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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

December 7th and the Draft

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
It's the what? 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and I ain't seen shytte of it on the News, nor in any DotGov news releases, 'cept a couple of weak assed tweets by twits.
Not many guys still alive from back then
In fact, as I recall, there are so few guys still alive who were 'in action' on December 7th AT Pearl.  The last dude I think who served on the Arizona and survived died like two years ago, and they entombed him on the wreckage via Navy Divers.  There's a video of it here:

Most of the WW2 guys are gone.  The legit ones that is.

Reall nice what a big deal they're making about it Aye?
< /sarc >

Not many of that generation left at all.  Most were like in their twenties when the war broke out.  Part of the reason for that was also because of the Great Depression which was rocking at the time.  The DotMil has always been a refuge for three hots and a cot.  In fact during economic downturns, they usually get packed with folks looking for that 3 hots and cot.  Part of the reason after I -foolishly- got out at the end of 1991 that I -couldn't- reenlist was that they'd limited the amount of 'prior service' guys who could get back in.  Took as I recall 20 months before I was able to get back on active.

And now?  Economic factors aside, whelp, they sure as hell, as of now getting any recruitment.  Hence why I think the whole 'requiring split tail to register for the draft' came up, as they know they're gonna need a draft.

And for those of you out there thinking "Nah, they can't bring back the draft"  I beg to differ.  The Draft Board is already fully established in every state.  MomUnit -was- on the Board back in the day, as because she WAS a member, FedBro and Meselves would have been exempted from the draft if it ever came back, as members of a Board Members Immediate fambly.  Hence why she was so pissed when I joined... to her she wasted a number of years being on the Board to protect us, and I went an' fucked it allll up in her eyes

Oh well, Sorry Ma.

The Board is already in place.  In fact theoretically they can be spun up in like 48-72 hours, and have "bodies in line" ready to go under threat of extreme DotFed authoritative nastiness if you didn't show.  Religious/Conscientious Objector?  OK, no guns nor combat... but you'll be in a DotFed Nursing Home facility or something equivalent for 3 years scooping the poop.  Stuff like that.  No social security, WIC, foodstamps, loans, assistance... Try going R/CO and see just how bad the DotFeds can fuck with you.

Canada?  Not this time.  New Treaties.  Busted at the border, and shipped home in chains.

Trust me, I read the manual back a few years back... they learned from the mistakes made during Nam.  No more 'rich kidz get over either', although money does talk.  Add on that proclaiming yerself Gay, Trans, Smurfkin?  Great.  Get on the fucking bus asshole, Welcome to Fort Benning, stand on the line in the footprints and close your fucking cockholster you disgusting fucking maggot!

NOW do you see why all the 'prog-permissiveness' and bullshittery is going on?  The brass knew that shit was eventually going to go sideways, and they were going to want a war, and no one would come.  That or a very fucking foolish few would show.  So, the answer?  Draft Slavery.  Nasty draft slavery.  With z.e.r.o. outs...  Fag? In.  Trans?  In.  Teh Whammez?  In. (enjoy your demanded equality babe).  Straight?    Oh front of the line... welcome to the sausage-maker, hope you enjoy your stay (while it lasts)

And they ARE most certainly gearing up something
Ukraine?  No one genuinely gives a shit about the Ukes here Stateside
Except our "Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den."  Fucking they're really pushing the War!War!War! Thing to the point it's reminding me of some of the 'bad old days' of the Cold War.  Back when the news we got was about 6-12 hours old unless it was "Operational Immediate: Flash" stuff...

Nowadays, we know wars have kicked off sometimes before the DotGovs involved 'officially' notice, like the Azerbijan Nagorno-Karabakh war.  RUMINT said some of the first notice that Armenia had about the war were from Tweets and YouTubers showing the Azer tanks and troops rolling in.

No doubt that kind of stuff is going to continue, despite intents of various DotMils to throttle up the OPSEC.  As long as troops have the intarwhebz, they're going to poast shytte faster in real-time than some DotGovs can put a spin on it.  Especially what with the new woke brigades in the DotMil these days.

Unfortunately, this means we're going to get our asses handed to us.  No fucking doubt.  As fat, old and broken as I am, I retain a higher standard of military bearing than 90% of the dweezils in uniform these days.  It's another reason I don't fear them trying to use the Woke Brigades on us common dirt-folks.  It's not going to end well, either here nor in the Ukraine.

Shit.... saying Russia wants to invade the Ukraine in like saying that New York City wants to take over Newark in New Joisey.  I mean what the fuck is there to gain?  Like Newark, the Ukraine is a poverty stricken complete 3rd, almost 4th world shyttehole of corruption, pollution, hostile natives and fuckery.  As bad as Mexico really... you don't see the US slavering to invade the Mexico Area of Operations do you?  Hell, if WE were smart, we'd cede Newark TO the Russians, North Koreans... hell the Mexicans... anyone... fucking place is cursed land man...  smells like shytte too Aye.

So, yeah, we got a war coming, especially if the 2022 shellacking actually comes through.  I think they thought they'd be able to pull off the same fuckery electorally speaking like they did in 2020.  Figured no one would notice.

Problem is that this current administration AND congress AND the senate, well, syphilis sores and colorectal cancer are more admired, popular and wanted than any of those fuckers... they managed to bollix up a sort of good thing, and despite the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies attempts to outright lie, deflect and evade, it ain't working.  So when the 2022 (s)election happens, and 'their guys' are apparently 'winning' AGAIN, despite all the man-on-the street polling, the majority of folks, like at this point -evvabody- is going to know fuckery is afoot, and cry foul... then we might actually be able to get some shytte done, like hanging a few folks as an example to the rest... 

But they can't allow that
So, it'll be war or full on economic collapse.
Art did a writeup on the economy, check it out here:
Essentially, anyone 'in the know' is cashing out of stonks as fast as fucking feasible, and buying 'real things' like land and bunkers.  Things that make you go hmmmmn.

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. even the assholes know that "stuff" is better than money these days. bail out of the stock game back in 2016 as I figured the bitch from hell would get in. anyway, gold and silver are nice to have, but without food and water they are worthless to most people, trade a 1oz gold coin for a meal ? might happen soon enough.
    so, keep stocking stuff as quietly as you can because others will take note that you have FOOD when they are starving
    and people do nasty things to each other for food. just saying. I thinking they start as war as it is safer for them rather than a mob of people howling for their blood at their gates when the money turns to shit and people are starving everywhere. real estate in the countryside has gone way up in price as people who see what coming down the road want out of the way. any place within 200 or so miles of a dem shithole will not be safe if the country breaks down, same for main roads, train tracks and fire breaks, any way that easy for people to travel on.
    unless you lucky enough to live in a area with a like minded people. going to get sporty either way, get ready for it now while we can. stay safe out there.

  2. Huh, so you can't be on a local Selective Service board as a volunteer if you are a retired vet. I just looked, as I am retired USN and am not really doing all that much.

    Funny how that works....

    1. Did I understand that correctly...? If you are on the draft selection committee... your own family is exempt from the draft? That's daft, isn't it?

  3. Just a quick note, reader since Phil or Kenny tuned me in. 24 years as a REMF taking care of you guys. Thanks for the note of the day. My pops was 18 on this day. spent 4 years on a destroyer until kamikazes off Okinawa got them only lost 13 ship mates. He will be 99 inMarch. Physically spent and still sharp. Proud to be his son. About all the kerfuffle; we may not survive this one but we got it in the end and what a glorious place it will be.

  4. Economic collapse and leave the damned Russians alone. In a sane world we should be swilling vodka with them and planning to irradiate SE Asia together.

  5. The United States has no interests in Ukraine.


  6. "Ukraine? No one genuinely gives a shit about the Ukes here Stateside Except our "Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.""

    The Left doesn't care about the Ukraine, either. They do, however, very, very much want revenge on Russia for betraying the Revolution and abandoning the Worker's Paradise. Hell, we already fought one war to save it....

  7. BC yes I am a willing Samuel Whitmore as well. Russia long conversation with a Ret. Army ex pat about where I would go if I have to leave here? Russia more white and a lot of Christian. Not saying it's better than here, it was a theoretical question.

  8. looking at the big reset come first of the year. the dims know their collective goose is cooked, they have to pull a rabbit out of the hat and that rabbit is war, with somebody, anybody will do. they're sending the Guard to ukraine, get a few of them smoked and patriotism pivots from "tyrants" to "evil russians", must not criticize the govt during war you know. the navy is telling their irr swabbies to get vaxxed up. planning on losing a few thousand sailors i guess. i'm resigning from army irr next week, i hope. my whole state's guard are going oconus in january. hmmm. some to africa, where they will literally surround ethiopia where the former head of WHO is the leader of a commy insurgent campaign. hmmm. the rest will go to kosovo, where serb tanks just moved up to the border to block migrants and drug runners from infiltrating them. yeah, january. biden let slip the other day "we'll let them have xmas and pull the plug in january." its coming folks, best set your mind to it.

    1. IDK, people are war weary and are tired of fighting for what? Ukraine hasn't attacked, and nobody would believe it if they did.

      Look at the public relations to Syra and Lydia. It was very WTF are we doing there type public relations. This will be even more so.

      Logisticly and militarily we are exhausted and we also haven't had a peer type, conventional conflict since 1992.

      Fighting a functioning nation state, that has been studying us, almost exclusively for 3/4 of a century, in their front yard, that they know intimately - is suicidal stupid.

      They only possible, and not guaranteed outcome, is a major political reset and .gov purge in the USA.

    2. absolutely correct my friend. however, do you trust these idiots to care if we all get killed?