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Monday, October 4, 2021

Sunday Late Night and Rifle BS

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
No idea if'n this going to go out tonight or first thing in the A.M... I haven't figured out how to 'schedule' a poast, so that's just me being i'gnint of teh Intarwhebz I guess.  Sort of like resident Troll Anthony Gino Del Fiacco... who, word is, his Herpa-ghona-syphil-AIDS flareup has gone into remission.  Glad to hear it buddy!  Hope you feel better and avoid full blown AIDS... it'd be a shame if you infected your butt-buddy Brandon.  All I can say is two words: Safe. Buttsecks.
Jes' Sayin'.

Yeah, seems ole Anthony is all aflustered at my lack of letting him comment.  I made it clear, you want to play here, you pay.  Show me the shekels Goyim, or get lost.  $100 dolla, you get to holla.  Ask Brandon for it if you're skint. Otherwise, he's done and gone like DMV Gringo.  Adios Asshole, thanks for all the fish and laughs.

Now, the meat and taters of tonight's/tomorrows blegg:  A vidya I caught tonight at Herschel's Haus.  Hershel gets a Gold Star in my book, an enlightened member of the Tribe like Nitzahkon, (A.K.A. 'Red Pill Jew) who used to frequent this here blegg, and I his.  He is, I believe over at Granite State these days... anywho... Hershel does some good poasts about equipment, and a LOT of "don't go in the woods without a BIG gun!" which I completely agree with

People forget (sorta like Anthony) that some people are prey to in-real-life-predators, who kill without compassion or mercy.  Especially when their children are threatened.  Like 90% of bear maulings/deaths are when some asshole gets too close to a set of cubs, without realizing MamaBear is going to eat that ass...
Yep... so, tonight whilst cruising around, I happened on this:
If you went through watching that, my most sincere a-polly-olly-geez.
This guy?  James Reeves: No idea as to his 'street cred' except that these are what I could find:

• NRA-licensed concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present
• Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• TFBTV Executive Producer
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer

In other words, what I thought while watching "What a colossal douchebag!"  I mean sweet Jeebus.  NRA instructor?  Meh.  Glock 'Operator'?  Been there, done that.  Lawyer?  OMG.  And the worst?  MAXIM Magazine's MAXIMUM warrior?  Maxim is a magazine run by gay males aimed at guys like Anthony... i.e. closet cases.

What in the Wild Wild World of Sports is that Fucking Shytte Aye?
I mean really?
Z.E.R.O. IRL weapons armorer skillz.  NO school knowledge.  No knowledge outside of who pays his check, in this case?  Daniel Defense.  Tell you whut douchemonkey:  You done fucked up.

Let a professional tell you whut's whut aight?

He pretty much rails against 'budget AR's' and mentions, by name, Palmetto State.  Now, most folks know, leastways I hope that you know, that since AR's have been around now since it's inception in 1956 by Saint Stoner, Patron Saint of Black Rifles, they all pretty much are the same fucking weapon.  Meaning they all follow pattern/form.  Not a lot of variation out there.  Well, now, yeah... lots of outliers... polymers being the number one game changer, but that being said, they all still are pretty much unchanged since the first ones were built.

Same metals, same Gas system, bolt, bolt carrier group, basic trigger assembly, buffer assembly... not a whooooole lotta changes over the years.  Maybe cast versus forged/'carved' but you get the general idea...  A few 'new' calibers added as well over the years like 300BLK and others like my late lamented .458 SOCOM but still, the 'basic song remained the same.'  So, now to this vidya.

Which was nothing more than a gross attempt to shit on 'budget ARs' and justify Daniel Defense's (IMO) insane price point.  He starts the vidya by doing a rundown of what 'makes' a Daniel Defense rifle, to include ALL the metal types and designations.  Which is lost to the average rifle buyer.  "The Daniel Defense rifle's upper and lower receiver are made from a Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum alloy, with M4 feedramp cuts and T-Markings, and an Extended rear assembly.  The bolt is made from Carpenter 158 and is MPI checked by precision machinery to insure quality" or words to that effect.  

Lots of word salad.
Lots of bullshit.

See, as he 'broke it down' as to how awesome the DD M4V7 is, I went and wrote everything down.
Which came out to this by parts and price point:

PSA (for Palmetto State Armory)
Barrel Length: 16", Gas System: Mid-length, Barrel Profile: A2 Style, Barrel Steel Material: 4150V Chrome Moly, PRICE: $119.00

DD (for Daniel Defense)  
Barrel Length: 16", Gas System: Mid-length, Barrel Profile: A2 Style, Barrel Steel Material: 4150V Chrome Moly, Identified as "Cold Hammer Forged Barrel and Chamber" ?  PRICE: $310.00

Bolt and Bolt Carrier Group:
5.56 nitride MPI M-16 full-auto bolt carrier group. Bolt is Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI). 8620 Full-auto profile bolt carrier group with 9310 steel bolt. PRICE: $79.99

DD 5.56 nitride MPI M-16 full-auto bolt carrier group. Bolt is Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI). 8620 Full-auto profile bolt carrier group with 158 Carpenter steel bolt. PRICE: $209.00 For Complete Bolt and BCG, Bolt only is $79.99 for 158 Carpenter Steel.

AR-15 stripped upper receiver. Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is hard coat anodized black for durability. Featuring M4 feedramp cuts PRICE: $69.99

DDAR-15 stripped upper receiver. Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is hard coat anodized black for durability. Featuring M4 feedramp cuts PRICE: $129.00

Now, the difference between these, and believe me these are the only differences metallurgically speaking is the Daniel Defense uses 158 Carpenter Steel as opposed to 9310 Steel.  Those differenses are as such:
Bolt Carpenter 159:  Tensile Strength: 1103 MPa, Yield Strength: 931 MPa
9310 STEEL, MPI’D: Tensile Strength: 910 MPa, Yield Strength: 570 MPa

Now, for fun, add on the Lower Receiver:
Forged Mil-Spec Lower Made from 7075-T6 Aluminum material, Black Hardcoat Anodized Finish.  PRICE: $69.99 (Not available from DD)

So, essentially, at bare bones, a PSA rifle, WITH a DD 158 Carpenter Steel Bolt
total bare bones price (needs stock, buffer trigger assembly, foregrip yadda yadda, call it an additional $250, the cost?)
PSA Parts for a DIY RIFLE: $420.00 Plus $250 = $669.00 +/- 
then, minus a DD Lower (as they don't sell them stripped otherwise)
DD Parts (minus lower): $648.00 Plus $250 AND LOWER (call it $100) = $998
Ripoff much Aye?

Now, dis asshole makes a big deal about allll of Daniel Defense's overpriced fag-gear (yeah, I'm fucking biased as fuck after this bullshit, before, totally neutral... now?  Notsomucho)  being Mil Spec. meaning that it's made to military specifications.  Sounds really good to NormieFags out there, but to a G.I. who's been totally fucked by 'Mil Spec' in his lifetime, not once, but too many to count?  

Lemme tell you fucker, Mil Spec means it was built to Military Specifications as long as it was by the lowest bidder you assholeWhich essentially means it's worthless as a selling point in MY motherfucking book.  Two words: Lowest Bidder.  Means bringing in the price-point to next-to-nothing... what do you think that means IRL for quality?  It means Dogshit usually in my vast experience, both as a Grunt AND a professional DotMil Armorer.

He also used a report to justify how the metallurgy of 'other companies barrels' meant they 'wore down' faster and whatnot... to be honest, I cut and dumped a LARGE portion of whatever horseshit this douche was packaging when I saw that said-report was dated from January of 1966!  He talks about '30,000 rounds' and whatnot regarding 'wear and tear', accuracy and yadda yadda...  I'll hit THAT shitshow in a minute...

Uhhh hate to break it to you cockfag, but the leaps and bounds out there of innovation, metalworking, alloys, shiiiiiit... every-fucking-thing means your argument is a lie and invalid.

Suck it Trebek.
To give you an idea?  The rifle he was spooging over?  $1800 INTRO price.  No Frills.  
The PSA Equivalent? 
Now, to be clear, I got zero financial interest in either company
Ain't no one paying me for this.
Ain't (unlike him) no sponsorship deals.
Shit, I need to be for this length of a writeup.
I get that some people want the 'warm fuzzy' of a high-end name-brand.  But with AR's?  Hate to tell you, they are all pretty much the same.  'Cept Polymer... 'cos fuck them shitty things.  But seriously... 30,000 rounds?  

Dude, are you fucking kidding me?  Seriously... As the State Armorer for the State of Florida Army Reserve, I never saw a weapon that was 30K + that I know of.  Hell, I did maintenance on fucking "Hydromatic" Lower Made M-16s.  For those of you new here or not in the know, General Motors from 1969 to 1971 switched over a transmission manufacturing line to making M-16A1s.  Hence the stamp "Hydra-matic Div" stamp on the lower receiver:
These things are still around and operational.
In fact they have a certain 'cache' to those who have them issued to them for their regular duty rifle.

Also, we're talking about "Weekend Shooters".
OK... I shoot... I shoot a fucking LOT.
I, in no way have come close to firing up 30K in BeeBees through one of my civvie ARs.  My DotMil SAW or Ma Deuce?  Probably, almost certainly... but even on active duty...Ten LONG years of being an ACTIVE DUTY AIRBORNE SPEC OPS INFANTRYMAN do I think I may have ever come close to firing up 30K in 5.56mm through an M-16, to include a range where someone fucked up and we got a BATTALION (800-1000 peoples) sized amount of ammo for our COMPANY (100 guys) and we had to expend all of it. 

THAT was the first statement of charges I ever had to pay.  Literally melted the chrome lining out of my M-249 where you could SEE the molten metal flying out, and the tracers going ALL over the place 'cos the rifling was literally shot the hell out.  Not only that, but the plastic cover of the hand guard melted and caught fire on the white-hot barrel.

Good times, Good times.

But yeah, the way dis fucking mook is talking?  Like we'll ever shoot our shit to that extent.

Add on that IF we do shoot that many rounds?  Even in a full on Civil War?
Something, somewhere has gone completely and utterly sideways.
Maximally So.

So, food for thought and economy Aye?
Personally, I'm sticking with PSA... I can buy 3 of theirs for ONE DD and outside of the bolt metal, literally the same exact weapon. Here Endeth the Lesson, Go in Peace.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Back in the early 2000s, buying name brand such as Daniel Defense/Lewist Machine & Tool/Bravo Company was how you got a rifle that wasn't a cavalcade of shortcuts, like no chrome lined chamber or bore, no M4 feedramps, cast lower, and a whole host of other QC shortcuts that bottom of the barrel AR manufacturers used to do. I have one, an Olympic Arms that I bought in California, of all places, before their AWB passed. No chrome anywhere in the barrel, garbage tier bolt, AR-15 carrier, cast lower, MIM fire control parts...

    You get the picture.

    This is not so common any more, as putting out a shit rifle gets the company put on blast real quick.

    I have a PSA upper I paid $400 for, it runs fine in the limited testing I've been able to do with it. I haven't bought a complete AR pattern rifle since the 1990s, preferring instead to build mine out of reputable parts and skip the remove-and-replace upgrade path that comes from buying a built rifle.

  2. Yer "M16A1" photo...much like Brandon and Tony....missing a hole.
    That's most likely the 'clone' that came out a while back when folks found out that Chebylay really DID make M16z.
    Lots of photo's of them out there, but I getcha.

  3. Entertaining and educational as all get out. Funny as well. Thank you for that, keep ups the good work.

    1. Ditto that sentiment. It reminds me of a rant by Tam Keel one time that managed to piss of both sides of the 1911 debate. She's a big fan of JMB and celebrates his birthday every year. But she said the 1911 is a stone axe, designed to be field maintained by amateur armorers from a parts bin of common stock made by everyone under the sun, including the Singer sewing machine company.
      Thanks BCE for one of the better rants of the morning.

  4. I quit TFB for a while when one of the contributors wrote an article stating the MG registry should remain closed while mentioning that their investment portfolio was made of MGs. Dropped in a while later and the only reviews I saw were all for Gucci gear. Place is pretty much a circle jerk for high end gear queers.

  5. James is insufferable and more than 85% likely he is a fag as well. I assume he is also getting his palm greased by some of these high end manufacturers. I like the high end stuff, but for my personal main rig I have Rock River that cost well under a grand. For 99.99% of people, PSA is plenty good enough and they don't have the budget for a $5000 set-up. A reliable, accurate mid range AR plus decent optics and accessories is all most of us need.

  6. Surprised he was able to hit the target, with his nose stuck up in the air.
    Decide what the purpose is for your rifle, buy quality parts and build it yourself, you will be happier.
    DD owners ae like Vegans, Crossfit etc etc--They will let you know.

  7. When I was in MCRD San Diego in 1984 my M-16 was a Harrington & Richardson. Had a guy call bullshit until I googled it and showed him a picture.

  8. My very first AR build, and my first AR (I was late to the game being an AK fan for so long), was a PSA build on a freaking $40 Anderson lower. Had to watch YT videos to learn how to put the thing together but, with a cheap Sig scope on it, I could probably conjure up the ghosts of a whole bunch of coyotes that would testify that they hate PSA with a passion... heh.

    My second build was on a CBC kit on another Anderson lower. Seein' as how I'm from Kentucky, I do like my KY AR receiver manufacturers. Love it, too. Mostly Magpul furniture on both. This one has a Primary Arms red dot... the one that's supposed to run five years on one battery. Killed some yotes with it, too, but it loves to ring the bells.

    Before the Rona struck, I bought a handful of stripped Anderson (again!) receivers at a great price to just hang in my gun closet for rainy days. While my employer was closed for the "15 days to flatten the curve" I went ahead and ordered yet another kit from PSA and put together while on "lockdown". Now, this one, I did have a bit of a problem with. It came with the front sight already attached. After running the windage on the rear sight nearly all the way right to get the stupid thing at zero I realized the front sight was obviously canted. Not noticeable at a glance but stands out like a sore... sorry, SOAR thumb when examined closely. My only complaint so far but, considering what I paid for these parts, not too upset about it. It still shoots more accurate than my old 59 year old eyes... thank God for scopes and red dots.

    I'll add that the ONLY time I had a malfunction with these ARs was when I was shooting some IMI 5.56 and the freakin' primers were popping out upon firing which was keeping the bolts from closing on the next round.

    So, yeah, I am really happy to see this post, along with Sido's. Hell, admitting you bought a PSA, or even a CBC kit among some of the AR crowd is like showing off your Hi-Point on a Sig forum.


  9. If we want to compare notes on rifles seen in the service, one of my friends was pulling TAD time with security, was armed up as a sentry when he came by the office to check his email. His M-16A3* had a XM-16 marked lower on it. No fence around the magazine button. I had a quiet gun nerd freak about it, he didn't care.

    I was annoyed that security on my carrier used flat top rifles with carry handle sights attached. It is like the Navy has never heard of the M68 CCO.

    *M-16A3 = M-16A2 with the lower replaced with a M-16A1 lower giving the rifle safe-semi-auto instead of burst.

  10. "Sort of like resident Troll Anthony Gino Del Fiacco... who, word is, his Herpa-ghona-syphil-AIDS flareup has gone into remission. Glad to hear it buddy! Hope you feel better and avoid full blown AIDS... it'd be a shame if you infected your butt-buddy Brandon. All I can say is two words: Safe. Buttsecks."

    Awww missed the perfect opportunity to use "Stay positive!"

  11. Good writeup, thanks for poasting.

    On the "issued way more ammo than we should've gotten" front, I was a SAW gunner with our H&S CO. 18 of us got a fucking pallet of cheeto 203 rnds, a similar sized pallet of 5.56 and a bunch of 240 chow. SSGT in charge (acting CO GY) basically said "no fucking way am I standing in line for 3 more hours at the ASP to turn that shit back in, y'all have fun.

    Did you know you can play HORSE with a 203? lol.