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Friday, October 1, 2021

Ugh.. a Personal Rant and Trolls

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
"May you live in interesting times." Ancient Chinese Curse.  No kidding there Aye?  Somedays are pure-dee trainwrecks.  For a Friday, I really wish things could go smoothly.  Instead, well, some of y'all long-old-timers here are familiar with DumBunny and DumFuck.  Wifey's near-do-well daughter and the Asshole she spawned with, not one, but two kids, one of whom is the only thing that warms that blackened chunk of cold dead heart in me chest.  GranBebe has been both a -bit- of a curse but more of a Blessing.  Curse in the respect that man, "I'm getting too old for this shytte!" chasing a 3 point 5 year old around.  At 54 I'm supposed to be starting that slow, mellow slide towards the dirt nap dammit.  I've earned a nice chill.

Instead?  Whelp, last night Wifey did a rock-around-the-clock balls to the wall drive to Tennessee and evacc'd DumBunny and NewGranBebe this A.M.
Tellin' ya, Wifey got balls of steel...
So, it seems DumFuck is up to his 'normal' antics of wifebeating and being a psycho-control asshole... DumBunny was working full time, and he takes the money, the car, and has his "Meemaw" (who's a pure-dee whyttetrashiod pill dealer) keep the kid while she's working.  She's been in the typical abusive circle, and Wifey got done last night and said "I'm going in!" 


Thank the Good Lord, she pulled it off.  Also, Thank the Good Lord I haven't shitcanned the #1 GranBebe's stuff... been meaning to donate the stuff she's outgrown and whatnot, but now?  OMFG... back to start again... Diapers, bebe food, maaaaaaaaaan.  Until DumBunny can unfuck herself, I'ma stepping up again.  <Le Sigh>... Back to the lab again so to speak
Great shows back before the pozz totally took over.
Now... the issue(s) besides the financials, is that DumFuck is part of the "Hillbilly Mafia" from my understanding.  And he ain't gunna be nun too happy that we dun came an took his wimmen and kid(s)... he purely hates us for 'stealing' GranBebe #1, and I'm sure he's going to be on fire over this particular slight.

So, we're on full alert here at Casa Big Country.  Shoulder rig and hot loaded nine at all times, at least for the next few weeks.  I already alerted the PoPo, who, with their usual crackerjack abilities told me to dial 911 and they might be there before I have to make DumFuck "good". They won't trespass pre-emptively.  Gee, thanks a whole hell of a lot  there Lou....   Mighty fine work there...

 Although I have a clever plan to avoid any "Imperial Entanglements"... leastways I hope.

I'm in the process of making some less-than-lethal rounds for the "Flare Launcher".  I got tubes to make fireworks, and instead of loading the firework fixins, I'm loading a three inch tube with sand.  A 30-40 grain FF black powder charge -should- keep it from being terminal IF I have to kerblast this asshole.  I mean by all rights, this asshole IF he had two functional brain cells would never even think about showing up here, however, dis fuckin guy?  Moron, actually that's an insult to morons... this piece of shit?  Yeah, he's going to come and pull -something- I can gar-ron-tee it.

The cameras are in place, and that -should- keep us 'covered' legally.
Besides, staring down the bore of a 37mm weapon, with Sapper holding a AR right behind me?  Dude's going to get three warnings, and then the cops had better be here to escort this 'gentleman' out of the area, lest we have to test Castle Doctrine again.

So other fun things.  I updated Phil's addy in the sidebar, he's been drawing MAD smoke from a bunch of retards and trolls who, by chance live over in Orlando.  So much so Phiil migrated to insure he stays operational, hence the update.  This one guy, he's made death threats online, and works for Disney.  Wonder if they know they have a hardcore AntiFa Leftists making not-so-subtle death threats and calls for violence on Phil's Blog...seems Mr. Name and Pic removed by request purely loves being an all-around asshole... 

Truly, a manly man, doing manly things apparently.
What kills me is how these idiots use their names IRL online...
Pure Genius Aye?  
The other is some insane woman, cray-cray as only a single mother of like whatever 4-5 from 3 doodz could be... box wine and cat lady material.  Seems someone called CPS on her, whether or not it was connected to the unhinged nature of her rants or what... as Phil told her in the comments:

Fucking Aye there... a broad like that?  Getting all cray-cray online?  She's probably pissed off a lot of folks in her life, so CPS?  That ain't a thing that's utilized in flame-wars.  Considering that until she mentioned it, we (as a group) had no idea she had kids...  dumbass.

Man, the stupid, all day everyday.
So, I'll keep y'all updated as we go.  Hopefully I'll get into some righteous shit later if the day allows me.  All depends... I'm monitoring a training class, and interviewing and doing all the boss stuff all day.  Thankfully when they're (the trainees) in study mode, I can henpeck dis here shytte out.

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I feel ya. Sorta one chip out of the whole bag compared to your situation, but still...

    Our daughter and her hubby are both street cops, neighboring cities/departments. On days their shifts overlap, wife and I babysit our seven month old grandson. He is a hoot. That is all a plus.

    In a bit under two years, I turn 70. My wife is there. It takes both of us, and takes us a day to R&R. Hubby's ex (with whom he had two kids) is a wacko witch, her husband is a convicted felon. We have not had to deal with wacko directly, but are on the edge of the blast radius. As you say "Head on a swivel".

    Weapons free.

    Family first.

  2. you might want to try dried beans and some sand mixed as it would be a lighter load and more like what the fuzz use.
    hell, if you can find a tube the right size, roll up wet paper to make the tube and fill it with dried beans.
    hot glue the ends shut and away you go,

  3. Off topic question:
    I just learned of some medical administration types (running a hospice) getting fed ex deliveries (addressee must sign for package personally) . Both got identical packages, Sent from Homeland Security.

    Package contained a card with phone number and a note, "Use this number in case all communication is disrupted and you need assistance/guidance."

    Other medical personnel at business did not receive packages. Thus probably directed at administration having contact info and possibly supervisory control of medical personnel. Is somebody working to create a directory or list of medical people to "Federalize" in case of expected emergency?

    Have you heard of this anywhere else? This was in Arkansas this week.

    1. Well, up here in SE CT, many of the doctors' offices seem to be having major phone issues. The doc we have to coordinate a surgery date for Offspring One left a message a week ago, we left a message back, and didn't hear anything. So I tried calling to have both their offices go straight to the answering service. Said service tried calling them using the backoffice number and that line was dead. Answering lady told me that they've been hearing stories from a lot of callers of this sort of crap this week. The vet's office got hit too. First day it went to answering service, the second, a phone company message saying the number was not allocated. They've had that number for the 20+ years we've lived here.
      Since it's only hitting medical type stuff at the moment as far as I can tell, it seems a very targeted hack of some variety. Of course I could just be turning into a paranoid conspiracy theorist...

  4. The problem with non lethals is that if you hurt the SOB, he can sue you for pain and suffering and win even if you were totally justified in shooting his dumb ass. "Dead men tell no tales" (or sue).

  5. I heard Phil had some trolls going after him. Really chaps my hide as Phil's a Good Guy.

    1. Ya ought to read some of the vile stuff they are spouting that we spam and save so Phil can dance the marimba on their sorry asses if they can get the DA to press charges if he/she ain't Soros backed...

    2. Mister BustedNuckles is my neighbor, trying to do the right thing, sharing old-timey skills.
      His blog is the type to carry a spider outside.
      A special level of eternal flames awaits those nincompoops.
      Eugene, Oregon.
      A street-squatter at our dead-end street lets his Godzilla-dog run loose.
      Runs his open-frame -- LOUD! -- generator 24/7.
      24/7 vehicles skidding in, staying ten minutes, bailing at high-volume.
      Skank raccoon-eye female.
      I knocked on their fifth-wheel door to inquire about an abandoned new Ford crew-cab tucked under their hitch, busted windows, bald tires... posted 'to tow' by Parking Enforcement.
      He chimped, screaming about nobody has any right to come within three-hundred yards of their squat.
      As usual, my quiet agreement and my refusal to play the escalator game... well, let's just say that fried his circuits.
      All according to my devious plan.
      I been through this once-er-twice.

  6. Does DumFuk know about your blog? If he reads it he might glean useful Intel from it.

  7. being happy is 5 or more states away from your ex. and if she just happens to show up on your door step . remember
    yo put her ass on a non stop one way plane back ! she can get off a bus she can get off a train, but there no way in
    hell she getting off a non stop plane ! true story. bitch came back to make over shall we say. but the bitch came out
    and fuck no ! not again and off she went. that was over 25 plus years now. best 1500 bucks I ever spent.

  8. The eternal plague to battered women (and men) everywhere - "We can't help you until he kills you."

    Also, re: retards - Why are these fuckers always illiterate?

  9. BCE~ Good Sir, should any of that side of the family show up to cause havoc, and to be just downright unsociable, are there some local swampy areas with hungry, squeezing chomping critters looking for a free meal? Another thought is maybe a Full Credit Report needs to be run to see what might be out there. Also for any joint bank accounts with direct deposits etc. You don't want the A-hole getting any more funds from daughter. Location scouting for a "Film" location that is not easy to get to. Not that anyone wishes harm, just for them to go away and not darken lives. Oh does he have life insurance and who is the benificary?

  10. Never get between grandma bear and grandbabies. My grandson is 18 and if you ask him to this day where his home is it is with me and grandma. He stayed with us enough that we could have taken him as a dependent. Most of the time you just need to shake the shit out of parents just on general principles. Sometimes it can be a pain but you'll never forget the time you spend with the younguns. If you need surrogate grandpersons just bring the little one up to NC.

    Head on a swivel, eyes open, no fear.

  11. welcome to the party Big Country

    lot of that going around. which finally gave me the reason to go full paranoid security zone :) suffice it to say the county sheriffs deputies have full confidence in my abilities... this place is turning into a fortified FOB. i have motion activated flood lights surrounding my crib deployed in 2 layers starting 50' inside the woodline, and at the woodline augmented by 30 trail cams and 16 video cams and then ending in blinding outward facing daylight BRIGHTS.. i've been told their is a wide investigation of trespassing, vandalism, and theft, along with a lot of break ins of part timers homes. even the UPS delivery folks here have been broken into.. and tfA-t has names and photo evidence of faces and vehicles... these scumbag losers are going to prison. hahahahahaha

  12. BCE,
    Using black powder? May want to stock up. "Hodgon announces closure of GOEX facility" in Minden, LA.

    President Elect B Woodman