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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"The Bestest EVVAR!"

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, busy AF today.  Word came down from Committee for People's Glorious Labor that we've been granted an extra day off this year for Christy-mouse from labor in the People's Glorious Tractor Factory.  Which means this be my Friday bitches!!!
Unexpected, but totally awesome as we're getting the extra day off with pay!  
That's nice.
So, other things:  Going to 'bump up' the First Place Raffle Prize.
Yup.  All the donations now are funneled to Mike's Fundraiser, so if you enter, as of NOW the shekels are going to Mike Directly.  I saw that the fundraiser at the GoFundMe has stalled, so's I figure to kick up a few MOR Prizes.  Namely an additional 27 Rounds of 5.56mm M855 and 3 MOR rounds of XM856 64 grain Tracer, and as a bonus, 2 X MagPul 30 round mags.
So, First Place in Total Gets:
54 Rounds of M855A1 62 gr Ball (Green Tip)
6 Rounds of XM856 64 gr Tracer
2x Damascus Boot Knives
2x Charlie Mike Comix
2x MagPul Gen 2 30 round magazines
Not a bad haul Aye?  It's the least I can do, and might stimulate a few more $$$ to help out Mike.  He's really struggling.  Not fun, but we'll get him across the line.  In fact Chris Muir of "Day By Day" comics did a drawing for Mike to assist in the fundraiser:
And more than a passing resemblance to Wifey.  My correspondence with Saint Chris-of-the-Pen well, he let me know he's a regular reader here.  Queue fanboi "Squuueee!!!" amiright?  Dude is awesome...
Gerard Van der Leun, proprietor of American Digest, poasted about Mike today as well:
Lots of People helping out
Lots of Moneys, just slightly over $28K.
Now, per Chris who's got a lot of experience, he said (as well as others) to drop the monies wanted.  I've done so, so hopefully that helps a bit.  NOW we're looking for $100K, which is a couple of peg legs and maybe even a wheelchair with tank treads?
Knowing Mike, he'll want spikes on the treads to run over Libtards with it.

So, down to tonight's biddness:
CA over at WRSA put up a poast of the 2022 SPECOPS Fact Book.  Didn't know they had one.  So, as I was/am affiliated over a loooong and highly questionable career, I downloaded it and was struck by a whooooole bunch of things.  First thing that hit me was on the cover:
Muh Diversity Strikes Again apparently.
Reason I say that is over all, minorities only account for 10-14 percent of Army SF and Rangers, even less, 9 percent of Navy SEALs, and 7 percent of Air Force CCTs/PJs.  The CCT/PJ stands for Combat Controllers and PJ, Para Rescue Jumpers... mad bad ass lunatics by any normal measure.

So of course the representative Member of the Best of the Best has to be a black guy.
So further is I found these:
And then
Anyone notice something?
Well I did.  Damned near every. single. person. with the exception of a very few almost all of these fuckers on these lists are of such insanely senior rank... Man it positively reeks of careerism and "I Love Me Awards."  I used to think SF and the other Quiet Services were better than that.  This's right up there with the Legion of Merit medal.  Mind you, for it's definition, The LoM is defined as by wiki as 

"The Legion of Merit (LOM) is a military award of the United States Armed Forces that is given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. The decoration is issued to members of the eight uniformed services of the United States as well as to military and political figures of foreign governments."

We used to call it the General Award for Generals to give each other.  It's the "I didn't catch the clap" award for senior officers and to the Enlisted Men, a fucking joke.

And it seems that at least since 2010, the SPECOPs community went full retard and SJW as well with bogus awards that they can give each other to boost their 'jacket' (i.e. their awards and service jacket, usually called a 2 Alpha 1 or 2A-1 which is the personnel record when you're in boots.) so when the promotion board meets, Major Gen'rul Pussnuts Lamecock Throckmorton the Third can say he was awarded the Legion of Merit, as well as the Special Operations "Bull Simons Award" for having the "true spirit, values, and skills of a special operations warrior.", as well as being inducted into the Special Operations Commando Hall of Honor for having "served with great distinction and have demonstrated leadership and selfless service within the special operations forces community."

When read THAT way, it makes ole Throckmorton sound like the second coming of George Patton Junior... when in reality?  He's an high ranking asshole blowhard fucktard who was in the right place/right time and/or sucked the right cock at the right place/right time.

To shorten it, the "BS Award"... that's far more appropriate Aye?

Now a couple of names up there are legit.  Mrs. Virginia Hall... a legendary pre-SpecOps Female Badass in her own right.  Google that chick and prepare to be wowwed.  I know I was... a peg legged fucking behind-the-lines SOE/OSS chick... talk about harder than boiled woodpecker lips...

No wonder the SpecOps kids have ZERO compunction about punching out of their careers... the true warriors?  They want not of any part of shytte like that Aye.  They know they ain't fighting, nor training to fight... it's a new Praetorian Guard with Shiny Medals and Tacti-Cool sounding names, and the cool gear.  The brass have finally done what their earliest predecessors couldn't...

They destroyed Special Operations by making it Regular Fake and Ghey Army.

Good news is though that now that we know that they're officially pozzed, it ain't long til they'll be another toothless dildo-wielding unit worried about proper use of pronouns that us old nasty, mean and downright ornery vets who were killing when killin was and then wasn't cool...  we'll have zero issue dealing with them pansified motherfuckers... This is a thing of good news.  Make of it what you will.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. used to be the rarest award was a good conduct medal back in the day. I know of 2 that where awarded AFTER the guys in question where busted . simple matter of shooting a tennis ball canon at the east german guard tower,,,,
    anyway, I will not say anymore about that.

    1. How the carpet at the firing range at the FBI Academy at Quantico turned pink one night is also a mystery

    2. Tennis ball cannon at the East German guard tower.....
      I was stationed at Merrill Barracks (78-82), supporting the 2ACR. I can well imagine.
      Thx for the image.

      President Elect B Woodman

    3. it was getting the pictures developed that blew the cover off. back in 1978 berlin. the cannon looked great too.
      seems like it was paper mache to look like the 81mm. east germans made a formal bitch about the 2 guards jumping out to "safety " that got everyone busted. they got 2 of the 10 guys there busted, and made life hell for the ones they thought where involved as well. like I said good conduct medals where a rare thing to see.

  2. Mongo,
    I hit the go fund me again, thanks for the reminder.
    I have been a big fan of Chris Muir for years (and his Day by Day comic), and was delighted to see his "contribution"
    IWhat happened to Mike sucks, and I am happy to help in what small way I can.

  3. The weaker the military gets, the better for the people they plan to use it against: namely /ourguys/

  4. Rename it the Courtney Massengale award and it would be appropriate.

  5. BCE, you are going have to explain some of the newer weapons systems for us old farts. granted, that most of us could and can figured them out in time. or any of the other toys we might be able to pick up from the new all powerful clown army. night vision and other cool stuff us poor folks can't afford to buy, but might come across some day

    1. Yo Anon... you must be new here... ok, you need to go to the right side of the blog and look for "SGTs Time Saturday" or Weapons title poasts. Over the past 2 years I literally have covered every. small. arm. a 'normie' could come across, and even some that whypeepo won't, but it's all there. I might have to repoast some of them. I even did the care and feeding of the 60mm and 81 mm mortar, (assembly/basic operation) as well as grenades (my first glownigger showed up after I did that, wanting to sell me some M67's LMFAO) as well as the care and feeding of ALL belt fed weapons in US inventory...

      Let me know if there's something I -didn't- hit.. I even went to go as far as the M134 Minigun
      Yeah... I know ALL the guns
      That's why in the 101st they literally called me "The Gun Guru" no shytte...

  6. BC in 2010 Afghanistan did you ever get a request for a charging handle bolt stud pin for an M2 because a private dropped one underneath the comms rack in an MATV fifteen minutes prior to a presence patrol?

    1. Why would a PVT be allowed to detail strip an M-2, that's like 3rd or 4th Level of Maint.?

  7. There is a post up at instapundit with the gofundme. Should get an some wide exposure now.

  8. Hubba! Hubba! Lovin' that pic by CM. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was Skye (longtime DBD lurkers know who she is) reworked into a nurse's "uniform" on a mission of mercy. (Lawd, have mercy!)
    And married or not, if she were to say, "here I am", well, then, there I GO!

    President Elect B Woodman