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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

In The Ghetto....

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Rule One of Hotels:  The pictures on their website?  They Lie.
I'm done with day one and Glorious New Tractor Factory job.  Spent the majority of the day being afflicted with HR paperwork.  Like 3 hours... the HR woman was really nice... even borderline based believe it or not.  Nonetheless, the interminable paperwork.... Oi... talk about worn out.

At least with this gig the guy who's in charge of IT has at least half a brain.  All my accounts were set up and operational!  Huzzah Aye?  Nice to work with fellow professionals.  Last outfit I was with could take lessons from these guys.  Fuckin' nice to see good people doing the fookin' job right the first time around.

So, the title of ye olde bloggage tonight?
Maaaaaaaaaaan... and here I left the AR shorty at home, and I only have 4 mags for the S&W.  You -know- that when in the lobby of said-flophouse has a bulletproof barrier between you and the Prajeep in the front office/cell, and a BIG sign on the wall prominently proclaims how "Human Trafficking and/or Prostitution on the premises will result in eviction with no refunds!"....

Telling ya... classy joint I picked out Aye?
Truthfully it was the affordable option.
And the few 'other' residents?
Oh yeah... Hos... no fucking doubt.  I'd say they're the low-end hourly types... Me?  I'm locked in, barred sealed and ain't opening the door for nuthin'.  

In fact any hostile intent will be dealt with harshly.
As in a Mag Dump thru the door.
I ain't fuckin' around.

So, this's a nice break though.  I haven't been able to reach out to any of y'all here in the A.O. -yet- as I'm A) Busy AF and B) Tired AF.  The 0400 wakeup was a stone bitch.  Even worse?  I get everything up and packed, ready to rock, freshly shaved, cleaned up, and I get behind the wheel of the Putt-Putt with a brand new battery mind you, and turn the key... all the bingo lights go on, radio turns on and >clunk< 

What. The. Fuck.

So... Momentary Panic Moment.  I'm in my wedding suit (ain't worn it since me and Wifey got hitched) and decked out to impress and Oh fuck me running.  I raced inside and start kicking Sapper out of the bunk "Dude GTFU!!!! I need a jump pronto!!!!"  Seems we dropped below 40 degrees in Tampa last night, so yeah, that might be the cause... we'll see tomorrow if something goes funky or not.  I made sure to turn off like -everything- that -might- have a drain on the battery, but even then, that shouldn't've happened.  We'll see.  Sapper saved my ass despite being in Zombie Mode.  I got on the road and everything -seems- copacetic.

If it ain't in the A.M, well, I'll just have to figger dat shytte out as I go.
Least tomorrow me supervisor told me to go casual, so a much more mellow dress code is less hassle.
So, More Later, I'm off to the bunk Early-Early
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. FWIW, we have a NOCO portable boost for quick jumps. I was skeptical at first but it turned over the engine on my monster V8 15 passenger van first try and is easy to use, way easier than hooking up jumper cables to two cars. They are a C-note though, but well worth it for us when we need the vehicles to start up somewhere that "dropped below 40" describes the nights during half of the year.

  2. Compos mentis my man, compos mentis (until you are out if sight and ear range).

  3. When I was working on engineering design contracts around the country, I always preferred to stay in cheap motels as opposed to the residence inns that most of my peers spent $3000/month on. I was on a short gig in 2001 in Connecticut, living in a real dump run by an ex-colleague of mine from a political campaign we worked in a quarter century before. He was no longer a druggie, but an alcoholic with a very bad liver.
    Rent was $00/month, while the other people were living in town for about $2000/month. On one side of me was the pimp and drug dealer(and his girls); on the other side were the Mexitrash. About 15 people lived in a room no bigger than my current living room. I got along fine with the pimp, although I never sampled his products. The Mexitrash, well, I had issues, and I finally had to get them to stop throwing out their trash in front of my room with a loaded handgun.
    I miss being on the road, living cheaply so that I can spend my rent money on more worthy things(antique rifles, etc), but I don't miss being away from home for long periods of time. And I do miss those 80 hour work weeks, being technical lead and the Big Paychecks, but I would have had to get the Clot Shot to stay on. A lot of federal contractors no longer are insisting on the Jab O"Death, but the temp firms are all insisting on it none the less.
    Good luck on this new job, BC!

  4. RE: the battery, check the ground. Really.

    1. YEs, bad terminal connections are often to blame for no start. Another thing to consider is what a lot of people apparently use to disconnect the battery from all the car compnoents when not in use is a battery disconnect switch.
      Cheap Example at Amazon $15

  5. BCE~ Are you going to need shots and delousing when you leave those Accommodations? Red

  6. I ran a heavy lifting business for a number of years north of the Mason-Dixon . The Temp agencies were like a pack of dawgs coming in my shop . 12 bucks an hour to the poor slow witted freak that wouldn't get on a 12 foot ladder and 24 bucks to the little skinny bitch they sent out to take me to dinner and suck my dick . They always got mad after I took the free dinner and head job and refused their doing the hiring for my business . They didn't hire smart girls . Just slutty ones .

  7. I stayed in a dump like that once with my brother in New Jersey. We were down there to move a large telephone system. There was a cab driver and female fare goin' at it in the lobby over his tip, a rock band jamming all night in their rooms getting totally shit-faced and spilling out in the hall, and a steady stream of "ladies" with their customers. Luckily, Baby-Bro had some good shit so we got baked before bed and slept through it all.

  8. Dood. Kind of you to offer refreshments, Now leave.

  9. Ain't sure what your ride is but the battery problem sounds like a shitty connection, top post battery smack it with a hammer or such, lightly and that should do the trick, then clean the terminals when you get the chance,

  10. diagnose the battery drain: unhook the + terminal, wire a 12v light between it and the post. if it's draining, the light will come on, albeit lowly (as in yellow or orange), then pull each fuse, one at a time. Now, if and when the bulb goes out, that's the system that has a drain...

  11. Also when a car sits the clock can drain it just enough to not start but jump easily. Seen it quite a few times when car shopping and on my vehicle. Clean the cables and posts as well.

    Good on ya for the new job having actual people who know how to do their job, bell curve is a bitch more often than not.

  12. I stay in a lot of hotels, a guy I worked with would bring a black light to inspect his room once checked in, bad idea, if you look you will find something. He usually slept on top of the sheets with his clothes on.

  13. Listen to oakie phil.

  14. Recently had to replace the negative cable (from terminal to engine block) on my old '96 F-250. Upon inspection, corrosion had wormed it's way the whole length of copper strand wire due to thin and cracked insulation. It didn't even have enough oomph to even make the solenoid "click", but did have enough for lighting and instrument cluster. Seems all the comments with battery advice are "grounded" in reality. Ohio Guy