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Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Baldwin Brewhaha UPDATED at Bottom

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Time foir Ye Olde Master-at-Arms and OF Arms break it down like Barney a bit on the whole Alec "Too Bad For Him" Baldwin shewtin.  Lotsa folks burning up ye olde bleggs ALLLLL over da place, and Aesop and Divemedic having a toe-to-toe tet-a-tete over the whole "responsibility" thingy. 

Now, Me?  Don't know, don't care.  I know for damned sure that if I'da been 'dood behind the trigger' I'd still be in County waiting to find out if it was negligent homicide or man-2.  Bail?  What is this bail of which you speak?
Sapper did the best summation of the entirety of the shytteshow so far though over on Fecesbook:
Trimmed for OPSEC
Fucking classic.  Now... for the sake of brevity, I'm not going to go into too many details, well ackchully I am.  Fuck it.  MY area of specialization is Da Gunz.  I don't know shit from legal-beagle shit, but I'm hearing a whoooole lot that's s-l-o-w-l-y trickling out about the whole Shitfestivus that went on.

The FACTS of the case that HAVE come out is that some Ukrainian Director of Photography named Halyna Hutchins caught a round fired by Alec "Douchebag" Baldwin.  Also hit was the director Joel Souza.  The "Armorer" was some chick (24 years old) named Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.  Seems she literally was the worst pick for that job, and it looks like a case of PURE Hollyweird Nepotism.  Her dad is some uber-famous "Gun Guy" in the industry, and seems he was trying to bring Daddy's lil girl into the biddness...  

Unfortunately, she's a fucking retard.  Retards and guns DO NOT mix well.

So, we still don't know what really happened.  LOTS of conjecture.  There's two lines of thought though as far as 'what kind' of handgun was it.  One poast out there has it as a Colt Dragoon 1862 Black powder pistola.  
Now, small problemo with this being identified as 'the gun'.
Namely that right there is a presentation Colt Dragoon that is in a museum, as it was given to one of the Czars waaaay back in the old days...  Now, if it was THIS MODEL of weapon, well ok... cool.  The other choice that I've been hearing about is a Colt Peacemaker.
Now TMZ is reporting that the crew on the reg would go shooting live rounds and doing target shooting during 'down time' at this place.  Which IMO is fucking stupid.  BAD Idea to have a mix of biddness and pleasure so to speak.  If you're using weapons in a film you DO NOT want any 'live ammunition' within any proximity to that location.  The odds and chances of something going epically wrong increases to the point... well, we can see right here now aimiright?

My issue is that IF it was a black powder pistola, maaaaan... it's really hard to 'accidentally' load live rounds in that fucker...  Like too many steps.  WAY too many to have this happen as an 'oopsie!'.  As I put it on Aesop's place in the comments, (which I'm going to cut n paste as it was a rather lengthy writeup):
OK... Cap and Ball weapons... LOTS of work to make them loaded with 'live rounds'.. Had me a repro Colt 1864 Dragoon .44 back when I was a kid, when age didn't matter vis-a-vis (leastways New Hampshire) for Blackpowder and Handguns (nominally a handgun you hadda be 21... jes' sayin' Blackpowder was a 'gray area') Anywho...

To Load a LIVE ROUND in the WIQ (Weapon in Question) means it was intentional. One does NOT load a .44 caliber beebee into a Black powder weapon by accident EVVAR

So, unless it was a re-worked 1865+ weapon that fired 'cartridged' ammo, yeah... I'ma leaning towards "intentional"...

Fact is, to load a live round into a black powder pistola takes effort. In sequence:
Unloaded weapon:
1) Pour premeasured powder charge into cylinder. HAS to be pre- measured lest you turn it into "Hand-gre-nuke" by accident.
Literally: "Pour a measured charge into the chamber. Carefully pour a properly measured charge of black powder into the chamber closest to the loading cutout. Repeat for each chamber.
Use an individual powder measure. Do not pour powder from a large powder flask or can.
The exact amount of powder will vary depending on the type of gun.
For a .36, use 12 grains of powder. Never exceed 20 grains.
For a .44, use 20 to 28 grains of powder. Never exceed 35 to 40 grains."

2) Rotate NOW FILLED cylinder to the 'beebee loading point'. Meaning that area where, by the photo shown of the WIQ, is at the absolute six-o'clock of the 'firing chamber' i.e. twelve o'clock zone. That lever UNDER the barrel? That's the Loading area where
Place the ball over a chamber opening. Set a proper size ball or bullet over the opening of the chamber nearest the loading cutout.  The ball should be oversized so that it only rests on top and does not enter.
Make sure that the ball or bullet has been lightly greased before you load it."

3) Now, that lever underneath the barrel? Loading lever. Is used to 'pack' the bullet and round INTO the cylinder... hence why I said, "dis ain't no accy-dent"... Per the online guide of "how to load a black powder pistola": Seat the bowl using the loading lever. Unlatch the loading lever and use it to firmly press the ball down until it sits securely and firmly on the powder.
Apply smooth, even pressure as you do this.
There should be no air in between the powder and ball, but you should not crush the powder as you seat the ball.
Also note that a thin outline of lead will be shaved off the ball as you do this. It should be visible at the opening of the chamber. This is a good sign and and indication that the ball is properly fitted.

4) Now, having done this, it's usually "wash rinse repeat" for the rest of the chambers except 'greasing' the cylinder, meaning covering ALL the loaded chambers to prevent a mass firing of ALL chamber simultaneously. "Apply additional grease. Fill the space above the ball in each cylinder with vegetable grease or bullet lubricant.
The use of grease can prevent "chain firing," or accidental secondary discharges." Reason for this is that BP weapons, esp. pistolas are finicky at best...

5) Now, AFTER doing ALL that bullshit above, you put a percussion cap on each nipple to 'prime' it to fire.
"Place a percussion cap on each loaded chamber. Point the gun down range and place a percussion cap on each loaded chamber. With the completion of this step, the revolver is fully loaded.
Make sure that the hammer is still in a half cocked position before doing this."

Soooooooooooooooo IF they, in fact had a percussion capped weapon (usually .44 caliber) then it's next to impossible to fuck that up, load wise of a LIVE round versus a BLANK 'cos the blank would have stopped at the "powder stage" It takes legitimate effort to load live rounds, AND after it's had the cylinder 'greased' to seal the chambers?  Damned near impossible to tell if it's real or memorex Aye?

As to a 'regular' Colt Peacemaker, whelp... that's simple really... either way it doesn't really matter.  The chick was DRT, and someone IS eventually going to go to jail.  Probably going to be the ditz-o-matic Daddy's Lil Girl... dat fucking broad?  She actually was interviewed a ways back, and stated like that she felt 'uncomfortable' around guns and shit... like OK sugartits, then what in the fuck were you doing there if you think guns are 'iky!?!  Like damn... I'd kill to have a gig as a 'gun guy' making that filthy lucre, and it's becoming apparent that Daddy was pushing her round peg into a square hole so to speak...  24 years old?  Who in the hell would put a box-of-rocks-dumbfuck like that in charge of Da Gunz?  Unreal Aye...

Like I said at the start, Me?  Sapper? You?  Any of us 'lesser mere deplorables?  We'd be rockin' the Orange until they sized up a jury and then flushed our asses down the tubes.  Baldwin should be in cuffs but, as we well know The rule of law is fucking dead in this here Dick-Tater-Shit.  The Attorney General is FAAAR too busy going after righteously pissed off parents for being terrorists than I dunno?  Maybe actually going after legitimate fucking murderous celebutards?  Who -literally- kil't one, and wounded another ON CAMERA?

Go figure.
MOR Intel leaking out from the edges of this fuckfestivus (yes, promoted downwardly from a shitfestivus)  Seems that Ole Fuckstick Balwin WAS fucking around and done found out... Unfortunately not on hisself though.  

Pity that Aye?

Word I'm getting now is it was ackchully NOT a BP Bangstick but a Colt Peacemaker and said-fuckstick WAS fucking around... 

Seems the Director had called for another take, and according to on-set sources, Baldwin said (jokingly) "Another take?  Why don't I fuckin' just shoot the both of ya?" and then aimed the weapon AT them and squeezed off the round, hence why the Director of Cinematography took the round which kil't her, and it being a .45LC More N Likely That's a BIG BeeBee with some penetration, hence why Director Boy caught the round AFTER it done plugged said chick.

Also it's been mentioned that the Armorer was seen unloading the piece AFTER the shooting (tamper evidence much?) Much fuckery afoot here...  Be interesting to see HOW Much Monays it's going to take to make this 'go away' 'cos that's how the Hollyweird Game is.  What ALSO pisses me off and makes me soooo angry is that Old Alec is turning this into 'his' tragedy... "Boo Hoo! Poor widdle Me!"

Dood, you done kil't a mother of a 9 year old boy... and made a widow out of her Hubby, and you have the "Hollyweird" audacity to make it about yourself?  Congrats... I hope they (the Husband and Son) utterly destroy you fiscally to the point your pseudo-Spanish slore of a Wife needs to give $5 Blowjobs under a bridge downtown next to your cardboard box that you now call "home" for sustenance. 

NOTHING would please me more.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. If the bastard Baldwin can memorize hundreds of lines, I'm sure he can memorize a few steps to check whether or not a firearm is loaded. Yes, they had a retard for an armorer that should have never been in the position, but that does not negate, IMHO, the responsibility of the person that was attached to the trigger finger.
    And I still believe, whole-heartedly, that Aesop is a dick.

    1. He may be a dick, but he’s right.

    2. There are ways to get your point across without completely alienating people who slightly disagree with you.
      Some folks don't understand that.

    3. Hell yes I'm a dick. About being right.
      My superpower is being able to read the relevant Motion Picture Industry-Wide Safety Bulletins.
      They're online, and it's free.

    4. Gonna have to agree on the whole "Aesop is a dick" thing. For someone who posts like he has his own private army and weapons depot, he sure doesn't handle criticism or jokes very well.

    5. When I see a joke, I'll laugh.
      When I hear worthwhile criticism, I'll listen.
      What armies or a weapons depot - mine or anyone else's - have to do with fuck all, even I can't figure out.
      So now there's at least three dicks here, and I'm laughing at two of 'em.

    6. So, using the dick's logic, my wife can hand me my pistol telling me it is not loaded, then, when I shoot the neighbor, I can blame her. And I don't want to hears any bullshit motion picture safety rules. That's just a libtard's way to deflect the blame to someone else.
      FACT: Baldwin had the pistol.
      FACT: Baldwin pointed said pistol.
      FACT: Baldwin pulled the trigger of said pointed pistol.
      FACT: someone died when the pistol discharged.
      CONCLUSION: Baldwin killed Hutchins.

      Sorry to pick a fight in your house BC, but this Asshat Aesop needs to slink away. He doesn't even have to apologize for his stupidity, just GO AWAY.

    7. Chuckles,
      Fact: Baldwin had a pistol that was NEVER supposed to be on set: a REAL gun capable of chambering and firing LIVE ammo
      Fact: Baldwin, in response to specific direction, pointed his pistol at the camera, at which he was instructed and expected to fire it, on the actual take, with blanks, during a rehearsal, with a gun supposed to be loaded with absolutely nothing at all
      Fact: Baldwin, simulating exactly the action he would take on the actual take, pulled the trigger of said pistol, having been loudly and publicly assured by the production representatives that it was completely unloaded
      Fact: Two people were shot, and one died, when said pistol supposed to be a non-standard non-firing prop gun, and totally unloaded, turned out to be a real gun, loaded with a live round, surprising Baldwin, the director, the DP, and everyone on set, because the armorer, contrary to 29 explicit, detailed, industry-standard safety rules and regulations in place for decades, violated every single one of them, thus being solely and totally responsible for that death, due to gross negligence and flagrant violation of rules that prevented any such previous deaths for 28 years on 20,000 movies and 50,000 TV shows, despite the firing of hundreds of thousands to millions of blank rounds, since years before said armorer was even born, on everything from The Terminator to John Wick III.

      When your wife is a Propmaster/armorer hired by the producer of a film or TV production for the sole purpose of ensuring firearm safety while simulating weapons use with the entire intention of NOT FIRING ANY GODDAM THING AT ANYONE, NOR HURTING ANYTHING except Alec Baldwin's feelings, and you're a SAG actor, and she hands you a prop weapon that's supposed to contain NOTHING, and she assures you that's the case, but instead hands you a REAL GUN, with a REAL BULLET, and then you shoot someone, you'll be in the same position Baldwin is in now: innocent, but embarrassed, and heartbroken beyond words at being the unwitting instrument of someone else's demise. Except you can look forward to a lot less henpecking around the house after she gets sent to prison for her gross criminal negligence.
      The fact that you can't grasp any of that, and deliberately choose to ignore those numerous salient facts in order to focus on the few irrelevant ones, to skew the argument and palm off a load of pure horseshit as filet mignon, is simply proof that you're too stupid to comprehend that the context is what defines which FACTS matter, and why you keep fucking up the elements of this case with a predictable regularity.
      Sux to be you, but you're the one with the recto-cranial inversion problem in this discussion, and you're also the one that started this.
      Fuck yourself with my fondest and most heartily sincere best wishes, and maybe learn to listen to people brighter than you, particularly on topics of which your total ignorance is breathtakingly huge, and no matter how much reality makes your asshole burn like fire because you can't shit all over jackholes like Baldwin with your head so far up it.
      If, as I suspect, that was too hard for you to follow, have someone smarter read it to you and explain the big words.

  2. The Colt 3rd Dragoon would hold a bit more powder, 50gr of BP. You also have to consider the grade of powder that was loaded. Usually in a revolver you would want to use 3F or the equivalent of Pyrodex. The finer the powder the faster it burns and the more pressure it creates. Which is why it is recommended that if you use 3F in a rifle you cut the load by 10%-20% from your usual 2F load. Did the broad load up with 4F, priming powder, creating higher pressure and velocities?

  3. Seems they were in the midst of a union walkout/squabble. A situation that may have encouraged a little "sabotage". Baldwin was still the trigger puller in the end.

  4. I don't think Baldwin is in any legal jeopardy, but is over his head in civil liability.
    Adam Baldwin put out a tweet explaining the who /what/why/whens of gun handling on the set and it does lay some responsibility on Alec.
    I think ultimately, the Armorer was may have unqualified and responsible for he death.

    1. If Alec feels any heat in civil court he might offer to take them plinking and "talk" about it. Worked for Dick Cheney, so I've heard

  5. so many questions.

    1. what caliber, i mean two shots, 1 kill, 1 wounded.
    2. do Chicago "residents' now have a new hero? i mean they get less than 10% kills out of hits, much less rounds fired.
    3. range? (again, see #2)
    4. What did the director know about Hillary?

    also, don't know if you saw this, but the union crew walked off the set hours before the shooting and were replaced by scabs. (LA Times story) and they had already had 3 (or 4?) "accidental" discharges. (no such thing as we all know but that's how they classified them)

    1. The union camera crew walked off. That's maybe 3-6 folks.
      They're now clairvoyant jet-fuel geniuses, who saved their own lives, by observing Commander Zero's Rule 1:
      When bad things happen, be somewhere else.

      They were, and they literally ducked a bullet on that, because they trusted their gut and walked.

  6. People are losing their minds over the stone cold reality that of all the 9 to eleventy fuckups on that set, distressingly, none of them track back to @$$hole Baldwin. (Mirabile dictu!)

    Fate and the Fuck Up Fairy are cruel like that.

    And please believe my sincerity when I report this, and how much it grieves me to report it as so.
    But I calls 'em like I sees 'em, and facts are stubborn things.

    For those still gnashing your teeth, you perhaps haven't considered that "doctors get to cut people open and take out their organs, but if *I* do that, it's felony mayhem!". Please, understand therefore how jackassically psychotic you sound when you start screaming about "No special rules for doctors! Same rules for EVERYONE!"

    I warned people from the outset about letting their dislike for a thoroughly dislikable man color their preception and judgment in this case. It has fallen on far too many deaf ears.

    Instead revel and delight in the fact that "Alec Baldwin's Gun Has Killed More People Than My Entire Gun Collection!" bumper stickers will be on hearses at his funeral, and everywhere else from from now until that day, and take what Life gives you (in this case, his total anti-gun credibility undoing) with thankfulness.

  7. BCE~ I hope this day finds you well. What part of anyone in this movie that will be around any weapons will be walked through the explanation with PICTURES on the guns, knives, sledge hammers etc being used and all safety measures before anyone uses/touches said weapons. Red

  8. Agree all of course.
    -Cap and ball? Who loaded it cause it weren't her.

    -Bottom line - If I'm going to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger for a movie, the last thing I do before the scene is check the loading and no one else touches the gun. WHO TF would just blindly trust it?

    - Arec Barwin (Team America pronunciation) is a real POS and I would not be shocked to find the chick put live rounds in it just to fuck the clown.

    1. "check the loading and nobody else touches the gun" is the exact definition of the armorer's job.
      Expecting that expert to do their job right isn't "blindly trusting it".

      How many airplanes you've flown on have you personally inspected and pre-flighted?
      What about elevators and escalators?
      Just curious.
      Now tell me how your lifetime-long "blind trust" is different for you than it is for an actor on a set.

      You're not an actor on a motion picture.
      An actor on a motion picture is not you.

      And FTR, Tom Cruise did not pre-flight any F-18s during the making of Maverick, and for the exact same reason Dickhead Baldwin isn't responsible to make sure his weapon is unloaded when it's handed to him.
      He's neither competent to do so, nor the expert hired by the production for that purpose.

      Save the "But! But!..."
      This has been laid out in industry guidelines so old they have moss growing on the cover.
      They have made movies - tens of thousands of them firing literally millions of blanks and live rounds - for 28+ years, without a single fatality, from Brandon Lee until last Thursday, when one incompetent bimbo fucked up that streak for the entire American movie industry.

      Now, tell me how you feel when every liberal jackass starts calling for blanket gun bans and a gajillion new laws after one fucktard does a Three Name Lunatic mass shooting, and explain why you think when you do it to Hollywood, it's suddenly justified and sensible gun control.

      One person fucked up here: the weapons handler. She killed someone, which is criminal involuntary manslaughter. She's liable to get 18months in the NM state pen. A woman is dead, for that one person's stupidity. Leave it at that, and stop looking to settle other scores on the back of a pointless and needless tragedy.

      Just like when you want the Leftards to STFU just because everyone's freedom means sometimes, crazy people do fucked up shit, and we can't stop them until they do it.

      One law for you and another law for them is what got us into this mess.

      I'll wait.

    2. If I'm pulling the trigger, *I* check the gun. I don't care if R.Lee Ermy was the armorer.

    3. if Baldwin pointed the gun at a person... he's responsible....

  9. Big Country,
    That was as good and clear a description of the loading process on a cap and ball revolver as I have ever seen.
    I am an old black powder man, my first cap and ball was one of those kits that was a copy of the Reb .36 caliber Spiller and Burr. Just to tell you how old I am, I assembled it as a project in High School metal shop, received an A. Can you imagine the fuss if someone tried to do that today?

    1. The only Issue with BP pistol loading that I see as different is where you put the lube. I have always used a felt wad over the powder and THEN a glop of Beeswax/crisco mix followed by the projectile. Putting grease all over the front of the cylinder just makes a big mess and really doesn't reduce the chance of a cross fire. The most common cause of a crossfire is powder remaining on the front of the cylinder, so just make sure that the front of the cylinder and surrounding area is completely free of powder. A tight fitting ball, the grease and finally the wad precludes any chance of a cross fire, and by blowing the greasy wad down the barrel after the ball makes the gun way easier to clean.

  10. Man I'm so glad that more information keeps coming out on this. Originally there was a ton that the (((media))) put out about it was a prop gun that shot its barrel plug.
    It's dulce et decorum that these irresponsible Hollywood anti-gunners fucked around and killed someone with their negligence.

  11. First: On #1-5, loading a cap and ball....MASSIVE RESPECT to the "War of Northern Aggression" so-called "Mounted Infantry" who accomplished this during the heat of battle, on and off their hoofed transportation. Among Nat Beford's riders, according to my recollections, they had ditched their swords and one-shot carbines, and typically carried 2 Navy Colt 6 shooters, or similar, when they could get them. It was faster to change loaded cylinders than to reload them with powder, ball, grease, cap etc, so they used extra loaded cylinders when they could. Point being, in the wheeling and galloping and swerving, with ranges from point blank to maybe ten yards, a pair of Navy Colts, 12 shots, reins in you teeth, beat the hell out of swords and single-shot carbines. Forrest's record attests to this. For a fantastic "Pre-PC" history of this era, find and read "The Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest" by John A. Wyeth. Forrest was "a genius for war" who had never "studied" war at West Point, etc, so he didn't need to "think outside the box," in that he was born and raised there. A genius for war. Read it, you will benefit tremendously.

  12. Addendum to my above comment about cap-and-ball revolvers in war: Please seek out and watch the excellent CW in Missouri "dirty war" film "Ride With the Devil." The outstanding flick is about a chapter of CW1 where the rebels did not/could not wear gray uniforms, but banded and disbanded for battles. For example: you got gut shot? You are gonna die ugly, in pain... but it's a great and realistic IMHO movie.

    And I HIGHLY recommended reading: "Bushwhacker: Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand." Get it used where you buy great old books cheap. Point is, a LOT of killing was (and will be) done by brave men with hard hearts and lots of nerve, even with old cap-and-ball 6 shooters and single-shot carbines. Compared to them, we are super soldiers, with 30-shooters topped with outstanding combat optics. Read "Bushwhacker," and try to be half the guerrilla fighter as Hildebrand and his compadres, when the forces of tyranny get around to killing your kin for being your kin, and burning your homes. Bushwhacker: read it, if you want to feel and taste what a "dirty civil war" on American soil can be like.

  13. That dumb broad "armorer" is going to take the fall for this whole shooting, all to protect Baldwin.

  14. The "another take" and fucking around story was circulating Friday, and quickly disappeared. Because probably b.s.
    It's not new, it's probably nothing but gas from people trying to be important who weren't there.
    And no one can source it authoritatively to anyone on the production.
    You get confirmation from something approaching official, go ahead on.

    I'd love official confirmation on the weapon though.
    What it won't change is the fact that obviously, it wasn't "Cold", and it wasn't "unloaded", and it wasn't checked and double checked at any point beforehand.

    No points for guessing who's job it was on set to do all of that.

    The total silence of PropTwat for three days is rather telling. If she's middling smart, it's because she's lawyered up already, and waiting for the coroner's inquest and grand jury indictment for manslaughter.

    Unless video or ten witness affidavits emerge of Baldwin loading the killing bullet(s), and then the (probably wholly imaginary) horseplay, he still walks on this, and PropTwat goes to the BigHouse.

    That won't be "taking the fall", it will be justice.
    She's the armorer: she has one job...

  15. "I hope they (the Husband and Son) utterly destroy you fiscally to the point your pseudo-Spanish slore of a Wife needs to give $5 Blowjobs under a bridge downtown next to your cardboard box that you now call "home" for sustenance."
    No, the bastard won't see any prison time, but a fate worse than death (for him) awaits his ass.

  16. (Don McCollor)...A more sinister possibility is in the chain of custody, that someone with a grudge might have swapped loads in the inventory on the (dumb bunny) armorer or swapped loads on the way to (dumb ass) Baldwin knowing neither would ever check or even think...

  17. SNL Cold Open - Ghost of Biden Past Cold Open - SNL

    ps. could you please add CC to your blogroll?

  18. Sure am curious to hear what the projectile turns out to be. Honest to goodness slug or something else, perhaps some sort of obstriction. Though it really is irrelevant.

  19. Last third of poast, oh yea BC

  20. Here is an angle of the story to watch for.

    Story is Hutchins (the dead chick) was going to be involved in a documentary about the various Hollywood child abuse rings. Lots of rumors about this abuse and the people doing it in The Biz for the last few decades. Pretty much an open secret. And the fact that so many who have asked too many questions or helped those who did have ended up dead. Like Chris Cornell. Funny how the name Sunmer Redstone kept popping up. Not as one of the perps but the guy who made sure the problem people disappeared. One way or another. He was Mr Viacom. His daughter runs Viacom now. Who own a very big chunk of the MSM.

    The other - its a small world angle. The dead chicks husband seems to be a lawyer with the Clinton's legal firm.

    So if this part of the story is "disappeared" by the MSM then you'll know there is something to it. As for what happened on set. Given that someone died so lawsuits all round for the next decade all stories after the initial few hours of panic (and the truth escaping) are 110% deliberate lies. Guaranteed. After all these are Hollywood People. The Lying Scum of the Earth. Its such a shitswamp that the only halfway honest people you will meet are the lawyers. Thats how bad it is.

    Or there again, this could be all just a strange coincidence..

  21. What is galling is that the insufferable ass will likely be shielded from real consequences and will reappear in a few years like noting happened. He is in the club.

    As to the professionals handling things (pre flights, etc): you are right I don't. The issue is that guns have been and are different. Make no mistake: if in any other circumstance, somebody handed you a gun and claimed it was empty and you NDed it injuring the other person. YOU OR I would be arrested and heald criminally and civilly liable. Gun ownersnare punished for accidents like no other group. A pilot makes an error the consequences could be death, but if he survives jail is unlikely, the same for a DR, or nearly any other profession. Actors should not get a pass because the live, work, and play in a fantasy land. They are not children.

    1. Your guns are supposed to fire projectiles.
      Hollywood's almost NEVER are.

      o/~ "One of these things is not like the other..." o/~

      Functional weapons capable of firing an actual projectile are never even supposed to be on the set of a rehearsal for a scene involving blank loads.

      Hire incompetent idiots who violate 29 specific safety rules for weapon and live ammunition handling, who have already screwed that pooch mutiple times on the same production, to the point that artsy-fartsy camera people, FFS can recognize that the armorer is an incompetent twat to the point they're willing to burn their bridge with the DP, throw the "take this job and SHOVE IT" flag, and walk off the set, and the production STILL doesn't fire PropTwat)(?!?)and see what happens...

      This is like, Filmmaking 101 and Stevie Wonder levels of obviousness, and people are still beating the "Yahbut, Baldwin is a DICK!" excuses to try and pin this on him.

      I swear, some people could watch the Caine Mutiny 20 times, and walk away thinking Captain Queeg got a raw deal, and probably still wonder why Col. Jessup was arrested at the end of A Few Good Men.

  22. Been out O town for over a week.

    The apostle Paul wrote, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12 NLT)

    When we can no longer disagree without being disagreeable they have won. "Dad, many years ago" He also sad "when they come for the guns, its over". Lets stay united so that doesn't happen.

    A woman is dead, that is sad enough in itself. Whether we like someone or not.

    Keep up the good work BC

  23. Baldwin is a hothead but it's hard to believe that anyone goes as far as pulling the effing trigger, without nefarious intentions.

    If we start with that, as a premise -- which some people will not accept, which is their take on it -- then they whole question of How did they gun "accidentally" get loaded, becomes beside the point.

    Baldwin wasn't huffed up and fucking around, and being a dick. Tho admittedly, such behavior would seem in his character. But even insane hotheads like, don't go around pulling the actual trigger, to make a point. Even is someone is in a rage and bluffing, along those lines; it's not necessary to pull the trigger, to make the point. Just pointing the gun is close enuf, to going all. the. way.

    Then, given the (apparently) murky background of Galina herself, which some are saying is Russian intelligence and her hubby connected to the Clintons.

    And then, given that Baldwin is advanced level royalty in Hollywood, aka Satan's vacation home on Earth; it wasn't an accident, it was a hit.

  24. ...How many airplanes you've flown on have you personally inspected and pre-flighted?...

    This is amazingly fucking stupid. It is like saying the 9/11 hijackers arent culpabale because they didnt do a walk around.

    There are various degrees of homicide from first degree murder to negligent homicide, u.e. like drunk driving. the going rate for killing someone drink is 5 years. the legal question is whether this was reasonable forseeable. anyone that touches a gun can discharge it. so it is reasonably forseeable. i expect anyone who gets paid to handle a gun to do so compentently whether they are an actor or a cop. this was, legally, negligent homicide, and alex should spend a little time in the pokey.

    Ill entertain Aesops opinion when he passes his first bar exam.... which appears never.

    1. You win the Internets.
      Here's your prize:

  25. IMHO Id charge him with negligent manslaughter at a minimum. Amd if the update is true and alex said something like, " how about I shoot her," is close enough, for me, to the malice aforethought element of first degree murder that, I would have charged him with 2nd degree murder and let the jury decide.

  26. Get a push-to-talk microphone for work Zoom calls. Only transmits your voice when button pressed.

    Might be a pain in the ass to keep button pressed but guaranteed to stop all those inevitable verbal shit storms getting accidentally broadcast to the world. And to your boss.

  27. After we kill each other in CW2, the survivors really need to restructure the education system in whatever is left of this country. Ohio Guy