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Monday, November 8, 2021

Put a Pat of Butter on it

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yep... The Rittenhouse trial? 
That case is toast.
The persecutor might find hisself in a world of hurty after the fact too... seeing that the Judge isn't playing games and I'm sure that the lawsuits after the fact are going to be epic.  Seems (((Gauge Gotsnobicep))) was on the stand and pretty much admitted to assault with a deadly weapon.  I.E. he (who claims he was 'just a medic and an observer) aimed his weapon first and THEN Kyle capped him:  "It wasn't until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun - now your hand's down, pointed at him - that he fired, right?" the defense asked witness Gaige Grosskreutz. To which he replied:


"Chortle Chortle"
Wonder if the same shit is going to happen to this asshole as it did to that asshole Nifong who persecuted the Duke Rape Case...  Nifong got disbarred and did a lil jail time (one day) but considering I'm alllll about instituting a New Regime for General Malpractice and Malfeasance, just let me tell you... dis fukking asshole AND the Fucktards Being Incompetent actively withholding exculpatory evidence  all them motherfuckers need to be charged, and then staked on a beach at the Low Tide Marker.  Same goes for -any and all- Physicians involved in the current COVID/NottaVax Insanity...

Ancient Justice Methods seem to have a better outcome IF the Perp-In-Question knows if he personally fucks up that he personally is going to pay, and dependent on the circumstances, the punishment should fit the crime.  I mean for serious, lets take doctors for instance.

When we're sick, we deliver ourselves to people who we have trust implicitly with that one, absolute, irreplaceable item that we as individuals have, meaning our very lives.  In most cases, especially in the case of Urgent Care or Emergency Rooms, we have to entrust our very selves to a complete stranger with that which we value above all.  No misunderstanding the near universal detestation of a fumble-fingered quack. 

The absolute loathing and hatred that may-or-may not be wrought at the medical community is yet not known... in fact the very nature of our "15 Minute Societal Attention Span" works against these fucking supposed 'educated medical people' in that they can't see that possibly, more than probably that their very lives in turn will be forfeit for the participation in this vast circus of fuckery.  Only time will tell, but I gotta hunch that finding someone who's willing to admit that they're an M.D. or N.P. or whatever identifier for Medics are out there are going to be far and few between in the next few years...

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit... we're gonna have to hang Big Bird too.
Goddamn it.

There was a short story that stuck in my head about a Nuclear War back in the Early 80's...  Bunkered Military Men who "pressed the buttons" and kil't the world.  Safely ensconced in their bunkers, they waited the prerequisite time to emerge, fully intent on rebuilding, and reestablishing theyselves again...

Instead they found masses of survivors outside the bunkers, in their teeming, hating, loathing near-riotous mobs... Every. Single. Person. in those bunkers, Men, teh whamenz, the kinder, ALL of them put to the axe and sword... and their bodies impaled for display as an example to those who thought they 'knew better' for the future...

Best our self appointed Elites keep this lil vignette in mind

You can run, but you can't hide...
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. The whole case is political and in large measure based on cowardice. The mid-level flunkies would rather innocent men be jailed than deal with feral urbanites and antifa. They are weak and cowardly.

  2. They need to understand that there’s no point in running - they’ll just die tired.

  3. Reminds me of Sarah Hoyt's new hashtag. #TeamHeadsOnPikes

  4. Doesn't matter if the jury is intimidated to 'vote correctly.' Just like the Chauvin trial. Defense spiked the ball, the jury took a major-league dump on the facts.

    As to medical people, yeah, trust lost totally. Listened to all our associated docs jump on the vaccine bandwagon and it's to the point of 'Prescribe me my meds and let me get the fuck out.'

    Same with the vet clinic. Have to let them take my dog in because Covid, can't sit in the room and ask the vet questions, have to wait in the car until they bring the dog back, and THEN I CAN FUCKING STAND FOR 15 minutes at the checkout counter (inside the building, just steps away from the treatment rooms) while Missy Fucktardette tries to ring me out.

    So fucking over all the bullshit. Come December, when it's pooch's time for a recheck, I'll be searching for a vet that isn't a fucking pussy.

    1. Yep, we stopped with the vet visits for the dogs and just combine them with vet visits to our place for our horses. No problem getting Ivermectin either. :)

    2. I found one of those vets Bean, in fact we sat for over an hour after getting my dog's shots and talk about pheasant hunting here in SD and where are our good spots and what gauge shot gun we use and no frikken mask and drinking coffee out of the same urn... My master's thesis in nursing in 1985 was about this same assed type of tyranny.

    3. Yep, sadly, as far as I can tell, they All have the same stupid fucking rule. Been going to my vet for quite a while now and my Fila is, well, I wouldn't call her comfortable there, she is ...acclimated in that she doesn't go for the throat if one of them gets too close. She's kinda aggressive.

    4. Good luck. Our current wait times for vet appointments in my area are 45 days. Matters not any local vet is booked solid. Emergency vet, at $125 just to get the pet IN the door (not you, you filthy creature) plus all other tests/procedures afterwards. A simple broken and infected're back home $800 lighter if you want vet care. To the point I dig holes behind the house...if they make it, great. If not, the hole is already there. 3 holes dug this fall so far, 2 are filled. Advice, buy a vet 'advice' manual, some antibiotics and a box of 22lr.

  5. that is the one thing that bugged me about this whole virus crap. last year in feb-march like I was wondering where
    all the bodies where ? they acting like it the worst virus ever. but the homeless where doing fine. people with crappy health, poor eating habits, you name the problem and they got it. they are just fine? the old, infirm and sick had to worry a bit. but medicines in common use where not to be used ? why ? this was and is the biggest mind fuck in history. anyone who did any time with uncle sam's service was taught nbc training. you know gas masks and mopp gear
    even that was only what 80% protection? but wearing a fucking paper mask or one you made with bunnies on it will save you ? as a bioweapon it is kind of second rate, unless it was meant to kill off the old and sick.
    thing is now, people are starting to wake up to the bullshit, at least the ones who can think.
    power grabs either work or they don't , and this one looks to be falling apart and they losing control.
    people are tired of the non stop fear bullshit. and they going to want someone to pay for this shit show they rammed down people throats. this is not going to end well for the clowns who pushed this bullshit.
    next couple of months will be something to see. one other thing. a sign of just how well the dumbing down of this country has gone. you see people in the streets everywhere but here. social studies is not learning history, it is pc bullshit design to keep the kids stupid. we need to change that and fast.

    1. Went thru NBC School in 1974, I've tried telling folks the difference between a gas mask and a paper mask and that the eyes are also mucous membranes and they call me an idiot for not listening to fedgov/CDC. Fuk'm, let them die stupid and sick.

  6. BCE~ Is this a popcorn and beer or guac, chips and tequila episode? It seems it will be more like an old school soap opera. Someone smack their behinds. Red

  7. Enh, if the State whiffs on him, the Feds will come in with their charges.

  8. I had Verizon over to fix an issue.

    Had to stay 6 feet away at all times.

    He is in my house, where I breath on everything. The whole thing was ridiculous. Corporate policies are making everyone lunatics faster than the .gov

  9. Hopefully the jury in the Rittenhouse case hasn't been bought, coerced or threatend into selling out. I know Saint Floyd of Fentanyl's nephew posted a video calling for people to ID, Doxx and if they don't vote the way the left wants then hurt them.

    As for know what they call someone who graduated dead last from the worst med school on the planet?


  10. What was that movie title, you got me interested now. Maybe I've seen it in the past and forgot it.

  11. I despise pigs, but Chauvin didnt murder that stupid nigger but he is in prison. In fact,fot a pig, I thought he went above and beyond.
    Nancy Grace atill deserves to be shot in the face live on tv for what she did to the Duke Lacross boys.
    Prosecutorial misconduct is a tall bar. one reason people become prosecutors is there is no down side if you lose a case; you still get paid and you dont have clients which is nice.

  12. This is all according to plan. (((They))) a killing trust between all groups to create a destabilized society. That way there is no organized, effective resistance. Watch yer six.

  13. That picture with the forehead palm will be meme eternal. Watching the video yesterday was even better.

  14. And then there's the baby killing vaxx...,,.

  15. Personally, I'll say it is beyond imagination how fucked up this country is because prosecutors/plaintiffs have no skin in the game when they prosecute.
    Tiny example, kid at work falsley accused of violence on psycho-girl by psycho-girl. Goes to court, prosecutor didn't even review merits of case prior to case being heard by judge. Fortunately, judge saw through lies. Kid cold have ended up in Prison for 6 months. Prosecutors very often don't even review cases like this. No consequence for them win or lose. Look at Trump's acquaintenances who didn't do anything wrong. Bankrupted by bastard prosecutors with no fear of consequence.

  16. I don't condone violence but someday, somewhere, by some grieving person Fauci will be capped.

    When that day comes I may not dance on the man's grave but I will look kindly to the advise of Clarence Darrow on the matter -- “I have never killed anyone, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.”