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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Them Hairs...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Oh Dark Early for Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter.  Patrolled the A.O., checked the razorwire and the landmines, and kicked the Guard Dogs to make 'em "extra surly"... them and the Geese, well, they ain't getting along too well, but hey, these things happen.  Geese are always surly.  
Reloaded some more mags, I got them on rotation for spring conservation, although to be quite truthful, I can't tell any difference in one that's been loaded a year versus a brand new out-of-the-bag mag.  Now we are talking MagPul as opposed to "US GI Dogshit 30 Rounders, type many each".  I only have like 5 out of my original "My Lil Pony Mags" i.e. real Colt aluminum "pony marked" 30 round mags... they're almost like new but I really don't trust them anymore, not after using the MagPuls for so many missions...

Heh... I now keep on the 'ready rifle' a 40 round mag.  The load on that one is 'dressed to impress' so to speak.  First Round M855A1 62gn Ball, Second Round M856 64gn Tracer.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat for ALL the BeeBees except the last 20 rounds are ALL Tracer.  I figure -anyone- stupid enough to still be here after the first 20 ball-tracer-ball-tracer combo means that it's now a two-way shewin gallery.

At which point I need to break out the Heavy.
Ma Deuce.  Gets a bit hot, and with a belt of ammo, I can only maintain offhand hip-shots for about 30 seconds before the recoil and muscle failure do me in.  Either way though, it's the intimidation -Wow!- factor I like.

So, feeling a bit tired.  Got woken up by them hairs on the back of my neck.  I figure it's not paranoia (no more than usual that is) as I do have DumFuck -somewhere- to contend with.  That and I don't sleep well when Wifey is out of town.  It's nice and quiet outside... cool even... lots of stars visible despite the 'light pollution' of this A.O.  Art Sido had a really excellent blegg today about the Fall (season that is) in Amish Country.  I can't even come close to his prose, but man,  RTWT if so inclined:

One direct quote: "In a world where it is easy to get completely black-pilled and feeling hopeless about the future, the harvest reminds me that for most of us the rhythms of life that have existed for thousands of years still go on."  It also reminds me of better things and people.  Where we weren't so 'up in each others biddness'.  The few interactions I had with some Amish during a very brief stay in, damn... having trouble 'membering... Michigan?  Pennsylvania?  (it IS 3am after all) Middle America waaaay out in lands from the past so to speak.

Had a 4 Day Weekend that I went with a guy from my unit back to his house to see 'his' girl back home.  Long story short, dude was not cool... in fact the polar opposite... the girl in Question?  Still in High School... and had a restraining order on him... fucking yikes!  I detached myself from dude ASAP and only rallied with him to catch a ride back to Campbell... anyways another story for another time but we were in Amish Country.  

Nice and polite folk.  Very reserved.  Minded their own biddness.  And man, what little I know about their culture, well, maybe ten or more years ago I -might- have been able to hack it, but too many years, beers and TBIs.  Nevermind that "Snap Crackle and Pop" used to be a cereal, and not my carcass when I'm getting up in the fucking mornings.  But it struck me that that reserve... the quiet and yet firm demeanor.  We as a society overall are sorely lacking that.  We get into the "Action = Reaction" cycle of being in each others biddness.  No politeness. No reserve.  No quality,  Everything is becoming MOR fake and MOR gay if that were at all possible.

Take for instance the Trollfest.  These people came to our 'houses' and are offended by what we write here.  They're wanting to hurt us and and threaten to commit horrible violence on us.  Let me ask you... how is it any of your business? 

Don't like what I write?  
Then don't read it.  
Don't like my politix?  
Then don't interact with me.
Don't like that I ignore and block the ever living hell out of you?  
Then pay me 'cos I'm the one footing this bill for this here site.
Two Words your Mama probably said to you: Not. Yours.

What I write or my opinion?  WHY does it matter so much to you?  By dint of your actions and obvious thought process you seem to have the unwavering belief that your feelings and opinions matter over everyone elses, no matter who it hurts or upsets.  By definition, that's called being a sociopath.  That because YOU are the center of YOUR Universe and this's YOUR World, you seek to harm others into conforming to YOUR standards of behavior?  Manipulation, coercion and threats and promises to utilize the 'power of the state' if need be to get US to bend the knee to you?  That's fascism.  Meh.. I'm done wasting time and energy.  Full Moderation is in effect now.  No more free passes.  

>Cleansing Breathe Everyone< Woosaaaaah.

In Zen, "Unask the question"

“Summer grasses,
All that remains
Of soldiers' dreams”
― Bashō

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. you might want to try out those c-products ss mags. I have quite a few magpuls and being a old fuck I tend to drop one now and then. I don't like how easy the feed lips crack on them. might be I have some older models maybe.
    older folks don't seem to sleep as long or as sound as we used too. gets worse as you get older too.
    may peace be yours and we all hope dumb fuck isn't that stupid. you don't need anymore legal bullshit to go thru.
    odds are dumb fuck will have to "work" himself up to come after her and the kid. and he might bring "friends"
    I really liked your trip wire idea and made a few myself. thinking about a weed burner next. stay safe as you are
    a sane spot to catch one's breath in a very stupid place and time.

  2. Hi Bubba,
    Back in the day, usedta never mind if the door was locked or open!! Even one New year's, I was down in New Orleans partyin' with friends and before I wend down to, one of my bud's was wonderin where he could take his lady for the evening.... i said, "Dude!! go to my place, there's beer in the frige and I'll tell the other roomies you are coming over.. enjoy the room!! He was the barkeep at a local waterin' hole.... Lots of "Water under the bridge in my favor" aftr that!!
    Unfortunately.... as Maverck told the HHIC... in the latest "trailer"... "NOT TODAY!!!"


  3. I know it's been debated for years, but from what I've seen and experienced, leaving magazines loaded may slightly weaken the springs, but not enough to matter. Now the dotmil ones that have been cycled 18,000 times? That DOES matter.

  4. BCE,
    About them trolls...
    Back in 2015, Psychology Today had an article about how most people are forever molded by their high school years.

    Look around at the people on the Left, the trolls, the women of the Biden administration. They are the geeks, the weirdos, the goodie-goodies, the snitches, the teachers pets of our high school years. They're still pissed about not getting invited to the dance, not being picked to be on the team, and now the world must pay. What we are dealing with are people locked in a state of arrested development and their only happiness comes from making our lives miserable.

    1. Thanks for that link, it's a good article. This past summer, I went with my wife to her 50th HS reunion. We had a great time--when you're fifty years out of HS, nobody gives a rip anymore, we are what we are. I've never been to a reunion of mine, HS or college. I've always said that for every one person I'd like to see, there are four or five others I don't ever want to meet again. She loved HS; I did not. There were good and bad times, but for me it was three of the most wasted years of my life.

    2. Us kids were mostly home-schooled by a vast extended family of world travelers.
      During a rare visit to a government high-school, I was appalled at the time-wasting by time-wasters counting time until the arbitrary graduation day.
      I abandoned that concept, went straight to the local junior college for vocational.
      Not one person at the junior college questioned my sixteen-year old desire for some indefinable 'more'.
      Do skills add value?
      MountainGuerilla John Mosby thinks they do.

  5. Watch those 40 rounders I here there are FOF's in them. Yes, in fact observed a MYOB event this week. Crazy cat ladies.

  6. Have both P-mags, and Colt and Cooper GI 20's and 30's. 20's still run fine. I rehabbed the 30's with Magpul followers and these base plates--

    For those who don't know, the P-mag Gen-2 and Gen-3 dust covers will NOT interchange.

  7. I love my C-products SS Magazines. I but them and mag-puls. Since there is specifically enumerated constitutional right to NOT be offended you can FUCK OFF and go be offended around somebody who actually gives a shit.

  8. The magpul D60 is worth every penny. (or D50 for your .308's)

  9. They hate us and want us dead...If you see through that lense when you wonder why they do what they do everything makes sense...

  10. Blessing on you and Wifey for taking on the responsibility of the bebes! Hopefully their mama will realize that she doesn't need a man badly enough to put up with that kind of behavior!

  11. Funny about the trolls but up here in Alberta our provincual health minister gave a speech where he said they are not trying to infringe on peoples charter rights but since some people are offended by the protests they are going to restrict them to prevent people being offended.


    1. That cunt can get fucked. Same as Kenny. Lying sack of fecal matter.

  12. The 40 rounders make me a little nervous, I figure if I get to 30 and we are still exchanging pleasantries at 3000 fps, it is not that hard to swap to a new 30 rounder

    1. Had zero issue (so far) witht he 40 rounders... I like the "surprise motherfuckers! aspect of the extra ten rounds... did I mention I have ANOTHER 40 rounder matched and clamped to it, for a total of 80 rounds? Guess I forgot... The second mag is ALL Tracer for Fun... I figure with my ability to empty the rifle in like seconds, putting a whole mag of "Star Wars Lazers" out is going to make somebody really re-evaluate their lifes choices.

  13. I have a variety. No tracers though. Would not mind having some. They can help dial in where your bb’s are going.

    It will get sporty soon. Just hope I can get deer season in. There are Amish on the farm next to the one we hunt. Polite folk.

  14. One of my landowners is very tight with a local Amish community and I was introduced through him. I’ve taken Amish kids out hawking for twenty years —best brush beaters ever!