to waste some time on Ye Olde Company Dime, and as long as the Beancounters aren't aware, we pretend to work whilst they pretend to pay us.

What a country!
Now that's really dating meselves there Aye?

But seriously, been so over the top... man, you'd see the fact that there's shortages, and then there's shortages.  People's Glorious Tractor Factory is running full speed ahead into 2022 (jeeez... when the hell did that happen?) and we're not showing signs of any sort of slowdown as of yet.

Now, on the other hand/foot... Wifey's MomUnit?  Y'all heard about her getting stuck badly by the $7 an Hour Rent-a-Poker at Walgreens or CVS?  Not sure... whelp, seems that they reached out to her the other day with a BIG cash offer, with the standard NDA and "You can never sue us" paperwork, to which we all went GFYADIAF.

ANYTIME Big SuperMegaEvilPharmaPusherGloboHomoCorp Offers you "Shut up and go away money" with the codicil of "You can't say nuthin'" paperwork, you know the following:

A)  That they're worried
B)  That we're probably not  the first victi...errr people to have this happen to them.

Going to be interesting when we get Ribinowicz, Ribinowicz, Ribinowicz and Son on the line and let the 4 rabid Jews cry Havoc, and let loose the Dogs of Lawfare on these fuckers.  In fact, I gots me a hunch we're going to see a LOT of these 'middlemen' pushers of the Nottavaxx getting hammered like soft cheese on a anvil in courts for damages, especially since the majority of the "Shot Pushers" had little to ZERO akchewal medical training outside of the DVD Video "How to stick a needle in someone" training vidya.

Now, was this the result of the shot pusher (probably) NOT knowing WTF they were doing OR

Is this a reaction to the Booster # whatever-the-fuck number Mom was on when she went and got stuck again?  Was it the Nottavaxx?  Going to be interesting to see if SuperMegaEvilPharmaPusherGloboHomoCorp 'takes that fall' for SuperEvilMegaPharmaManufacturerCorp, i.e. The Home Office and makers OF the Nottavaxx are going to be named, i.e. thrown under the bus for the damages or not?

I mean BOTH are actually complicit.

One made the Nottavaxx, but had enough political 'juice' to keep from ever being named, shamed, sued, blued and/or tattooed by owning many, if not ALL the fucktards in the District of Criminals, thereby exempting theyselves from any litigious bullshit like this that arises from taking the Nottavaxx. 

The other side are the completely and utterly complicit 'pushers' of the Nottavaxx, the Big Chain Pharmacies WORLDWIDE and giant in their own ways, but NOT covered under the umbrella of protection granted to the makers of the 'succo vile' or 'vile juice' they've been shooting into everyone willy-fucking-nilly without even questioning whether or not if they should or not. 

THAT is where the 'weak link' is going to come from.

"Who shot up Uncle Frim with his 4th booster?" is going to be the question.  Not who made the booster, but who shot him up?  I mean it makes sense.  Can't go for the main manufacturer, then go after the middle man.  Just like the anti-gunners go after the local shop who sold Deyon'tray the gat... the federales so far have kept people going after the makers/manufacturers of the guns, but if "Loose Bruce The Freelance Gun Salesman" sold Deyon'tray his Wop 9mm that he used to off Bigdemo'nay, then his fam will sue Loose Bruce into chapter seven.

Why wouldn't it happen in Big Pharm?

So, we got Mom going to a PIA ('whambulance' chaser, i.e. personal injury attorney) to see what they think of it.  Might be very telling to see if'n they're willing to go after CVS/Walgreens/Publix Pharmacies?  If they do, well... let's just say it'll make it interesting to say the least. 

So, More Later as I go... like I said, sorry for the short poast, but hey, only missed like 3 in the past three years.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Practical Repair and Overlooked Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had me an oopsie yesterday that showed me a couple of things that bear mentioning on Ye Olde Blogg.  One thing I have not seen like really anywhere, mainly I think because we take these things for granted like waaaaay too much.  That being glasses repair.
Now, said-oopsie was that Gran#2 pulled my glasses off, and before I could stop her, she dropped 'em on the tiled floor.  The lens popped out, and the screw?  Guess that went to wherever all them missing Sox, the dime bag I lost in High School and that $50 bill I had set aside quite a spell back went to.  No sign of it.

So, being the blind melonheaded motherfucker I am, I went to break out one of THREE repair kits I keep on hand for the Zombiepocalypse and whatever.  One is None Aye?
They're like $6 bux a shot on the Zon, so I keep a handy amout around just in case.  Those of you who're blind like me, well, we do NOT like being all fuzzed out... a very unsettling feeling, and if bad enough, renders you combat ineffective just a badly as a bullet can.
So, busted out ye olde repair gear:
A mini Philips Head screwdriver, a lil itty-bitty flathead on a keychain (possibly useful on there, unless you lose your keys alot) a pair of good tweezers (multi use there Aye) a bunch of replacement eyepads (I've already used those out of this kit 2x so far) and lastly the itty-bitty screws.

Which, color me surprised do not fit the frame
Nope.  Meant for ONLY the eyepad replacement.

Huh... a hole in ye olde Preps.  THAT has to remedied soonest.

So, in the interim, as I can't wait to get me peepers in focus, I did 'field expedient fix #1' to get back up to speed.  Now a lot of people say "Use superglue!" and other such things... problem is the polycarbonite lenses and the Cyanocrylate?  They don't get along well... as in even the fumes from the superglue can fuck up the lenses as they dry... NOT a good thing and ask me how I know of this.  My lenses for the sake of the fact that I drop them a lot and/or run into things a lot (doorways and fists back in the day) it's always been better to go shatter proof plactic, nevermind the weight factor as MY coke-bottle bottoms tend to be extreme in the thickness...

So, Over the years I came up with a fix that's more or less permanent until the salt from your body rots the metal away.  It uses a small wire and some needlenose.  Now the first time I did this, I used safety wire that we used to hold our M-60 gas cylinder plug in place, and my leatherman.  I'd lost a screw while in the field, and lern't the hard way about having a glasses repair kit as part of MY regular field kit.
In this case, it was a staple, standard Swingline, type one each:
I then bend it into a "U" and put it (one side) through the BOTTOM Hole of the screw hole.  It just seems to work easier but as long as you can 'grab' the ends and twist them, it'll work.  Do NOT over twist it though.  It'll break and yer back to step one.  Just tight enough to close and pin the two holes together. 
You can sort of make out the twists in the wire.
For me, it's working jes' fine.
The -other- thing is to make sure you have PLENTY of other pairs of eyeball focusing devices.
...and somewhere 'round here I got like 3 more pairs of eyepro like the sunshades up topside... those are the US DotMil Army issued Revision Eyepro... stop a round of #7 birdshot no problem.  The scripted inserts I got 50% off with my Vet ID (normally $100 for just the inserts) and I get the glasses, frame and shield, one clear for night use and one standard sunglasses for as low as $45 on Ebay brand new.  Call it $100 for a pair of pretty cool prescription sunglasses... especially seeings how Oakly and all the high fallutin' brands don't even make scripts in my needs... too fucking blind it would seem

So, Hope you find this helpful
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Monday, January 17, 2022

Yep, more the same

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems the fucking moron Dumb-o-craps keep shitting in Ye Olde Nest and then wonder "Why are you all writing our names down? It's because we're going to eventually hold you accountable.  You fucking morons.
This because of a poll that Rasmussen Reports put out saying that the fucktards of this country are quite comfortable in stuffing the "Unclean" i.e. the "Unvaxxed" in fucking Konzentrationslagers with z.e.r.o. understanding of just what they're saying.

The link is here:

Out of a sampling of 1016 folks, those who identified (foolishly) as DemonicRats, Fifty-nine percent (59%) of these fucking pricks would favor a government policy requiring that citizens remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies, if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine.  So, essentially 60% of the fucking leftist libtard assholes say "Yeah, lock 'em down!"

The survey also stated that, and this's just breaking it down like Barney here for the TL;DR crowd:
59% said lock 'em down, no participation UNLESS you take the Nottavaxx.
55% of them said if they don't take the Nottavaxx, then $$$fine$$$ the shit out of them.
48% of them said that people even questioning the Nottavaxx publicly should be either imprisoned or fined (so much for the 1st Amendment)
47% of them want tracking devices put on and/or required for the Unclean
45% want the Unclean stuffed into the Konzentrationslagers
and lastly
29% say that Parents should lose custody of their kids if they refuse to bend the knee.

Adding that all up, it means we -definitely- are going to need a lot of rope and a hell of a lot more ammo.  "A bigger boat" indeed.

Anyone remember the last time we corralled up a group and put 'em in Konzentrationslagers?
The Japanese Nisei got royally fucked by the DotMil AND DotGov.
And yet, the Sodomist George "Buttluster" Takei, who personally, as well as his fambly suffered under the force internment has stated: “The willfully unvaccinated who wind up in hospitals from Covid should not receive priority medical care over other very sick or injured people who are as much in urgent need of medical care,” the actor known as Lieutenant Sulu for his years on “Star Trek” said on Twitter.

IOW: No medical care for you.
Huh... not one -shred- of irony or self-awareness there Aye?
ALL of them
They -say shit- like this, and then, when and IF the time ever comes, it'll be "But we didn't mean it that way!"  "ORLY?  How then, did you mean it?  That you want to take my kids from me... that you want me to not be able to earn a living, interact with society all because you live in fear and self loathing?  Why should I give a fuck about you and your 'fweelwings'... it's blatantly obvious you care not one whit about the opinions, and/or feelings of the Nottavaxxed."

"Hence why we're putting this here noose over yer head, and believe me, we've got it down to a science now, it'll be a quick break, no suffering... although we -did- have that one fat feller the other day who's haid popped clean off like a Cristal Cork... went and about busted a gut on that one there... the look on his face when his casaba separated clean from his carcass... that was funny... so, quit wiggling, it's hard enough to do this with you all squirming around."
Yep... they're always fine when the punishement and bullshit is happening to someone other than them.  And they don't seem to understand that by making open statements declaring which side of history you're on, people on both sides are going to remember.
Accountablity, or lack that thereof has been a major reason why this country is in the shitter. 
"Too Big To Fail"
"Too Big To Jail"
"Too Rich to go to jail" 
"Too connected"
and in some cases, "Too hot to jail" when it comes to some of these psychopathic school teacher hawties that do the whole 'underage' thing, and get like z.e.r.o. jail time, whereas a Dood-teacher banging a young underage chick gets the book thrown at them hard.  Hell, when I was stationed in Germany, one of my bros got hemmed up for nailing an underage broad... he had no idea she was like 15... he picked her up in the bar (only rules back then was the under 18's had to leave at midnight) and brought her back to the barracks for the weekend.  Seems her Oma and Poppa weren't none too thrilled about this and actively pressed charges.

Fucking sucked.  The broad in question?  Maaaaaaaaaaaan she sure as hell didn't look under 22... nevermind fucking 15... call it the Traci Lords factor... he got chaptered but no jail time... even the CG was like "-I'd- never had been able to tell she was underage!"  In fact command guidance came out telling everyone to check IDs BEFORE they sampled the Fur-lines after that.  Better safe than sorry...
"15'll getcha 20"
But yeah, they keep squawking, and we keep putting up with it.  I personally think it'll never come to that.  Ain't enough police and federales to do something like that, and they got better things to do besides die...  I mean the FBI recently stepped on it's collective crank by trying to ignore the Synagogue Hostage Taker...  "Nothing to see here... nothing remotely related to the Jews!  Move along, all is well... Nothing to see here!"

Makes one wonder if the reason they refuse to call it Islamic Terrorism is that because they didn't false flag it, so therefore it's not legit terrorism.  "It's only Islamic Terrorism if we sponsor it!" said the FBI Spokesdweeb Special Agent Rutherford Throckmartin Ballsuck the 4th.

Fuck man.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Update Time (with a BCE rant)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
An update on Mike from Cold Fury with a bit more than I put on HIS page.
So transcript: 
OK seems Mike is doing good and bad. Good in that he's alive, bad is that he's -still- not answering the phone, nor texting. His brother Jeff called today to give me the name of a trusted folk up around yonder to get the cashola that we raised to Mike and avoid any 'imperial entanglements' i.e. the Tax Doodz and Medicaid Arseholes.

Seems that the biggest problem is that Mike has to be completely financially busted ass broke to make sure that he get allllll this medical 'stuff' taken care of, so's we got Billy up thar to be the bagman. Many thanks for that Bro! After talking to him n'Jeff, I guess it's literally be a bag full of cash being parceled out...

Sort of reminds me of how I paid the internet bill back in Bagdad.

Literally $10k USD in a brown paper bag, handed to a dude named Mustapha in a back alley out of the regular line of sight from most folks... Made even MOR entertaining in that I was usually a rolling death machine, All body-armored up, armed with my MP-5, 3 or 4 frags, and my Browning Hi-Power...

Good times, good times.

So, anyways, they're getting Mikey walking/stumping and kitting him out with a peg leg, and he's being ornery as all get out. He's bored to death, and still pretty demoralized, so his location is here:

Now I just checked in and when I mentioned Mike by name, the on-duty nurse started giggling and said "Oh Mike!!! Oh he's a character!" so it's pretty clear that he's keeping everyone on their toes around him... I'm shipping out a laptop to him either tomorrow or the day after as they have wireless there and he'll be forced to get back in Ye Olde Bloggsaddle 'cos I know that the Cold Fury gang are tired of my sorry ass, that and he's bored to death what with only the TV to keep him entertained.

So, show him some love and make sure you put HIS name on any mail going there, and the staff'll make sure he gets it.

Good news... 'bout damned time Aye?

Now, on to MY side of the blegg... this's great news that we have a cutout for Mike.
Seems that man, you work your whole life, be a good productive slave, and when you 'get broken', they discard you like the trash as they see you as.

Fuckin Messkins and Squatamalans crossing the border?  Here, have a nice paid-for house, free healthcare and like anything you want, and as long as you voat the right way (along with your 40 fambly members who came with you) we'll give you the shirt off of their (heritage 'Muricans) backs.

And they wonder why we're starting to tune in turn on and drop right the fuck out?

I mean why the hell should you actively support something, anything, that literally fucks you up and over repeatedly?  This's becoming the most dysfunctional near-wife beating relationshit in the world... the "Blues" keep slapping around the "Reds" "...'cos you got it coming to you.  You made me do this to you!"

I mean give me a fucking break.  At this rate, we need a 'divorce'... a shitty relationshit like this is going to eventually lead to the 'burning bed' side of things... and unfortunately, the morons spouting off all this dumasshattery just don't. fucking. get. it.  The main issue is the petulant retards of the Elites, both in academia and the bureaucracies, have been getting away with it for oh-so-fucking long that they think that the victim will never get sick and tired of their shit.

And then one day, the perennially abused spouse hits the other one in the head while they're sleeping, soaks the room in gasoline and voilĂ ! 
A flic of da Bic and <WHOOOOOOSH!!!> Barbequed Abuser.
Didn't Farrah Faucet do a movie about a broad who done did that?

Yeah... and then the whole fucking house goes up the same way.
Someday this war's gonna end....
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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Downtown Downtime

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ahhhhhh... man, a nice extra long kip-in (sleeping in) Saturday... no dealing with Gran#2, no interruption (on threats of pain of torturous death) by Dumbunny.  Hell, even the Sausage Queen slept in.  Then it was up, get ready and git oot of the house as we've been locked in here for two weeks...

So, I took Wifey to downtown Tampa.  Bit of a drive but well worth it, either on the foodie side or the scenery.  Tampa 'came into it's own' in the 1920, so the Art Deco architecture and a lot of the building, places and scenes are really damned cool

And free... did I mention free?
These days the cost of 'doing' has to be factored in, especially in light of the extra mouths 'round here these days.  Anyways, todays object of exploration was the Floridian Palace, formerly called Hotel Floridan or Floridan Hotel.  Built in 1926 and it's been recently (like New Years Day this year) re-opened after a years long restoration.
Really hard to get a good shot of it from the street, the one from the Goolag is this:
They did one hell of a job restoring it.  The main lobby was OMG gorgeous:
Had me some flashbacks in there
Gave me a strong memory reminder of Saddam's Al Faw palace... I think it was the chandeliers and art deco stuff...  But yeah, absolutely gorgeous place.  The Staff was awesome too.  Donna-The-Bartender was incredibly polite, and the cook staff, OMG... Ms. -something- (my deafness had me missing her name) well, I ordered a bar snack of Calamari with Italian Red Peppers with our drinks... cheap date but enjoyable.  The cooking lady came out about 10 minutes after the dish was served with another dish loaded up and said "I think I might have overcooked the first batch so here's a new one, sorry if the first didn't meet your expectations."

I ended up tipping more that the tab was.  The service was that good.
The bar itself is a work-in-progress, but OMG what progress!
All original wood and all the fixtures are from the twenties... they had them -completely- refinished for the overhaul of the place.  The idea is to eventually have a World War Two sort of Post Prohibition Speakeasy feel to it...Donna (upper left corner of the pic) said eventually the walls and decorations will be all done, but like she said, they only just reopened.

Now, part of the reason we went here besides the cheap date/get oot of the hoose factor was that this's reputed to be one of the more haunted Hotels in the Greater Tampa A.O.  Wifey is cray-cray for Ghosthunting, and the majority of our outings usually involve spook stuff.  The 4th floor supposedly being the most haunted floor.

Meh.  Whatevz.  Wifey's happy, I'm out of the house, and a bar/booze was involved?
10/10 Would Recommend.
Great set of personalities there Aye?
So, another cool thing:  The lower street level floor had this:
And yeah, it's operational, not that I think anyone actually uses it, but the postal route card (dated starting 3 weeks ago) shows pickup at 4:30 PM, M-F and 12:00 on Saturdays.

Another awesome piece of days-gone-by history
And yep, each floor had this, and yeah, this's the 4th floor, no ghost sightings but this more than made up for that IMO:
Cooler'n Moose Piss in the Saskatchewan on a January Morning Aye?

I purely love 'classic' stuff like that.
There was also all sorts of artwork and Art Deco statuary around as well:
Wifey of course hadda ham it up...
And the other pics of it without her didn't come out... ah well.  Another excuse to go there again I suppose.
Last thing I hit before we left was, of course, the Latrine:
Marble everything
One of the nicer shitters I've hit in my days...
So, that was my day.  Leaving and going out the front main entrance, the Kress building is right there too, and it too has had a refurb.  
The light splotches are from reflections off the building across from it...

Now if'n y'all enjoyed this lil touristy thing, I might have to go back to the Tampa Theater, which also is in the National Historic Landmarks Registry and man, that place is knock yer socks off beautiful... It's famous as all get out, Haunted and famous as being one of the first air conditioned building is the area (guaranteeing a full house all summer long.) and was ALSO built in 1926 and is the finest surviving example of a John Eberson Theater.  

Let me know and I'll schedule a trip and I'll do the travelogue thing.
'Cept without the usual Social Justice Commentary 
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Friday, January 14, 2022

Meme Night

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had another full day today... man, that 4 + hour VA appointment left me behind the power curve for Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory, so I'm sorta-brain-dead... well truthfully I'm always in 'Tard' mode, but tonight it's faaaar more pronounced, so much like the man John Wilder, I'm throwing up a selection of memes here tonight as filler.

Also, my many many many Thanks to ALL of you in the studio viewing audience.
Hadn't checked in in a minute, but seems I garnered ANOTHER million hits here,, pushing us past the 3 mil marker.  Really surprised me how fast this mil kicked over...  like -stunned- as I think it was when, like 8 months ago I broke 2 mil?

Guess my next mentionable goal will be the 5 mil zone...
But I can't thank y'all enough... Minimalmed, Scoutergreg, Grog, Beans, Cederq, Phil... The President Elect...  shit... the list of y'all who come here for fun and games is as long and distinguished as my Johnson...
All y'all... the email support, the times where I've been dead fucking broke as fuck... y'all have gotten me through some seriously bullshit times...  I can't say thank you enough...

So, for tonight, a selection of many of my favorite memes, Some mine (you'll know 'em) and some from others.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to cogitate a decent proper rant and poast.  I aslo need to get a vidya done... and man, don't ask -why- there hasn't been one, suffice it to say Dumbunny has ZERO ideas of leaving me the fuck alone when I'ma trying to vidya...  The outtakes of me being interuppted would be hilarious, but would probably put me in jail.
I wish they were only -that high- now... Average here in TB is $3.15-$3.22 right now...

Rakkasan Sprint Anyone? (Brigade Standard, 98% of all troops who started had to cross the finish line or have 'remedial PT with the BDE Sargent Major, read 'torture'... standard was 4 miles in 32 minutes.  I never fell out or behind ever)

Apparently IRL it's a "Sideshow Bob Hat" from the Simpsons...

Yep... died the same day... What a sad waste Aye?

Hope y'all enjoyed.
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