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Monday, November 29, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Don't know much about the actual production of Vaxxes and whatnot, but Gab today had an interesting take on the current state of things:
Having done logistics, in a war zone no less where the myriad difficulties I had to endure?
This has a major ring of truth about it.  I mean at one point during the Iraq Debacle, the DotGov had to get all the major manufacturers to ramp up production of .50cal because our guys were going through so fucking much.

To give you an idea of how hot and heavy the buildup/stockpiling was, the headstamps on the base of a Ma Deuce round has a headstamp on it, usually with which arsenal it was made in, and what year.   A list of the arsenals from WW2 follows:
DI = Defence Industries Limited - Ajax, Ontario, Canada.
DM = Des Moines Ordnance Plant - Ankeny, Iowa.
FA = Frankford Arsenal - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
K = Kynoch Works - Witton, Birmingham, England.
KS = Kelly Springfield, Allegany Ordnance Plant - Cumberland, Maryland.
LC = Lake City Army Ammunition Plant - Independence, Missouri.
LM = Lowell Ordnance Plant - Lowell, Massachusetts.
M = Milwaukee Ordnance Plant - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
RA = Remington Arms - Bridgeport, Connecticut.
SL = St. Louis Ordnance Plant - St. Louis, Missouri.
SR = Royal Ordnance Factory - Spennymoor, United Kingdom.
T = Tikkakoski Arsenal - Finland.
TW = Twin Cities Ordnance Plant - Minneapolis, Minnesota.
U = Utah Ordnance Plant - Salt Lake City, Utah.
UT = Utah Ordnance Plant - Salt Lake City, Utah.
WRA = Winchester Repeating Arms - New Haven, Connecticut.

The most common I saw when -I- was in was ammo from the Frankfurt Arsenal, usually marked with WW2 timeframe stamps.  Occasionally, you'd get some 'newer stuff' like this, which was a souvenir made for me when I got out:
One of the guys recovered a perfect BB itself, and then the supply guy hammered out the primer pocket, and they glued it in... It actually belongs on this paperweight set they made for me when I got out as well, but point is, look at the date:
TW: Twin Cities Ordnance Plant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, dated 1952... 
That was some of the 'newer' stuff I shot in my time in, which ended in 1999-2000.
I shot that round in 1996.
It was 44 years old.
I was 27 when I pushed the butterflies on that round.
The DotMil always had the "Use the oldest first" rule... the TOW Missiles I fired live shot/war shot?  Usually dated 1972... newest I ever -saw- was in my time in Iraq in 2005, when I saw a 2000 marked made round for a TOW, but it was one of the new-new rounds TOW2B MOD 2 top down tank killer... (side note, I need to find my brasso and polish that thing up ugh!)

Anyways, point is, I then saw we started running out of a LOT of .50cal.  Enough that when it started flowing back in, new-made, in huge pallet loads, the manufacture dates started showing up... 1969...1975... even a box from 1981...  and they were running out 'cos apparently in the 70's and 80's, with the DotMil not on the budget as much as WW2 or Korea, they'd slowed the flow of making these BeeBees.

So they re-cranked up the system.  And we're still feeling that pain today
More for Uncle Sugar means less for the civvie market, no matter -how- thin you slice it.  
And only NOW is Palmetto State ramping up a factory to build 'Murican Rooskie Caliber BeeBees here, and they say it'll take two years to get that stuff flowing properly... I mean still that's a win in my book either way... more BeeBee manufactory?  Yes please.

So, to whit:
This vaxx shytte?
Color me highly sus on the whole thing as especially with the Moderna, the stuff is only good for a few months at extreme refrigeration.  Nevermind how this guy points out just -how long- it'd take to brew, make, bake and bottle this shytte, and yet...

All of a sudden...
"Omicron Variant?  Why step riiiiiight up!  Have we got a new vaxx for you!  We've got a new-new MOR betterer flavor vaxx... gar-ron-teed to make you safer! healthier! wealthier! and wiser!  And the ladies will notice you AND your obvious manly vaxxed self!!! Step right up and get yours today!!!!"

Feel free to use abuse and poast that meme all over the intarhwehbz as let's face it
Mocking and Fucking with them IS a form of warfare that we can do.
In fact, I need to see if I can photoshop Fauxchi's head on that face...
So, What say you?  I think dude has mad valid points, and this's all fucked.  Problem I have with it is that I think they pulled the trigger too early.
'Cos another poast on Gab pointed out how Sou'frica told the major Vaxx Companies on Nov 24th that "T'ank, but no t'anks" to anymore sales or importation of the current NottaVaxx.  Cut two days later, "Omicron Persei III" is announce as being discovered in Sou'frica.  Nov 27th?  Like all the flights is out around and aboot to and from Sou'frica get shut-the-fuck-down, severely impacting the Sta;lled and Damaged Sou'frican economy.

If -I- were a conspiracy oriented individual, I might think this was punishment for them telling the Vaxx Companies to fuck off.  But hey, who am I but a lone loudmother screaming in my demented corner of the intarhwehbz.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Is ot conspiracy theory when the evidence is frickin Obvious to a blind man living in the bottom of a deep mine? They operate on the premise that 70% won't ask questions and that "forces" the 30% into compliance. As for the clotshot, too fast too soon and highly doubt there is ANY quality assurance in place. Even if it were an actual Vax-scene, I'd be hesitant to get it for those facts alone.

  2. Kinda thought that was suspicious too untill I looked deeper. The standard notvax vial holds 5 doses. You know they’re running more than one line making this shit and it’s all automated. So figuring 5 lines making 20 vials a second (4 each per sec) is 72,000 vials a hour or 360,000 doses an hour. Works out to just shy of 14,000 hours for 5 billion doses or 578 days for JUST THAT ONE factory. It’s doable. With just 5 factories it would take only 115 days to make 5 billion doses.

    1. Yep. It isn't inconceivable at all that all the vax in the world can be made in less than 3 months. No drug company has only one production line, or even 5. Your analysis is much more truthful than the Gab Q-anon wannabe.

    2. p2

      What you're talking about is ... a packaging line, nothing more, nothing less.

      Now where's the 'product' to put in that packaging coming from?

      The companies only have a set number of bioreactors (going from 500L up to 5000L, and no, no one's bought any more recently) so they 'could' produce a massive amount, but only if they stopped production of anything else, and ran them 'all' 24/7.

      So the original point stands. 'If' there were a real emergency ramping up you'd see bioreactor purchases, new manufacturing sites/lines, recruitment and training, but there's been zero, zilch, nada of that and that 'should make you think.

    3. The reactors might be the rate limiting step.
      What would be the effective dose count on a 5,000l reactor? Typical time for one production batch?

      Side Issue: Whos to say they didn't/don't have pallet loads of this stuff prepackaged just waiting for the appropriate new variant label?

  3. and if you remember your history, the russians had a bit of the same problem with meds. making up the number needed, so what happen was a lot of vials got loaded with water just to fill the boxes and make the bosses happy.
    and god only knows what they pumping into them vials to make the number up here. and with the profit they are making I have to wonder what they are potting in the damn vials ? and if the evil sawed off fuck has anything to do with it, "it" just might be some other failed drug being recycled like he did with the failed chemo drug azt or whatever it was called to "treat" patients with aids back in the 1980's either way, he making money and getting off on other people going thru hell with this bug he helped make. god doing to need a new ring in hell for these fucks.

  4. They've been cranking out clot shots for a long time. They started well before the onset of the Plannedemic. The shot has nothing to do with protection from this virus....or any virus. It's being
    forced on to us for OTHER reasons. They've been planning this for quite a while. And they MUST get virtually everyone jabbed to eliminate the "control group" of unmanned so they can deny culpability for all the upcoming deaths.

  5. Jeez, I gotta proofread better… 5 lines making 4 vials per second each or 20 per second total is 72,000 an hour or 8.64 million doses per day. The math is right, I just wasn’t real clear at the beginning. I still think it was all pre planned and there’s not a chance in hell I’m gettin the notvax, but it’s posssible to do. At least from a mathematical standpoint.

  6. 0.25 seconds per vial per line? Seems a bit optimistic for a production rate to me. Don't think you could do this by weight or volume very accurately at that production rate. Color me skeptical.

  7. p2 an amazing assumption or three there. First you've not allowed time for quality control, Second packaging and then there's the issue of the Supply Chain for all that massive production. In case you haven't noticed paper goods to include labels for those vials, and packaging-shipping boxes has been in a shortage all the last year plus.

    THEN there is the materials needed in medical grade for the ingredients, the shipping losses due to mis handling-loss-accidents. Murphys Law rules.

    If you were producing something intended to harm slowly then ingredients can be more sloppy, handling same and corners cut.

    No as someone that has some decades of experience with medical supplies there be BS going on with their "Instant" supply of something "Found" just last week.

    1. Also amazingly coincidental that whilst every other manufacturing entity in the world is desperately struggling to get basic components and base chemicals, then waiting x10 times as long for them to be actually delivered if they ever are, that the 'produced only in China' (since India's plants 'accidentally' keep burning/blowing up) precursor chemicals, lab materials and sundries (no one keeps sufficient stock of for more than a weeks production since KANBAN became fashionable) all 'just happened' to be freely available to ramp up production 1000 fold.

    2. I will grant your point about the supply chain issues, but you all are missing a much more basic point. The Omnicron just popped up a couple of weeks ago, and somehow, the drug companies were able to research it (I assume working 24x7), come up with an effective vax, test the vax for both efficiency & side effects, and produce the seed stock for the reactor vessels to produce the vax in the quantities needed for this current debate about packaging to occur.

      I don't buy it. Something stinks here...

  8. Michael,

    See here:

    up to 600 vials/min. That's 5.184m doses/day, per line. (6 doses per vial)

    All of the other things you mention are automated in similar fashion - the printing/folding/stuffing of package inserts, the vial labeling, the package folding/assembly/label/closing/boxing/palletizing/etc. The QA/QC is automated at the filling point (see the little red laser dot on the stoppering step in the vid).

    As for the material shortages, I have no doubt .gov could make it a priority that the Nottavax manufacturers get whatever they need. Amazon has managed not to run out of boxes in the last 21 months.

    Packaging 1 billion doses would take just under 2 weeks with 14 of those lines in service. Call it 3 weeks in deference to Mr Murphy.

  9. Damned fine analysis/sleuthing skills (yet again) on your part BC. Iffins I were a blegger, I'd be proud of this one. Wouldn't be surprised if CA picks it up for others' consideration. Some comments are spot on as well. Thanks again, ya ol' warrior.

    On another note, ordered me a few bb's on Friday morn from which promptly arrived on my doorstep this fine Monday morning smartly packaged and in perfect condition. First time order from those folks and I highly recommend.
    Hope all is well with you all, head on a swivel and all that. Ohio Guy

  10. Feral Ferret,

    Filling 8 vials at a time in under 2 seconds.

  11. I was in ammo accounting for 3 years 2000-2003, and went to Navy ammo accountant school. Later on, I worked as the sole supply bubba it the Navy's munitions unit on Okinawa, just after the Navy stood up their new Munitions Command to regionalize all the magazines throughout the service. I was not an Aviation Ordnanceman, but I did stay at the Holiday Inn last night, and am familiar with what a NALC/DODAAC is. I've been to Navy Rail Car Inspector school, and went to the school to certify HAZMAT shipment paperwork.

    I have no doubt that a lot of the deep dark corners that various war stock .50 BMG ammo was stored at were cleaned out during the 20 years we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fun part is, what used to be a dozen ammo plants during Vietnam is now just one, thanks to Bill Clinton, so replacing all that now expended war stock ammo is going to take forever. Never forget that the bombs that detonated during the Forrestal fire were WWII era bombs, still being dropped more than 20 years after WWII.

  12. Hi "BUBBA!!!!!!"
    YOU JUST nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A g zillion doses.. who was doing it?? who trained them?? who came up with the "Training program?? How long did that take?? The time line does not add up!!
    GEEZ!! ya' don't even have to pass 4th grade math to get an "A" on this test and everybody out there seems to be asleep at the wheel!!
    BUBBA!!... Keep hammerin the keyboard... I am with ya'
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....
    "Keep loadin' MAG'S!!!!!!"
    CCI is workin 3 shifts at last check!!!
    9 mil may be a bit pricy more than before but it is still available!!
    Anybody want any 7.62x54R Rounds???
    They are out there!!!!!
    Bubba... WE HAVE TO TALK!!!!!

    Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat!!!!!,
    I thank my old friend, the late "Mike Vanderboegh" from "Sipsey Street Irregular's" for that closing statement!!!


  13. As mentioned above, high speed fill lines can push way more than 1 vial/second. I work in the industry. Something that I didn't put together until later in 2020 (thinking back): We had some fills lined up in Q4 2019. You prep for materials and supplies well in advance to get into the schedule (12+ months). Oct/Nov 2019 we get a call (literally out of the blue, no warnings or "heads up") that there are no vials available. Anywhere. Everyone is calling around looking for some replacement. Here is the thing: There were no vials because the borosilicate glass (as a raw tube blanks that are then melted and formed into anything) could not be found. This wasn't just "vials". It was everything that was high purity borosilicate glass for beakers, carboys, etc used in smaller steps on filling processing. Seemingly everywhere. All vendors were out. All my colleagues at other companies: no one could find anything. We got pushed out a quarter. Didn't make any sense to me at the time. But that is about 1 year prior to launching the vaccines and it was before Covid was even a thing in the media. Of course I don't know for sure, but for 25 years in the industry, there was never "no glass for no reason" at the raw material level.

  14. they HAVE ramped up several/many new facilities and there have been several/many quality control issues with several/many shutting down temporarily to revamp. but your point is still valid as it takes way more time than they had, and where are they getting employees when every other segment of the chain is vastly understaffed? and i second the question: how are they able to get precursors in such quantity? and keep it all cold enough? as to OMICRON, they found this variant in JULY, only now binging it out. the doc that discovered it says its milder, not more dangerous. much ado about nothing. tptb just kicked themselves in the nuts again, which is good. every time they cry wolf we get more sheeple waking up.

  15. I found a screen shot from the W.H.O. that the Omicrom variant was discovered Nov. 2020 how can they NOW claim it as new ? I am not tech savvy so I don't know how to add it here for all to see .

  16. Bce~ Good Sir I hope this day finds you well. It's been 50 years since my Dad took me to the range to qualify for the Deer Hunt at Hunter Liggett. I fired his M1 Garand with the lovely steel buttplate. I'd rather get kicked by a mule. Red

  17. RE: "one dose a second".

    Does that dude live in a cave?
    They have these things called "machines" that crank out eight to ten doses per second.
    Per machine.
    He could look it up.

    It's not Nana laboriously filling one bottle at a time and then putting a cork in it, 'kay?

    The true "follow the money" issue is that Pfizer supposedly just completed a multi-billion dollar
    vaxx-making plant down in San Diego area.

    Which tells you how much effing dough is pushing the vaxxholes to jab everything with legs infinity times, just to cover their nut for infrastructure.

    If the vaxx mania collapses, they're left holding the bag on an unneeded plant without any purpose in life, and billions in unpaid debt.

    They could go bankrupt when the bubble pops.

    Times all of big Pharma.