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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Yeah, I'm Gonna Die....

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
BCE's Greatest Hits:
Yep... Th' Diabetus is coming for me...
Yeah... so this here happened:
I said "Fuck it" and bought a whole cake this time.  Salted Carmel Crunch.

OMFG it's gonna be soooooooooooo good.

I said instead of a expensive dinner, lets go cheap and use the dinner money on a great cake.  Wifey being the sugar addict she is fully agreed.  There's also a secondary to this reasoning however.  Last night, just about as soon as we left, well Dumbunny calls us.  And calls us.  Seems the NewBebe was crying notstop.  Now, she's teething rather badly.  So it's to be expected but considering she was never around having lost GranBebe #1 to -us- at 6 months of age, she's a clueless mom on this stuff... she's been (DB ) a total pain-in-the-ass.

So instead of dealing with it, she had Sapper take her and NewBebe to the E.R. because we wouldn't drive back from St Augie to deal with it.  End result she supposedly has pneumonia (I want to see paperwork) and NewBebe has a minor chest cold on top of teething.

Sooooooooooo now DB is racked out for the next few days, and the neighbors are helping out, and we owe Sapper, so I figure to pay 'em off with cake.  Who doesn't like cake?  Especially THIS cake Aye?

So, looking over the Headlies propagated by the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies (tm) it would be apparent that the niggers in places of fame, like "King James" LeBron-the-Coon is talking shit about Kyle Rittenhouse for breaking down on the stand... as well as the MSNBC niggers who talk about him like he's an eeeee-vil Whytte Superpreemiecyst.

This from "king in his own Mind" Lebron... didn't he cry like the nigger-bitch he is on the court when he twisted his widdle leg one or more times?  Tell you what... I got zero use for any self proclaimed "king"... Note to you you ball-sucking-nut-chasing ape... you got no place  A) in calling yourself a "king" (small K) and B) talking shit about your betters.  I hope that at some point the rest of the Whytte Peepo in the world wake up to the uselessness of your 'sport' and decide to stop buying your overpriced shit, and eventually the remaining 13% of your 'people' and I use the term oh-so-loosely fail to be able to pay your absurd salary.  Ball suckers like you are just worthless... you couldn't hold a real job at a Mickey D's if your undereducated and illiterate ape-self's life depended on it.

Remember Sambo, OUR Great Grandparents (metaphorically speaking, look it up fag) OWNED your Great Grandparents monkeyboy.  IF you're lucky, WHEN and NOT if the Race War YOUR kind is itching for comes about, WE outnumber you 300 to one, and the last time we played "Cowboys and Indians", ask how it worked out for them?  That is provided you can even -find- one... got a hunch "Cowboys and Niggers" will run about the same.  Ain't gonna be no 'take backsies' and sure as shit no quarter given.  Ask Cannon Hinnant if he asked to be shot in the head by one of your feral relatives.

Did you see if there was anything you could say then?
Then shut your fucking trap.

Yeah, I'm waaaaaaaaaaay overly done with 'muh Diversity!'.  Had a minor run in with a yardape today who, when I stepped from the car and took out my ASP baton, and asked him "You want to repeat that again nigger?" did he -suddenly- change his aggressive and aggrieved tune.  Dude jumped back in his car and smoked the tires getting the fuck out of Dodge.  What happened was the Fucker cut me off so I flipped him off.  He then brake checked me at the red light, and I yelled at him that he was an asshole... had no idea he was black until he jumped out of the car aggressively and started approaching my car... 

I was out getting a pizza for me n Wifey so's I wasn't worried about her getting spattered.  My 9mm was safely holstered but on me... if he'd had a weapon I would have just capped him flat-out.  Been in the right too.  When he -didn't- have anything immediately visible, I took the snap-baton out of the door pocket where I keep it and came out defensively.  Gave him MY version of what was going to happen when he had a -sudden- change of heart.

Between my size and aggressive nature, rather than the usual soy-fag whypeepo he's probably used to, he retreated like I was "Da Whytte Debbil Hisself!"  Works for me amiright Aye?

So, other things... a quickie observation here is that over HALF the restaurants here in St Augie are closed for a lack of people willing to work.  Like Applebees, a Chilis, and man, I lost count of how many places that're closed.  The guy at the Buffalo Wild Wings that we went to at the bar?  Said he's making a $300 a pay period ($150 a week) in bonuses and gets to make his own hours.  He's also making tips and his salary.  Dude said if they don't keep him happy, he'll bail and he'll be employed within a day... he's been getting offers out the ass he said...

Workers market in food service it would seem to be in the driver's seat so to speak depending on the Market.  Now where I'm at?  Haven't noticed any -lack- of workers.  Might be because here in St Augie the rent is WAY high, so people moved to greener and cheaper pastures rather than work for shit-wages and live in a high priced AO.  Places like my area, a person CAN work as a Bartender and make OK cake and a living, whereas a place like this?  Notsomucho.  Too expensive and with the current inflationary trend?

Yeeeeeeeeeah being a waiter/waitress/bartender?  Unless you get some serious shekels, you're not going to be able to survive unless you have multiple jobs.  And the other problem that I see, from a bugs-eye view is since we shift over the past 25-30 years to a pure consumer economy? 

Yeeeeeeeeeah, all them closed restaurants?  In a major tourist destination?  Much lost income on the bottom line?  I'd say.  Fucking yeah, Applebees is only a small piece of a VERY large corporate food Globohomocorporation, but considering just -how small- the profit margins can be?  Yeah, it bodes ill for the overall scenery.

I mean in San Freaksicko in Califrutopia, something like ALL the Walgreens, the Targets and a bunch of 'other' giant Globohomocoporate companies are shutting down and bailing because of 'muh Diversity!' stealing anything and like everything not nailed down without repercussion nor arrest, so why the fuck shouldn't they?  I mean eventually the insurance companies are going to NOT pay out due to this shit... it's like Lloyd's of London refusing to insure bad-risk boats...  Why would insurance companies keep insuring the theft that 'muh Diversity' keeps robbing and stealing?

So that's another piece of a very fucked up economic puzzle.

Got a hunch things are headed to a trainwreck of epic proportion
Hence my -trying- to enjoy what I can, while I can.  
Methinks time is ticking and limited
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I agree with your take on the current Festival Du Excrement. Things are building to a crescendo. And the music will be rather...sporty.

    Take care of you and yours sir!!

  2. Diabeetus ? Fuggit. When things go sideways, I figure we won't need to worry about those foods that keep the sugar levels high. Hell, there won't be much to eat, and I don't think the sugar content of possum is very high. In the words of H.H. Morant, "Live each day as if it were your last, for one day you're going to be right.".

    Standing by...

  3. The best part of not watching sports a decade or so ago is no longer caring what some low IQ idiot like LeBron thinks about anything. If he wasn't tall or if he had suffered a career ending injury he would be just another African in a menial job, in jail or dead. So fuck that guy.

  4. BCE, your Delta Tau Chi name is... Da Whytte Debbil Hisself.

    Why Da Whytte Debbil Hisself?

    Why not?!

  5. BCE~ DO NOT get any blood work done for in the next few weeks. Just looking at that made my Cholesterol go up at least 20 points. Looks yummy though and do not let DB near it with her little viral/bacterial critters.
    Enjoy Red

  6. "I mean eventually the insurance companies are going to NOT pay out due to this shit"

    True enough, but then the Government will just provide taxpayer funded "insurance"

  7. You handled that nigger beautifully, and for the time being, mercifully. I really believe that when the law disappears people are going to re-educate the lesser races on nature.

  8. folks, get up to speed on the supply shortages pronto.... 80k shortage of truckers right now... shit is only going to be scarcer and more expensive..

    1. Seeing scarcity in plumbing supplies, for sure

  9. Oddly enough I went to Creme de la Cacao yesterday after a trip to the range out by the St. Augustine airport. Your previous review was glowing, and considering I cook for a living, I wanted to try their product. Purely from professional curiosity of course.

    If you and the missus want a nice dinner out tomorrow or Saturday I’ll treat if you can get yourselves to el bistro mio, next county up. It’s a pleasant drive up the beach, and I’d like to repay you for the fun I’ve had reading ye olde blogge. Maybe a beer afterwards?

  10. We have a few restaurant workers and retail store workers in our circle of acquaintances. They tell us that much of the lack of workers is due to the mandate for the Clot-shot, and for mandatory masks all the time here in south west Ohio.
    I'm still looking for professional work, but I've largely given up and accepting the fact that I'm "retired" at 64, six years earlier than I wanted.
    Even most of the hobby and game shops in the Cincy area require employees to get the Death-jab; screw that.
    I can't even do volunteer work, because, once again, Clot-shot.
    I don't consider myself lazy, nor do I think of people refusing to get the Needle O'Death as a condition of employment lazy.
    As to the feral blacks, well, that's one of the main reasons I'm no longer involved with the church my wife belongs to. I can't stand being around these animals, and all of them are animals. The church is a big fan of diversity, with the associate pastor a decent black man. His wife is a real SJW, and we have butted heads on multiple occasions. So I've stopped attending. I still tithe, but that's to keep my wife happy, and not say anything when a new Warhammer model follows me home.

  11. white people need to take the word nigger back.

  12. ...Yeah, I'm waaaaaaaaaaay overly done with 'muh Diversity!'...

    Thank God where I live, I can go weeks without seeing a nigger. And you know what, that makes it very safe here even though it is light urban.

  13. Even in my small community when I go out, not very often, just about every retail outlet has a hiring sign hanging. No jab mandates that I know of.

    My gut feel is mostly they won't pay a decent wage that's why when I was involuntarily retired over six years ago at 53 and almost no call backs on the job hunt I said fuck it. I get up early every day and do whatever the fuck I want to do and I like it.

    LeBronigger can go suck a bag of dicks.

    1. Dude! You and I live similar lifestyles. I quit the rat race just a few months ago at 55. After applying to get my early dispersal from Prudential 3 weeks ago, I'm still waiting. It's all good though, wifey still works! I'm house nigger. Btw BC, Cowboys and niggers is very catchy! I'm your Huckleberry on that one. I remember the last time you went to St. Augustine and mentioned Creme de le Cacao. Couldn't resist, could you? I couldn't either! A medicine man buddy of mine goes out that way from time to time, brought me back a nice booklet and small scale replica cannon from his visit to Castillo de san Marcos. Nice area that I hope to visit someday... Would really enjoy stoppin' by and kickin' it with you and your crew whenever the time comes. By that time, we can compare notes on how many commies and niggers we've whacked. Still keep ears? Still a "thing"? All shit talkin' aside, Keep at it an stay safe, BC. Ohio Guy

  14. Dunno. Depends on the so. Any the population density of the yard apes. They are more civilized if they are not found in areas they “ own”

    But that is my two cents. I remember the number one rule of survival is don’t be there. Its collary is if you need your mayhem skills you are doing something wrong.

    But I do agree with the apes need some thinning.

  15. 10-4 on The Token Negroid LeeBronn. DFPOS. And yahwohl to the cake, Monsieur. We won't need to worry about hicaloric content as we munch on warm tree bark and dream of Klaus. God-Emperor Klaus. Everyman's hero.

  16. Like it says- "Just leave me the fuck alone."

  17. funny how they don't like it when you willing to fight ? but then again they always bein that way.
    they built a project within walking distance of what was a solid blue collar area and fucked it. where I brew up at.
    so, learn at a young age to deal with porch monkeys (not many yards in the city) one. never turn your back on them.
    2. they love to "hunt" in packs. 3. get as nasty as fast as you can with them, it helps them back off.
    and never let them get you on the ground, you will end up dead. and I learn all that before the army too.
    and now as I am retired, I live away from them. and up hill as they lazy fucks as well.
    if the race war they want starts, it will not go well for them. most people just want to be left alone to live their life. keep fucking with that and they will see. fuck clearing a house or room, blow it the fuck away instead.
    when enough people get pissed at the pc crowd bullshit, pc will be a thing of the past.

  18. I was on the mainland today and i saw a negro..

    they are some loser mofos huh? pretty sure the obiden admin is seeding them in white towns on purpose.. why would a nigger want to live way up Norf where it's cold and they're scorned unless they are being placed here and paid?

    on a side note, it was real windy here yesterday enough to stop the ferry from running. the scumbag who vandalized my coach last month left his truck parked on the island and couldn't get back to get it. well, last night 'someone' did a hit n run and seriously caved-in the entire drivers side. paybacks always a bitch... wish i could post a picture- LOL


    300 million