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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

I -Was- Right! He IS a Muj!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK... this was -somewhat- unexpected.  When the Waukesha Pedo-Car-Murderer was initially reported, I said in my poast "Guess the Race AND Religion":
Oh, and BTW:  The 5 KIA's were the "Dancing Grannies"
And then, add on another corpse... one of the kids died today in Intensive Care

Why the fuck this guys is still drawing O2 is amazing.

This's Wisconsin... land of Hunting and Deer Rifles.  If my kid/wife/whoever was a victim of this asshole who was caught red-fucking handed, and who BTW seems to be going for the "crazy defense" as the intel is getting leaked?  I'd be across from the jail/courthouse/whatever with a fucking zeroed to 1000 meters fucking .300 Winchester Magnum or .338 Lapua so's the body armor that this fuck's been decked in is a non-starter.  Punch a BIG hole through him with a mercury filled hollowpoint just to be sure...

But, back to the moment of my being right.  


Seems MOR digging on this asshole here?  Seems he's a member of "The Relion of Peace" in a roundabout way. 


Something called the "Five Percent Nation" which is a spinoff of the Nation of Islam.  Now granted, these are just MORE fucking nigger "we wuz kangs and sheeee-it" fucking groups... a most delusional pile of animals Aye?  I could respect Malcom X... dude hated you, and you could hate him right back, no harm, no foul.  Flat out, an enemy of Whypeepo, but a relatively respectable enemy.  

These fucking nutjobs?  What the fuck was that group of crazy ass grifter-niggers who wanted to build some Niggertopia in the mountains of what?  Colorado or what?  I did a couple of writeups on that crazy shytte a ways back... anywho.

So, technically I was right about him being a Muj... leastways in his mind he probably thinks his is a "Noble Mujahideen Warrior" fighting the "good fight".  What I see?  A fucking target that needs servicing pronto.

Which then leads me to 'other issues'.

Something like this?  This's bad enough to warrant a good old fashion "Regulation" a'la Lynch Mobs and whatnot.  In fact, they very fact that they're covering up this fucking piece of shit so hard is only going to further inflame people, especially if any of the other kids die from their injuries.  As far as this fucker?  I do. not. care. if he had a 'rough disadvantaged childhood'.  If anything, IF his parents were alive/available or whoever raised this fuck?  

They need to be on trial right fucking next to him for having so utterly failed at raising -any sort- of a decent human being.

And then hung on the same branch next to him as well.
If the branch'll take the weight.

'Cos I see we're getting one more outraged moment from a complete vigilante approach to things.  Used to be IF the Judge and/or Courts and Sherriff failed in their civic duty, then the locals would take care of it... efficiently and quickly.

Although I think for this asshole's crimes?  
A slow feet-first ride into the Morbark is warranted.
Jes' Sayin'.

Oh, and the obviously corrupt and incompetent DA who let this feral nigger back on the streets?
Fire and Impoverish his ass.  
Fire him, have him Disbarred, a Complete Seizure of all Assets, Jail Time and then fuck that guy.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Wisconsin and Minnesota aren't much different, IMO, regarding the general social attitude. They're too fucking nice. Am visiting family and they insist on watching the MSM at 6:30 or whatever time the lying bastards come on. The guy ended up knocking on some random door, pitching some obvious bullshit story about waiting for an Uber, and the dumb bastard actually let him in the house and gave him a sammich. That right there is what I mean. The murders just happened within the last, say 15 or 20 minutes? Obviously, the moron had no idea what had just happened at the parade, but, WTF? What was he thinking letting some feral into his house? Face tats and 3 foot locs? Nope, cheeseheads are too fucking nice. I'd have met that feral at the door with a .45 and my Fila. GO.AWAY.FAST.

  2. I just read Nancy Pelosi bought a home in Juniper, Florida. I hope it is her retirement home and has a very short retirement.

    1. That is fir $$$$ reasons.

      People don't retire from CA to FL.

  3. Find all the prosecutors and all the teachers and all the other people in control of his life who failed to stop this piece of shit and destroy their lives. Every probation officer who cut him some slack. Every judge that set sentencing so low he walked for felonies.

    Then go after the bail reformers.

    Destroy all of them.

    1. Exactly. BC says disbarred, I say dismembered. But not before extracting info from them on who put them up to this. Much money involved. They're ALL bought and paid for. The State House, all reps from every district, bought. The tentacles are everywhere from the top down to the beat cop. Every state, every alphabet agency. Our justice system, tax system, energy, banking, corporate, schools, and so on. All perverted and beyond repair. Wutcha gonna do when they come for you? Local, local, local. With only those you've known for years and (somewhat) trust. Three four man teams are ideal but work with what you got. Go nowhere unarmed. Stay gray. Steep learning curves are coming. Ohio Guy

  4. Wouldn't matter how much body armor someone wore. Given a round as u specify, with sufficient mass x velocity = force, the energy transfer (hydrostatic shock?) from the round to the person behind the armor would crack bones, collapse lungs, and stop the heart. So you don't have to punch a hole through a person to kill. Just need to punch them hard enough. And a second followup shot wouldn't hurt to seal the deal.

    President Elect B Woodman

    1. What you describe is why it pretty much is a necessity to have cloth armor and maybe some sort of D3O-type reactive gel armor behind your armor plate. A Level III or III+ between you and the armor plate will spread a lot of shock. But that reactive gel shit is the bomb. You can get vests and shirts designed for motocross that will really mitigate any blunt trauma shock. Just, well, make sure the armor plate is on the outside and it's got damned good anti-spall coating on it (amazing what decent truck-bed liner can do.)

    2. Beans, you saying a good bed liner like Rhino that I have in my PU can be used as anti-spalling on my plates? I looked into some antispall coating and they tend to be expensive, but not as expensive as a big assed hole or Level 1 Trauma center type of expensive or burial expense...

    3. Beans,
      Good info on the-latest-and-greatest. Thx.
      But do you really think TPTB are going to spend that kind of money on protecting a dirtbag like Brooks?
      Even if the po-po do put that kind of protective armor on Brooks, the fallback would have to be something I read on Western Rifle Shooters some years back, "hips and head, head and hips". Amazing the trivia that one collects over the years.

      President Elect B Woodman

    4. Cederq - Dr. Travis Taylor from "Rocketcity Rednecks" tv show, did UHMW plastic covered in, yes, Rhino bed liner and it stopped AK-47 and 5.56mm. Made a whole suit of articulated and lamellar armor backed up with a homemade kevlar undersuit, shot it, stabbed it, and then ran a friggin marathon in it. So, yes, bedliner can and does work well as spall-liner. Lots of poor-man's armor plates are despalled by bedliner. Because what's the fucking use of body armor if the bullet is stopped but your throat is ripped out by spalling.

      And PEBW - Personally, I hope they cover him in bacon grease and toss him into a hog pen, accidentally of course. But, then again, there are some things even pigs won't eat. Or they could make him go play catch with surplus cluster bomblets.

  5. The less faith in actual justice, the greater the rise in vigilante justice. Or maybe that's the plan?

  6. Just like this BCE:

  7. Focus, BC.

    The no is the puppet. You want to deal with the puppeteers. I am sure I am just being an ignorant racist being totally wrong about it... but I am seeing many of those that have big noses, wear funny hats, and like to rub their palms together and use communism to impoverish and attack their enemies. Who knows... I could be wrong about that. They certainly aren't offering any proof to the contrary, is all I will say...

  8. Armor? Wahhhhahahahah.
    Get a slightly used T-34 from Tirana. The Albanians don't know what they are. And one shot does it all. Why worry. ?
    338...nice choice. Not much left to discuss. 🤣🤣👍👍🔥🔥💥💥