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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Weird Music Saturday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Going out this eve with Wifey and treating Dumbunny to a bit of time out w/us.  As in 'get out of the house' for a few and go chill out somewhere for short bux'.  Might go walk around the Big Shopping Outlet mall a ways down the road as they have some Christmas Lighting thing going on, and Iheard the same in Ybor.  Have to see.

Thing is while they're getting ready,  I went in to the bedroom whilst she's doing her hair/makeup and Wifey was watching a vidya on the toob that I haven't seen is like -forever-
El Supremo Weirdo Rooskie singer called Vitas... guy was suuuuuuuuure an oddball.
Apparently that's (leastways in 2002) Rooskie Pop Music... Syntho-Weird-Pop with allllllllll the trimmings to include sparklers...  never did get that whole "Lets wave some burning shit around that'll cause 3rd degree burns and light hair on fire!" in a crowded club....

And if THAT ain'tcher taste, we always have the Wookie Wrestling Team from Estonia:
From the their version of "The Voice" or "something"...
"Something" indeed
Winny Puhh, a Estonian metal/punk band... The thing that gets me is the drummers imitating a rotor on a CH-47...

Me?  I'd be puking my balls out.
But hey... like I said weird amiright?
So, out and off... tomorrow is another day
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  1. I think that guy has the world record for highest note sung by a human- seriously. It's a thing in certain styles of music.

    1. I'd want to run a side-by-side between "it" and Yma Sumac (singer from Peru Andes, 20s-30s, had a 5 octave range IIRC)

      President Elect B Woodman

    2. He looks like a fag, sings like a fag, I bet he quacks like a fag, so, a fag.

    3. Something like that. Most countertenors are altos but once you get above a certain range it just sounds like a whistle.

    4. look up Dimash Kudaibergen.... trained since 3, documented 6 octave range... he's all over Youtube.

  2. If cunnilingus was a human

  3. Yma Sumac was an exceptional singer. Glad to see someone else here who listens to real old obscure music. BCE, hope you all had a good time.

  4. I don't mind the occasional oddball music but when the whole point is to be weird? Hard pass.

  5. You want weird Russian shit how about this "concert" which was broadcasted live in Russian. The first minute or so is the setup for what happens at 00:18:00

    Bet you dont see BMP's and guys firing AK's as part of the stage show at Melallica concerts..

    In case you are wondering that was a reenactment of the "liberation" of the Russians who lived in the Ukraine and Crimea. Its basically Goebbels meets Gwar.

    And it looks like we are going to get Act III of the stage show in late January next year.

  6. Dude- that Vitas thing with the cockstopper on his head was just a bit much. What the hell you been doin'? We shall arrange for your immediate therapy in Pecos, TX. Standby...

  7. Subtle, tasteful... refined.
    The camera crew earn my maximum appreciations.
    Lyrics translated discuss a fellow by the name of Kosvoko visiting Latvia while preceding, through no fault of his own, to break various bones in his poor body.
    His thumb... broke during a dyke episode.
    His wrist... broke during a particularly vigorous wanking.
    Left eyebrow... alien dwarfs from the planet Zizcrew.
    Kosvoko eventually returns to Estlund in a joy-stick powered gurney... and unseats alexandaria o'casio/cortez from the spot-light.
    But my Estlundian could be a little rusty...