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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Ads, Q and "Kenosha Kyle"

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sit back, crack yerself a cold one, and have a few on hand, as this here is going to be a bit of a 'rabbit hole' that we're going to try and abseil down.  Bigger than yer Mom's hole no less.
Jes' Sayin'
I've spent the past few days on the road, and when I could I did a LOT of reading of the various bleggs and whatnot.  Had to watch a lot of shitty TV too.  Stories from the news, the fake and ghey news and Globohomocorporate bullshit that's spewing out all over the place like an out-of-control volcano in the Canaries.  It's truly apparent that the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies have been ordered to drum up a couple of things and get the 'programming' of the Joe Sixpacks out there rolling at full speed.

One is on the Boob Tube.  That fucking thing?  Massive pushing of the Gay Agenda as to the point that I hardly saw -any- 'straight' cishet couples EXCEPT for the race-mixing ones.  ALL the commercials mind you.  Not a single. 'normal'. couple anywhere.  I think the only straight whypeepo couples I saw in commercials were ALL olderish to ancient Boomers in medication and insurance ads.  ZERO normal folks.  The ads for Match dot com were probably the most startling, as they pretty much feature Black Lesbians in ALL of the commercials.  Which to me is -hysterical- because according to the Black Futures Lab Census of 2019 (a major black only census) which can be viewed here:
Only 3% of all blacks are lesbian!
Considering that blacks only make up 13% of the overall population...
Talk about your -narrow- demographic.
I do know that after seeing something like this, the object as seen in Stonetoss sooooo many times... isn't to get more people to use Match dot coms services but to either 'program' people to see degeneracy as normal, (for their demented values of normal) and to offend the rest of the population into a state of abject horror/disgust/demoralization.

What they -don't- understand though is the underlying nature of man.  Most of the ad execs have never been punched in the fucking face and it shows.  They think that 'fighting' is done in a board room, whisper campaigns, backstabbing and undercutting a dude to jockey for the "C" Suite...   They've never been genuinely threatened.  This sort of constant 'harangue' grows tiresome.  Eventually they'll learn.

In fact, make it a priority to find out who the ad execs are.  
They live -somewhere- and are soft targets
Jes' Sayin'

Then, moving on, I found it fascinating that "Q" is still being 'pushed'? or mentioned on the regular by all the fake and ghey politicos, Media propagandists and well, all the empty headed retards out there who actually believed in that heaping slag-pile of shytte.  Now, in all transparency, I initially believed the whole weird aspect initially, until I started seeing a pattern.  It was enough to see it with utter clarity when this asshole who calls himself "Neon Revolt" on Gab started his web page with a day-by-day breakdown of the Q releases and his website as well.  Sapper went all in and bought his book (for like $30? or something, bit steep for my money IMO)  When he got the book, it was an incredibly heavy, small print tome of insanity.  Unbelievably well made and done, expensive paper... lots of infobits... and that right there was the problem.

Exceptional production values on a conspiracy book about a at-the-time questionable 'source' in the socio-political arena?  Written/compiled by some rando who claimed that he was self publishing it?  Something didn't 'ring true' about it so I asked Neon Revolt on Gab about my suspicions, where I was immediately blocked AND muted by him.  Still am too.  My beef was that MY sources were telling me it was bullshit.  Lotsa eye rolls when I asked them and "I thought you were smarter than that."  Like lifetime members of the "Spook Club" telling me this...

So yeah, Neon Revolting is a grifter and scam artist, more than likely controlling opposition.  Keep the low IQ bottom feeder normies who like to talk conspiracy theories busy, so busy that they're not out protesting, planning nor being cannon fodder.  In fact to me, its very telling that good ole Neon is now pushing some serious crypto stuff.  I see his shit from repoasts of people I follow... 

That right there tells me that "they" (for the values of who's controlling him) want to have people stuffing all their spare income into crypto, which to me is even MOR bullshit than the stonks.  Literally a fake and ghey bullshit money.  No power = No monies, no matter the how where and why... hell ALL currency, unless you have -actual- physical, be it paper, gold, silver, trade goods... IF the power goes out, or maybe even -when- it goes out, this here Hi-Speed Low-Drag PC I'm currently pecking this here out on becomes a large paperweight amiright?  Putting 'real' (for the values of real) money into a completely imaginary and made up 'bitcoin' or crypto?

Better off taking a stack of $20s and lighting it on fire, then typing into your computer that you have 
$100,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 worth of invested "Shyttecoyn".  Huh... I like that... "Shyttecoyn"... anyone want to invest their cash with me, I'll send you a certified gen-you-wine "Shyytecoyn" certificate with it's value printed on it... let me know Aye?

'Cos that's about all crypto is worth.

Back to Q though.  It was a purely control-opposition mission.  Don't forget "Anonymous" pretty much disappeared during the whole Orangeman Bad timeframe.
Anonymous is supposedly still out there.
I think it was another Op that was done during the Bush-Obamamessiah Years.  Keep the Big Head Autists busy so's they don't really start fucking up the works and messing with the DotGov and others.  Call it the Globohomocorporate Controlled Opposition.  Anonymous, Q... what's next?  The very fact that the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies is still referencing Q, and that some retards are still buying into it, tells me that they'll have to come up[ with something soon, lest the Big Head Autists start getting antsy.

Just the other day the supposed "resurrection" of JFK Jr. was supposedly attended because "Q" said he's been in hiding, and was going to come out and clean house.  Telling you, these Spongebrain Squareheads... I wish I had followers that gullible.  "Hey goyim, gives me shekels!"  Sheesh.

And now?  Supposedly we're also "on the precipice" of War with Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Poland... man... what the fuck?  Seems the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies is reaaaally hyping the WAR WAR WAR drums right now.  Tends to make a bit nervous making Aye?  Fuck it.

If Putin wanted to take over the Ukraine, he would have already.  He doesn't though.  It's a shithole economic basket case that's in even worse shape than we are monetarily speaking.  Massive unemployment, massive political unrest, a minor civil war with the separatists who're MOR Russian than Ukrainian.  My only question is what the hell do we have to gain/win from getting involved?

Answer:  Not one fucking thing.

No oil to speak of.  No land worth keeping. There literally is a big fat ZILCH in the middle of the area, and spare me any bullshit about alliances or NATO.  This shytte is being kept up just in case Leviathan needs to wag a dog somewhere to distract the Normies.  It's all bullshit and I wouldn't fucking doubt that that recent COP26 meeting of the Elites was a 'cover' to plan out the next war and get the ball rolling towards some armageddonish bullshit.

Lets face it, the Dicktatershit of the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is hitting a new low.  How low can it go before they have to trigger some major distraction?  Some have posited that Kenosha Kyle will be a trigger, but I'm highly doubtful.  
That, that right there.  39 fucking degrees... at 13:00hrs today.  Supposed to climb a bit later in the week, but that right there ain't zigzactly 'wilding weather'.  That's "sit inside and rant at the TV" weather whilst having a cuppa.  Too fucking cold, and the areas that are theoretically warm enough to run riot?  Sheeeeeeeee-it.  Here in Flor-reee!-duh! Desantis said Open Season a ways back, no bag limit on tards.  They're smart enough to stay the fuck away and inside.  But it does also beg a question?

Kenosha Kyle and his "Hat Trick" was essentially a whypeepo capping and killing two Jews and wounding one.  What and why do the niggers give two flying fucks about the outcome of this trial UNLESS they're again being manipulated by their (((true masters)))?  Even though the denial is not just a river in Egypt?  I mean the Number one person in charge of Buying Lots of Mansions... I mean BLM the current actual head man is a Jew... so... does that mean that Shlomo is again utilizing his low-IQ mouthbreathing pavement apes in a chance to fuck over and fuck up whypeepo?

Magic 8 Ball said:
Amazing how it knows Aye?

And at this point, it's becoming a safe bet that even the Goyim now know, much to the chagrin of the (((tribe))).  And they wonder -why- every couple of decades people decide 'enough is enough' and off to the camps/ovens happen.  Even the people who aren't intimately anti-Semitic notice.  I mean I'm actually not.  I just happen to notice all the shady shit that seems to happen when they're involved.  It's just cause and effect... thesis - antithesis.  Just like blacks, despite being sooo much smaller an overall demographic numerically speaking, but actually perform a far greater amount of extremely violent crime than any other race... and when it comes to virulent anti-whypeepo, they, the Jews in general seem to have serious issues BEING actively anti-whytte.

And then they get all upset and nervous, rending garments and kvetching, and then you have to ask:  Why do you need laws passed 'protecting' you from thoughts and harsh criticism UNLESS you're actively doing something that others wouldn't find to be acceptable?

Answer that and we might be able to finally get somewhere.
But yeah that's the crux of it innit?
The who how why and more importantly the when of the 'next move' is what WE as a peepul need to know.  That way when it gets to be 'time to step off the porch' to 'play' we have lists that we can, with 'Teutonic efficiency' get things done and settle accounts quickly.
Head on a Swivel
So Yeah, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. stuff is better than money. you can eat money, but it will not fill your belly.
    I always said times of food and no money are better than times of money and no food.
    don't keep much in the bank anymore, medical bills and the I fucking rs took care of the 402k and ira years ago.
    lets say I do not have a warm spot for big blue, fuck them too. I have bein trying to tell the few friends I have left to put their money into stuff they can touch And HOLD. because the way they printing money today, it is only a matter of time before it all worthless.

  2. Re: Saint Rittenhouse:

    The jury instructions and additional charges worry me. 'Twas cautiously optomistic but now ....well fuck. Juries are usually made of compliant idiots. And compliant idiots think, "well maybe it wasnt 1st degree murder but he had to have done something or we wouldnt be here " So that is why lesser includeds are included. To give the idiots something to hang their hats on.
    So my prediction (predicated on your average juror being an idiot, the judge is weak, and the persecutor is evil) is that he will be convicted of at least one felony.

    Jesus please look out for Saint Rittenhouse.

    1. Anyone else notice, aside from the judge, the entire shitshow was Chosenites?
      After NYC, Hollywood, Miami, and Las Vegas, that has to be the densest juden population in the USA.

    2. Saint Schroeder has the basis to declare a mistrial with prejudice, if the jury convicts of a felony, and has indicated that he is willing to do so.

  3. .... Dicktatershit of the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, ....

    ...sigh.... I cant get an $800.00/ hour whore to use her mouth this good.

    1. Is that what Kami is getting these days? Red

    2. BCE~ You need to add Diddler-in-Chief to the list. Red

  4. never been punched in the fucking face and it shows

    acronyms to


    I for one am adding it to the repertoire.


  5. had a few friends who lost a ton of money on the scam a while back 1990-2000. I think it was. anyway, back then
    if I could sit on it, throw a rock at it or otherwise hold it. I didn't put a dime into it.
    and as far as all the hope and dream bullshit like Q and the other dumb fuck shit, well. I being breathing way too long to believe any of that bullshit. after my first time in the army I KNEW walter was lying on tv.
    got rid of the boob tube over 20 years ago and have not missed it yet. sports ? rather watch my dog take a shit than a sports game, really the only time I see tv is when I at the va waiting room. I always bring a book as there only daytime bullshit on and there nothing to read there worth while.
    here is one spot of sanity in a fucking insane world. just hope clown world starts before I am too old to play anymore. and you are right that we need to make lists of the assholes, we don't want them to get away now do we ?

    1. Anon 4:29 wrote "... got rid of the boob tube over 20 years ago and have not missed it yet. sports ? rather watch my dog take a shit than (watch) a sports game."

      My feelings exactly. I couldn't care less about professional sports, or watching TV.

  6. Russia's only warm water port is on the Black Sea and their interest in the Ukraine is keeping it from the west's oligarch's and their little NATO puppet. They should be expected to fight like rabid pit bulls for it.


    1. Which is why they annexed the Crimea and are working to keep what they have of the Ukraine. Provides a buffer between everyone else and the Russians.

    2. Huzzah, Big Country's back!
      We depend on you, brother.

      Crimea voted. Voted for Russia, since they're Russian speakers.
      Nobody ever points that out.

      They want nothing of the Jewish regime that took over Kiev, the western half, in Soros's Orange Revolution. Poroshenko, Yukoshenko, Timinov, etc. all Jewish. They're trying to grab the natgas pipelines, same as many other places. That's why the Big Guy was doing biz with Burisma, a dodgy J energy "broketage".

      These creatures grabbed Kiev with the same Rotfront tactics they used in 1930s Germany. In Maidan they set up snipers to shoot the crowd, then the cops coming in for max confusion.

      Then, of course, per usual, as always, their media and our alphabet pirate Companies (that they created to hunt patriots after WWll, by the way) blamed it on the "Nazi Banderistas".

  7. I'm with you on the Q bullshit; never saw it as anything but bullshit. And if Putin wanted Ukraine, not a damn thing we could do about it except have our ass handed to us AGAIN before the year is out. But it does make me wonder....if they want us to focus on RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA shouldn't we be looking the other way ? Maybe SloJoe and the Cock-eyed Ho have made a deal with China ? I wouldn't give half a shit if they wiped there ass with the west coast, but that's just a doorway to the heartland.
    I think I'm going to watch Red Dawn again tonight. The original, not the shitty re-make.

    1. russia is not the enemy, at least not by choice. the swamp has made them out to be the boogieman to distract from what else they are doing. putin had intended to aline himself with the u.s. under trump against china but the swamp built up this russiarusiarussia wall so trump had to pretend to be anti russia. had we joined w/ putin, china would be a failed state by now and the world a safer place.

    2. @riverrider,
      yeah, Putin threw the Bolshevik bankers (Rotschild dynasty) out of Russia, the same ones who came from NYC in 1917 and overthrew the Christian throne, and now the western banking elites (Bolsheviks) have made him out as the new Hitler. Sure he's Russian mafia, but he knew how to do it right, and boy are they pissed. They lost one of their major anchors.

  8. Research into dating sites has shown that the most sought after males are white, and the most sought after females are white. Black women are basically unwanted by everyone, including black males. Perhaps especially black males, as they know their women better.


    I'm not a conspiracy theorist; I prefer the term 'conspiracy aficionado.' When I first heard of Q I was intrigued, and eventually got around to doing an in-depth research project on it. 2 minutes into the research I realized it was complete bullshit. First thing to do in any project is to define your terms; Q can basically be defined as someone saying, "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you against the government." No way can that be true. I'm not saying Q isn't some kind of government op, it's just not an op designed for our benefit. It is very similar to the USSR's "operation Trust." They set up a fake resistance which told foreign governments that a revolt was near at hand, so don't bother doing anything kinetic against the Soviets.

    As a general rule, any group, org, or theory that says no action is needed on our part, that we just have to wait for everything to right itself/ blow up/ etc. is suspect and should be ignored.


    It's not just temperature that can activate the negro riot genes, but also humidity. After much research I found this handy and very accurate chart to gauge the likelihood of an urban youth event:

    1. I guess black chicks become lesbians because literally no one else wants them.

  9. Did a quick dig. is scam company which gets most of its revenue from Tinder. It went through a bunch of typical scam company acquisitions until IAC (Barry Dillers company) spun if off as a"public" company. Ownership of stock is 99% plus institutional. Insiders. They quickly loaded the company up with about $5 billion in debt and have the spent the last few years extracting this debt as "profit". $1.5 billion in the last 3 years alone. Like all dot coms never made a real profit in the last 20 years and I'd guess once the Insiders have looted the $5 billion plus it will go private again and with some fancy footwork all losses will end up costing the taxpayer. By being written off against taxes etc.

    There are a few ligit companies but its a safe assumption that all dot coms are straight financial frauds of some form or other and all high tech companies engages in massive tax evasion. Not avoidance, evasion. Apple alone was around $30 billion plus tax evasion last year.

    And the number of black lesbians. Less than 1%. Those numbers have not changed over the decades despite the media propaganda. Or what people might put down on the census now thats its media hip. Its 2% for men, 1% for women. The reverse of the numbers for sociopaths...

  10. QAnon is about as fake and ghey as it gets but the number of people/controlled opposition shills still saying "the indictments are coming in 48 hours!" is incredible. We have most of the smartest people on /ourside/ but we also have a ton of absolute dumbshits. Also with you on crypto, how is that going to work when they cut off the internet and you can't get to your vast fortune of make-believe BullshitBux? Tangible or GTFO.

    1. My wife fell for Q early on, but eventually realized it was a psyop. She has an acquaintance who is still a Q believer. I never believed the Q hype, because of the old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true...."

  11. Been telling folks for yrs the (((media))) is brainwashing us, from the phoney WW2 series of the 60's to the silly sitcoms of the 70-8-'s, all run by the Chosenite media. Look up Combat or Hogan's Heroes directors and producers, along with the dickhead who put out Archie Bunker and the Jeffersons, Norman Lear. They've been twisting our minds for many decades before TV too.
    And last night, as usual, I go out to pizza with a buddy and on all 4 large screen TV's, negroid football, along with the commercials. Black CEO's and black millionaires, and maybe a white person in the background, but all the commercials are dominated by blacks, and wealthy ones too. I asked my buddy, if I stood up and bitched about the TV's, how many folks here would agree with me (tiny white cowboy town in Wyoming) and he said, "probably nobody. They're too brainwashed to notice all their favorite heroes are black today".Everything Amerika does centers around blacks today.
    And (((who))) invented modern psychology, who are masters of brainwashing?
    This country suffers from denial of reality more than anything, along with a spine.

  12. I too have noticed a descent into madness by ad execs.. if it is not perverted in some manner they will not run it.

  13. Spent a total of 25 years in broadcasting, half of which was in television. Pretty much stopped watching TV when I left my last TV job and went back into radio. About the only thing I have watched the last 39 years was severe weather coverage on The Weather Channel (I used to storm chase back before it was cool). Even since TWC turned into an entertainment network, I don't even watch their severe coverage anymore. Several online live storm chaser sites are much better.

    I know firsthand how the media works and know how to see right through it. I was a TV director at the local station level at age 21 after working my way up from studio cameraman. I know the smell of their BS because I used to help shovel it to the public. Amazing how you can slant a story with a little creative editing.

    It's a shame that the old FCC rules limiting ownership of broadcast stations to seven total was rescinded. Now the big corporations own massive numbers and a handfull of companies own the vast majority of radio and TV stations in the US.

  14. Heck. The Cossacks could be watering their horses in the Seine if Putin had a mind to do it.

  15. "Don't forget "Anonymous" pretty much disappeared during the whole Orangeman Bad timeframe."

    Anonymous started having problems back when they announced they were "going to take on The Zetas" and within 24 hours, The Zetas had hung one off of a bridge.

  16. "Q". ROFL. The first time I read anything by them (heard it, actually) I commented that they're endorsing communism. Got banned by the next day.
    Match-- use it to lite a pipe or keep the hookah going.
    Kyle's gonna get screwed. If not by the jury, then by the press and BLMshyte.

  17. Gotta add that "I mean I'm actually not" or Bracken might distance himself. Then there goes the other connections and the world gets smaller.

    1. Anyone else notice most of his connections and links, to Israeli TV.
      And he plays the part of a Xtian. They're not compatible, Judeo-Christian is another brainwashing attempt by the Zionists to suck Xtians in and destroy them.

  18. "So yeah, Neon Revolting is a grifter and scam artist"

    They all are. All is psyop. I canned Neon and Q pretty quickly years ago. Lots of innuendo and "NO" facts.

    It's all bread and circuses, boob tube is the worst that's why I don't watch except to laugh.

    Quote from an old CIA dude who's name I cannot remember, "when no one knows what to believe, we have done our job".

  19. QAnon?

    Yeah, a lot disproved. A lot still true.

    Anyone think 'pedo jo', Hunter, Prince Andrew, and a host of deep state folk don't have a hankerin' for kids?

    Anyone? Bueller? Crack don't smoke itself baby.

    Goes with 'Spooks R Us' strategy of inventing the phrase 'conspiracy theory' and using it effectively against their perceived enemies when a % of the theory is false, and yet a certain % remains true but is rendered ineffective because of the Goebbels Industrial Complex trumpeting of the false %.


    How to know when 'you're over the target' wit: the Left's going bonkers by the label 'Blue Anon' to 6 Jan. cultists.

    Here's another one ta try on any 'Lefty' friends you may still have that continue their novenas to 'St. Fauci', the patron saint of kungflu:

    'FluAnon'. joe tentpeg

  20. I am convinced that the vast majority of this lunacy is driven by women. I may be wrong… but I think the hell they are constructing and are going to unleash on us… is going to make Pandora look like an amateur piker. Women without men or families turn into vindictive witches and shrews which is why they got burnt at the stake in the old days.

  21. A bit off topic, but probably not much - 90 second video of a guy who called a monoclonal antibody infusion hotline asking about who gets priority for receiving it:

    Three guesses as to who is last in line.

    My favorite comment about the video: "No no no no we aren’t refusing you medical services because you’re white. We are refusing medical services because you aren’t Black or Hispanic."

  22. So how's this. Antifa/BLM commit felonies ad nauseum with hoods/masks, no picky/no doxie. Sheeyet, every bule/purple hive you go to has Normie Norm/Nancy driving the SPLUV with fuckin masks on. Why did The Kenosha Kid ever get ID'd?. Shit, back in the day the cops would pull me over oy my motherfuckin bicycle iffin I rode it donnin a ski mask. In today's omphaloskepsis dystopia, keep a fuckin face diaper/bandana in your EDC gear and don as appropriate for mayhem/misshap