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Saturday, November 6, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, Wifey fell in the shower...  She's ok but a HUUUUGE black n blue bruise on her ass.  Dumbunny spilt some conditioner in the shower and -didn't- hose it off the tile.  My shower is one of those McMansion style Big Ole Chambers that is a room unto itself.  I added a big ole Sun Shower showerhead many years ago, and I used to have a bench in there that was a really useful addition for the hungover mornings.  X took it as part of her prize, and I think it was strictly a 'because I liked it' as from what I heard, her current living conditions are not near as sybaritic as mine.

But she's ok.  Sorry, sore and pissed but hey, What else is new? 

There IS a cool addition to my wall of coolness:
Doxxables appropriately whited out of course.  Those shelves I put it for X back when we first moved in for her Breyer Horse Collection which was substantial and worth a pile of cash... not that she'd have even given any of it up... nope, to make ends me it was my guns that were always on the chopping block.  But it is what it it.  I did a killer job making and installing them.

Now they have all my what we called in the Army an "I love me" wall.  Most old school guys have just a bit of their stuff up, but since I was never allowed to put my 'stuff' on display, when I went single, I went full retard.  Jump School(s) diplomas, Medals, Honorable(s), Photos, Awards and models of all the significant vehicles to include Aircraft I jumped or fell out of.  Along with significant stuff like the empty bottles of hootch from significant events appropriately signed and dated.  Good memories and Wifey's been Cool AF as far as living in what she calls a "Military Frat House"

She of course is an accomplice in this, so she got no reason to bitch.
Hence my early Birfday Gifty:
Damn that's cool... New In Box MINT 35th Anniversary GI Joe with Courier Harley.  We found it while antiquing.  AND she paid, no kidding, $22 for it.  It was on the %40 off shelf...  Damn!  I looked, it's on Ebay for like $100 and up...  she got it and managed to hide it til last night when I needed to go out to the car for something, and she was like "Your early b-day gift is in that Cardboard Box!"

I'm very pleased.  Got me as Mike over at Cold Fury said:  "I got me a hell of a woman"
That I do Mikey, That I do.

So, I gotta go help her out.  Some more.  <Le Sigh>.  Never stops around here and yes guys I will be in contact shortly.  Those awaiting comms from me I -know- y'all are out there, I'm just juggling a lot still.  Tomorrow for instance is NewBebe's First Birfday Party at Other Rents, which in itself presents a shitpile of logistical and other challenges.  Swear it's almost a good thing I got the extra down time between jobs... I need the extra time at this point.

"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"

Fuckin Aye that.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. never knew there was a term for the daily fuck you from the gods. but like dear old mom used to say when I said god hates me, "hate him back it works for me." and I will have to agree with mike, you done and got yourself a good one !
    hang it there, yours is a spot of sanity in a insane and fucked world we are in until we change it.

  2. I cringe to think of the collectible toys I had as a kid, the G.I. Joes and Star Wars stuff among others. I could have retired early if I had kept it all in the original packaging.

    1. Truly. Mercury Capsules signed by some of the 7. The jeep with trailer and a firing (spring-power) recoilless rifle. All the cool war stuff before they changed in the early 70's to pussified Action Joe, with facial hair, and doing environmental bullshit.


      On the other hand, I had a shitload of fun playing with my toys.

  3. Nice display.
    Sorry to hear about your wife, I read Mike’s article, and she is one of the good ones (I have been happily married for 36 years, so I know about good women)

  4. Agree about good ones. Glad you found one, you need it.

    Shower benches are about 50-75 for bariatric ones (can hold more than 200 lbs) and are definitely worth it.

    Does your house have 2 bathrooms? If so, kick Dumbunny out of yours. Bitch needs some boundaries. And Sapper would most likely have no problem teaching her some, and some manners too. You need to start treating her like a new recruit or newbie to your outfit, in other words, shit on her until she deserves better.

    That is a cool assed toy.

  5. Congrats on the GI Joe. Keep it unopened (NIB as we gunnies say) and it retains its collectible value. When I was turning 50, I read about the most bizarre piece of cross marketing I'd ever heard of: the Spongebob Squarepants Barbie Doll. I couldn't find one anywhere, until my six year old granddaughter told her mom "They've got them at Blockbuster mom." She was right, and I got the greatest 50th birthday present ever, my first Barbie doll. I still have it in the unopened package, but I've no idea if it's worth anything yet or not. I expect it will someday. Also got the Computer Engineer Barbie too just for strangeness.

  6. Happy Birthday, I surely love your work, takes the place that Woodpile, well, you're up there in my book. Hope wifey and you can get some rest after then festivities. Have a good one from Commiefornia!

  7. Thanks for making me learn a new word today, syberatic! BCE, always the English professor.

  8. When I'm not looking, the sisters of fate shit in my lap, down my shirt and in my face. Daily. I probably deserve it, though. I been fucked like a tied-up dog.

  9. Dude I think Lets Go Brandon will fade over time, and we need a new replacement at the ready. I'll paste a short comment I left after a Larry Elder...

    Larry has just said THE line I think should become the last tagline of EVERY conservative video, blog etc. I may be paraphrasing slightly but something along the lines of..." Thanks for listening ( or reading )- WE HAVE A COUNTRY TO SAVE"

    Those words We have a Country to save really resonated with me and just thought if it got some broad air time it might catch on, especially for our snootier more erudite soldiers in arms, perhaps this is a bit more mature, hah!

    Anywho, if you agree I figgered you'd know the ropes how to maybe get it out there.

  10. Wait, is that a bottle of Drambuie?