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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

So Much For That 'Un

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, I resigned this A.M.  Got word through Ye Olde Grapevine that they were going to come after me hammer and tongs.  Seems I really pissed off a senior manager by calling out his subordinate's malfeasance.   Last time I looked I was -supposed- to be making sure that the people who are supposed to be at work actually are and that if they're NOT, writing up said individuals.  Until they get termed for not showing up.  And timesheet fraud, last time I looked?  Yeah.....

Well I guess calling out lying and timecard fraud gets you accused of being a 'raysacyst' when the person yer calling out happens to be the 'approved amount of melanin' as opposed to my Whypeepo self.  That whole 'white culture' of honesty and integrity seems to be inappropriate now.

Not like I'm going to be hurting too bad.

I got out BEFORE they could drag my name and rep through whatever mud-lined street they had lined up.  Couple of the trainees got with each other and AFTER three weeks of being with me every. single. day. did they ALL come out, simultaneously and accuse me of 'bad whypeeponess' and being a closet raysacyst.  Even MY boss was like "This's bullshit" when we last talked when I explained why I'm bailing now... told him flat out, "I'm over 50, and the only whypeepo here... ANY and ALL race things?  No matter what, I'm going to lose, so I'm out before they can shmear me."  Since racial things are so hot-button these days, THAT would have been (and probably still will be) the death of my Corporate Culture Participation.  I got NO interest in ever setting foot in, around or for or with any corporate bullshit.  Hell... when I saw I have mandatory "Unconscious Bias Training" that I was still supposed to go through, I knew it's pretty much curtain call for me.

THIS is why we're circling the drain.
The willful and intentional slaughter of the norms and mores of the most basic rules of life have resulted in the death of America.  I mean how foolish of me to think that De'yonte or Shaniqua should be 'on time' at the appointed place of duty, ready to work?  How thoughtless of me to say that Nevasaydee should NOT take a hour and a half long lunch?  Nevermind the two other times she took 45 minute lunches?  That she missed a metric ton of training?
Any wonder why we're on a precipice of collapse?

Simple fact is we encouraged this behavior.  It's on US.  OUR fault.  Much like dealing with Dumbunny... I now have to deal with a 26 year old single mother who can't hold a job, has ZERO prospects, AND a kid ALL now MY responsibility, and I just lost my job?  Even I still have her first kid that I assist in OVER AND ABOVE...  Her basic lack of instruction at a young age, coupled with being in a time when it was acceptable for her to BE a piece of shit, but Oh My Gawd she got participation trophies out the ass growing up?

Losers need to be told that they're LOSERS.
And, appropriately, get the beating they so richly deserve!
And being on time, doing the right thing?  
That's considered 'acting whytte' apparently.

And Corporate 'Murica is so balls-deep in this bullshit of maintaining the "Culture of Correct" which should be called "The Culture of Fear and Loathing".  

Fear because of things like this, where AGAIN I do the 'right thing' but because I didn't say it or deliver the message wrapped in soft fuzzy bunny-slippers and rainbows, FEAR that I can lose my livelihood  because I didn't tell them that they did really really good that they tried their best to get back from lunch on time, and that next time they'll do better, I'm sure. 

Fear of losing my job (which I did) because my delivery was point blank to tell them: "It's purely unacceptable for you to have done this not once, not twice, but three times and on top of that, you show ZERO respect to me, nor the trainer, so, because of that, we're releasing you.  Best of luck in your future endeavors." 

LOATHING because now?  Oh man, 'Chained and Caged' Big Country is rattling the doors, and realizing he may have a way out to have fun and mayhem.  That loathing, where it was a minor, slow burn, is rising up to a flame, where I look at these 'people' and ask why I, an obvious superior person, both in work ethic and morals, gets sacrificed to the Altar of This Pile of Corporate Shytte?  Why I now have to deal with the fallout of Wifey raging at me, even though it literally ain't my fault.

I did what was asked of me.
I managed these people

But apparently I'm completely, and utterly out of tune with unpuzzling the overall code of Corporate Fear Culture.  I mean maaaaaaaaaaan I went waaaay out of my way with keeping my mouth fucking shut.  And in the end, it still didn't matter.  The High Priests heard BLASPHEMY and I was going to be the sacrifice.

Fuck that I said Aye...
I bailed from the whole fucking picture before they could do anything.
Fuck them AND the fucking horse they rode in on.
Can't lose if you don't play the game
And in this case, this's the proverbial straw that just shattered THIS particular camel's spine
I'm done.
Fuck them.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Wait until the lesser races lose their judeo-shield.

  2. You used melanin restricted language. Bad boyo.

  3. If you communicate with them fuckers again , tell them they should hire nothing but negros and africans . They would soon understand their mistake.

  4. Congratulations are in order, you'll be much better off in the long run. No good can ever come of subjecting one's mental well-being to working in an insane asylum.

  5. The world is rapidly falling apart and we all know that and regular "jobs" are simply going to go away for us. So we must do something different besides w2 employee.

    And, let's be honest here, this is again, your sign from God that it's time to get off your a$$ and move. Because you're not in a good place. And when you get into a small town surrounded by others, opportunities will open. And chicks always want their hair done so your wifey will have a job. And at this point, WT women are about the only way for us to get w2 income.

    Selling your house for top dollar moving to a small town somewhere much cheaper certainly creates quite a cash cushion and opens new doors.


    It's better to be too early to move than too late (and I believe we all fear it's getting to be too late)

  6. It's because WHITE MALES are the most discriminated people in the country !! As a white male, you MUST always be on time, do your job perfectly, STFU and at the least little thing will be verbally abused and terminated and no one will care.
    If however you are a "protected class" well then that's different. Then the rules don't apply to you because "racism". It's total BS but to prove my point I guarantee that if you put a mop on your head, wore a dress and lipstick and said your were "transgender", not a FUCKING thing would have happened to you !!

    It's just another sign of the collapse of our country--- we are seriously fucked and this left wing BS is a cancer that has rotted our culture to the bone.
    BCE, you are doing the best you can man. You can't handle more stress seriously it's gonna kill you.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, those 2 kids are their PARENT's responsibility not yours or Wifeys and some heart to heart talks need to be have with people in your life.
    Good luck !!

  7. Any group of 3 ppl or more gets just like this. Don't matter color, national origin, etc.
    Been there, done exactly whatyoudun, and had several power poles shoved up my ass. Went to court, atty had nervous breakdown last day of trial, judge ruled nebulous decision. Went to 2DCA Myself, 150 page appellate brief. Response: Affirmed. IOW, 2DCA CONFIRMED Circuit Court decision. Still in hock $100,000 for legal fees and costs. Youbin Fookerd. Famous MidEast Kossack. Now bend ovah...

  8. being on time, doing the right thing?
    That's considered 'acting whytte' apparently.

    I've seen the whining bullshit about how being responsible and on time is
    Being Too White and White Supremacist behavior.. I just didn't expect it to have permeated corporate level places Yet. I thought that was high school kids.

    Nothing like doing your job and being hated for it. There's no sufficient Sugar Coating to have not pisstawf the haters and if your boss doesn't get that you were just doing exactly what you were supposed to do AAAND saving money.

    Watch them close their doors.

  9. Come up to Leesburg and look around, BC. Nice little town...

  10. I used to work at the va. there was a guy ,who for fucking years was always at least 15 minutes late. every fucking day. he got asshole of the month award ! guess his color ? yea. anyway, was offered super or management type jobs there.
    ALWAYS SAID NO THANKS. I knew expecting people to show up on time and doing the job , I would be called a racist by them. funny thing though, after I left they had to hire 2 clowns to do the work I used to do myself.
    but this shit goes a long way back to the 1970's, I was told too many times that I was the wrong color to be hired.
    even had to fight for my ssd even, some bitch of color wanted me to teach high school in west or north philly ?
    I thanks god I had a fair judge that day ! the crash of what used to be this country will not be pretty to see.
    get out to a smaller country town and make friends and live in peace while you can.
    fla is a great state, but the color ratio is a problem and will be a big one soon enough, leave there !

  11. I look forward to we Whites making the trains run on time and properly filling the furnaces. For real this time.

  12. If you don't want to end up living in a refrigerator box down by the river, quit taking responsibility for things you're not responsible for. A 26-year old ADULT and HER child aren't your responsibility, unless you are stupid enough to make it so... in which case, the only person to blame is yourself.

    By the time my dad died, he had sacrificed all his time, his hobbies, at the altar of his family and "duty" to society.

    Don't be Dad.

  13. I've read a lot of your posts.
    But what is it that you do?

  14. (Don McCollor)...Unfortunate, but a wise decision. Better to beat a strategic retreat than to go down with your colors nailed to the mast...

  15. Time to find a way to do what you enjoy while working for yourself, if I can do it you can do it.

  16. "Losers need to be told that they're LOSERS."

    That's a huge missing item in today's America.

    1. "How DARE you, that's your privilege talking", is what you would hear if you tried calling out these "fine" folks.

    2. This.

      Thank you Dr. Spock. Fucked up an entire generation and their kids.

  17. The war on white males has been going on for some time now. I was filling out a questionnaire on doing business with a very large corporation today and it asked if our company was minority owned or owned by a LBGTQ person, so now everyone besides a straight white male is a minority. Fucking nuts!

    1. And we wonder why deblasio (for example) is 'married' to a fugly black chick, who as it happens in this case can't account for at least 878 million in taxpayer funded $ for her women's help thingamabob hustle. Middle class is being raped with cactus covered telephone poles.

  18. BCE~ Are condolences or congratulations in order? While the paycheck will be missed, the interaction with the grifters will not be missed. May that company have a Come To Jesus and Lions meeting. I hope the Lions are really Hungry and Jesus is busy elsewhere. I know dealing with DB is more than difficult and technically you should not be raising her kids. You have a good heart and do not want anything bad to happen to them, like getting traded for some drugs, or being neglected or beat on, then put into the Foster system.
    Your inner Warrior will find a way. Red

  19. On your own terms is always better . . .

  20. LOL

    go back and read what i said about the murkins on WRSA

    every fucking word was spot on. losers doesn't even come close to describing 0 out of 10 of them...

    i quit working 17 years ago because i was so tired of peoples bullshit and incompetence

    i just didn't need the $ or the hassle of babysitting full grown morons- all of which had mouths to feed...

    tfA-t is way ahead of the average bear

  21. Very sorry to hear about this happening to you. I've been in the corporate world for most of my career and I've never seen it as bad as it is today. Major suckage.
    Have you tried getting on a job search site like Indeed and seeing if there are any armorer jobs in your area? Given your background I'd be willing to bet that any place that needed an armorer would snap you up in no time flat.

  22. BCE: It was no doubt a foregone conclusion that you were going to lose that job for the unforgivable sin of actually doing the job. That was pre-ordained from day one. The only thing is, you should have forced them to fire you. That way, you would have preserved a number of legitimate legal remedies that you have which enable you to unleash holy lawfare upon them, where the law is actually on your side.

    It may seem daunting at first. But I can tell you from personal experience, when you (or your attorney) explain to Human Resources exactly how they have broken the law, and cite black letter law to them, and explain your legal remedies under the law, and explain the damages both you and the gummint can extract from them as a result of their causes them to sit up and take notice.

    And I can tell you, also from personal experience, if their corporate or retained attorneys are at all competent, THEY will explain to HR, "You done F'ed up Big Time, and you have exposed the company to huge legal liability. And now we need to make this guy an offer to get ourselves off the hook and make this problem...That YOU created...go away".

    Please remember this for next time, my friend.

    1. Agreed with George True. It is easier to sue for wrongful termination if you were fired because you're guilty of being overly white, etc.

      In theory the EEOC can get involved in discriminatory firing practices. But in today's woke society we all know that the cultural revolutionaries running the Biden administration's EEOC (with a non-white chick in charge) are more interested in inventing ways to screw over the straight white male underclass. For instance this summer's EEOC guidance about how trannies get extra-special protection on the job:

  23. you may already know of this site, but city data help plan where I moved too. one funny thing I do remember from my time working at the va was being asked many times by older white vets asking me how I got hired there.
    those old guys loved my ass. a whole lot of them needed chest x-rays and I ran them thru like they where back in basic
    instead of waiting for hours for a simple x-ray. I wonder what the wait times are like now ?
    might be a good idea to look up just where they shipping these afgans and other wonderful folk to enrich us with.
    I rather be a ways from the clowns than closer to them. up hill is also good, most of these fucks are lazy as hell.
    wish you luck with all of this. god knows you didn't ask for it.
    in the end you might have to cut most if not all ties to save what left of your sanity. I did and I do not regret it either. I gotten tired of drama and bullshit. just want to be left alone with what's left of my life.
    you might have to get creative to get yourself a new sa-35 now I already sold one weapon to pay for it when it comes
    to a local store. good luck, dave-1/503

    1. Cutting ties is good advice. I used to be tight with a long term group. I bailed on most of them but on occasion still gather. Last gathering found out all of them were vaccinated and only my wife and I were not. Wife said they did not understand, I knew then they all became potential karens and a couple of the males I know for a fact would rat me out, no matter.

  24. Best of luck to you BC. Yep being white is a negative, when I lost my job being older adds to that deficit no one wants to hire you. Every place I left voluntary or otherwise morale went down and workload went up covering what I did. My former coworkers would let me know what's going on and their is some schadenfreude in that. My greatest treat was a prank played on a credit manager when he was trying to bully me into moving a week of vacation. I drew jury duty that same week but did not tell him till the ass chewing meeting it was glorious. 12 years later I used the same line at a mutual dentist in our old building. I saw him coming from the parking lot slipped out back while the office manager used my name with the clerk about about a future appointment not being made due to jury duty on him. He never saw it coming.

  25. Sooo, let's not keep score on the playground and make sure everyone gets a trophy

  26. Check with your attorney next time?

  27. work at home ???????? Sorry about the karens in your life. Barking Dogs as my wifey says.
    Chin up go do some PT and relax.

  28. You need to move up to north Florida no poc where I live.and a bonus you can target practice or hunt right out your backdoor

  29. When I first saw this post, I thought you were parting ways with your employer over the Dumbunny cussing incident. As I read further, I was shocked to discover it was because you actually did your job, and some Other Colors were butt-hurt over the fact you actually expected them to show up and work.

    Well, fook corporate Amerika. They don't deserve you. Let it all come crashing down.

    Lots of good advice from the commenters to this post. Wish you the best.


    Over 50 White Male

  30. Some years back my wife and another woman were working through a temp agency at a manufacturing company. Because they were through a temp agency they were working "piece work" (getting paid on the number of orders they processed). They were approached by some fulltime employees and requested to slow down as they were making the full time people look bad. I am waiting for a lot of companies to start showing "red ink" because of this cultural diversity trash.

    At one company I worked at they hired a POC. The job was shiftwork at a chemical plant where you worked 3 out of 4 weekends on different shifts. One thing they watched was absence on Friday and Saturday nights during 90 probation. The new POC was consistent in not showing up for those shifts. At the end of probation the lab head read him the riot act about his absences THEN made him full time. Others were POed. Then there was a plot in Philadelphia to set fires and when the police & firemen showed up to have a roach-coach show up with free coffee. The NEWS report mentioned a familiar name. Checked the chemical supplies storage area. About 6 5 pound containers of potassium cyanide were missing. The POC never showed up again. I believe he turned states evidence during the trial and got off. He moved to Detroit when they found his body.