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Monday, October 25, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now I absolutely and positively need to keep kissing ass, begging, borrowing hell, a bank job isn't out of the question...  I need monays... a PILE of monays.  ALL of you do.  Leastways call it 'hopes and dreams' categories but the news is out and burning up the Gun Websites

Springfield Armory is bringing back the Browning Hi-Power basic design John Moses Browning made.  They're calling it the SA-35.
Now, there -are- some Hi-Powers out there.  Original Browning made, highly overpriced IMO.  Like ASTRONOMICALLY overpriced for what's a decent hog-leg, but like a Kimber not that good.

I have my own personal experience with a Hi-Power.  It was my first daily carry in Iraq.  Marked with "Iraqi National Police" on the slide.  Awful black plastic checkerboard grips, and a butt-ring for putting a lanyard on...  I had ONE mag, that held 13 rounds with one up the pipe.  I -only- initially had like 24, maybe 27 rounds loose... all mixed and of questionable sourcing.  Such was life in early 2004.  I did eventually get 2 more mags, and traded some gear (some boots and uniforms) for 200 rounds of 147 Grain Hollowpoints from the SF kids who needed to get rid of the 'illegal ammo'.  Finding a holster that -wasn't- Haji leather dogshit was a bitch until I found the Israeli company Fobus who makes a nice plastic Blackhawk style hip-rider.  It was that or the Blackhawk shoulder rig, which I wasn't a fan of as it tended to get caught up in the seat belt of the trucks we drove. 

I also have needs to pay back the Droog who helped me when the shytte went sideways here a ways back.  Haven't fergotten nor stopped saving to do the payback.  The bitch of it is was they $$$ I had slated, well, I blame Dumbunny.  Her ass is costing me MOR mental and monays than I like to t'ink aboot mon.  

Now, besides my usually whining about finances, all told the Springfield price point on this is $700.  That t'ain't bad.  UNLESS some seriously unscrupulous louses buy up all available stock (which (((they))) will, no doubt) then it should stay at a nominal price point.

Leastways I hope so.  I DID like the thing... VERY nice handling weapon.  VERY comfortable AND one of THE GREATEST designs ever put forth by the Genius Gun-God Browning the First PBUH.

Mine was named "Roscoe".  We named our weapons so's we could talk about them without the uninitiated and uncool understanding just -what- or in this case, who we were referring to.  In 2004, most civvie contractors were not allowed to have firepower, and it was a fireable offence to get caught sporting 'illegal arms'... only the US DotMil could do something like that Aye?  Despite MOST if not all us Contractors having FAR more experience and trigger time than the fucking newbies that they were feeding into the sausage grinder...

So, when we had missions outside the wire, I'd say like "Yeah, Me n Roscoe are gonna mount up and do this here thing later today..."  Lil or Middle would come back with "Well, I'm bringing Fritz (the MP-5, naturally) and Lil has Jeeves (the Sterling MK6... and yeah, it IS the Stormtrooper gun LOL) and we'll bring all the other friends we need to keep the party going!"

Depending on which was what, the FN-FAL's we had were "Pierre" and "Alphonse"... the German firepower was "Fritz" or "Gunter".  Roscoe only got HIS name as it was the first piece I had and did the daily carry with, and I named it after the Sherriff in 'Dukes of Hazzard' before we came up with our code-naming convention.  Almost ALL of our AKs were "Ivan" with the lone exception of my Dragunov SVD which I called "Long Tall Sally" 'cos with that long assed 26 inch barrel?  Yeaaaaah baby.

So, again, totally excited about this S.A. remake.  I'll let you know if and when it DOES get out there and I'll follow the reviews.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. 'Roscoe' was actually a rather common euphemism for a handgun back in the day. I happen to be indulging some vintage Damon Runyon short stories lately as bedtime reading ('Guys and Dolls' Depression-era Noo Yawk gansta fiction) and have run across the reference more than once. When certain citizens of that particular burg found a need to toss slugs around, they relied on ol' Roscoe to get the job done.

    Fun reading, if that era appeals to ya.


    1. Speaking of Damon Runyon, go to and search for Chronic Offender by Spider Robinson.
      Stay safe

  2. 15 round mags and NO magazine safety.

    Back in the 90's when I still had my FFL, I paid $199 for my Hungarian made PJK. I had a 10% off coupon with Century Arms so got 1000 rounds of PMP 115 gr. ball for $100. Still have the PJK and some of the ammo.

  3. I know how you feel about them., had 2 in my life, lost the first one in a divorce (fucking ex ) as she stole and sold it. second one went when I needed money for medical bills that big blue did not want to cover (fuck them too !)
    so, very nice sig 239 in 9mm is going to a friend of mine who wants it and that will cover the price of the new hp.
    never really use it anymore as I don't do the work thing anymore. medically retired and scraping by with ssd.
    one word of advise, write down and record EVERY TIME YOU DEAL WITH THE FUCKERS AT SS ! as they will fuck you over in a heartbeat ! and even then they "lose" your paperwork when they want to.
    already have a sig 226 in 9mm, but there always something about the browning hi-power that draws me to wanting one.
    and your right the price on a good one is out of reach for most of us these days. spent 60 bucks filling the truck !
    would love to see gas at 2 bucks and under right about now.

  4. I like basic service guns. I wanted a classic 1911 without the $2,000- 4,000 price tag. Rock Island had a $500 "GI" model and that's been great. Hopefully Springfield does the same with this Hi Power.

  5. I saw the add for the first time today. Not long afterwards, I received an advertisement from Brownell's that had them priced at $679. That isn't too bad of a price considering what "fair" grade originals are selling for these days. The Browning Hi-Power is one of my favorites of all time when it comes to pistols. It hasn't been that long ago that the SAS still carried them. That speaks volumes to me.

  6. Love me some Roscoe...

  7. My cost for the SA-35 is south of $550, not that there are any available yet, so the retail price should be well under the MSRP if they can meet demand for them.



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