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Friday, December 31, 2021

Adios Lady

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well that's one hell of an 'end capper' to a shitty year.  Seems Betty White died today.
I'm not that big a fan but Wifey is... was?  Ah well... I just kind of dug how bulletproof the old broad seemed to be.
Guess I was a bit off on that particular judgement.
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A Pre-New Years Eve Rant

Greeting Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Me Being Me, well, being me...

Hope you dig it.
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Thursday, December 30, 2021

How Toast Are You?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This earlier than normal, but I'ma getting this oot as soon as I found the link I'ma 'bout to share with y'all. No idea how long Leviathan is going to let this info stay on the web... not long methinks...

A doc named Craig Paardekooper set up a website that lists ALL the Nottavaxx VAERs bad reactions via lot number.  

Literally "How Bad is My Batch"
Very easy to use.
Very scary stuff if'n you find out that your particular batch is a 'bad one'.  Also, fascinating how ye olde batches, well, some are very good in that -no- reported deaths/injuries to very bad in that there's quite a 'official body count' with some batches...
I opened the Moderna page to see what the worst was.
Seems batch 039K20A leads the way with 4911 Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) and 90 deaths, 39 disabilities and 35 life threatening illnesses.
So useful information there, also in the fact that it seems to list ALL the batch codes... which is useful in itself as it's from the DotGov VAERs site.  Not that anyone would use that information now for avoiding certain aspects of weirdness in the New World Odor now?
Ahhhh the good old days..
Make of it what you will.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Economic Thoughts and Food

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Don't know much, but I do know basic price increases, especially when it hits me in me own wallet Aye?  The valuta we have... said skrim and script isn't going near as far as it used to be.  Case in point, tonight, Dinner.  I worked a full shift in Peoples Glorious New Tractor Factory whilst Wifey slaved away in Orlando (she still isn't home) for a wedding party.

This means that the last thing I want to do after a full shift is pull out one of my highly acclaimed yet complex meals, like my Koooo-rean stir fry... Bulgogi a'la BCE.  (Damned good if I believe what these jokers here who live with me say... unless they're bullshittin' me just to keep me cooking as opposed to them having to do their own damned thing).

While discussing it with Sapper, he offered to 'take the hit' if I ordered us some Popeyes, which 'round here is -always- a crowd pleaser.  So, I went online to set up an order for pickup... very common and kinda handy since the coof/Kung Flu that... Love being able to order ahead, and have 'em bring it out to the car... very convenient, especially at peak food times.  So... feeding 3 adults, and Uno kinder:
What the hell!?!
$36 Bux for a 12 piece of fried dead chikin.  2 sides, no drinks and the picture shows six biscuits, but in the past, that ain't necessarily so.  Like damn.  $40?  Since when did evolved dino-birds become that fucking expensive?  I could see if it was gen-you-wine deep fried T-Rex but this?  Come. on.

Now, granted the 'shortages' out there have boosted prices, as well as overall inflationary issues, but this's fucking crazy.  And the sides on that?  Those, by the pictures are 'regular' size sides.  I personally eat one of those of the dirty rice on my own by me damnedself with no issue.

This... this right here is where the reality of shytte is going to hit hard.

My rationale for this is well, lets face it.  I cook.  I was married to a broad who can cook first time around.  Now, notsofuckingmucho.  LOVE me some Wifey, and she knows her shit makeup and hair wise... the kitchen, well, yeaaaah... aboot that Aye?  As said by a better comedian than I: "How can toast have bones?"

Hence my enjoyment and proclivities of cooking and digging my cooking.  Sapper is so-so with his abilities... not much in the repertoire so to speak, but I have been teaching him.  In the end?  I do 90% of the cooking, and like 75% of the shopping.  Sapper's great as a 'get a good deal at Publix' dude with the BOGOs and whatnot.  So here at Casa Del Grande Campesino, we're in good shape for the most part.  I know how to boil that leftover chikin carcass after we do a bird from Wally World or CostCo (the roasted whole chikins for short bux is a great deal) and use the meetz and broth for a killer noodle and/or rice chikin zoop.

Thing is, these days?
Being able to cook?  It's a lost art.

Dudes think the height of Haute Cuisine is Ramen that they add some meat to, with some cheese or some such shytte... Eggos are King, as well as Doritos, and Monkey Dicks, better known as cocktail sausage from the can....

Bitches ain't taught how to cook anymore... not if they want to be considered "stronk, in-deee-pendant, diverse female characters!"  Most females think that ALL 'homemade foods' are microwaved.  No joke... before I started dating Wifey, during the, shall we say enlightening? time between "X" (who I was married 20 years) and then hooking up with as I used to call her "The Old Lady" (now Wifey) when we were dating, I had one date who asked me over for a 'home cooked meal'.

Which, no shit, turned out to be a Stouffer's fucking frozen meat loaf (nuked)... with canned green beans and instant mashed taters for the sides.  This was the second date... she was trying to lock me into the 'full time dating thing'/relationshit as I'd...well, let's just leave it that I made an impression on her on the first date, to include a generous 'mushroom stamp'.

What can I say?

For fucks sake, they have pre-cooked microwavable PASTA in pre-sized portional bags.
How fucking hard is it to measure out One Cuppa Raw Pasta and boil the shit for 7.5 minootos????

Pretty fucking hard apparently, as the profit margin?
It's $2.48 for a bag of 8.5 oz of pre-cooked spaghetti... "Just add Sauce after Heating!"
That's cooked weight.
Dry, figure 4 oz of dry sketties, well, one 16oz box is $0.89 cents for Publix, and usually has a BOGO. 4 servings from one box if you cooked it yourself...that's $0.22 cents a serving... literally almost 1000% markup.
The market.... sheesh...

So yeah, the fact of it is that what few families that ARE actually out there, the majority of the "3 Hots" come from 'fast food' or 'ordering in'... and them prices?  They're headed " the Moon Alice!!!"

That more than anything else is going to 'wake up the Normies'... No more cheap, readily available food bullshit... nope... the learning curve is going to be steep, brutal and ultimately dangerous for those who have versus the fucking idiots who have not, neither skills, nor supplies.

Hence why I'm HUGE on the whole 'get it while you can' thing...
One resource that I've mentioned before, not great for proteins, but CAN and WILL Load you up is the Mormons.  The Church of Latter Day Weirdness (no offense but it is a strange bunch) has a history when they had actual persecution, executions and being chased hither and yon around the country if not the world, and their religious rules and precepts literally include as part of "The Roolz" "Thou shalt have a shitton of long term storage food in case we get in deep shytte in the future!  So sayeth the Prophet Smith." or some such whatnow.... I know, God help me if the Mormon God turns out to be the "Actual Guy In Charge" without a sense of humor, then I'm fucked).

But seriously, magic underoos aside, they have one hell of an online store:

They have $3 shipping on ALL orders.  And they tend to be quick.  Last couple of orders?  Yeah, helps to load up.  Got the macaroni, the skettie bites, the veggies of all flavors, all spread out under 'being affordable and useful'.  Next payday, when and if it's in stock, the dried apple slices...

VERY basic stuff BUT all in a half dozen #10 cans.  
Apple Slices, dehydrated, #10 Can
Auguson Farms: Amazon, $19.99 per can
Church of LDS: $73 (incl. shipping) for six cans, $12 per can.

Can't beat that with a club.
So things to think on.  Think Stockpiling, OPSEC, and SMELLSEC (cooking a steak? hungry folks'll smell it from literally a mile away) and learning how to cook all that there goodness. SOS(c) so to speak...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Slooooow Mooootion

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Feeling much betterer now that I've had some rest.  Thankfully the gig at People's Glorious Tractor Factory is self-paced.  Means as long as production is up, then the Politrooks and Commissars stay out of me biddness.

"We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us."
Soviet Proverb

But in reality, a bunch of those "Emergen-"C" doses of drinkable Vitamin C, D and Zinc, supplemented by my own gobbling of various and copious amounts of vitamins anyways, the bug didn't stand too much of a chance.
Not a plug, but hey, it worked for me, which also pretty much put paid to what I thought, which is Variant "Moronic" aka Omicron is nothing more than the standard flu, type one each, seasonal.

Not that the way the fucking "Lemmings" as my boss called them today are reacting.  I called him with a question when he was oot-and-aboot and he was on his cell phone, stuck in traffic because of "...the fucking lemmings alllll lined up to get a quick COVID Test, blocking the off ramp..."  Now mind you he's a bit a ways south of me in the monied areas of South Western Florida... think Naples/Ft Myers... which saw a huuuuuge influx, nay infestation of 'formerly Blue State Hive Mind Retards' moving in hereabouts.  

There's a reason a popular bumper sticker and T-Shirt sez "Don't New Yawk our Florida".

Personally, if they get too obnoxious, which also mind you is a given as (((most of them))) can't keep their fucking Damned Yankee traps shut, nor stay out of other people's biddness, my personal, shall we say? Final Solution is to just encourage lower bail, flood the low rent districts with tons of cheaply made, easily available Meth, and let nature run its course.

Meth'd Up Floridaman will probably even dispose of the remains, seeings that they on occasion have had the propensity to eat their victims.  Added bonus is that Floridaman, unlike his Negro Brethren, can naturally sense the danger in the heavily armed Redneckus Americanus and leaves well enough alone.  OTOH, The Northern Bluebelly Libtardamus?  Eaaaaasy pickin's.  Slow witted, flat out Dodo Dumb if truth be told, and clueless when it comes to perceived danger.    

Now, the slow burn mentioned:  I'm seeing it everywhere.  

Too much for people, even the normies to not notice.  This 'current plague'?  Plague of the fully jabbed as well as the casualty count that a lot of folks like Vox Day predicted is starting to ramp up.  I've been rather neutral on the whole thing, waiting to see what the long view is going to be and what's happening.  In fact, a note, seems that (not that we'd ever hear about it here in the states) but FIFA, the World Cup Soccer thing?  5 more players died this past week. 

And most telling to me is the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den's Regime is now suddenly and unexpectedly pulling back from Federal Responsibility for the Vaxx, leaving it to the States to take care of it.  Which sez that IMO:

A) There's a LOT more dead and deaths and bad juju with the Nottavaxx than they've talked about... like so much that they're freaked out and throwing the jukes to dodge the backlash.

B) That despite the glowing and obsequious reports by the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies, the 'shield has been pierced' and the denials and accusations of being a "Conspiracy Antivaxx Nutjob" have completely lost it's ability.  Critical thinking, even by 60 point Gumps eventually comes out.. especially when one year ago they swore up n'down that there'd never be a 'mandate' nor a Vax-Passport... How silly!

Now?  Not so fucking much Aye?
And truthfully, I cannot wait for the fun n'games to begin.
Those selfsame luna-chick Boxwine Karens, the busybodies who ran out and immediately got one, two, three and are eagerly waiting on Nottavaxx #4?  The mentally ill who, despite all available obvious evidence show that this bug?  Especially the current flavor of "Moronic"? is nothing more than the seasonal flu.

You know, that thing that everybody got around this time of year?
Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeah!
I remember that from the mists of time, all of 3 years ago...
Fucking I swear.
The only good news is the majority of these Sponge-Brained Microcephalic Poltroons are -probably- on the 'going to die soon' list, and the world's IQ just might see a nice 'bump up' over the next few.  

One can hope Aye?
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Monday, December 27, 2021

Rifle Fix'er Upper

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now, I've been working on this particular project for waaay more than a minute.  Some time ago, quite a spell as one would say, Ranger J brought me his long rifle over to see about getting it cleaned up.  Seems when he moved, he stowed it in a storage closet in his new garage...

In Florida... ALLL spring and summer long with out the benefit of any long-term storage prep.  Bad juju there Irie Mon... It's older (late 70's early 80's Remington 700 SPS in 30-06.)  Brushed Stainless steel so he figured that meant a -short term- in the humma-did-itty of Flor-reeeh!-duh! wouldn't hurt it.

Man, he was in for a rude awaking.
As too was I, as I had my usual 'before, during and after pictures' that I shoot.  For some reason, they all took a powder off of my fon, and I only have the 'after' which kind of sucks.  That being said though, you can see what I did for this poor beat on thing.
First thing I had to do was tear it apart as much as it could, right down to the receiver and barrel.  The outer powered stainless steel coating had been ruthlessly attacked and eaten away.  Literally.  Rust rings cut into the powder coating, leaving pits and shit all over the length of the barrel.. I borescoped it, and thankfully, no pitting on the throat, chamber or rifling.  Mostly an exterior amount of damage.  I wrapped it and gave it a 48 hour bath in rust remover, which counteracted the rust, and a stiff brush cleaned it up, but left some scarring all over.

You can see on the bolt some of the scarring here:
Swirls and such staining in the metal itself on the surface.  Wouldn't buff out either.  The bolt assembly as you see, stained but overall in good shape.  The firing pin assembly inside of it?  Completely fucked.  The spring and firing pin 'neck' were frozen completely and covered in that brown rust powder coat...
In fact that brown rusty crap?  That's what the powder coat got reduced to...  it was alllll over the entirity of the rifle, which I cleaned off.  There was no saving the firing pin assembly as a whole though.  I got a titanium replacement and stainless pin, seen here in the comparitive:
Old versus new.  As you can see, the pin itself is rusted solidly in the halfway position on top... whereas the new one is nice and shiiiiny new.  Love me some new gun partz Aye.

I had one hell of a time removing that assembly though let me tell you.  Even the tool I have didn't and couldn't help, and thankfully I was able to brute-force it without damaging the bolt itself.
Took a mighty hard turn with the vice grips, enough so as:
Big ole chompy bitemarks on the stainless.
It did not want to come oot.  But, in the end it did and the new one went in smooth as a prom queen's thighs.    The trigger assembly suffered from the same diagnosis though, which was all the non-stainless pieces parts inside the assembly rusted to shit.
That thing is locked up tight... no movement in it, even after soaking in breakfree, rust remover, you name it.  So, then the next step was to start rebuilding it.  I got the outer coat done just like Dad's old cowboy .22, with the baked on enamel coating in the same shade of grey I keep on hand.  Gave a cleaned up look, and a lot of the scarring is now gone and it looks a hell of a lot better.

Then the primary reason for the holdup was the trigger.  When I ordered it, I got the Timney 3.5 pound trigger.  Which I got a deal on for $125.  And as soon as I put it on order, it went on backorder...and backorder...and backorder...and backorder...and backorder...and backorder.

Months passed, no nuthin.  To the point I was going to eat the $125 when I got the word the other day it was finally on the way.  And yet again, the Gun Gods shined on me, 'cos instead of the set 3.5, the one that showed up was the fully adjustable from 1 pound to 4 pounds.  They sent the wrong one much to my advantage!  That would have been quite a bit mor $$$.  So yay me.

The final touches were a picatinny rail:
Which is low enough profile as to not interfere with the iron sights.  Ranger J is very 'old school' in no optics outside of iron sights for the most part.  Since I'm doing most of this for him, I figure he can always have me remove it, but at least now he has options.  I also added a small single picatinny on the front in front of the sling swivel for a bipod if he wants.

But for the most part, I'm just glad that I was able to do it for him.  I love rebuilding a beater into a functional aesthetically pleasing weapon.
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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Hangin' wit me 'Omi

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So my man Cowboy came over to get an assist before Christmas with his Winchester.  Needed to laser-boresite it.  We had a nice visit and a beer and seems he gave me an early gift, Omicron or whatever the flavor of the week of dis here gunk is.

Woke up with a slight fever, but mostly weak-as-a-newborn-kittah.

Been in bed literally ALL day.

No headache, and very slight body aches, but this month the VA 'bumped up' my pain med script to a higher dose, so's I don't really feel a lot.  It's muted due to the opiates.  Good news bad news there Aye?

The Grans are, as one can fully expect completely exhausted.  I expect them to get the fuckin bug theyselves, but maybe not?  Lil Kids are either germ factories OR they're impervious.  So far as I can tell, Red and Mini are of the impervious kind, with the exception of ear infections in Red if we aren't careful with her after she goes swimming.  They put tubes in a ways back and since then she's all good.  One of those things I suppose.

Other news, Mike is holding up and cranky as all get out.
So am I as I saw this lil tidbit here:
Lil Timmy "Dindu" Simpletonkins got busted while out on bail.  Now for those of you who tuned in a waays back, I pointed out how dis fukkin piece of shit nog got bail after pulling out a gat in school and opening up.  Now thankfully the kid has shitty aim, and didn't kill anyone.  3 people, one critically.  With an illegally purchased .45 Glock.

At the time my outrage was about Kenosha Kyle and the obvious disparity in bail, and holding and well, just about everything.  The fact that a low-impulse low-IQ fucking nigger from an apparently well-off Nog Fambly gets pretty much off scott-free, even though the claims that he was bullied (Sherriff said that's bullshit) and his classmates, as a whole, stating he was local drug dealing piece of shit wannabe gangbanger... IOW, a typical spoiled brat nigger, raised by an overindulgent well off set of Grandparents who've been pulling every string they know to keep their lil pwecious Dindu Nuffins off the mean mean streets...


Now, then we get the other case:  The loony Whytte school shooter in Michigan, who, of course despite looking like a poaster child for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, managed to uphold the Eeevil Whypeepo Superpreemiecyst skills and abilities by killing 4 of his targets as opposed to the pathetic shot grouping by the obvious retard with Dredds...  well... 

Maybe guns are ray-cyst and sheee-it?  
They didn't kill anyone Dindu was aiming at.
Make of it what you will

I'm still waiting to see the persecutor go after Grandma and Grandpa for buying and letting lil Dindu run around with a Glock...  guess it'll be a while I'd say Aye?  Now, if I were one of the victims of said-Dindu, I'd be going after -everyone- for all the marbles... the Grandparents, the parents (if they can be located... last I heard dad was dead and mom in jail for drug charges (queue my surprised face)

The blatant disparity in charging Fetal Booze-Kids 'rents getting hit with involuntary manslaughter?  OK given that yeah the kid was successful in offing some kids, the fact that the Grans ain't even gotten hit with a 'contributing' charge?  I mean initially they even admittedto having purchased the Gat for lil Dindu... and now?  Like news about Epstein or any of CNN pedophilic ways, it's 'lost in the mists of time and memory...'

THAT is the kind of shytte people DO remember however.
No matter how hard they try to bury it.
When was the last time you heard aboot the murderous SUV in Wisconsin?
The race-based anti-Asian attacks by blacks which seem to have accelerated over the past few?

Telling you, if the cops had two brain cells to rub together, when a crowd with Pitchforks and Flammenwerfers show up in Atlanta at the PNN HQ to clean house, I'd hope they'd have the good sense to move aside and let people do what so obviously needs to be done.

In Spades 

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Let the joy of today not be harshed in any way.  Enjoy each other and the camaraderie of Frens, both new and old, and stay loose and mellow as we roll into a New Year!
Merry Christmas!
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Merry Happy Happy!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Christmas Eve and I -already- hit the 'nog today.  Couple glasses of Lighter Fluid Inspired Eggnog helps take the edge off of the hangover from last night's festivities.  Wifey seems to have the situation with Dumbunny well in hand... I personally was waiting last night to see which way it was going to go.  I keep a pretty good selection of firepower 'operational immediate' in the room they were fighting, so if they went full retard, it could have gotten 'interesting' to say the very least. 

Now for those who worry about the Grans, the weapons, all of them are loaded but not locked and loaded.  Ain't no way either of them (for the time being) has the ability to chamber a round on an AR or the Shotty, never mind rack the slide on my 9mm.  And one of the first things I do daily is check 'em all to make sure they ain't in condition one.

Now, as they get older and are more capable, they'll get the full on train up.  Hell Red GB is already assisting me in loading ammo.  She purely loves putting the bullet on the brass, and then levering the arm down to seat it.  Good times when you can get your almost-4 year old GranBebe into reloading.  She even 'gets' it 'cos I'm always explaining each and every step, and I throw questions on her while doing it.  Asking her what comes after depriming?  "Sizing the case Papi!"  Then?  "Measuring it!"

God she's a trip.  I never got to do this with my Spawn as the X was vehemently anti-weaponry. 

Of course Spawn #1 is fully into now as he's on his own and grown up.  
Still doing it with a lil kid is a blast.
So it's Christmas.
Found that one over at Miguels Haus.  H/T

To each and all of you, the degenerates, weirdo, freakazoids and scum and villiany who inhabit this here place you have my absolute and unending gratitude.  You Droogs and Droogettes are why I keep going day in and day out.  I wish nothing but unending happiness, ammunition, booze, broads, (and dudes if'n that's yer thing) and books in this here upcoming Year of Weirdness.
Merry Christmas Evvabody!

Now, that the eye-weepy sensitive shytte is over I do have some concerns.

Putin ain't playin'.  I'm watching things exceptionally closely over the next 48-72.
My personal antenna is buzzing.  Not often that happens but if I were Vlad, sick of being blown off and treated like I'm not important and whatnot, I'd say that it'd be a very "Russian" thing to make a move during the Christmas Weekend.

Troops are lackadasical, the majority on Block Leave...
Readiness we know is a fucking joke.
Ivan could take ALL of the Ukraine, hell Poland and a Good Chunk of Deutschland and there'd be fuckall we could do except incinerate the world.  And I'm pretty sure that's not what the current Cabal around Emperor Poopypants wants...  there's no profit in full on Nuclear War.  Putin has been making very loud requests that we cordially stop being buttinskis in his fucking back yard, and man, he's getting HIGHLY irritated.  Considering the airhead surrounding the current Cabal of Clownworld in the District of Criminals, and the inability to get past the smug self-righteous stupid of almost everyone involved, and maaan, we're going to need a good supply of body bags by New Years if these jackholes keep up with the flaming stupidity.

When a fucking broken and medically retired Spec-4 sees the danger MOR clearly than all the fucktard in charge, you know shit is BAD.  Like if Vlad decides to very quuuuiiiieeetly slide in just past Midnight instead of the 'guns blazing charge', he could literally roll up -everyone- in less than 24 hours.  Like to fucking Berlin.
"The growing tensions peaked this week when Putin vowed that Russia would take 'appropriate retaliatory' military steps in response to what he called the West's 'aggressive stance'.

Mr Putin likened the build-up of Nato forces in countries which once belonged to the Soviet Union to Russia establishing a military presence in Canada and Mexico.

He said: 'Is it us who are putting missiles near the US borders? No, it's the US who came to our home with their missiles.

'Is it some excessive demand not to place any offensive systems near our home?

'We have clearly and precisely let them know that any further Nato expansion eastward is unacceptable. And it is you [the West] who must give us guarantees and give them immediately, and not have idle talk about it for decades.'"

That ain't lightweight words.
Thems fighting words
Vlad ain't going to take this sort of shytte.
So, no idea, but it bears watching -very closely-
Merry Christmas Gang!
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Ye Olde Knocke Down Drag Oot

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ye olde title refers to what's happenin' 'round The Casa Del Campesino Grande, i.e. Wifey done got tired of Dumbunny, and maaaaaaan it's "bitches at twenty paces"
T'ain't none of mah affair Aye?
I'll step in if it gets 'ignorant' but as y'all have seen, Wifey is a Type One Each Amazonian Beee-atcha, Stronk, Capable.  Not normally how I'd describe my wife, but she is sort of badass... she's got some brawling she done did back in the day and held her own, against some dudes if the stories are true, and I gave her some instructionals on how to utterly devastate someone in a one-on-one as brawling in a bar is fun, but I gave her the Marine Training -I- got when I was in hand-to-hand by a professional.

Dumbunny best keep it to screaming, lest she loses her voicebox a'la "Roadhouse"... Wifey is pissed as I told her, "Your spawn, not mine, you brought her here, YOU deal with it lest I have to get seriously involved.

This as Sapper bought a bag of quiklime and a new shovel...

The shit I deal with Aye?
Now, the great news.  GranBebe #1, the one you all know and love, well, I went out with Wifey to get her away from Dumbunny, and we went to a local Bealls.  They pronounce it 'bells' but I dunno... Maybe the yankee-leftover in my speech pattern.  So, this's on y'all.  I had raffle money I -hadn't- used or donated yet.  Specifically $100 left in case of weirdness, last minute... the usual.  Mike's gotten everything else, but this last Cee Note was for just in case 'cos occasionally, there's something that comes up last-minute for a present...

So, Y'all get the credit for this:
Bealls had it in the front with a bunch of other 'stuff' already marked down %50 off!!!!
I got it for $60.
You cannot beat that with a drum.
Add on, GranBebe #1, Codename "Red" from now on, as she's a redheaded firecracker, well, GB Red, she's a full on "Frozen Fanatic" and at other Grans she's already started riding a bike there, so it's a natural she'll need one here.

Again, my many thanks.  Y'all have supported me soooooooooo well here and GB Red and NewGB, well, they're getting the Christmases that they'd never have otherwise.  I love y'all for your support.

Now, back to Mike for a minute.
I ackchully talked to him today.  He's in good spirits compared to his earlier 'grumpy as fuck-woe is me' attitude.  Wifey talked to him as well and cheered him up, telling him peg-legged dudes are hawt, especially if he makes up a good story about it... I suggested something along the lines of him holding off a bunch of feral BLM supporters and saving a hot chick when the BLM bad guys blew his leg off in a gunfight...

Eh... sounds better than "I fucked up and got an infection" Aye?

I also tried to find out if I could get a strip-o-gram to him.  Seems that it's not cool to have nekkid tiddies in a hospital outside of mastectomies and other tiddie related medical bullshit.

Bunch of crap there Aye.

Mike's doing well and grumpy, as well he should be, but the infection is in full retreat, and he's all properly stitched up and no more drains and shytte, so these are GREAT NEWS.

Hence my current 'getting plastered and getting MOR' if'n I have anything to say aboot it.
Beyond that, I'm sitting back, laughing my balls off at the news, what with the "Winter of Lonely Death" and whatthefuckever that the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den has to say aboot the subject.

I swear, do they not step outside of their 'bubble even for five minutes?  Or are they afraid that the fumes from the "Deplorables" are going to tarnish the Silver and Gold of their Illustrious Selves?  I mean like the current 'hyping' of the 'Moronic' varia... ahem... I mean the 'Omicron' variant... I mean sheesh... this shit?  Like most defective Chinese products it doesn't do even half of what the labeling claims. 

Add on the continued 'wannabe unpersoning' of the Unvaxxed here.  Really Really hard to try and push an 'us versus them' when the 'them' are armed to the teeth, are made up of an extensive Combat Veteran Baseline, and are literally chomping at the bit for the "Go Time" to start slaughtering all those who've stolen the election, murdered grandma and grandpa, letting them die alone for nothing more than a common cold, demonized them, and acted in bad faith on every. single. thing. since they took power.

This backlash/payback is going to be fucking Biblical

And a (((lot))) of folks are going to be "Shocked and horrified!!!" when it gets up to "Full Retard Speed".  They have no idea  just what they have wrought.  And I'm comfortable with that, and actually pleased, 'cos it means they have NO IDEA what's coming for them.  As Yeats said: "And what rough beast, its hour come round at last..."

Man, they sure as fuck are overconfident.
This AGAIN is a thing of joyfulness and gladness.
"Eat Drink and be Merry" motherfuckers
For tomorrow, your heads will be mounted outside of my longhouse.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

A Mike Update

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This's the same poast that I just did over at Mike's Haus.  I'm cross-poasting and will be back with my own hostility later, but man, this sort of shytte makes me happy and puts me in a better mood.

Mike's Brother Jeff called, and gave me the latest. Seems our Dear Leader is doing very well. He's in surgery today, as they're sewing up all the pieces parts that they didn't before. For those of you who don't know, when they get all hacky-hacky-wackity with the axes and scalpels, they have to plug in a drain to get all the nasty out, especially in light of how much infection he had riding shotgun on him.

Also, his carcass responded to the meds exceptionally well, and the infection they were worried about in his back is going away nicely. He's being moved OUT of the ICU here too to Room 6219 in the next 24-48 when he recovers from this round of stich-bitch sewing.

All and all, most excellent news.

Jeff also pulled rank on him so to speak, and actually got him to choke down Ye Olde 'Ospital Gruel that most of us who've been in a 'ospital know of... I'd rather be on the Omelet and Ham MRE than hospital grub. BUT it's utterly necessary to get him back up to speed and strength. Jeff -also- got him some resistance bands for him to start working out and he did, so fear not gang, Mike's now on the mend. Jeff said it's be about another 7-10 days, and they'll be transferring him to a rehab facility where the real fun begins...

So, as I gets intel, I'll keep throwing it up here. Also, I'm using some of the donated cash to send Mike -something- as Jeff said no flowers nor Big Tiddied Whammenz has shown up. If I thought I could get away with it, I'd have a Doordash deliver a Double Bacon Greaseburger and a cold beer, but the docs might have issues with that... I'll let y'all know when that goes, and get Jeff to take a picture or something if Mike'll allow it.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"The Bestest EVVAR!"

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, busy AF today.  Word came down from Committee for People's Glorious Labor that we've been granted an extra day off this year for Christy-mouse from labor in the People's Glorious Tractor Factory.  Which means this be my Friday bitches!!!
Unexpected, but totally awesome as we're getting the extra day off with pay!  
That's nice.
So, other things:  Going to 'bump up' the First Place Raffle Prize.
Yup.  All the donations now are funneled to Mike's Fundraiser, so if you enter, as of NOW the shekels are going to Mike Directly.  I saw that the fundraiser at the GoFundMe has stalled, so's I figure to kick up a few MOR Prizes.  Namely an additional 27 Rounds of 5.56mm M855 and 3 MOR rounds of XM856 64 grain Tracer, and as a bonus, 2 X MagPul 30 round mags.
So, First Place in Total Gets:
54 Rounds of M855A1 62 gr Ball (Green Tip)
6 Rounds of XM856 64 gr Tracer
2x Damascus Boot Knives
2x Charlie Mike Comix
2x MagPul Gen 2 30 round magazines
Not a bad haul Aye?  It's the least I can do, and might stimulate a few more $$$ to help out Mike.  He's really struggling.  Not fun, but we'll get him across the line.  In fact Chris Muir of "Day By Day" comics did a drawing for Mike to assist in the fundraiser:
And more than a passing resemblance to Wifey.  My correspondence with Saint Chris-of-the-Pen well, he let me know he's a regular reader here.  Queue fanboi "Squuueee!!!" amiright?  Dude is awesome...
Gerard Van der Leun, proprietor of American Digest, poasted about Mike today as well:
Lots of People helping out
Lots of Moneys, just slightly over $28K.
Now, per Chris who's got a lot of experience, he said (as well as others) to drop the monies wanted.  I've done so, so hopefully that helps a bit.  NOW we're looking for $100K, which is a couple of peg legs and maybe even a wheelchair with tank treads?
Knowing Mike, he'll want spikes on the treads to run over Libtards with it.

So, down to tonight's biddness:
CA over at WRSA put up a poast of the 2022 SPECOPS Fact Book.  Didn't know they had one.  So, as I was/am affiliated over a loooong and highly questionable career, I downloaded it and was struck by a whooooole bunch of things.  First thing that hit me was on the cover:
Muh Diversity Strikes Again apparently.
Reason I say that is over all, minorities only account for 10-14 percent of Army SF and Rangers, even less, 9 percent of Navy SEALs, and 7 percent of Air Force CCTs/PJs.  The CCT/PJ stands for Combat Controllers and PJ, Para Rescue Jumpers... mad bad ass lunatics by any normal measure.

So of course the representative Member of the Best of the Best has to be a black guy.
So further is I found these:
And then
Anyone notice something?
Well I did.  Damned near every. single. person. with the exception of a very few almost all of these fuckers on these lists are of such insanely senior rank... Man it positively reeks of careerism and "I Love Me Awards."  I used to think SF and the other Quiet Services were better than that.  This's right up there with the Legion of Merit medal.  Mind you, for it's definition, The LoM is defined as by wiki as 

"The Legion of Merit (LOM) is a military award of the United States Armed Forces that is given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. The decoration is issued to members of the eight uniformed services of the United States as well as to military and political figures of foreign governments."

We used to call it the General Award for Generals to give each other.  It's the "I didn't catch the clap" award for senior officers and to the Enlisted Men, a fucking joke.

And it seems that at least since 2010, the SPECOPs community went full retard and SJW as well with bogus awards that they can give each other to boost their 'jacket' (i.e. their awards and service jacket, usually called a 2 Alpha 1 or 2A-1 which is the personnel record when you're in boots.) so when the promotion board meets, Major Gen'rul Pussnuts Lamecock Throckmorton the Third can say he was awarded the Legion of Merit, as well as the Special Operations "Bull Simons Award" for having the "true spirit, values, and skills of a special operations warrior.", as well as being inducted into the Special Operations Commando Hall of Honor for having "served with great distinction and have demonstrated leadership and selfless service within the special operations forces community."

When read THAT way, it makes ole Throckmorton sound like the second coming of George Patton Junior... when in reality?  He's an high ranking asshole blowhard fucktard who was in the right place/right time and/or sucked the right cock at the right place/right time.

To shorten it, the "BS Award"... that's far more appropriate Aye?

Now a couple of names up there are legit.  Mrs. Virginia Hall... a legendary pre-SpecOps Female Badass in her own right.  Google that chick and prepare to be wowwed.  I know I was... a peg legged fucking behind-the-lines SOE/OSS chick... talk about harder than boiled woodpecker lips...

No wonder the SpecOps kids have ZERO compunction about punching out of their careers... the true warriors?  They want not of any part of shytte like that Aye.  They know they ain't fighting, nor training to fight... it's a new Praetorian Guard with Shiny Medals and Tacti-Cool sounding names, and the cool gear.  The brass have finally done what their earliest predecessors couldn't...

They destroyed Special Operations by making it Regular Fake and Ghey Army.

Good news is though that now that we know that they're officially pozzed, it ain't long til they'll be another toothless dildo-wielding unit worried about proper use of pronouns that us old nasty, mean and downright ornery vets who were killing when killin was and then wasn't cool...  we'll have zero issue dealing with them pansified motherfuckers... This is a thing of good news.  Make of it what you will.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Tell you what, they need to change the logo over at CNN
I believe thats for the "Panda News Network" from a graphic novel but we all know whut I'm speaking of.  I'd say they positively need to re-invent themselves, and if it's the way IRL that they theyselves have proclaimed, that "Minor Attracted People" are people too and "Love is Love" as the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies has been spinning it, then by all means they should embrace their newly uncovered pedophilic tendencies.


The very fact that they're outright IGNORING it as best they can... seems the fuckers are in full on roach-mode... the lights come on and they scatter so's normie don't react the way they should, which is either gas 'em all or stomp 'em to paste.  Either way I'm comfortable with that.  It started with Fredo getting the whack... and in light of how small his transgression (assisting his sleazeball dago greaser brother in tar n'feathering the accusing whammens) was/is in the eyes of CNN... that was the first thing.


His (Fredos) Executive Producer comes out to be a fucking Pedo-Dom.  I broke that one about Enty talking about "Where'd he get the money to live "The Lifestyles of the Rich and Pedophilic?"
Enty had a followup:
4 other dudes were in the room!?!
And now?  FauxNews has broken the story in the last twelve hours:
"Griffin has tried to deceive, delete, and spend his way out of being held accountable," the prosecutor wrote. "He is a wealthy man who will be desperate to avoid facing justice."

and then they tie in Epstein:

"In laying out the case for Griffin's detention, the U.S. attorney cited the government's cases against convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell and convicted sex offender and singer R. Kelly."

Considering the nature of what happens to those in custody with the Department of Complete Injustice, I'd say that this guy is going to be Epstein'd... the fact that ANOTHER CNN Producer has been busted.
This guy was Rick Saleeby, the Producer of Jake Tappers "The Lead" show...

Looks like Project Veritas found out and waited for a bit before calling him out.  Six days AFTER then The Fucking Being Incompetent Clownworld STASI arrested him

Connected?  More'nfucking likely Aye?
The PJMedia article lays it out here:

Now, when you add on Jeffery "Wankmaster" Toobin, Don "Sucks" Lemon, and allll these other fuckers and child fuckers?  I'd say that there's a strong possibility that the 4 dudes mentioned in Enty's Blind were either powerful and/or power players at PNN. 
The Pedo News Network "We'll Groom Your Mind AND Your Child"
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

"This... should be CNN"

Monday, December 20, 2021

Weekend? What Weekend?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I think I'm more worn out from this 'supposed' weekend than I am from a normal week.  No wonder the Grinch comes out in people.  I did so much bloody driving this weekend, I'm looking at having to change the oil and filter in Ye Old Boogy-Buggy (the fambly truckster... the new ride that is as opposed to the Putt-Putt.) in the next few days.

Usually I can go a month, month and a half... hell during lockdown I think I only changed it two times in    the whole year in 2020 'cos I use the synthetic good stuff and it was a brand new car that -hardly- got driven.  Hell during lockdown the Putt-Putt was on blocks!

The last oil change was less than three weeks ago.  I'm 400 miles shy of needing to do it again!
Trips to South Fort Myers for the Glorious New Tractor Factory to shmooze the Party Bigwigs.
Also got to hang with the IT Commissar, who looked like I felt... run the fuck down and beat on.  HIS issue is his fam is like 11? +/- kids, a slew of bio-kids then some 'rentals' (he does the fostering thing) as well as a couple of  'rent-to-own' (adopted.)  Nuthin' but love and admiration for him.  He's a frequent visitor here as dat's how I got the new gig.  However he's doing the same thing I am, which is chasing wound-the-hell up on the "Christmas Crack" with a 4 year old, a 3.5, and a one year old...

They're the reason for the fun and enjoyment but damn if I don't feel like a clubbed baby seal at this point.

THEN, Had to go see Wifey's Rents as well to help with their computer.  Dad's 84 or more, and he can use a computer but as far as fixin'?  Not so much .  His PC got the malware and his bank card got compromised, so I had to upload some stuff and run a deep scan/clean.  I put in the Avast paid-for suite which is what I use... I've never had any issues, so for me, it works... YMMV.

During the trip(s) I kept up with the usual small, petty guerrilla warfare stuff:
Think is was $3.11 a gallon, and that was with the 7-11 11 cents off for being a loyalty member card person or whatever...  slapped that sucker on there 'cos even at $3.11... well the car I have has a 15 gallon tank like most do... I was sucking fumes when we pulled in.

And the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies is keeping up the drumbeat of LockdownLockdownLockdown!!!!! for this imaginary new strain, which, by all reports is a really mild case of the fucking flu.  Like the spike?  Amazing how "1984ish"  the world has genuinely become as apparently no one in power or the Enemedia of Lies seems to remember that this time of year?

Everyone gets the flu.

The Kung Fuckin' Flu managed to do what ¡science! and ¡Jeb! couldn't do for literally hunnerds of years, which is cure the common fucking cold.  Pretty interesting that... leastways to people with more than 4 brain cells to rub together that is... Cause/Effect... we've covered that before.

Amazing how when it comes to 'saving us from ourselves' ('cos to them, we're too fucking stupid and ungrateful for their illuminated and enlightened brilliance, so 'shut up you filthy degenerate, ungrateful curs and leave the monies and power to those who know better!")  that they realize that they have the ability of being able to instituted draconian powers and 'rules' that severely restrict both freedom of speech and well, fuck, looking at it, freedom as a whole, and gives "them" previously undiscovered powers to do aforementioned totalitarianism.

All for our own good mind you.

"It's for the Children!"
"Think of the Children!"
"It takes a village to raise a Child!"
I believe those are all credited to Killeriod "Fucking Clueless" Clinton.
I wonder which children she was referring to?  The ones she had trafficked and kidnapped and eventually sold from Haiti through her crime-organization Foundation?
Or the kids that seem to disappear in untold and unmentioned thousands every year that never really get looked at or accounted for?  The ones that are rumored to be sacrificed for their adrenochrome and/or bizarre and obscene blood sacrifices?

Those kids?
The poor poor wee ones.
And now the fucking moronically tone deaf and clueless Ultimate Gin Hag is 'making the rounds' sniffing for weakness and/or death in the current administration of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and Kameltoe... brain-death has already happened fucking joke there Aye?

You'd think that these fucking people, once you hit that level of money, power and prestige, you'd sit back and chill the fuck out.  Guess it's a bit harder when you're a fucking blood soaked sociopath.

Hell, even Gin Hag Junior, the Reichsfuhrer Pelooser-the-Boozer is running again for re-election of her now official-Turd-World Shyttehole district.  Mind you that's AS she purchased a bolt-hole here in Florida on (((the toney East Coast))) where a suspiciously large (((contingent))) of people from around the country have ALSO relocated to... she's what? 

Fucking mummified/pickled at 82?  And she can't just sit back, eat her $25 a pop fucking ice cream out of her ten thousand dollar or whatever fucking insanely price kitchen appliance and just chill?

Whatever happened to calling it quits with grace?

Not these cocksuckers... Fuckin Tater Joe, who at last word shits his pants 3 times a day stated he wants to run for re-election as well...  I had to double check that too... wasn't sure if he said 're-erection'  but there t'wern't no kids in the immediate vicinity, so I'd say he really thinks he's going to run again?  

These people are fucking insane.
And they're all trying to take them with them apparently.
Not me of course, I'm already fucking toast, Thank God.
So More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, December 17, 2021

Taking the Weekend Off

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, it's been a hell of a week.
I'm taking the weekend.
GREATLY appreciate all the support for Mike and my raffle!  I'm eternally grateful... and I'm taking the weekend off to readjust the headspace and timing.  Too much going on too quickly.
I -need- a lil "me" time  
And also, good news! Mike's GFM is over $16K!
So I'll be back on Monday methinks.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Update on Mike and Other Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So far, so good!  Mike's brother hit me this A.M.  He came out of surgery and is actually doing well.  'Cept missing his leg and all... better a leg than the junk however amiright?  So they -think- they got ALL the problematic infection out, and that he's stable.  ICU'd but stable.

And you guys gals and -whatevers- out there, y'all are fucking awesome.
21 Hours in and we're at almost 10K for Mike.  And as one reader suggested, I'ma gonna see about doing a trust or something as the medical bills are going to be phenomenally stupid as fuck so's having Mikey ackchully not having -anything- as of now might be a good idea?

Lord knows I'm still worried AND praying.  No lightening bolts yet but man, I'm usually not too hard of praying type.  Biggest concern is the medical folks theyselves... these days the trust I have of a croaker is near-to-nonexistent.  Their own damned fault too.  

Wasn't it the Aztecs who used to tie the patient to the doctor if they died while under care and stake 'em out on the beach at the low tide?  If the doctor wasn't guilty of malpractice, he'd survive, and if he fucked up and WAS to blame, he'd drown while tied to the carcass of the person he done kilt'.

Sometimes I think that our 'primitive ancestors' had a better view on how to deal with some of the shitheads that inhabit this lil ole ball o'mud.

So... just got off the phone with the IT Department.  One of the doodz, he's a reader here and was instrumental in getting me on with Glorious People's Tractor Factory.  I mentioned him before as the IT Commissar.  Seems H.R. showed up in the IT office and told him and his partner in crime that there was a problem in the Server Room that they needed to rectify.  A Spock-Like Single Eyebrow lift, followed by "What's the problem?"  I mean what could have raised the ire of HR in the server room?
Well aboot that....

Seems that the server racks and switches, well if you've ever worked IT, they've got labels on them.  Apparently the "Master" Switch and the "Slave" switch, labeled as such was "problematic".

Peak. Clown. World.

The two of them stared down the HR chick until they literally both exploded in laughter.  Like Howling pissing-in-pants levels of 'lost their shit' laughter.  HR Karen then pretty much hustled out of there.  He then called me still barely under control when I lost MY shit as well.  My sides still hurt.  Best part?  The Assistant Commissar came up with a new labeling idea... what was "Master" is now going to be labeled "Daddy" on a piece of Black Leather, and the "Slave" is going to be labeled "Sub" on vinyl.  The idea if the HR Lunatics complain about that, they'll go after them for 'kink-shaming'

I almost pissed myself I was laughing so hard.
Appreciate that man... I really needed that Aye.

So, Please let me know in the comments -how- we can get MOR folks onboard to spreading the word about Mike.  Tons of /ourguys have stepped up... All the usual suspects.  Wirecutter, Phil, Miguel, Borepatch, Claire Wolfe no less!  Peter at Bayou Ren, maaaan all the greats got on board... cept you Art?  Whaddup with that?

Oh!  Speaking of Art, over at his place, seems he dug up disturbing info aboot Ye Olde Paedo from CNN.  His Link here:
Looks like the fucker was on the radar.  As in the psycho-child-abusing Mom?  Yeah, she got busted for essentially selling her 9 year old lil girl to this fucking fuck
Maaaan, when I called it the other day "Resting Paedo Face" I wasn't fucking wrong.
Seems the headlies have this info-nugget: "Nevada complaint alleges 9-year-old was left with Griffin alone when mother was hospitalized after BDSM tryst"
Uhhhh. say fuckin' what?!?
Then it gets even MOR fucked:
"It also reveals that authorities first became aware of Griffin's depraved proclivities 18 months ago – yet the FBI didn't arrest him until Friday in Connecticut for allegedly soliciting three mothers and their underage daughters for "training" on fetish sex.

The third count in the federal indictment out of Vermont is based on the encounter with the 9-year-old in July 2020, for which Griffin paid the mom $3,500 via Venmo.

After the woman's arrest in August 2020, federal investigators seized "computers storage media, devices, phones, cameras, MicroSD cards, images, and video" from Griffin on Sept. 2, 2020, according to court documents."


Time to bust out a quote:
Root and Branch
ALL them FBI cocksuckers
Ain't one of them worth a fuck.
Spare me the "one apple" line too.  They're the modren-day STASI and they know it, and obviously have zero fucks to give.  I henceforth think that IF I were to ever receive a visit by Ye Olde Glowniggers and whatnot, I'ma telling them to pound sand as they -obviously- fake, ghey and co-opted to the point of absolute irredeemability.  As in no, go fuck yourself, and sideways for that matter.  Illegit DotGov, Illegit DotGovLaw.  Get fucked, die in a fire.

Where the fuck do we go?  I mean Jeebus... it's readily apparent that we're surrounded by Demonic Forces (((everywhere))) and that thankfully, I appear to be in a 'safe state' 

For now.

Ain't moving unless it's post-apocalypse.  Doc Mississippi who's a reg'lar here, he's a boobie-doc for rebuilds post cancer shytte... he's told me he wants me at HIS place as the de-facto head of security.  My only issue there is that he's in Jackson Mississippi, which for the values of such, that place is positively drenched in "Muh Diversity" and IF I head that way, it's only 'cos he figured out where to get 400 plus Claymore Mines we'll need to get his defenses hardened to the point that I'm satisfied.  Guns?  He's got guns... the term I use is "metric fucktons" and I mean that literally...  and his missus is a wonderful chicka who Wifey'll get along with like gasoline and a housefire... it's just the 'muh Diversity' that has me... shall we say... squeemish?

I mean when it hits, shit's gonna be ugly.
I ackchully volunteered and submitted my shytte to the Florida Defense Force that DeSantis announced, only to find out it's to augment the Nasty Guard.  200 people only.  However, between my Intelligence, Logistics, and Security background, nevermind the whole 'master gunsmith' thing...

OK Holy fuck my balls
Between "fambly drama" and shytte, I'm ending this NOW.
I started this Poast at 11:00 A.M. EST
It's now 19:30.
Fuck this... I'm done.
More later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter, (outta gas so to speak)
Big Country

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mike at Cold Fury needs HELP! UPDATED

Ok Y’all

All bullshitting aside.

Mikes in the Critical Care/ICU. I’m waiting to find out -where- exactly.
Hit me up if’n you have wants needs questions and I’ll do my best as the ‘gatekeeper’ to keep y’all up to date. Currently, they got him in Caromont Regional Medical Center. In lieu of flowers and other assorted phaggotry, donate at the GoFundMe I set up for him. Ladies, Nude pics and such will be forwarded as deemed appropriately, as well as panties and other such ‘morale boosting’ stuff.

I just got word that my brother-from-another-mother Mike Hendrix, late of the famed rockabilly band The Belmont Playboys and more recently of the Blog “Cold Fury” has gotten seriously hemmed up medically speaking. Last Thursday after a slightly prolonged absence from his blog, I reached out to him to find out WTF was going on and I heard back that he’d come down with a nasty case of food poisoning.

Since then, apparently something faaar MOR serious happened.

His brother (actual) Jeff called me tonight as I left one of my more ‘colorful messages’ on his phone (in possession currently by his sainted lil ole Lady Mom) who apparently when she recovered from my diatribe, had Jeff call me to fill me in on what’s up.

Essentially Mike’s seriously fucked up.

Food Poisoning turned out to be a MAD infection. His diabeetus didn’t help the issue, so they had to lop off his foot, then his leg, as the infection was/is spreading. They’re fixin’ to make it even MOR stumpy as the infection still isn’t under control. He’s in critical/ICU level condition, but NOT COVID related thank the Gods.

So, My brother-from-another-mother, henceforth now known as “Peg-Leg Mikey” is gonna have some serious medical bills and life altering needs. So hence Ye Olde GoFundMe Fundraiser.

I’m starting the ball rolling with the remainder of my ‘raising Christmas’ fund, and ask you please to help in any way, shape or form. Mike is damned fine people and has entertained people from all walks of life, either musically or through his magnificent acerbic writing and wit.

As they say, step up and help a brother out.
Spread the Word gang. Mike needs us and has never asked for anything.

The Go-Fund-Me is here:

I Remain The Intrepid Reporter,
Worried as all get-the-hell-out
Big Country