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Thursday, October 28, 2021

They Got Irish...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
More 'News from the Front" i.e. Globohomocoporaclownworld strikes again.  The Feral Irishan got his gig nuked from orbit today.  Link here:
In his own words:
Now, to be honest, if I see ANY OTHER bloggers of our 'kind' start poasting the same thing, I'm going to have to call 'enemy action' and then try and figure out the OODA on it.  Once is happenstance. (me) Twice is coincidence. (Irish)  Three times is enemy action.(?)

And you absolutely know that in their trolled out libtarded enlightened minds that by getting rid of the eeeeee-vil Whypeepo Raysacyst that theirs is now a better and more enlightened and smarter company that will go on to do great things because it rid itself of that horrible pre-modern cismale raysacyst.   To them, it's a 'moral victory' and I've already heard that they've been 'dancing' on my memory at having 'stuck it to da man!'  Yes, de eeeevil Whypeepo Debbilman was defeated gloriously.  And on that, let me tell ya there folks....

Here's a fucking Hint: You're not defeating us nor marginalizing us. You are however making us very very very angry. And that infobit should be something that IF you had two or more functional brain cells would realize is very very very BAD. It took Europe five years to recover from World War Two. And THAT particular miracle was because the United States was intact and assisted every. step. of. the. way.  Namely them eeeevil Whypeepo Debbilmen who you so casually slander and grind under?  Yeah... this is almost a light-switch moment.  Keep going and let me tell you...

Ask the Lakota how it worked out for them.
Ask the Sioux... ask any of the original 'Native Americans' IF you can actually find any that aren't either completely morally destroyed/inbred/culturally bereft.  The last time The Whypeepo collectively got angry continents burned.  Ask the Japs how it worked out for them.
We've seen how "Cowboys and Indians" played out as the joke said...

Right now, if anything, instead of being on a "Victory Lap" y'all should be paying attention.  The Saxon is Fully Awake, as well as his peers who've been content up til now to sit idly on the sidelines... but the threat to the kids, and jarring realization that no, The Powers That Be are not your friends but your sworn blood-oath enemies.  The proof is now in the 'activation' of so many formerly 'normie' Moms and Dads who go t a look at the perversity of these book that've been forced into schools, along with the celebration of deranged Cross Dressing Dragfreaks in schools, most of whom, once under the microscope, have turned out to be wanted and convicted pedophiles.

The very threat posed by Globohomo has them scared and above all angry.

That anger translates to blood in the long term, especially seeing how Leviathan is stuttering and faltering like a badly programmed toy robot... There is no leadership.  There is no control.  There is no rescue outside of local local and local.  This country is going to burn and it's going to be lit off over the inherent threat to the kids.

Threaten ME all day long.
Threaten MY Grans?  OR my kid(s)?  
Well, there's a reason I own and build and improve my flammenwerfer design.
Besides fun at parties of course.  Makes a great conversation starter.
So yeah, Stand by... methinks MOR weirdness inbound.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Don’t know how to contact you direct, but WRSA SITE IS GONE. CLICKED THE LINK AND IT TAKES ONE TO THE WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE. BAD JUJU, Mr. Country.

    1. Billy Bob in TexasOctober 28, 2021 at 7:14 PM

      That link is old. WSRA is alive and fine at

    2. That wa awhile ago. Now at

  2. The best possible revenge is to take business away from the offending company. Thirty years ago I was working for a mobile imaging company....they ran half a dozen million dollar scanners in semi trailers. They wanted to force employees to be available 24/7 WITHOUT PAY "just in case".....even telling us we couldn't leave town on days off in case thy needed us to work....without being paid unless we actually worked. I led the resistance to this greed. So I and another employee who was vocally opposed to this were singled out and "laid off". Being VERY good at what I do I went to work for another company, went to the first companies accounts and told them I would be happy to continue serving them but was now with a different company. Within two weeks I had taken a third of the first company's accounts with me. The owner of the abusive company couldn't understand why this happened. He was out of business within a year. The best revenge on such abusive employers is to take their business with you and bankrupt them.

  3. Anyone know what happened to Antz-In-Pants? Also an awesome blog.

    1. Antz pissed off TPTB at Wordpress, so they axed him. This happened a couple of weeks ago. He knew it was inevitable, so he saved much of what he considered his most important posts, and waited. I emailed him soon after he was shut down, he said he wasn't going to start another blog, but instead concentrate on hearth, home, family, and commenting on other people's blogs.
      I miss Antz-In-Pants.

      President Elect B Woodman

  4. WRSA works just fine for me @ 6:33 PM.

  5. I lost my gig 5 years ago. Got too close to a thieving CFO for his comfort and was "outsourced". I take comfort knowing he spent 37 months getting his ass stretched out to 4X in a Federal prison.

  6. Meanwhile read what this racist bitch said and NOTHING happened to her:

  7. Hmmm, sorta like it was planned . . . hmmm.

  8. hey bc, just watched you last vid. god I needed the laughs dude! baby girls are great,, but there is a reason why you
    NEED A SHOWER MASSAGE THINGIE. it is the only way of getting all the shit out of all the cracks and whatnot.
    had 2 girls myself. they both have kids of their own now. but really. it was the smartest thing I ever installed in the bathroom. one thing that has always amazed me was the stench that something so small can make ??
    that and the fact they seem to get more food thru their skin around their mouth than in if ??
    and always wear a towel when trying to burb them. that shit stinks like crazy.
    as for the clowns in charge, it is amazing they still breathing air when one realizes just how fucking stupid they seem to be. I do wish you luck with the baby shit issues to come. dave1/503

  9. BCE~ Karma is a rather fickle Mistress. What happened to you and Irish will smack your former employers in one manner or perchance several ways. I spent over 10 years at my last job. I was the go to person in the department for training, new clients and a general problem solver. Clients made sure I handled their projects. Always passed every audit. One day a manager from outside that I never dealt with came in and started screaming at co-workers for being stupid, not being professional, not having degrees, etc. Half the building heard her. I went to HR and turned her in. It wasn't the first time she had denigrated others only I never witnessed it. She was counselled. Stated she didn't realize she did anything wrong. The day the company was moving into new site, I was laid off. That saved my life. The other bit of Karma was my clients got really pissed and $40,000,000.00 in contracts left
    . Revenue in that Dollar amount is not easy to replace. It will get better. Just pay attention to that back of the neck feeling. Red

  10. Thanks BC. I'll find something better for sure!