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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Yeah, Again with Editing?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaaaaaaaaaaan I am sooooo having to learn ALL the editing Software.  AND I'm pissed at meselves.  I don't want to make loooooooooooooooong rambling vidyas.  However, as I write, so goes nYe Olde Viday Channel.

So, we gots another one:

Which is:
Dis fukking one?
OK... without too much reveal, I was dead the fuck right to keeping Wifey home today.  And no 'Derq, we ain't  at the pork-chop-gator-walkaboot.....


I AM keeping it in mind tho.  Good Idea Bro...
It's what I love aboot you sick fucks.
Even a Good Church Going Lady like Large Marge give me something I can work with
And man, so is she, DumBunny, (keeping said aforementioned Gator-Walk) in mind....  Think she went through 2-3 pairs of panty-shields when I got home, maybe even drawers 'cos when -I- go on a rampage?  Yeah, it's bad, but today?  I went all fartlike... silent, but deadly.  It's when I get quiet... Sapper went in, blocked and locked his door, and told me he'd be on 'standby' with the shovel and quiklime.

God I purely love good subordinates.

Hard to find Great Minions these days Aye?

And if YooToob nukes it, IT IS on GAB:

Hope you enjoy.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Big Country,
    It sucks to have this in your own house. I used to tell my wife, "I can have drama from home, or drama from work, but I can't deal with both". It sounds like you do, and i know how much that sucks.

  2. well, for someone who finding your way alone this shit show. you doing fine. as for db and kids. the grandkids are great
    until they get brainwashed by said mom. enjoy them while you can. put my version of db on a plane to the ex and told her do not come back. happiness is 5 or more states AWAY from your ex (ask me how I know ) anyway. love your take
    on current shit as it does mirror my own view of shit. one difference being is I no longer brother reading the hope I do have is when the shit kicks off, a whole lot of these asswipes are dragged out into the street
    and shot. or hung or dragged behind a truck or track. either one would be worth watching or reading about.
    later, used to be 1/503 across the lot from d,3/187

  3. You're getting betterer and betterer at this. Try to stay mentally balanced with regard to family drama (i know, easier said than done) great content, enjoyed the show! I'm a big fan. Btw, love the hats. Ohio Guy

  4. So I read a blurb that they denied Ashli a military funeral. So in addition to murdering her they will not even give her the burial she earned?

    My list. It is so long. And people(s) move up and down positions. But whoever the petty bureaucrat that said, "nah, fuck her. Bury her yourself." I want a lottery for the privelage of Vladding that motherfucker.

  5. BCE~ Good Sir I hope this day finds you well and that your store of quick lime has not been broached yet.
    It might be not easy to replace fairly soon. The Dead Grandma meme gives a clue as to what the old jabber-owie fall over deader than a road kill skunk will be happening to some of the recipients.
    The term "Reavers" comes to mind and there is not a Firefly nor River in site. Red

  6. Soory to post again, Here is the link tpo the Washington post story on the C4 School Bus
    Said it was OK, since there were no blasting caps, or whateverr is needed to ignite plasic explovives. i knew a guy who was in nam, and they would scrounge C4, and ignite to to heat their food, I guess the Washington Post thinks there is no heat, nor ignitables under the hood of a bus

  7. BCE,
    Although I would not rate your writing skills as novelist, you do posses certain unique talents. These lie in your story telling style. When I read your stories my mind is constantly barraged with images to fit the tale. As with all folks, these images fit my personal perception of what you are relating which melds with any personal experiences in my own life. Example: how many images of dumbunny are out there among your readership? As well as sapper? Anyone of your stories gets personalized thousands of times.
    VERSUS your rambling oratory. Although the stories may be the same, I get just one image of you for the duration of the episode. That is a POOR substitute for the images your printed stories conjure. It is the difference between an action movie and studying for a geography test.

    DROP THE VIDEO! Or at least separate it entirely from your blog site. Just some rambling thoughts from an old guy.

  8. Much better audio this round, yay!!! Prolly didn't need much tweaking either.
    No further advice from moi since other than sound, you're in territory I'm unfamiliar with. Good luck