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Sunday, November 28, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A s-l-o-w quiet Sunday, with Dinner a'la BCE on the menu.  In this case the turkey dinner we -didn't- have on Thanksgiving.  Reason was multi-fold so to speak.  One was the night before was a ball buster keg party of a Birfday Celebration, with all the food we could eat.  Two was we had a small ham, tater, green bean and the Xwifes famous stuffing on Thanksgiving itself.  May have my issues with her but the Italian Sausage Based Stuffing recipe of hers is and always will be a keeper.  Then we had 'leftover night' to clean out the previous two days of grub.  And Booze.  And we -still- have shit that's going to go to waste I'm afraid.
So... the turkey.  Sapper literally got an ENTIRE T-Day Dinner gifted to him from his work.  To include the previously-frozen 11 pound turkey.  Which -has- to be cooked.  So I decided tonight's as good as any, so I'm playing with it so to speak.  I brined it dry in salt and a bit of pepper, then used some Middle Eastern Spices I lern't aboot in all my time cooking on the economy in Iraq.  One that I rubbed in was ras-al-hanout, and then, the red?  A fragrant spice called Aleppo Pepper.  It's not hot... just... unless you've had it before, it's hard to describe to a westerner... very fragrant, flavorful spice.... usually adds a hell of a taste kick to whatever you use it in.  I have like a few sealed airtight containers on hand as it's expensive and hard to come by.  We'll see how it goes.

So... newsie-news.
Seems the smash and grab shit all over the country finally claimed the life of a retired cop.
Seems he was working security for the mobile news team covering the story of ANOTHER smash and grab, and ANOTHER group of niggers showed up to rob THEM, and shot this poor bastard.

And it's ongoing.  Now, First off:  As far as media folks "doing their jobs" if I was a security company/guard, at this point, I'd be like the Reverend in "Blazing Saddles"
Serves them shit-stirring fucks right to be robbed, raped, shot, and beaten by the thugs that they theyselves have stirred up Aye.  Poetic fuckin Justice in spades in my book.  Not for nothing, it's the fucking Ministry of Propaganda and Lies who've kept this dung ball rolling so to speak, and they deserve every. single. shitty. thing. owed. to. them a million times over and then some.

Now, to counter this kind of bullshit would be easy.

Just an Executive Order pardoning any and all action taken against 'rampaging mobs of any ilk' with no civil nor federal, county or local repercussions being allowed to be brought.  No civil right suits, no lawsuits, nothing.  Meaning if a mob of thieving feral nigger animals shows up in your shop and proceed to tear shit to hell and gone and steal anything and everything not nailed down, and you unlimber a AR with a 40 round MagPul mag and proceed to stack bodies, you get a 'get out of jail' card, no matter how much kveching, whining and accusations of racy-cyst action they claim.  (It'll never happen, but go with me on this)

Look, if you act like feral rabid nigger animals, (which are no better than rabid fucking animals) then expect to be treated like feral, rabid nigger animals, and be put down like Ole Yeller.  Same goes for any other race that participates in this level of stupid.  Play stupid games Aye?

Same shit should apply at a riot.

THAT right there is why all the leftoid fucking zombies are shitting in their collectivist pantaloons over Kenosha Kyle getting over on the whole scene.  It's now readily apparent that the 'terror of mob violence' tool in their toolbox was just rendered "null and void."  'Cos I sure as fuck here in Florida don't have a 'duty to retreat' and according to some cases, my car is an extension of my house, ergo Castle Doctrine anyone?  

Go ahead, block the road, try and play "Reginald Denny" with me and my ride, see what that earns ye.  Want to show up, start shit, possibly pummel someone without fear of retribution?  Oh yeah, that shit is now gone motherfuckers.  You start laying a beatdown, and it's going to go "full retard" beaucoup quick.  

So much as that MANY of the fucking Bowel-Loose-Movement kids and Antifaggots have decided that in the future they'll be the ones to 'shoot first' which just demonstrates the level of stupid that they are... That's a Pandora's Box that they do not understand.  Shooting -just because- you think you're in danger because an OrangeManBad supporter is carrying a rifle at sling-arms?  You shoot that kid without provocation and I can gar-ron-damned-tee that you'll be the next one in a body bag, along with every. single. asshole. around you.

'Cos once the two way shewtin gallery starts, it's gorrdamned hard to turn it off.  Me being the sick fuck that I am, If I were involved in such a melee?  I'd be doing immediate battlefield intel taking your drivers license off your cooling canoe-headed corpse...  and then possibly, depending on how pissed I am driving to your house and killing everyone there for allowing such a retarded asshole to be -in- this world... Your Mom, your Dad?  Yep.  Burn the house to the ground after... You learn't to be a fucktard somewhere... assault through the target and keep servicing them.  Depends on how mad I am at the time... either way I'd still do the field intel gathering.  One it makes things hard for the fuzz to figure out who's who on the players are, and playing jiggery-pokery with the corpses can add to the fun and games...

I'm not even outside the realm of ear gathering, if only to fuck with the survivors IF there are any.  I mean I wouldn't keep them nasty fucking things... that's evidence.  Bit of battlefield mutilation?  The psychological impact on these easily triggered fucks?  Oh my fucking God can you imagine?  Got me a hunch it'd only take ONE significant in-the-national-limelight Firefight like that to paid put to the end of AntiFa and the like.  Shit, Demo Dick Marchinco of SEAL Team 6 fame, in Vietnam, he and his guys kil't a bunch of gooks.  Took their corpses, cut off their heads, sat and propped the stiffs up, with their own heads in their laps... literally sitting there around the fire, holding their own severed squashes in their laps...  according to records, enemy action in THAT particular sector dropped off to nada overnight...

I'd say that the same shit would work here too.
And what the hell, after the first rounds go two-way travel, the rest are fucking free.
At which point it either goes into "OK everyone, let's step back from the brink here"
or the more likely scenario
The FedGov freaks the fuck out, does a massive manhunt and gets even stupider than before
Alienating anyone still on the neutral side of things.
So, doubt it'll happen, but that's how I see things going, on a sllllllooooooooow burn
So, I'll let ya know how the rest of the day goes and how the turkey is/was.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Pathfinders with the 82nd AB did the same things to Kraut patrols in Normandy from 5-7 June.
    Aggressive German patrolling dropped waaaaayTF down once you found Gunther, Klaus, and 10 of his squaddies sitting alongside the road, with their heads in their laps, all neatly scalped.

    People gave me sh*t online for mentioning putting people's dicks in their mouths post mortem, because that's bad. Yeah, so? So's buring people's houses and looting their businesses.
    The purpose of terror is to terrorize.

    Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.

    And 20 fewer chimps at a chimp-out is a good start.
    Some people have to learn this the hard way.

    Challenge accepted.

    1. Yeah, I'm fully on board with post mortem fun and games... I just would have to make sure I had -at least- 4 pair of gloves before hacking off anyone's wang for oral-insertion... I mean we are talking about Leftist Agitators, and you don't know nor do you want to know just who or what they be stickin' their itty-bitty ding dongs in knowhutimean?

    2. Go all Vlad Tepes on their Ass and give them a Transylvania Pole Dance.

    3. Those fucktards don't realize that we give teams native names out of respect as warriors.

      That is why the renaming of the Indians and redskins is so irksome

  2. Going to get sporty in the spring. Maybe yet before Christmas. Black Friday is looking to be a bust.but w3 shall see

  3. But....but.....but.....CUTTING OFF PEOPLE'S BODY PARTS!!! "Oh noes! That's not who we are".
    I say, fuck that noise!

    President Elect B Woodman

  4. Look at how the Israelis treat the bottom-feeding retards that tear shit up. Kill their dumbass and then destroy their(their parents') home. Know the culture, know the underbelly. You doin' good here, pal!

  5. Forget ears. It has to be scalps.

    Just listen to the left, they want their ‘100 nazi scalps’.

    Sometimes, you get exactly what you wanted just not how you thought it would be.

    1. Scalps are an American tradition.

      Besides, you have enough it might make a nice hat.

      Baring that; i am all for going all Vlad with them.

  6. Those had to be MAGA voters attacking those poor reporters. The security guard was the victim of AntiAsian racism.

  7. My only minor quibble pertains to the rabid animal remarks. Old Yeller had to be put down because he was rabid, but the poor dog didn't choose to get rabies. The rioters are "supposed" to be human, and intelligent enough to make decisions. Granted, the dark skins ones aren't fully human as far as I'm concerned(which is a source of friction between my wife and me), but even they should be able to do the math. Mr. King was (barely)smart enough to understand why darkies starting a race war is a Really Bad Idea.
    Oh, wait. I forgot. Commiefornia is now saying that math is racist. In that case, let's get the party started. What could possibly go wrong for our darkie friends and their media minions?

    1. Dr King, I normally refer to the "we waz kangs" set as Mr King.

      It is useful to delineate

  8. University's need to be targeted. They are, in large part, were this crap comes from. Bill Ayers, et al must be removed from the positions they never should have had.

  9. Overkill is a deterrent. And once you cross that line you can't uncross it. After the first, the rest are carried on the same invoice.

  10. I've always been fond of "The Legend of Black Jack Pershing", whether or not it ever actually happened. The idea of a bunch of jihadis in a common grave, defiled with a pigs innards, and most important: leave ONE witness alive to escape and tell the story.

    1. Ahhhh, sounds like you're talking about the Mindanao tribe in the Philippines. The ones that (supposedly) the 45ACP was developed to "take care of" because the standard 38 didn't cut it.

      President Elect B Woodman

    2. 2021.
      The Mindanao island group in the south Philippines... owned and operated by mohammadans.

  11. The thing is, they don't understand the level of sickness that has been holding back for years. Catherine wheels, though old school, are still somewhat doable, using semi-tires and powered nailers (that is where, well, you literally weave someone into a wheel, but nailgunning them to a semi, that'll work.

    The blood-eagle, while horrifyingly horrific on its own, was so much more. Yes, nail someone to their door, split open the chest or pull the lungs out the back, and while they are suffocating do what the Norse did, which is set fire to the opposite end of the now sealed building full of family and friends so he can listen to everyone burn to death (will have to shoot anyone jumping out of windows...)

    Or do what the Ottomans did. 4 out of 5 are blinded and have their tongues cut out, the fifth has one eye, no tongue and no hands and can lead the other 4 around.

    Want to steal? Well, there's Chingis' way (Ghenghis Kkan for you illiterates.) Melt what they stole and pour it down their mouths. Back in the Khan's day it was silver and gold. Today hot plastic and glass and metal and even food are just as deadly.

    Fucked over by the Allah Brigade? Well, simple. Kill every male above puberty, the rest including all the females gets sold into slavery after being violently raped, after all, it's in the Koran so it's not like they can bitch about it.

    Western Civilization is like war. It can be spectacular, sometimes noble and even beautiful, addictive as a drug, mind numbing... and it can be worst than any other civilization that ever ever ever came about. Which is why Western Civ nations try not to be overly violent and let slip the mad dogs of war and cruelty, because us Western Civers will out-fright, out-fuck, out-massacre, out-violence and out-anything else you non-Western Civies can think of.

    Driving around the Pacific (well, driving on the islands, sailing on ships) with a burnt Jap head stuck on the front of your ride? Yep. America's been there, done that. And that was the least of the barbaric fuckeries that were done. Collections of fingers, ears, scalps once the sheer brutality and alien-ness of the Pacific Theater showed up. Remember the favorite way of taking care of enemy emplacements late war (like we did to battleship island in Corregidor once we retook the place) was to pull up a tanker (ship or truck) and fill the object full of avgas and set the motherfucker on 'burn baby burn.'

    We were restrained, for the most part, in sheer fuckery in later wars because of our Soviet-controlled media (proved by ex-KGB records that the Soviets were in complete control of journalism in the US by the end of WWII.) I had a journalism teacher who was there in Korea and he said the unit he was with had no issues just wasting any child or woman in 'north Korea' because 9 times out of 10 they got secondary explosions or found war stuffs.

    Do they really want to play 'all rules off' fighting? (The sound of hundreds of millions of handfuls of knuckles being popped.)

    1. I want you to be my squad leader and Big as the platoon dick...

    2. I also get to be the Heavy Gunner... -Jes' Sayin'-

    3. Thanks. Really, if you really want to get medieval on someone's ass, hitting them with a metal club is the least of it. Chained in the bottom of a muck pit. Drawn and Quartered (have someone cut a hole in your belly, yank out out your guts, strangle you with them, and right before you gack, chop your head off and then have your body cut into four parts, head stays in the big city and the four parts are exhibited in the four corners of the area.

      Gibbet is another one. Metal cage hanging high enough someone can't easily get fed or watered.

      Chained up low tide so that slowly the tide rises and the crabs come out.

      Keelhauled on a barnacle encrusted ship.

      And so much more.

      I'm more of a fixed emplacement guy. Or on a front-line at sword and shield range holding off the barbs.

      Though the one time I played with Muhlitia, I knew more about infantry tactics than anyone else except the one marine. Buncha wannabe guys.

    4. Damn, Beans. And here I thought that I was capable of some violent acts. You make me look like a high school drop out. Ohio Guy

  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa da minute. That was very unkind to compare Old Yeller to a Feral negaro.

  13. And how, exactly, did the media get the info that a smash and grab was going to take place?

    1. Perfesser Wilder,
      a -- what did the camera witness?
      b -- what/who did somebody(s) think the camera witnessed?
      c -- who did retired-ossifer Kevin alienate back in the olden days 'on-the-job'?
      d -- is this budget-review time already?
      I know, I hear it all the time... too young to be so cynical.

  14. My wife has a tin (size unknown) of Aleppo Pepper. Somewhat pricey, but not outrageous. Used sparingly, it adds a depth of flavor unlike anything else. I'm glad she bought it. She's the reason I look ten months preggers (and at my age, too!).

    President Elect B Woodman

  15. " Shit, Demo Dick Marchinco of SEAL Team 6 fame, in Vietnam, he and his guys kil't a bunch of gooks. Took their corpses, cut off their heads, sat and propped the stiffs up, with their own heads in their laps... literally sitting there around the fire, holding their own severed squashes in their laps... according to records, enemy action in THAT particular sector dropped off to nada overnight..."

    There was a book out some years ago about the Ranger kill teams in Vietnam. True or not, it claimed that on at least a few occasions, they'd strip the guys they just killed and put them in assorted "Kama Sutra meets Deliverance in San Francisco" poses along the trail.

  16. all that's going to do is bring down the thunder from uncle sugar, martial law/gun grab house to house. several guys w/ 22's suppressed, different vectors, exits blocked....but b4 it gets to that cops can seal off the streets as they are using their cars to carry off the loot. impounding the cars will hurt them more than killing their fams.

  17. no need for cruelty
    just exterminate the pests without staining your souls

  18. well, with the theft of "working tools" one can expect this shit show to get better. lots of big windows to smash and lots of counter glass to break. and after that, they start in on home invasions in a really big way !
    kidnaps are not far behind this . look no farther than any 3rd world shit hole to see how this works out.
    and if they get ahold of a few cell phone jammers, the fun and games will really kick off.

  19. BCE~ Might want to head over to Ice Age Farmer.
    That Thanksgiving meal everyone had will be a thing of the past. Red

  20. BCE,

    Just bought a pack of Aleppo Pepper from Penderey's Not sure if it is like what you have, but it's damn good on baked bacon.