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Friday, October 8, 2021

Two in A Row and a Short Intro

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sooo... a recent spike in viewership came aboot in the past 24 hours.  More than usual, and I found out why.  Glen Filthie of Filthies Thunderbox (God I love the name!) poasted and linked me, as well as bleggrolled dis here house of ill repute.

Those of you who know Glen, Ye Olde Thunderbox has some fantastic content, especially his 'classic' photos of things that real men oft dream of... magnificent guns, camping cigars and whatnot.  So, welcome to the party Glen... his house is now in the "Fellow Travelers" links (and BTW, I also updated Phil's new-new Haus)

Ands, as for everyone visiting from North of the Border, a quick Intro of me, aboot me as it were:
My backstory is:
10 Year Active Duty Infantry/Armor.  Graduated SFAS (Special Forces Advanced Selection)Ranger school dropout... and Airborne/Air Assault/Sniper School Qualified (Loooong story on why I never finished SF)
Medically Retired due to serious in line of duty injuries (90%) (part of the reason for above)
12 Years Contractor: Intelligence/Operations/Logistics/Security
Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Gitmo, plus various 'short tours' as needed worldwide
LOTS of gunfights, explosions and general mayhem
Shit, I got shot at MOR as a Merc than as a DotMil
LOTS of close calls with VBIEDs and Indirect Fire
Two Honorable Discharges
3 years +/- US Army Depot Level Armorer for Small Arms Repair for ALL the gunz as a civvie contractor (GOD I miss that job....  Jes' Sayin')
Ran Detainee Operations Guantanamo Bay for 6 months, Operations Manager for A Large Intel/Logistics Company for 2 years to include operations at  Abu Ghraib Prison AND Camp Bucca. 

Yeah, my resume looks like "torture incorporated" on it. 
And yes, I'm a clinically defined well-adjusted sociopath per the VA.

So, Welcome! Welcome!
And yeah, that was my doormat for quite a spell till it wore out (I need to get a new one).

So that's just the short bit about me.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. BC....what are your thoughts on this toy? The Cobra 12

    1. Toy indeed. Plastic... like everything. NOT what I'd want. Also, magazine fed shotties, not a fan. Looks cool, and yes, can reload quickly w/practice, BUT heavy, limited capacity. MY shotgun I own?
      Best bang for the buck, and the design is great. Remington action and feed, Mossberg bolt, and Benelli gas system... the Turks pretty much stole the best designs from those three companies, tweaked them a bit and built IMO one of the most cost effective semi-auto combat shotties I've ever owned. And nope, not paid to praise this... this's just my IRL experience, and If I could've back int he day, that would have been my daily weapon in Iraq.

  2. I need one of those doormats. Serves as a fair warning.

  3. I have a question and this is a good spot to ask. In combat, Ive read about "screening." I dont know what this term means. During 2003, Often I would hear the phrase, "sending a screen to protect the flanks."
    What is a screen as far as a trooper is concerned? Is it sending a unit out to draw fire or to purposefully find contact?

    Oh My out of my ass guess about what hit the sub is that it was a chinese submersible robot that snuck up and fucked up and ran into to the sub. So the chinks have mitigated the value of the USA sub fleet to protect carriers. The bad news is that our subs are vulnerable. the good news is the chinks drive like blondes.

    1. Screening is exactly that, a smaller, lighter force that moves in conjunction with the main body, usually, depending on what you are... distance is determined on what the element is... w/armor it's measured in kilometers, men i.e. infantry, flankers/or screeners should be 10-15 meters out) They act as a trigger or tripwire if and When a larger force or the bad guys flankers/screeners run into each other, which then can lead to a 'meeting engagement'... there's tons of info out there on the webz

  4. ...3 years +/- US Army Depot Level Armorer for Small Arms Repair for ALL the gunz as a civvie contractor (GOD I miss that job.... Jes' Sayin')...

    if i could go back in time, this is what i would do, be an armorer. IIRC, our armorer never got stuck with extra duty, dog and pony shows and 70% if formations. Formation 4 times a day sucked.


  5. question about my atn pvs-14 w g3

    i just powered these up and there are 2 tiny black spots in the field of view. is this normal? or do i need to get this corrected/replaced??


    1. Blems are common in NV intensifier tubes, and almost all tubes have them. Tube grades are based on the size and location of the blems.. If you look online there are guides to help you understand the grading. On any good quality tube there should be no blems in the center area, and only very small ones in the peripheral. Top quality tubes are pricy though. Contact Robert at JRHenterprises dot com for an expert tutorial.

  6. Speaking of a Gun I'd like to have, this goes back to the 1880's. When my Grandfather was a baby, some Kin of Great Grandma requested shelter from a snow storm. When it was safe to travel her relative gave them a new 1881 CC Morgan silver dollar to keep for Grandpa. About 10 years later the relative came by and spent some time visiting. When he left, he gave one of his rifles to Grandpa. Years later when my Dad went into the Navy, Grandpa gave Dad the 1881 silver dollar. Which was turned into a key fob. The gun was left to Dad in the will. Only someone got into Grandpa's house and took all of the guns. Including the Frank James rifle. No one never found out who took them. Red

  7. Thanks BC for answering my question.