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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Short But Home Safe

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A 3. hour. drive.
Beat on, blown out, the one hour backup at an exit that for apparently had zero reason for being backed up other than people are so fucking retarded... OMFG...
Shit like that?  That's a killin'
One fucking female I passed in said-bumper-to-bumper parking lot-festivus?
Bitch was on the cell phone.
Of course a Escalade
With 'muh Diversity!' behind the wheel
While wearing a her own car.


I swear, we need to make a drinking game up out of that shit...

That's all I got to say about that.
So More Later... Looks like divorce time
I Remain The Soon to Be Single
Big Country


  1. Uh ohs...I know things can go sideways. Btdt. Focus on what's really important. Fam is always first. Fuck that rat race. I did it farrr too long. Be like water. Ohio Guy

  2. Dayum bro. Sounds like you had a fooking DAY. My sincerest condolences.

    As for the traffic and the morons driving out there... I swear man some people are fuckin' IDJITS behind the wheel. I often wonder why folks seem to have the situational awareness of a squirrel that plays in traffic while on a highway driving a ton of steel full of gasoline at speeds in excess of 70 mph. Mofos either didn't pay attention in physics, have the survival sense of a Lemming that signed up for ISIS to drive a VBIED, or both.

    That being said... I used to get pissed at things that would delay me while traveling, like catching no breaks at traffic lights etc... but then I noticed how sometimes the timing was juuuust right for me to avoid some major nonsense, like an accident just ahead of me that could have been me caught in it, etc. Big Man Upstairs works in mysterious ways. Sometimes what seems like BS at the time is actually a blessing in disguise.

    Since the Big Guy seems to be looking out for you, you may find your luck turning for the better. Just keep an eye out; sometimes I think He plays his little jokes on us to keep us humble, but first time is happenstance, second time is coincidence, third time is friendly action. Pretty sure you got a guardian angel looking out for you; Hell, maybe a squad of 'em. Be safe and let us know how it turns out!

  3. At least it wasn't a three hour tour (with the Skipper & Gilligan).

  4. Aw, man. If it's Dumbunny who's fucking up everything, been there, done that, almost went either postal or divorce-al, but worked it out.

    Hope you can work it out, too. Your lady seems worth the work.

  5. Glad you escaped the Ghetto safely.

  6. That's my 1/2 hour daily commute. I can't imagine 3 hours of it. Too many F distractions in cars these days is what I think it is. As if there weren't enough already in the last century cars. And too many people that don't have the faintest F clue they're supposed to be sharing the road. Zero situational awareness.

  7. sorry to hear that bro. sometimes we just have to cut our losses and move forward. btdt, twice.

  8. Wifey seems like a good woman. Patience.

  9. One bit of advice I have learned over the years is if you have been on a trip, the Wifey has been dealing with stuff in your absence and misses you. I know that as you come in the door, your ass is dragging, you are in a bad mood from dealing with dumbasses and BS traveling and the LAST thing you want to do is be sweet to and spend time with Wifey. BUT that's exactly what you need to do for just a little bit. Good women are damn hard to find and it sounds like you have one, don't let BS cause problems between you two.
    That goes triple for DumBunny, do NOT let her effect your marriage, my daughter when she was living with us started doing that and I refused to let it happen --- my marriage is way too valuable to be wrecked by a spoiled, entitled little dumbass. Get some rest, be nice to Wifey, say sorry if you must and good luck !!

  10. back when I was still working, a while ago, like 20 years now. I told my boss I not driving over 45 minutes to work anywhere. (he had a lot of shops in the tri state area) and liked to send people to different ones to keep everyone on their toes I guess. anyway, ended up working at just one shop and sometimes helping out at another one close by.
    sorry to hear about problems at home. do a in depth eval before burning that bridge as she seems to really try to keep you happy. if it is dumb bunny, you might need to get HER advise on how to handle that problem. make it a team effort so to keep the peace like. seems like if they have a say in how to solve the problem they are more likely to agree with the outcome. but really hope it works out for you.

  11. You ain't gonna like this. Tough, it ain't whether you like it or not. Man up. Be the man. Not large and in charge. But what can I do for my family? It isn't her problems or your problems. It is 'our' problems. Stop your kevetching, oh my PTSD. Oh my this, oh my that. The fact is you are coasting. It isn't easy until you make it easy. Even then it ain't easy. But it is worth it. Yet if you decide it isn't worth it - an active conscience decision - then you put yourself to use others to your own benefit.

    I don't need to know your particular problems. Frankly, I don't want to know. But whatever you are going through, tens of thousands of millions have gone through already. There is exactly one question to ask yourself; Do I want to see the other side of this, is it that worthwhile to me? It's a simple yes or no. Anything else is you being sorry for yourself. And not being the man you purported to want to be when she married you.

    Even if all your shit brought out her inner Florence Nightingale, the fact is the woman saw something in the man. You are set to take that all away, as if it don't matter one way or the other. That is some sad sack shit. So stay in that rut. Or don't. But be honest at least to yourself about it.

    1. OK: Agreed to a point. Never said -anything- about my PTSD... in fact, it's a non-starter. However fren, the issue here that cause ALL the Bullshtien was Wifey let DB drive the main fambly vehicle.


      My new gig, without the doxx, deals with certain aspects vis-a-vis uninsured dumbfucks, and the lawyers going AFTER the guy who OWNED the car, his insurnace, his house... hoo boy... never let an uninsured peepul behind the wheel of your ride... jes' sayin'

      The issue is this was brought up two times before with and -absolute ban on this shytte happening... so... in this case... completely ignoring me? Oh fuck yeah... that's a screaming. Then, poast-screaming? to Play the 'victim' 'cos "You were mean!"?

      Fuck no.

      Get oot.
      Fuck off and die.
      Rule need to be followed, hence why our lives and society are so fucked up
      Niggers get a pass...
      The parents of the recent school shooter?
      Indicted as co-conspiritors
      What about the shinefest asshole niglet who shot up a school sans fatalities a few months ago? Why hasn't Donquilicious's 'rents been hemmed the fuck up?
      MOR tomorrow...
      I'm gettin' drunk so FYADIAF

    2. Sorry BCE, now I get it. I was paying $300/month in insurance so that my DB daughter could legally drive one of my vehicles.
      If irresponsible DB got in a wreck, your ass and all of your assets would have been in a serious crack. Wifey HAS to understand this and it is HER shit that is at risk too.

      Sorry dude, I woulda lost my shit too about this .....

    3. I was zeroed on one thing and only one thing. That is that an impending divorce and specifically the apparent nonchalance about it. I hate divorce. It is ruining our country more so than every other thing except maybe abortion. Even there is the tolerance of of it. That tolerance is unacceptable. I saw your tolerance of oh-here-comes-another-divorce as completely unacceptable. That was my read of your post. I will be thrilled that I am wrong in that.

  12. you need to get dumb bunny out of your life as soon as possible. look into swamp tours maybe close up to the gators and other critters and hope for the best ? understand you anger too, I lost a pick up the same way. with insurance and all It still cost me over 12 grand and the damn truck ! I would say get the bitch some cheap ride but those are far and few between anymore. but one thing I learned the hard way, do not lend out anything to someone who has no stake in the item. car, truck whatever. no one tales care of your stuff like you do. if they want something that bad, tell them to get one themselves !

  13. No sage advice here. But I'm drinking lots of rum tonight. Solidarity, to use the fucking communists' word. Hope you manage to sort things out.

    Prost, Big Man.

    PS. Have an alibi. Nobody saw nothin'.

  14. Honestly, I would have flipped out in your situation. My 21 year old stepson racked up a ton of traffic violations, whined because his car insurance premium was so high, and asked if I could add him to my policy. Hell no!