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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Dude is Going to Jail and Local Obz

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! 
Ain't Kyle... nosiree... this just in from today's Persecutorial Shenanigans: "The defense also cross examined the detective who arrested Rittenhouse. Under cross examination it came out that the detective had obtained a search warrant from a judge to seize and search the phone of one of the guys who had been shot and killed by Rittenhouse. But he never executed the warrant. The defense attorney asked him why, and then pointed to the prosecutor and asked the witness “did he tell you not to execute the search warrant on that phone?”

The detective’s answer was “yes.”

“So we have an admission that the prosecutor told the detective not to execute a search warrant on a phone that held possible exculpatory evidence, and I will also say I’ve never seen a defense attorney point to a prosecutor in a trial.”

So the persecutor needs to be arrested.  Actually if there was true justice #LynchHimFor Kyle would become a thing...  That and that nigger and yeah, (Ooooooooooh dreaded "N" word!!!!) who is trying for jury intimidation?  Why his ass hasn't been cuffed n stuffed is beyond me...

Oh yeah, that's right, he's doing his masters bidding.
Once a slave to the demoncrats, always a slave
How you like them apples there Rastus or whatever your fucking name is?

Eventually they'll pull this shit where 'the men who wanted to be left alone' decide enough is fucking quite well enough Thank you very fucking much, and the trees will start having to bear 'strange fruit'.
That and any and all stupid assholes who try to give the standard "Nurnburg Defense" of "I was following orders/the law" who'll be strung up right along side the genuinely guilty.

It's funny... lot of y'all have been like Get the Fuck Out of Florida...  Let me tell you... things here despite the Ministry of Propaganda's best efforts as well as the regime, things here are still Status Quo.  A few shortages of some stuff, but none of the insane pictures of mad empty shelves here that I've seen on other pages...  No masks for the most part outside of the genuine 'true believers' which will I think self-resolving in a few more... odds are they, those fucking lunatics? I'm betting they ALL got the Nottavaxx, so it's just a matter of patience til their stupid asses get prematurely removed from the gene pool, thereby helping sanitize it.

But food supplies?  No issue yet.  In fact I just got the turkey in the freezer, 14 pound fully pre-cooked Butterball and paid $30 for it, which to me, ain't so bad seeings the rest of the stuff I'm seeing out there report no birds to be found anywhere at any price.  Hell, Got the ham too, although the steaks HAVE gotten a bit recockulas in price, but that's everywhere.  My mission this week is going to be the toilet paper but so far, besides the nominal 20% price increase, we still got ALL the Charmin and the Bounty that we need in the local Publix.

Now WalMart is a bit different, but then again, the closest one to me is, as mentioned a fucking ghetto-Wally-World, and subsequently, even in 'normal time' the shelves are always fucked up and look like a NHL goalies grill.  The other one across town in the non-hood?  Still fully rigged except for Gatorade... like the liquid pre-mixed liter and jugs.  That shit's been MIA for a loooong minute these days... no idea why, but the unmixed powdered shytte is in stock all over... you just got to be willing to mix yer own.

I keep a couple of pounds on hand for the shit-hitting-the-fan.  It's critical for me, 'cos I sweat like a whore in confessional after Navy week when I'm running and gunning.  Been a HeatCat (heat casualty) faaar too many times in Iraq.... hell we all were at some point or another... it's a critical thing you need that oft gets overlooked.  Keep it in mind.  For me, it replaces the electrolytes that seem to shed rather heavily when the sweat-monster starts kicking me in the ass.

So just a few quick observations for now.  I got more later
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. The Gatorade Zero hunt, even the powder, is not going well in East Texas.
    The obviousness of Prosecutorial misconduct against Kyle is, well, it's frikkin obvious,, okay?

  2. Mr. Country- my thoughts on leaving FL... I moved from one of the best places, with great people, after my wife and I both took it up the ass from corporate America. We left Savannah (outside about 25 miles) and moved back to the West Texas desert. Family concerns. People here are great as well, but really short on resources.(rain, surface water) What about rural northern FL on high ground?

    1. Texson,
      I live north of BCE in Florida just north of Gainesville. Just look on a county map for last election and that will tell you what counties to avoid... basically Gainesville (Berkely East), Tallahassee and maybe Jacksonville (city lefty, suburbs ok).

      They call Northern Florida (Old Florida) and it is really nice as are the people. Only issue is that it is as hot as the 7th level of Hell 9 months of the year with 90 percent humidity. You pretty much NEED AC to live here and in a SHTF situation that is worrying along with really only 3 main highways to evacuate the state (I75, I95 and I10). During Hurricane approaches, they are backed up beyond measure.

      Still I like it here and politically the state is solidly Republican and the laws are pretty good.

    2. Marion County, just south of Alachua County - that blue blob surrounded by red counties (otherwise known as the Democratic People's Republic of Alachuacountystan, capital city of Gainesgrad, Home of the Gators) is great. So is Levy County and other counties around.

      You don't need AC, though it's really nice. You just need a house designed to breathe in this area. Super screened house with tall ceilings and a vent or stairs going to a vent-able attic, basically an old-school Cracker house.

      Or, yeah, a super-insulated house with a high SEER rated AC system.

      As to hurricanes, if you live on the spine (basically on either side of I-75 from above Orlando going north, you really don't have to worry about hurricanes. High winds, yes. Potential flooding, maybe (check the flood maps and don't live at the bottom of the watershed.) Other than that, eh, no worries, mate.

  3. There’s a reason that bigass pack of beverage base powder was in MRE’s. Hell, they were in the C’s I started on in the 70’s. I’ll get a combat size can of the powder, take a vacuum bag, cut it into nickel-bag sizes and fill each with a canteen’s worth of powder. Suck & seal it down and they’re dead easy to carry. Do the same with purification tabs or I’ll get those individually packed. You drop that glass vial they usually come in and break it, you’re hosed. 3 days worth of flavor powder & P-tabs will fit in an Altoids tin.

  4. I can confirm that Publix is well stocked here south of you. Except for Gatorade, which seems weird.

    And Northern suburbs of Atlanta Wally World (good neighborhood) was fully stocked a month ago.

    Me and TQOTW are REALLY happy we're not up in Maryland now. Florida was a good landing pad.

  5. An alternative to powdered Gatorade is Nunn Sport electrolyte tablets. Same electrolytes as Gatorade without the crapload of sugar. Camelbak used to make a version of them, and they work great in a 3L water bladder from the same company.

  6. Stores are still in decent shape here but there seem to be some gaps appearing here and there. All it takes is a minor calamity and the stores will empty out in a big hurry.

  7. In my AO, no issues on supplies. Everything is in stock and no issues with empty shelves, they don't stay that way for long. The liquid Gatorade issue comes from a plastic bottle issue. That's straight from the suppliers. That, and they transfer the product to places they think they can get a better price.

  8. Florida, except for Broward County area and Alachua County, some parts of Whorelando, and Tallahassee (of course) are so Republican or Conservative that the Dems no longer consider Florida a battle-ground state. In other words, they've given up Florida.

    Just don't live in flood zones or along the coast. And BCE is right, outside of Ghetto-Mart, Walmarts are fully stocked (for the most part.) Not a lot of shortages so far, and Publix (the grocery store chain) just absolutely rocks.

    How well does Publix rock? After 2004 hurricane season (Florida got hit 4 times) corporate put in gen-sets and fuel for a week or more at every store.

  9. BCE~ I hope this day finds you well. Many years ago a good friend of my Dad's pissed off someone high up the ladder and they tried to hang him out to dry. The only way he was able to vindicate himself was by taking a specialized Poly the services used for agents that might have been unfaithful to their oaths. I'd say Poly the Lot of them and see what shakes out. Red

  10. we had a place in N Palm at Old Port Cove, fucking top shelf incredible everything about the place- full marble baths, mahogany floors, 180 degree view and balcony 200 ft up looking across lake worth, over singer island and down the coast, yacht club, car wash, and HWY 1 right outside the 30ft high cement HVAC/security walls... where things got a bit nuts after that point. it's just too damn busy for me anymore and too hot and too expensive... used to hang out up in juno beach, hobe sound, and jupiter island. i still know a few bigshots down there- but we're all much older now


    steady as she goes... 300 million

  11. I like the tree pic, nice sturdy branches...
    I also appreciate the GOT line for those who wish to use the Nuremberg Defense...
    When the "DidnDoNuttin" in the show claimed:
    "I was just the look-out, I didn't do it"
    The Wolf said:
    "Oh, he was just the look-out....Let him watch and hang him last".

    Loves me some consequences

    MSG Grumpy

  12. at least in florida you can fish for food any day and fruit all year long if you have a few trees