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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Fuck It and Them

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I been done got to thinking... a terrifying concept I know, but the more I think thank thunk on it, whelp... Fuck the Persecutor and his bullshit.  In fact, according to one of Ye Olde Trolls the guy is compromised.  I got some inside info that I'm going to throw down on, and fuck all anyone and everyone.

Previously on "The Intrepid Reporter Spills All"
We left off with our Waffenmaus Sturmtruppen listed thusly:

Jennifer Nicole Diaz Rivera
Anthony Gino Del Fiacco
Brandon Wane
Sheina Almaguer (now Ashely-Vann)
Militiza Rodriguez (now Mercedez)
Sara (or Sarah) Posa
Kalib Jeram (from and now stuck in New Zealand)

Now, for the sake of brevity, I'm going to focus on ONE of these people.  Namely the numero uno fucking psycho-whackjob Sarah Posa and her one-woman crusade against... I dunno... the whole fucking world?  I mean seriously... this fucking sloot is a absolute raving fucking nutball.  To the point I found out she's active on a metric fuckton of OTHER blogs out there...
One of y'all pointed out THIS fucking hot mess right here:
Phil and I both commented over thar thataway, and hopefully Miz Cherie (who seems nice for a feminist LOL) gets in contact with me so's we can all band together... enemy of my enemy in this case might be an ally... hell war makes strange bedfellows Aye?

So... now Phil started poasting a stream of thought from "Nefarious Services"... now when Sarah-the-Sloot or "SS" which I think I'll use for brevity's sake, I mean she is a gut little Waffenmaus Sturmtruppen wannabe Nazi nichts war?  Zo... und to continue...

Now, Nefarious Services is a gag website... if you read allllll the way at the bottom, they pretty much explain that they only do prank stuff... no 'real revenge' like Sarah was ranting about... apparently she's too stupid to read the disclaimers.  So, as y'all saw, she started ranting and getting all psycho and Schizo about how she wants "Tureygua dead!!!"
Allow me to poast the WHOLE fucking rant... and I dunno whats up with the morons who're running that site, but the scrubbed this after I screenshotted it all...  normally a site like that has an obligation to turn over psychotic threats and rantings to the fuzz... so yet again, another odd and deeper part of this rabbit warren...
First thing, it's a LOT of info, and it overlaps, but I wanted to keep continuity for this, as it may be used as evidence:

Now, that's where Phil left off... but there is more, a lot more and maaaaan it's seriously fucked up.  As in Holy Shit... Now, you see Sheina put in her appearance stating openly that Sarah needs to shut the fuck up, or they're going to jail as well as a LOT of others... all of which I've tied in here so far... like OMFG... these idiots... Now, Ms. or is it Mrs?  She's now a photographer:

She's now married (for now... wonder how her hubby the MMA Fighter is going to react when the papers get served?) and as it sez "...began taking Disney park photos on my days off from working for the Walt Disney Company." 

Huh... funny how Der Fuhrermaus keeps showing up all random like Aye?
Jes' Sayin'
So, the madness didn't stop after where Phil dropped off... nononono
Sarah had LOTS more to rant on aboot:
Ahh yes... I forgot to add on Militza P., ne' Mercedez... new 'married' name... lots of you saw her ghetto hood rat rantings and screaming when CPS showed up as she's an unfit mother or some such... she's always throwing her mindless money whoring 2 cents in here n' there... no worries though, I have as she so kindly supplied me with her addy telling me to go to her house so's she 'could MMA my cracka ass' or some such shit... don't think it ever crossed her mind I -could- have gone to her house and pitched the Molotov her boy Brandon Wade threatened to do to my motherfucking house... but I don't make war on innocents, and 'cos she's fucking scum, doesn't mean I'm going to hurt her kids as collateral damage...  anyways... back to the story:

Hoo boy...
That's a seriously sick fucking cunt right there...
WHY is she allowed to be still running around loose?
I mean Holy. Fucking. Shit.
Now, Jen shows up... and this's where it gets a little weird...

Seems Jen don't like Militza Aye?
And considering how they ALL came after us for using the term Nigger, I wonder if Militza saw this?  Probably not.  Hopefully you did now honey... Nice friends you got there hon.
And lastly...
Sarah's final word:
See what sort of shit I have to wade through?  This lunatic fucking cunt man... 
Since we're going all in though, I figure that maybe her father could try and curb this behavior:
Senior VP at ZF Group... the main number is 734 855 2600

Fuck it... they want to fuck around, it's time to see how they like it... after all Daddy seems to be her primary means of support... maybe that'll change shortly.

War to the knife, knife to the hilt Aye?
So, More to follow
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. We put rabid dogs down. It's not their fault, but we still don't let them run around and harm innocents..

    This one is clearly rabid. Hope the Law sorts her crazy ass out before someone gets hurt.

  2. Hey BC, if you don't mind a thought from an old ain't-now/never-was. This whole thing reeks of a one-off op designed specifically to yield your very own personal Jan.6 honeytrap using the juxtaposition of alcohol, children, firearms, etc. I'm sure you got it covered I'm just saying from a distance it's a foul breeze that wafts this aways. Buyer beware lol.

  3. who in their right mind takes videos of themselves on the toilet ? never mind. I don't want to know anymore about crazy
    this is beyond insane shit. god be with you on this fight. I don't think the cops/feds are going to do anything to them. let alone stop them. good luck with this crap. seems like daddy might have a bit of pull to keep little miss insane out of trouble. but what happens when his ass gets on the line for her shit ? or has to pay for the shit she done ? might be fun to watch that play out. from a distance, of course ! guess she was never told "no" before ?

  4. This whole cluster might just end up on the ID channel. Evil lives here, When women kill or Fear thy Neighbor are some of the shows that come to mind... I'd stay clear of that industrial grade drama. Ohio Guy

  5. Crazy broads be crazy. Her daddy probably coddled her and now wonders what happened to his little girl.

  6. I don't know bro, she seems nice. Maybe I can get her to come meet my mom.

  7. I"m glad you decided to ignore the .gov's "advice". the government AT ALL LEVELS has proven itself either incompetent or completely corrupt (Or both). That trust is gone. Let it all be visible. Sunlight disinfects.

    And if the crazies don't want this, well tough, perhaps they should have remembered "don't start nothing, won't be nothing"

  8. Dude, if it was me, I'd have to shower multiple times daily, being exposed and having to deal with that psycho stuff.
    On a more happy note, it sure seems like the heat has been turned up quite a bit on Genocide Geno

  9. BCE~ Hmm. Will this be a sit back and watch what goes down with pizza and beer moment, or a prime steak and Clase Azul Reposado Tequila (which is very tasty by the way) moment? I thought tweakers were bat crap crazy, but this lot listed above exceeds the drug induced insanity of said tweakers. Yikes. Watch your back. Maybe let a trusted local know something wicked might be coming. Red

  10. Okay, here's me being real. The only way to get a prosecutor to do his/her/its damned job is to keep their little evil toes to the grindstone. Keep hammering them with fact after fact after fact after fact. Threaten to go to the Attorney General's office or the Governor's office, and by threaten I mean have those numbers on your phone and call while standing in the prosecutor's office. Have your lovely wife there, looking scared and crying, fearful for her life because of these wankers.

    And do keep digging. All too often, on a case like this where it isn't big publicity, the prosecutors will drop the ball and drop charges or say they'll file and never do. Because cases like this are ugly and nasty and take too much time away from them dropping murder charges to manslaughter and assault charges to battery.

    Prosecutors are just ass-clowns. They have no other reason to exist than to get re-elected or get promoted, all of which they do by pleaing down big horrid cases to minimal charges and then call that a 'win' as a plea deal for squat is easier to get than a hard-fought win in court.

    Sheriff in your area balking? Same thing. If it's gone to the feds, you're fucked as they'll spend more time looking at your pasty-white ass than the actual crazy bitches and bastards involved in this fucked-up-revenge-fantasy-shit that Posa is pulling.

    Do keep fighting. Do keep reporting. By exposing her and her people you are keeping any government attempt to disappear it all down some rathole from happening.

    Just don't expect your local prosecutor to enjoy what you're doing.

    Do you have any friends in the local Sheriff's office, or at least known straight shooters that can get you to their cyber crimes people? If so, that's the only way anything will get done. But, again, once the worthless prosecutors get their hands on it, you're cut out of the loop and they'll wheel and deal with the Posa until she walks with a misdemeanor and no community service because she's wamyn and shit.

    Keep up the skeered! Fight, fight, fight.

    Better to go down in a blaze of glory than to cut your own nutsack off, which is what the prosecutor is telling you to do.

  11. If this shit keeps up and u get no help from 'the lau', find an mark on an really fucked up incel chat rm and wind em up to the hilt. As soon as it gets nasty, 'come out' as saraposa to them....then wait!

    Chutes Magoo

  12. meanwhile, tfA-t has finished securing his teams NBC masks, suits, and sundry items- H/T MDT...

    will tyvek suits work as a sacrificial layer on top of the MOPP suits?

    asking for a friend..

    1. I'm not a professional but I play one on tv, but I wouldn't jog around the block in the sacrificial tyvek. Unless of course, a shower/decon is few an far. Ohio Guy

  13. BC - best to not drag "daddy" into this mess demasiado. Being formerly in the auto industry, can vouch the ZF Group is a top tier company with superb engineering. Bat shit crazy progeny are not the responsibility of the parent once they pass the age of majority. Jes sayin. And no, I do not know him at all but being a dad and grandad, avoiding complications is a habit.