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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Vet'rens Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Lets clear the air on the 'usual confusion' for Vet'rens Day.

Memorial Day = Remembering Dead Dudes Day
Veterans Day = Remembering Those Who Served and "Made It" so to speak.

Both days are observances to honor those who have served in the military. Memorial Day, which is in May, particularly honors those who were killed during their service. Veterans Day honors all those who have served.

Normally in years past, I'd be marching as the Post Commander of my Disabled American Veterans day in a parade.  First Year I marched in I wasn't in the DAV but I got -noticed- when I showed up at the parade.  Reason I got noticed was I just showed up at the start of the parade with the X and Spawn (in stroller) in my 6 Color DCUs.  Only Desert uniform there.  I was still 'high n tight' and looked good... hadn't put on any weight as I'd only been out 6 or so months.  The issue that happened was the Colors Bearer was allllll fucked up, so I volunteered to carry the National Colors for the parade at the lead.  

Maaaaan thank God I was still in shape.
Never volunteer
2.7 miles of humping a large heavy flag.
Stupid of me, but a great "end cap" so to speak of a ten year career.

So, to all my uniformed brothers and sisters, enjoy all the freebies (provided you can get in anywhere) and the day.  I'll see what the day brings and report MOR later.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Thank you for your service and in your case I actually mean it.

  2. I thank all of you who saved, may God Bless you all the days of your lives. May those no longer with us like my Uncle be with God in Heaven looking down on us.

  3. Thank you for your service and to all our patriotic veterans who served. May live bring you all peace, happiness and joy.

  4. A salute to all my fellow veterans from me and my wife (also a veteran with 5 years of service, separated when son was born), a damn good woman who stuck with me for 20 years of my 25 years of active military service and 20 years of civil service for the US Air Force. Managed to survive 11 years of being aircrew in the KC-135A/Q & RT and KC-10A tankers at the pointy end of the spear in an unarmed flying gas station. Flying two airplanes in close vertical proximity is not safe, still don't know why I agreed to that for a living. I saw some pretty bad stuff and ran away from 3 burning airplanes, but thank God, I never let it get to me. Also spent time as a REMF to finish out my career when grounded for a medical issue. Never did fit in with them and usually spent my time cleaning up some fuck-ups mess.

    Really appreciate your blog and look forward to your reports. We all have ups and downs in our life, but if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger!

  5. Thank you Mr. Country for all you do and have done! Im glad you are here 'cause if you weren't here, you'd be there! Er, uh, wait a minute...

  6. The Veterans Day Hootenanny is at BC's house this year. Please have my Jagermeister chilled.

  7. Mongo,
    I want to thank you and all others who served!

  8. thank you for your service, and your continuing service..

  9. Got a soft spot in my heart for vets. Had a few old Marine friends from WWII (at rest now, God bless them) and my grandpa was a SeaBee in Nam. Combat vets sometimes feel more like my uncles and brothers than my actual uncles and brothers. Yall put more on the line for me than they did or wanted to, anyway. Thank you for service Big Country, and any other vets out there that read this.

  10. and yet all non-vet POS .gubmint stains get the day off...

    fuck those fat ass useless welfare losers and their shitbag families


  11. BCE~ You made it back. My Dad's younger Brother is Retired Army. Served in Korea and Nam and retired a Command Sergeant Major and worked for Col. Gritz while in Nam. Out of 11 boys all but 1 was in one of the Military Branches. He's the only one left of 16 Children. Red

  12. I'd like to take this moment to thank ALL my brothers who had each others back. Ohio Guy