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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

In The Ghetto....

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Rule One of Hotels:  The pictures on their website?  They Lie.
I'm done with day one and Glorious New Tractor Factory job.  Spent the majority of the day being afflicted with HR paperwork.  Like 3 hours... the HR woman was really nice... even borderline based believe it or not.  Nonetheless, the interminable paperwork.... Oi... talk about worn out.

At least with this gig the guy who's in charge of IT has at least half a brain.  All my accounts were set up and operational!  Huzzah Aye?  Nice to work with fellow professionals.  Last outfit I was with could take lessons from these guys.  Fuckin' nice to see good people doing the fookin' job right the first time around.

So, the title of ye olde bloggage tonight?
Maaaaaaaaaaan... and here I left the AR shorty at home, and I only have 4 mags for the S&W.  You -know- that when in the lobby of said-flophouse has a bulletproof barrier between you and the Prajeep in the front office/cell, and a BIG sign on the wall prominently proclaims how "Human Trafficking and/or Prostitution on the premises will result in eviction with no refunds!"....

Telling ya... classy joint I picked out Aye?
Truthfully it was the affordable option.
And the few 'other' residents?
Oh yeah... Hos... no fucking doubt.  I'd say they're the low-end hourly types... Me?  I'm locked in, barred sealed and ain't opening the door for nuthin'.  

In fact any hostile intent will be dealt with harshly.
As in a Mag Dump thru the door.
I ain't fuckin' around.

So, this's a nice break though.  I haven't been able to reach out to any of y'all here in the A.O. -yet- as I'm A) Busy AF and B) Tired AF.  The 0400 wakeup was a stone bitch.  Even worse?  I get everything up and packed, ready to rock, freshly shaved, cleaned up, and I get behind the wheel of the Putt-Putt with a brand new battery mind you, and turn the key... all the bingo lights go on, radio turns on and >clunk< 

What. The. Fuck.

So... Momentary Panic Moment.  I'm in my wedding suit (ain't worn it since me and Wifey got hitched) and decked out to impress and Oh fuck me running.  I raced inside and start kicking Sapper out of the bunk "Dude GTFU!!!! I need a jump pronto!!!!"  Seems we dropped below 40 degrees in Tampa last night, so yeah, that might be the cause... we'll see tomorrow if something goes funky or not.  I made sure to turn off like -everything- that -might- have a drain on the battery, but even then, that shouldn't've happened.  We'll see.  Sapper saved my ass despite being in Zombie Mode.  I got on the road and everything -seems- copacetic.

If it ain't in the A.M, well, I'll just have to figger dat shytte out as I go.
Least tomorrow me supervisor told me to go casual, so a much more mellow dress code is less hassle.
So, More Later, I'm off to the bunk Early-Early
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, November 29, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Don't know much about the actual production of Vaxxes and whatnot, but Gab today had an interesting take on the current state of things:
Having done logistics, in a war zone no less where the myriad difficulties I had to endure?
This has a major ring of truth about it.  I mean at one point during the Iraq Debacle, the DotGov had to get all the major manufacturers to ramp up production of .50cal because our guys were going through so fucking much.

To give you an idea of how hot and heavy the buildup/stockpiling was, the headstamps on the base of a Ma Deuce round has a headstamp on it, usually with which arsenal it was made in, and what year.   A list of the arsenals from WW2 follows:
DI = Defence Industries Limited - Ajax, Ontario, Canada.
DM = Des Moines Ordnance Plant - Ankeny, Iowa.
FA = Frankford Arsenal - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
K = Kynoch Works - Witton, Birmingham, England.
KS = Kelly Springfield, Allegany Ordnance Plant - Cumberland, Maryland.
LC = Lake City Army Ammunition Plant - Independence, Missouri.
LM = Lowell Ordnance Plant - Lowell, Massachusetts.
M = Milwaukee Ordnance Plant - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
RA = Remington Arms - Bridgeport, Connecticut.
SL = St. Louis Ordnance Plant - St. Louis, Missouri.
SR = Royal Ordnance Factory - Spennymoor, United Kingdom.
T = Tikkakoski Arsenal - Finland.
TW = Twin Cities Ordnance Plant - Minneapolis, Minnesota.
U = Utah Ordnance Plant - Salt Lake City, Utah.
UT = Utah Ordnance Plant - Salt Lake City, Utah.
WRA = Winchester Repeating Arms - New Haven, Connecticut.

The most common I saw when -I- was in was ammo from the Frankfurt Arsenal, usually marked with WW2 timeframe stamps.  Occasionally, you'd get some 'newer stuff' like this, which was a souvenir made for me when I got out:
One of the guys recovered a perfect BB itself, and then the supply guy hammered out the primer pocket, and they glued it in... It actually belongs on this paperweight set they made for me when I got out as well, but point is, look at the date:
TW: Twin Cities Ordnance Plant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, dated 1952... 
That was some of the 'newer' stuff I shot in my time in, which ended in 1999-2000.
I shot that round in 1996.
It was 44 years old.
I was 27 when I pushed the butterflies on that round.
The DotMil always had the "Use the oldest first" rule... the TOW Missiles I fired live shot/war shot?  Usually dated 1972... newest I ever -saw- was in my time in Iraq in 2005, when I saw a 2000 marked made round for a TOW, but it was one of the new-new rounds TOW2B MOD 2 top down tank killer... (side note, I need to find my brasso and polish that thing up ugh!)

Anyways, point is, I then saw we started running out of a LOT of .50cal.  Enough that when it started flowing back in, new-made, in huge pallet loads, the manufacture dates started showing up... 1969...1975... even a box from 1981...  and they were running out 'cos apparently in the 70's and 80's, with the DotMil not on the budget as much as WW2 or Korea, they'd slowed the flow of making these BeeBees.

So they re-cranked up the system.  And we're still feeling that pain today
More for Uncle Sugar means less for the civvie market, no matter -how- thin you slice it.  
And only NOW is Palmetto State ramping up a factory to build 'Murican Rooskie Caliber BeeBees here, and they say it'll take two years to get that stuff flowing properly... I mean still that's a win in my book either way... more BeeBee manufactory?  Yes please.

So, to whit:
This vaxx shytte?
Color me highly sus on the whole thing as especially with the Moderna, the stuff is only good for a few months at extreme refrigeration.  Nevermind how this guy points out just -how long- it'd take to brew, make, bake and bottle this shytte, and yet...

All of a sudden...
"Omicron Variant?  Why step riiiiiight up!  Have we got a new vaxx for you!  We've got a new-new MOR betterer flavor vaxx... gar-ron-teed to make you safer! healthier! wealthier! and wiser!  And the ladies will notice you AND your obvious manly vaxxed self!!! Step right up and get yours today!!!!"

Feel free to use abuse and poast that meme all over the intarhwehbz as let's face it
Mocking and Fucking with them IS a form of warfare that we can do.
In fact, I need to see if I can photoshop Fauxchi's head on that face...
So, What say you?  I think dude has mad valid points, and this's all fucked.  Problem I have with it is that I think they pulled the trigger too early.
'Cos another poast on Gab pointed out how Sou'frica told the major Vaxx Companies on Nov 24th that "T'ank, but no t'anks" to anymore sales or importation of the current NottaVaxx.  Cut two days later, "Omicron Persei III" is announce as being discovered in Sou'frica.  Nov 27th?  Like all the flights is out around and aboot to and from Sou'frica get shut-the-fuck-down, severely impacting the Sta;lled and Damaged Sou'frican economy.

If -I- were a conspiracy oriented individual, I might think this was punishment for them telling the Vaxx Companies to fuck off.  But hey, who am I but a lone loudmother screaming in my demented corner of the intarhwehbz.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, November 28, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A s-l-o-w quiet Sunday, with Dinner a'la BCE on the menu.  In this case the turkey dinner we -didn't- have on Thanksgiving.  Reason was multi-fold so to speak.  One was the night before was a ball buster keg party of a Birfday Celebration, with all the food we could eat.  Two was we had a small ham, tater, green bean and the Xwifes famous stuffing on Thanksgiving itself.  May have my issues with her but the Italian Sausage Based Stuffing recipe of hers is and always will be a keeper.  Then we had 'leftover night' to clean out the previous two days of grub.  And Booze.  And we -still- have shit that's going to go to waste I'm afraid.
So... the turkey.  Sapper literally got an ENTIRE T-Day Dinner gifted to him from his work.  To include the previously-frozen 11 pound turkey.  Which -has- to be cooked.  So I decided tonight's as good as any, so I'm playing with it so to speak.  I brined it dry in salt and a bit of pepper, then used some Middle Eastern Spices I lern't aboot in all my time cooking on the economy in Iraq.  One that I rubbed in was ras-al-hanout, and then, the red?  A fragrant spice called Aleppo Pepper.  It's not hot... just... unless you've had it before, it's hard to describe to a westerner... very fragrant, flavorful spice.... usually adds a hell of a taste kick to whatever you use it in.  I have like a few sealed airtight containers on hand as it's expensive and hard to come by.  We'll see how it goes.

So... newsie-news.
Seems the smash and grab shit all over the country finally claimed the life of a retired cop.
Seems he was working security for the mobile news team covering the story of ANOTHER smash and grab, and ANOTHER group of niggers showed up to rob THEM, and shot this poor bastard.

And it's ongoing.  Now, First off:  As far as media folks "doing their jobs" if I was a security company/guard, at this point, I'd be like the Reverend in "Blazing Saddles"
Serves them shit-stirring fucks right to be robbed, raped, shot, and beaten by the thugs that they theyselves have stirred up Aye.  Poetic fuckin Justice in spades in my book.  Not for nothing, it's the fucking Ministry of Propaganda and Lies who've kept this dung ball rolling so to speak, and they deserve every. single. shitty. thing. owed. to. them a million times over and then some.

Now, to counter this kind of bullshit would be easy.

Just an Executive Order pardoning any and all action taken against 'rampaging mobs of any ilk' with no civil nor federal, county or local repercussions being allowed to be brought.  No civil right suits, no lawsuits, nothing.  Meaning if a mob of thieving feral nigger animals shows up in your shop and proceed to tear shit to hell and gone and steal anything and everything not nailed down, and you unlimber a AR with a 40 round MagPul mag and proceed to stack bodies, you get a 'get out of jail' card, no matter how much kveching, whining and accusations of racy-cyst action they claim.  (It'll never happen, but go with me on this)

Look, if you act like feral rabid nigger animals, (which are no better than rabid fucking animals) then expect to be treated like feral, rabid nigger animals, and be put down like Ole Yeller.  Same goes for any other race that participates in this level of stupid.  Play stupid games Aye?

Same shit should apply at a riot.

THAT right there is why all the leftoid fucking zombies are shitting in their collectivist pantaloons over Kenosha Kyle getting over on the whole scene.  It's now readily apparent that the 'terror of mob violence' tool in their toolbox was just rendered "null and void."  'Cos I sure as fuck here in Florida don't have a 'duty to retreat' and according to some cases, my car is an extension of my house, ergo Castle Doctrine anyone?  

Go ahead, block the road, try and play "Reginald Denny" with me and my ride, see what that earns ye.  Want to show up, start shit, possibly pummel someone without fear of retribution?  Oh yeah, that shit is now gone motherfuckers.  You start laying a beatdown, and it's going to go "full retard" beaucoup quick.  

So much as that MANY of the fucking Bowel-Loose-Movement kids and Antifaggots have decided that in the future they'll be the ones to 'shoot first' which just demonstrates the level of stupid that they are... That's a Pandora's Box that they do not understand.  Shooting -just because- you think you're in danger because an OrangeManBad supporter is carrying a rifle at sling-arms?  You shoot that kid without provocation and I can gar-ron-damned-tee that you'll be the next one in a body bag, along with every. single. asshole. around you.

'Cos once the two way shewtin gallery starts, it's gorrdamned hard to turn it off.  Me being the sick fuck that I am, If I were involved in such a melee?  I'd be doing immediate battlefield intel taking your drivers license off your cooling canoe-headed corpse...  and then possibly, depending on how pissed I am driving to your house and killing everyone there for allowing such a retarded asshole to be -in- this world... Your Mom, your Dad?  Yep.  Burn the house to the ground after... You learn't to be a fucktard somewhere... assault through the target and keep servicing them.  Depends on how mad I am at the time... either way I'd still do the field intel gathering.  One it makes things hard for the fuzz to figure out who's who on the players are, and playing jiggery-pokery with the corpses can add to the fun and games...

I'm not even outside the realm of ear gathering, if only to fuck with the survivors IF there are any.  I mean I wouldn't keep them nasty fucking things... that's evidence.  Bit of battlefield mutilation?  The psychological impact on these easily triggered fucks?  Oh my fucking God can you imagine?  Got me a hunch it'd only take ONE significant in-the-national-limelight Firefight like that to paid put to the end of AntiFa and the like.  Shit, Demo Dick Marchinco of SEAL Team 6 fame, in Vietnam, he and his guys kil't a bunch of gooks.  Took their corpses, cut off their heads, sat and propped the stiffs up, with their own heads in their laps... literally sitting there around the fire, holding their own severed squashes in their laps...  according to records, enemy action in THAT particular sector dropped off to nada overnight...

I'd say that the same shit would work here too.
And what the hell, after the first rounds go two-way travel, the rest are fucking free.
At which point it either goes into "OK everyone, let's step back from the brink here"
or the more likely scenario
The FedGov freaks the fuck out, does a massive manhunt and gets even stupider than before
Alienating anyone still on the neutral side of things.
So, doubt it'll happen, but that's how I see things going, on a sllllllooooooooow burn
So, I'll let ya know how the rest of the day goes and how the turkey is/was.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Weird Music Saturday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Going out this eve with Wifey and treating Dumbunny to a bit of time out w/us.  As in 'get out of the house' for a few and go chill out somewhere for short bux'.  Might go walk around the Big Shopping Outlet mall a ways down the road as they have some Christmas Lighting thing going on, and Iheard the same in Ybor.  Have to see.

Thing is while they're getting ready,  I went in to the bedroom whilst she's doing her hair/makeup and Wifey was watching a vidya on the toob that I haven't seen is like -forever-
El Supremo Weirdo Rooskie singer called Vitas... guy was suuuuuuuuure an oddball.
Apparently that's (leastways in 2002) Rooskie Pop Music... Syntho-Weird-Pop with allllllllll the trimmings to include sparklers...  never did get that whole "Lets wave some burning shit around that'll cause 3rd degree burns and light hair on fire!" in a crowded club....

And if THAT ain'tcher taste, we always have the Wookie Wrestling Team from Estonia:
From the their version of "The Voice" or "something"...
"Something" indeed
Winny Puhh, a Estonian metal/punk band... The thing that gets me is the drummers imitating a rotor on a CH-47...

Me?  I'd be puking my balls out.
But hey... like I said weird amiright?
So, out and off... tomorrow is another day
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, November 26, 2021

Busy Day Today!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wifey blasted me out of the fart sack at oh-early, leastways for my currently 'on vacation' ass it was early, pre-0900.  Before it was being a 'worthless unemployed ass' that slept in, then since Glorious New Tractor Factory Job, now until the start date is my 'vacation.'

Get to fuck off until Tuesday.  Theoretically.  More like reality?  Had to do mucho work-o on the Putt-Putt.  Dead battery: $173.00... WITH the Black Friday 25% off.  Sheesh.  Then?  New Sneakers for the Putt-Putt.  Those I -did- get a deal on, $375 for 4, balanced and mounted AND the old ones disposed of.  

I'm waiting on the call to go pick it up.  Normally I ride on tires til they're like at the threadbare stage.  This time, I went out and 'poked' at the sidewalls, which cracked under my thumbnail... seems the dry rot is a bit more advanced than I'd expected... what the hell... it -was- given to me as a gift... I just didn't know that the tires on it were original equipment.  Like 1999. 

So, deep dive in debt.  Any donations BTW that y'all have done, Mad Gratefully Thankful for.  God knows this job/no job/job/no job...  This one is costing though for the startup as the HQ that I have to go to training at is waaaaaaaaay down in Fort Myers and it's a three day-two night hotel stay, that I had to pay for out of pocket, with promises of reimbursement.  We shall see.  I have to drive down there... it's gonna be questionable whether or not I can get it registered on time for the trip, as I can't have Wifey without wheels with NewGrand in the house.  3 days of no wheels is no go.  Issue is getting into the DMV on Monday AND having the $400 to pay for it.

So, anyways

Let's cut back to some observations we got as this year is closing out.  Couple of the Biggest ones are the NottaVaxx Question, vis-a-vis the insane amount of previously healthy athletes -suddenly and unexpectedly- suffering grave and almost fatal heart conditions where before, there was never any issues?
Now, European "Football" as they call it... they jabbed early, and jabbed hard.  Ladi-dadi-every-fuckin'-body got the jab as the FIFA is like a huge moneymaker...  problem is now?  Lotsa prime players are dropping out, falling out and/or dying from 'heart and chest issues' where there weren't none before a'tall.  Link to ONE story HERE: 

Now, if you've ever BEEN to a real-time European Soccer game, us 'Muricans find it sorta D&B.. dull and boring.  The problem is that man, let me tell you... to be a pro-soccer player, you gotta be in unbelievable shape to haul your carcass over  the acres and acres of a soccer pitch.  I get chest pains just thinking about all that running

And now?  These guys, the pros who've never had -any- issues before are 'suddenly all developing' "heart conditions?"  I wonder what might have changed over the past year or so to cause that to happen?

Guess we'll never know Aye?

Same goes for ALL the spikes in 'unexpected dead motherfuckers' this year.  If I were an Insurance Actuarial, I'd be all sorts of out of shape over the numbers for 2021... like we're at a 20% increase of dead folks in ranges where we normally don't have that many dead folks... and these are not COVID related deaths... no no... again, they have no idea why there's a sudden and unexpected jump in the 
numbers of folks who've unexpectedly cashed in...  it's almost like there may or may not be some commonality involved... but Aye... what do I know?

Then next fun filled balloon-o-poo... The Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den went in to the MedShed for a Colonoscopy... (probably looking for his brain).  The Sawbones in Charge released a 6 page medical report that was literally a puffed-up-piece of Bullshit.  LOTS of "Oh his asshole was fine and there was a teeny benign lump but other than that, he's fine."...  Like nothing vis-a-vis the fact that he's becoming a shambling corpse right out of the "Walking Dead"  Motherfucker wanders around clueless... not a mention of his mental acuity, which the enemedia demanded of OrangeManBad...  and now our media?  The Ministry of Propaganda and Lies?

It's well past the time we should have started shewtin' them motherfuckers.
But as it was said before by William T Sherman (a great War Criminal in his own right) "If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast."  In fact, THATS the marker I'm watching for... Not some Fed getting capped... not some persecutor or Judge... Nope... the press.  They're soft targets and aren't even aware of it.  In fact I was disappointed to find out Don Lemon was in town and I didn't hear about it.  I could have easily orchestrated a 'bump into him' at a bar and then let nature take it's course, as in be beating his fucking head into his shoulderblades while screaming how "He groped me!!!"  That'd be fun

Same with watching Tater Stelter swing from a branch outside his home.
Fuck those people.  When they start showing up with a serious case of the deads, that means "it" may have just begun.  After all, killing a reporter we've seen, besides the kvetching and screaming?  It's only murder.  No "special enhancements" as it were.  Though watch as soon as the first Major Talking Head gets literally removed with a .338 Lapua Magnum live on air, you can bet yer bottom dolla that the Feds'll try to jump in on the "Journalism Protection Act" which will make them the de-facto Protected Propaganda Arm instead of the current dejure.

Please go ahead.  It only helps then to prove to 'normies' that you're a Dick-Tater-Shit.
Keep pushing and eventually, they'll overreach.  As I've stated before, there's only so many cops to go around and the cops???  The smart ones will bail and bolt from the scene as soon as they realize they're on the lists.  Last thing we want to do is make war on Police...  BUT:

Look at Australia:  It's becoming the true dystopian nightmare that you see in movies.  The reports coming out of the Camps there are truly horrific, and it's readily apparent that the Gestapo Effect is in Full Measure there, as in "I'm only following orders!"  Beatings, intimidation... acting like the Praetorian Bully Boys with Badges?  That shit... as long as we got the weaponry, it (hopefully) won't happen here.  In fact, the very fact that the Fuzz have been under near-constant attack by ALL of the Left, I don't see them playing along much longer... More of a "Fuck you, I quit."  Especially if they're given orders that're blatantly wrong and false.  I would hope leastways.

But, as I said, things are in free fall.

We don't know when or where the bottom is coming.  I do know without a doubt that the whole "COVID-Nu" out of Botswana?  Bunchabullshytte there Aye?  How many more weeks to flatten the curve you lying fucks?  Gah... I need a belt-fed.  That's one of the projects I want to work on... an MG-39 or 42/44 belt fed in .308/7.62... juuuuust to see if'n I could do it.  The kits are out there... the parts all over the place.  Problem is $$$ as I can't afford to tell the time these days.

Oh well... man has to have a dream Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Quiet Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
"So far, so good!" said the man as he passed the 37rd floor of the Empire State... it's not the fall that kills you... it's the -sudden- stop.  But as of now, thats how I feel we're in... sort of a quiet free-fall.  Not sure when the ground is going to -suddenly- rush up out of the silence and whether or not it's a giant feather pillow at the bottom waiting or the hard ke-splish! of hitting concrete headfirst at terminal velocity.

Only thing that matters is whether you wore your chute when the fall first started.

The day news wise has been silent.  Slept in til 14:00 as I could because why the hell not?  I made a swmall T-Day dinner in thanks to all who was over and participated in the ritual of the "Old Man's Birfday".  My many thanks to you Droogs who wished the same to me.  It was great day.

Like I said...a nice quiet day.
The gift I got from Wifey and everyone... OMFG
It was a 'group gift'
a Crystal Rifle Decanter, rack and 4 glasses.
It's filled with 10 year old Japanese Single Malt Whiskey:
Really smoooooth stuff.
Sapper's pick of course.  Wifey's Idea and Spawn's Assistance.
Gotta love 'em.

But yeah, we're just chilling tonight.  Got some stuff to do tomorrow.  Getting the Putt-Putt re-operational (battery and tires) and hopefully get it up and running, as Tuesday I start at Glorious People's Tractor Factory.
So Hope your day was a chill as mine Much love to y'all and your families!
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I'm Old but Thankful

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
'Tis off-fish-shul
I'm old.
Been a nice, slow q-u-i-e-t day sans strive, lots of naps, breakfast made for me, and having just gotten up from a nap, looks like things are planned for some partying in a few.

Thanksgiving has always been a sort of special holiday for me, as it's well, every couple of years my ackchual birfday itself, which meant when I was a lil 'un... a mere whippersnapper the BIG fambly gathering of Ye Total Fam (MomUnits Fam is HUGE and unfortunately I lost contact with them all, being the eee-vil whypeepo superpreemiecyst I am... they're so Blue... OMFG Blue)  but as a pre-woke Younin', Thanksgiving usually meant a lot of presents and party-style stuff at the T-Day gathering.

These days I'm just grateful to be on this side of the dirt.

I mean looking back?  I'm 52... for 52 the amount of shit I've been-there-done-that-got-the-t-shirt-AND-shrapnel-wounds from?  I mean full life?  I've had a few.  And I mean a few... lives that is...  I'm still not sure what or why I'm here but the Big Jumpmaster's seems to keep me around, if only for comic relief. 

And I'm good with that.

I'm thankful for relative good health despite My own and Others attempts to kill me
Multiple Times as it were.

I'm thankful for the small online community of neer do wells, oddballs, scumbags, lunatics, and crazies who I communicate with, and participate in this Grand Weird Experiment of blegging, both IRL/Meetspace and on the Phone, with promises that we'll be face-to-face at some point, Hell or High Water.  Kenny, Phil, Mike, Art, Glen, Divemedic, Borepatch, Dio and Bill... all scholars and gentlemen of a sort...

I'm thankful for my renewed relationship with My Spawn.
Greatest. Fucking. Kid. Ever.
Period fucking dot.

And I'm thankful for Wifey who helped me rebuild my life after so much sand got poured in the gears, only a master mechanic like her could fix the damage.  As well as Sapper for putting up with my insanity and wild schemes.  Dumbunny and because of her, her kid(s) GranBebe and NewGran are the absolute best.  Seems the best of HER is in both of them, and I told her, that's a stepping stone for her to learn from.  Even babies can help teach us oldsters occasionally.
IF we know how to look and learn.
They're ALWAYS learning from us:
Case in point.  GranBebe found and was running around in my Lord Humongous mask yesterday.  Wifey was not pleased but Sapper and I were laughing our balls off... especially when I told her to tell Gigi (thats Wifey) to "Take the guzzoleen and just go away!" in her 'monster voice'... wish I'd gotten vidya of it but OMFG...

So, Enjoy the holiday and have fun.  I'll be watching the news as it seems that the Leviathan likes to 'pull shit' on the Holidays, so I'ma watching for any False Flags, and will poast ASAP if I seen anything.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

I -Was- Right! He IS a Muj!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK... this was -somewhat- unexpected.  When the Waukesha Pedo-Car-Murderer was initially reported, I said in my poast "Guess the Race AND Religion":
Oh, and BTW:  The 5 KIA's were the "Dancing Grannies"
And then, add on another corpse... one of the kids died today in Intensive Care

Why the fuck this guys is still drawing O2 is amazing.

This's Wisconsin... land of Hunting and Deer Rifles.  If my kid/wife/whoever was a victim of this asshole who was caught red-fucking handed, and who BTW seems to be going for the "crazy defense" as the intel is getting leaked?  I'd be across from the jail/courthouse/whatever with a fucking zeroed to 1000 meters fucking .300 Winchester Magnum or .338 Lapua so's the body armor that this fuck's been decked in is a non-starter.  Punch a BIG hole through him with a mercury filled hollowpoint just to be sure...

But, back to the moment of my being right.  


Seems MOR digging on this asshole here?  Seems he's a member of "The Relion of Peace" in a roundabout way. 


Something called the "Five Percent Nation" which is a spinoff of the Nation of Islam.  Now granted, these are just MORE fucking nigger "we wuz kangs and sheeee-it" fucking groups... a most delusional pile of animals Aye?  I could respect Malcom X... dude hated you, and you could hate him right back, no harm, no foul.  Flat out, an enemy of Whypeepo, but a relatively respectable enemy.  

These fucking nutjobs?  What the fuck was that group of crazy ass grifter-niggers who wanted to build some Niggertopia in the mountains of what?  Colorado or what?  I did a couple of writeups on that crazy shytte a ways back... anywho.

So, technically I was right about him being a Muj... leastways in his mind he probably thinks his is a "Noble Mujahideen Warrior" fighting the "good fight".  What I see?  A fucking target that needs servicing pronto.

Which then leads me to 'other issues'.

Something like this?  This's bad enough to warrant a good old fashion "Regulation" a'la Lynch Mobs and whatnot.  In fact, they very fact that they're covering up this fucking piece of shit so hard is only going to further inflame people, especially if any of the other kids die from their injuries.  As far as this fucker?  I do. not. care. if he had a 'rough disadvantaged childhood'.  If anything, IF his parents were alive/available or whoever raised this fuck?  

They need to be on trial right fucking next to him for having so utterly failed at raising -any sort- of a decent human being.

And then hung on the same branch next to him as well.
If the branch'll take the weight.

'Cos I see we're getting one more outraged moment from a complete vigilante approach to things.  Used to be IF the Judge and/or Courts and Sherriff failed in their civic duty, then the locals would take care of it... efficiently and quickly.

Although I think for this asshole's crimes?  
A slow feet-first ride into the Morbark is warranted.
Jes' Sayin'.

Oh, and the obviously corrupt and incompetent DA who let this feral nigger back on the streets?
Fire and Impoverish his ass.  
Fire him, have him Disbarred, a Complete Seizure of all Assets, Jail Time and then fuck that guy.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Good News and VA

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Great news today on Ye Olde Home Front in oh so many ways.  First, Dumbunny is now and utterly under MY absolute total despotic control.  I, plainly put, utterly lost my collective shit last night.  The final straw was her asking to 'rent a movie' on Amazon, to which I asked A) How much and B) Why?  To which she tells me $5.99 and "Well, I was just checking because I already rented it..."

That sat on me for a few minutes until I suddenly had the realization that she felt entitled to ordering a movie with my money when I'm literally scrimping and saving every. fucking. dime around here, and that if there was a movie she wanted to see, Me or Sapper could download it off of a pirate site no issue.

I blew the fuck up.  Even Wifey was afraid.  

See, 'round here?  Even Wifey asks for permission BEFORE I let her do the 'ordering a movie' thing 'cos I account for every dime in or out.  Ever since XWife lost me that HUGE boodle of $750K, I 've been a hawk with the ducats and shekels.  And this little bitch just went and blew $6 of my cash?  Oh hell to the fucks to the nopes.

So, that's settled.  Won't go in-depth too much, but lets just say that if I tell her to jump, her standing orders are to levitate until I give her an altitude vector.

Or Else.

Then, The other great news?
New Job in Glorious Peoples Republic again!  New Gig for BCE!!!  Urrah!!!!   I got and signed an offer letter today, and it's going to be somewhat interesting work I think.  I owe it to the Gray Man who's a regular here who hooked a brother up and got my resume into the right hands.  I'll -finally- be meeting up with him, and gifting him some well-earned Thankees as I'm now back in the groove, and loving it.

Unemployment never did kick in... I got a letter saying they were 'researching' the issue.  Almost 8 weeks later Aye?  That's DotGov for you... fucking over and fucking up the little guy since 1780.

Which then brings me to another 'rabbit hole' so to speak.
I got a strange letter/package in the mail today from the VA.  Specifically (and I know, TMI) a poop-testing kit.  Which I find very odd as I haven't heard of anyone ordering any such test for me, nor would I get something like this, as I'm all sorts of all over my Med side of the house, as in lots of 'stuff' being tracked. 

This test is the "FIT" test, fecal immunochemical test, which is supposed to test for blood in the poo.  Now yeah, I'm over 50, but even then, every three years I get the colonoscopy done since I was 40 'cos that's what kil't Dad.  Colon Cancer is a real scare in the fam, and nevermind that I -already- have a metric fuckton of cancer screenings every year since I lost that airbag to the Big "C", I found it really odd that this thing showed up, unordered, unwanted and in my opinion unwarranted.

In fact there's no order paperwork in it.  Just a rando-set of instructions and "Do this and send it back."  Now, paranoid bastard that I am, let me as if any of Y'all out there have gotten anything like this recently?  My paranoia is based on what else can this test reveal/test for?  

'Cos the COVID Ass-Test Swab is real from what I heard... Can they also test yer shit (literally!) to see if you got the Notavaxx or Not?  Inquiring minds...  as in "test to see if you got it or not"  Not for nuthin', t'aint anyones biddness anyhow...  See, I talk with ALL my docs like on the regular.  Not the 'once a year' thing, but a shrink every 3 weeks, and my primary care doc at least every 90 days, plus my weight-loss/nutritionist, and that doesn't even cover Oncology, Rheumatology, Pulmonology... hell I got a whole boatload of Docs I see and talk to on the reg, and not one of them ordered this here thing.

I'ma trashing it.  I may trust my docs, but the Veterans Administration as a institution/organization?  Oh fuck no.  I got more faith in -anything- than any federally run shytte these days Aye?  It may say "In God We Trust" on our cash, but the FedGov?  Fuck no.

So, I start next week after the upcoming festivities.  We got a Ham, Turkey and all the normal fixins.  Should be a great meal and then OMFG Leftovers.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, November 22, 2021

In 3...2...1...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Annnnnnnnd in 3... 2... 1...
Looking around, outside of a few mentions mostly on Fox News, it's fucking *crickets* about the Mass Murder of Grannies and Kids at a Christmas Parade.  We know that we got 5 dead so far and 40 injured, out of that 40?  18 little kids, 10 of which who're in Intensive Care

Annnd I called it last night... the nigger in question?
Oh what a sweetheart dis fukkin' guy is...
"A background check from Wisconsin's Department of Justice came back with over 50 pages of charges against Brooks stretching back decades."


He's a Class Two convicted Pedophile in Nevada.
Plus, he pure hates Whypeepo as shown by his numerous poastings which, BTW are being scrubbed as fast as they can be found by the oh-so-helpful Social media so as to try and provide cover for this fuck.
Add on they haven't as of yet announced the KIA'd in this incident as I got a hunch that's only going to incense motherfuckers further into "lynch mob mode" 'cos a LOT of the pictures I saw of the aftermath?

Lots of lil kid carriers and broken carriages
Like lil lil kids...

Tell ya, there's only one way to see a guy like this:
Look into the camera fucker.
Smile IF you see the flash.
Any arguments?  Nope?
Didn't think so.
But even then, the evil haters out there are trying to make excuses for this fuck.
Talking about how he was 'running from another "situation" which is why he blazed into a crowd of "Dancing Grannies and Kids"... fleeing a stabbing is what the RUMINT is... as if that excuses it at all.  My guess is they'll spin it that some eeee-vil whypeepo superpreemiecyst was chasing him, and the Poor Dindu Nuffin was fleeing for his life... Any bets?

Nope, I ain't doin' no sucker bets here Aye.
Glen Filthie put it pretty well today:

America has a nigger problem.

But don’t let me get in the way of the candle light vigils, the teddy bears,
and the hordes of brain dead virtue signalling shitlibs and their thoughts and prayers.
But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, dontchya know!!!
Those kids in the parade were probably all racists.
So there!!!


Got the issue in one there Glen...
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Guess the Race AND Religion

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Lotsa KIA in Wisconsin...
Totally sucks...

I gar-ron-damned-tee by the 'waffling' I'm seeing that it's either a nigger and/or Muj

Reason?  Over 3 hours ago and no perp id
You tell me?
More Later I Remain The "Calling it Like It Is" Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Sunday, November 21, 2021

Quickie Comments And ANOTHER Vid

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So this time, it wasn't laziness per say, just BUSY AF.  Spawn and his woman came over for dinner, that I'd been prepping for two days, (as in the food needed a marination) and came out OMFG good. 

We ate almost 4 pounds of beef.  So, whilst dinner was great, and the conversation off the chain, I was busy as usual, so no loooooong blegg that I usually do.
Stock pic, not mine.
But I -might- have one later as DB does the "instagram-attention-whoring"
She took a pic 'cos mine was that close to this LOL.

So, because of the cooking/prep, Today was a motherfucker of a lot of work what with the cooking.  Ko-reeeeeeeeeeeeeee-an Bulgogi.  Marinated overnight.  A choice between Jasmine rice, or 'genuine' rice noodles...  (I got them at at the Chinese store) where God Help you if the don't rikey you when it comes to helping you with buying/translation... canned squid anuses, $3 a can?  Yeah... not chancing it...

And I thought "Spotted Dick" in England was fucked up.

So, instead I did a vidya... again.
This'un here's a bit longer than I like
Do me a solid and tell me if'n I'm boooooring

I can't improve without intel.

The YewTube link is here:
The GAB TV is here:

So, Hopefully tomorrow'll be easier
Though I have my doubts
"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, November 19, 2021

'Nother New Vidya

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been a minute but I got me mojo back tonight.  Let me know what you think:
Otherwise, it's just another Friday.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

And NOW The Fun'll -REALLY- Begin

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Color me surprised.  Pleasantly surprised.  The Kenosha Kid got cleared of all charges, leastways in the criminal side of things. 
That's his shocked face I gar-ron-damned-tee.

So now that part of the shytteshow is over, I fully expect the Fucktard Feds to jump onto the civil rights side of things.  Seeings that The Orifice of the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is more fucked up than a football-bat, and just doesn't get it.  I swear their grasp of "optics" are about as bad as Oedipus's.  

So, watch.  
I'm sure that the Fucking Bureau  of Incompetence have already put on their collective golf shoes, so as to better stomp on their cranks as needed.  In fact I wouldn't put it past them to do a 'no knock raid' on his house at oh-dark early, just to show their collectivist displeasure.

You heard it here first.

Tyrants gonna do Tyranny. 
They can't help theyselves Aye?
So yeah, the fun though is just getting started.  Seems Nick Sandman of the "Covington Kid" kerfuffle reached out the Kyle the other day, saying "Been there, Done that, Sued the Fuck Out of the Bastards and Won."  Told him essentially he's gone through the media crucifixion, and he knows the ins and outs... essentially "Have your people call my people, and we'll make 'em bleed."
'Cos just for starters/instances:
Those five assholes, to include the Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant are fucking toast.  Sandman nor his people, they've never broke any NDA, but the RUMINT is CNN settled for upwards of 200 Million, rather than go to trial.  Never mind what happened with all the other cases...  I'd say MSNBC, Joy (Stupid Nigger) Reid, and her Double Ended Dildo Friend (((Joy Behar))) are going to be feeling the heat shortly. 

Sue 'em til their fucking eyes bleed.
I know I would
So, gotta keep this one short as I'm on double duty... recovered from whatever 24/48 hour flu I had, but NOW I have to take care of Whiney Wifey, who's in extreme snivvle and bitch mode.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Cool Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a package today from one of you Droogs who I've been in contact with over the past two years.  Early B-Day Gift is what I'm calling it.  And what a surprise it is!  Heavy as all get the hell out.  Had no idea what it was but since it went USPS as opposed to UPS I figured it wasn't gunfood.  
It was however a shocker
The box was chock-a-block for of them...
What appear to be hand made Damascus steel boot knives.
All different
All handmade
No "Made in China" bullshit stamps.  In fact, there are very minor imperfections that show these were ALL "Forged in Fire" handmade/home made with care blades.  And sharp as fuck.  Sapper said he could use one to shave his grape when we were unwrapping all them goodies.

And, as we got to the bottom of the box, again, Surprise #2:
Four original still in the wrapper M-14 20 Round Magazines for my M1A.
Needless to say, they ain't ever getting used, unless the shit hits the oscillation device.  They're going up with the 'other' DotMil collectibles I have, as a November 1960 new-in-the-bag M-14 marked magazine?  I mean where the fuck did he find these?  The one on the far left in the pic is the 1960, and the others are 2X January 1962 and one December 1962 date of manufacture. 1960 mag was also made by H&R.  The others are marked R&G but I'm unfamiliar with that.  More research to be done.

But to my benefactor, me most 'umble thanks and gratitude.  This's waaaay above and beyond, and Sapper and Wifey have already gone through the pile to find the one that they wanted... guess that takes care of stocking stuffers for this year Aye?

Now, other things.  Dumbunny got us allll sick now, although I'm recovering.  Medicated with beer and a LOT of vitamins.  Zinc, D, C and lots of water in between.  Slept ALL day too, between the "Quil" and all the other stuff, I was out like the dead.

So, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Rittenhouse Trial.  It's readily apparent that the Jury has been tainted by all the niggers and attempts to Doxx, so I'd say Mistrial, and then NOT fuck around IF they try to riot.  Just go in for mass incarceration and arrest, authorize massive lethal force mandates and call it a day.  It worked here in Tampa back during the bad ole days of 2020.

So, besides the obvious bullshit  there, I'm beginning to wonder what's going on with "Willy Brown Breath" Harris... it's becoming obvious to me because the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies that they're setting her up for a fall... maybe firing?  Has that ever happened before?  I know they usually dump a worthless Veep during election times, see Roosevelt's going-into-his-4th-term when they brought Truman in to replace the universally hated Wallace.

How do they get rid of Willy Brown Breath?  Impeachment?  Or can the Biden Cabal just -fire- her?  I'd say if they did that, it's be a precursor for the much wanted Race War they've been pushing for all this time.  Shitcan the first whammenz pseudo Black Streetshitter Veep?  Yeah, that'd cause a Feminazi muh Diversity Chimpout of EPIC proportions.

Not that us reg'lar folks'd care
Unless they try to bring that shytte here to my street?

Then it's open season on retards, no bag limit.
So, last thing, I did a "Glen Filthie" style pic.  His website is here and has been re-added to Ye Olde Blogroll of Equal Opportunity Offenders.  He's got some great pictures of classic stuff from the past.  I highly recommend and a-polly-olly-geez for the oversight on addi ng you here to my miscreants and thugs.  The page is here:
And My Homage Pic?
Amazing what a couple of filters can do to some stuff Aye?
So, More later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Gun Refurb Time!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, Dad-in-Law's little revolver was broken.  Asked me if'n I could fix it.  Now, who am I to turn down a fix job on a piece?  I mean it's not the money (although this one is a freebie 'coz Dad and all) but also I love to play around with old weapons, especially broken ones.  I love the challenge of either finding the needed part OR having to manufacture.

Now, turns out I was wrong about the make manufacture and model.  Found out when I busted it waaay down.  It's not a Saur .22, but a Schmidt Colt Scout.  OR a Texas Ranger.  It's confusing 'cos as I tore it down, I found a couple of different things aboot it.
This of course was the 'before' refurb/repair.
I tore it down, and th inside of the faux mother-of-pearl grips had some markings:
Now, the reason for the confusion is that one the bottom, very faintly stamped is the markings that say "Texas Ranger."  I'm not exactly sure what's going on BUT I did find out that the majority of Schmidt revolvers were outlawed and banned from import by the Gun Control Act of 1968 as it was considered a "Saturday Night Special" for the companies revolver frames were made of a Zinc-Copper-Aluminum alloy which melts at a temperature below 800 degrees F. making these revolvers illegal to sell in South Carolina, New York, and several other states.  The -only- model that was allowed to be imported was the Texas Ranger model... 

So here's what -I'm- thinking:  The company had a ban on importing the el-cheapo pistolas, so they simply went and stamped "Texas Ranger" on the bottom of the Colt Scout model.  Back then all 'cowboy guns' looked the same, and it'd take a metallurgist to tell if the frame was bullshit or not.  The -other- reason for my guesswork I'll get into as we go along.

Now, once it was torn down, I found that the gate on it wasn't spring fitted per se.  There's a pressure pin like you have on the AR safety that locks the gate in place, either open or closed:
That pin was knocked out of place... it looked like a little teeny gear that fits inside the larger piece.  Someone, in the mists of time used some sort of scotch tape to put over the pin, and then re-inserted it into the main gate itself!  What. The. Fuck?

Me?  I took a lil JB Weld on a toothpick, coated the inside of the gate side, and put pin 'A' into hole 'B' and then seated it with me little brass hammer.  2 hours later and it was like new.

But the fun wasn't over, and this's why I think the Krauts played fast n loose with the naming of this pistol.  The trigger and bolt spring screw, when I took it out, it practically fell out, along with a copious amount of metal shavings and threading bits.
And nope, not even Numrich had the screw in stock, not that'd matter as the frame itself, the threads were shot out.  Sooooo that meant having to manufacture a screw that'd work.  I found a slightly wider screw in my box o'screws, and when I put it in, I could feel it 'cut' into the frame as I was putting it in.  Hence why I think this one of them el-cheapo copper-zinc-aluminum jobbers.
I then marked it, and cut off the screw with my Dremel.  It worked like a charm.  
However, I wasn't quite done.  I called Dad and asked if I could do a refinish on it, as it was pretty grungy and well, the finish was shit to begin with.  I hit it with a light ceramic Cerakote ripoff I got somewhere.  I've used it quite a few times before, and have never had an issue with it in times past. 
The results:
The phots don't really do it justice.  There's a very faint amount of metallic flake in the mix, so it's got a bit of the pimped out look to it.  And to those who are 'purists' of 'leave the original patina on it'... under normal circumstances, if it was a legit Colt or something even like a repro FIE or something I'd agree.  However, these things have a market value of like $50.  Dirt-assed el-cheapo Ghetto Blasters... I mean Dad at 80 something, this's his 'last ditch oh shit' weapon on the nightstand.  I think he's gonna love it.

I also put a dollop of white phosphor paint on the front blade sight in case he's using it at night.  Either way, it was a fun project for last night when I started it and finishing it today whilst I wait on 'gainful employment.'

Let me know whatcha think!
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country