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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Run Over W/A Truck

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Alive but exhausted, emotionally/physically
So yeah, had a possible 'minor heart incident' yesterday.  Got took to the VA via whambulance.  I GTFO of there ASAP as there was a shortage of personnel, beds and some -seriously- ill vets who needed the bed.  Once I'd been CAT'd and told that no, I wasn't having a fucking stroke (tho it sure as fuck at the time felt like it) and I had them script me a shitton of meds, I jetted back to the Casa.  (Side note: This COVID bullshit has got to stop soon... lots of MedFolk MIA because of Slo's mandate and the VA being retards... not enough people to help the folks who need it)

Meh.  Not my first rodeo but a rather impressive BP of 198 over 130 got me the 'entry ticket' when the paras were working me up at the house.  Which even before we called them in a certain amount of 'cleanup' was necessitated as the possibility of  Ye Minions of Leviathan occasionally accompany the hardworking paras, and I didn't want to (in the middle of a potential heart attack) to explain to Deputy Fife that no, those are not live grenades, and no the rocket launcher is inert, and yes that flammenwerfer is legal.


Nitroglycerine cannot be underrated however.

My my, how it makes that pain go 'way oh! lo so quickly!

T'ain't my first tango with the ticker issue.  First time was a full blown heart attack at 25 that I thought was a really bad hangover, but the subsequent years have shown the scarring on the heart and the damage to be a genuine H/A.  I had another 'minor' arrhythmia back about 16? years ago? at work... it's stress that does me in... Only -so much- I can handle.  I internalize... well I was taught to expend the energy and usually I do so... but lately I haven't been able to... between work, which was stressing me even BEFORE the bullshit (as I was always bitching about just how fucked up the operation was/is,) and then Dumbunny, who I'm seriously getting a 'shallow grave' vibe aboot these days.
"Sapper, get the shovel..."

Example:  I'm not, by any means, a clean freak.  I'm cluttered, but organized clutter.  Dis fukkin beeyatcha?  Nasty.  Has to be told to clean up after herself AND the Bebe.  I'm clean in that my kitchen floor is clean.. like usually spotless.  Counters too.  Now?  Ain't been this dirty in the 20 years I've lived here.  I run a clean kitchen and tight A.O. and I can't do it meselves, and she's oblivious.  I mean I do all the mopping, to the point I actually got a fucking restaurant style BIG yellow mop bukkit and mop and squeezer.  If you're going to do a job, do it right Aye? 

But under normal circumstances, I mop once a week, twice if I have a spill.  I -know- having a 1 year old makes it harder, but even then... she does disgusting things... uncivilized things that I have to constantly be on her about... took a drink out of the orange juice (from the container!) and dribbled it... landed on the floor and she didn't even notice OR more than likely, didn't fucking care.  O.J... on my floor.  I called her out but for the past few days I haven't which led to yesterdays meltdown.  Walks around barefoot through the spil't juice and tracked it over the kitchen!

Fucking floor is, as I said nasty by my standards, and I've -lived- in Iraq, which you don't get much more nasty that that fuckin' place.  I swear to Gawd, I'm over it all.  Going to go to the zoo.  Check into the Monkey house.

I told Wifey 5 days, and I'm selling everything, paying my 'owes' and headed out to I don't-know-fucking-where  Without her OR her pig-daughter.

MGTOW might be a thing who's time has come.
IF I live that long
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 


  1. If it's affecting your mental health (which it is) then your proclamation to your wife is correct. Sucky, shitty and probably not too healthy for the relationship, but you need to live. Dumbunny, not so much.

    Hope your wife puts the screws on the bitch. As you and wifey seem to be a good couple.

    But, damn, family. Family can fuck up a wet dream. Ask me how I know (no, don't, just the last time I dealt with the inlaws I proclaimed the next one that got near us was going to, well, wife needs to go out the back of the house while I take care of what's in front of the house, seriously, like kerblam and dial 911 for a pickup.

    You need to destress. Is there a place Sapper can take you to relax away from the constant fuckup?

    And Dumbunny? She's using you and your wife. You know it, your wife knows it, the cockroaches that feed off of Dumbunny's droppings know it. She needs to go.

    Hope things get better.

  2. Ditto Beans, every effing word. You get one life. Chose not to to be miserable and don't allow anyone else to make it shorter because of the stress they induce.

  3. Man, I feel for ya. Been there done that.

  4. Ditto again.

    Thing is, it’ll be deliberate on her part. It’s what females do. She’s trying to cause a rift so that you either go on your own, or are driven away, so that she gets to move in permanently and take over.

    Had exactly the same happen to me. Now ex’s daughter messing, acting up and destroying my stuff ‘accidentally’, ex excusing and taking her side. Me, eventually walked, re-upped and still had them trying to stiff me with bills four years later (yeh right).

    Same happened to two other guys ex tried to date until she finally cottoned on and kicked the byatch out (who's currently on welfare with three kids from three guys she took for everything they had, caused major family fights and is this close to either prison or a psych ward). Ex tried to apologise and get back together (I think she missed my wallet and bank account) but since she’d already demonstrated she’d rather screw me over, I laughed.

    So? It’s not down to you, whatever you do or say can/will be used against you. It’s purely and simply down to wifely unit, if she puts up with it, and excuses it you at least know where you stand and my advice is walk no delay. She needs to make a decision.

    1. Yep. Had my inlaws try to do that with me and the wife. All the stress, aggravation and pure fuckery, which the wife wasn't seeing. Until she did. What an enlightening experience that was.

  5. BCE, Stress will kill you either by heart attack, stroke or causing cancer to form.
    The stressors in your life need to GTFO !! Dumbunny is an ADULT who chooses to live like a piece of White Trash. You and Wifey are under NO obligation to care for her or her kids-- SHE and her Baby Daddy are !!

    I know Wifey is in a hard spot because she loves her daughter and wants to help her and can't bear the thought of her grand babies not being cared for BUT she will put herself in an early grave herself trying to support a loser daughter and raise 2 kids on her own and it will be on her own because no guy will put up with that shit.

    Try to chill BCE and the ball is in Wifey's court. Some hard decisions have to be made but just like when you had to throw out the former female friend who started leaching off you, this is the same type situation. If I were you besides resolving this situation I'd sell the Casa and move out to the country where it is cheaper and you won't be so stressed about money all of the time.

  6. MGTOW is never the right answer but wifey might need to make a choice here.

  7. this is why no one really knows where I live anymore. I had enough of the being used shit for 2 fucking lifetimes.
    shit like is is why I moved out to the woods and have a p.o. box. a few friends and ONE family member know the phone
    number. shit like we need help with the car bill after blowing a few hundred bucks on bullshit type of crap.
    got a 72 inch flat screen but no food in the house? . anyway, wish you well ! god knows you didn't ask for this shit. dave 1/503

  8. wouldn't be better to have a accident with a boat and gators ? shallow graves don't work too well as they always get
    found. just saying,

  9. Pussy has been the source of all the real unhappiness and problems in my life. Divorced 14yrs now and have never been more sane or content in my life. Women are fucking nuts, every last one of them.

    1. I happened on a youtube of some kind of 'women looking for men' thing. The Entire comment section was full to the brim of guys testifying why they will never enter into another contract with a female. Some of em pretty yong, like 25.

    2. Figured that one out about the same time MR. I am a blissfully single man now and I love my tranquility. I never, ever give a key to my place, nor allow them a space in my: bathroom, closet, dresser. My rule, no more then 2 nights and your ass is out the door. I don't date those I work with or live next to, or have children/grandchildren living with them. Life is so much less complicated and sane.

  10. BCE~ Good Sir, anyway you can get DB taken to a movie several miles away, then have vehicle trouble so she has to walk back? I surmise you know someone with a sniffer dawg that would be willing to track down any substances that will get you into trouble with the PTB? If you already haven't, inventory your various categories of items, serial #, etc. Just in case DB might have pawned/sold anything. Might want to contact the local Pawn shops. Make sure any computers are password protected etc so she can't get to any of your financial information. Or, make threats from your computers. Good Luck. Red

  11. Sound like the situation is becoming untenable. Have to see what the wife does, but if DB is doing those kinds of behaviors I would suggest she give up gb2 and move on.

  12. Take care of yourself BCE. My sister was the same as Dumbunny Put my Dad in an early grave. Be careful.

  13. BCE: Just a tip about nitro as a med. Pay attention to its expiration date. While most medication can be usefully stored for years, even decades past any date written by the lawyers and insurance aparats, nitro is one of those that does break down relatively quickly, and becomes useless with time. There are very, very few that have toxic degradation products (tetracycline is one I know of), most just become less effective with time, but as I say it takes many years for most of them. We had a neighbor lady who was once showing us her bottle of nitro that she kept in her purse "just in case". I looked close at it and it was ten years expired. Its only use was emotional support and/or placebo effect.

  14. Big Country,
    I think you need to use your Sun Tzu, would he suggest backing your wife into a corner?
    Parents, whether they should or not, will usually go with their child.
    Think, and find a third way.

    1. The wife needs to choose between 'us' (being her and BCE) and 'mine' (being Dumbunny.) By choosing 'us' she's also choosing security, protection and assistance for and with the grandbabies. Choosing 'mine' and she's stuck with Dumbunny, Dumfuck (when he shows up, you know he's going to show up as soon as BCE is out of the picture) and any other worthless POS cretins that will follow the Dumb-twins wherever they go.

      Let us all hope, for BCE's peace of mind and his heart-function, that wifey chooses 'us' and stands up to Dumbunny.

      Sadly, due to some of Florida's more stupid laws, neither BCE nor Wifey can actually boot out Dumbunny as she has established 'residency' and has to be 'evicted.' Seriously, fambly moves in for a 'visit' and if they're smart, can change their address (without knowledge of the homeowners) and "Surprise" they now officially live there and have to be evicted.

      Let's hope Dumbunny doesn't know this. And is too stupid to find this blog.

  15. Snagged this from Phil's

  16. have nothing to do with whammen

    they are never happy, kinda smell, bitch about something all the time, very costly, ungrateful, lie, live like pigs, hold you back from your true potential, already been had by an other(S), and most of 'em smoke

    L O S E R S !

    anyone getting on the bus GET ON! anyone getting off the bus GET OFF!

    tfA-t is the light, the truth, and the way

    300 million or bust

  17. Bigcountry....I'm so sorry this is happening to you. When you first started posting about the grandbaby and your step daughter, I just knew things could go south. When you get married, you leave your family and cleave onto your spouse. Your spouse is now first.

    My first husband died and many years later I married the man I'm married to today. Neither one of us have children. His first wife had a child. A brat. That's what dissolved their marriage.

    I dated a few men in those many years that had kids. I don't care what they say, they always place their kids and grandkids first. I had one boyfriend who still paid for his ex-wive's car payment and the boy lived with him. The brat keyed my car, destroyed my tire valve stem and hit my back quarter panel with his skateboard. Deliberately. I made his father pay for the damages.

    I said never ever again. After that I didn't date men who had kids. I know men here in my AO who are my age and who have either dated or married women with kids. One man told me, I don't care if she looks like a supermodel, if she has kids, I'm out. Many of these men had a career and just didn't have a family. They meet a woman who either had kids at home or grandbabies she takes care of as the kids are useless. These men get financially raped. You can see the dollar signs in their eyes. They've planned the wedding and spending his retirement. I really don't blame men for not dating.

    I hope your wife realizes what she's doing and makes you first.

    1. Annie, you are 99.9% correct. There is an exception to every rule, and my wife is that one in a thousand. We met in our mid-thirties, she was a widow with two teenagers. It hasn't been all sweetness and light, but we are happily retired now 33 years married. Daughter is a nurse, as is her daughter. Son is a Phd. Geologist.
      I only bring this up to say you can't rule out any options. BCE's wife has a tough decision to make. Either watch her husband explode and die in front of her, or lose her marriage. Changes must and will be made.

  18. I feel your pain. I had to kick my stepson out (finally) when he was 19. He was rude, verbally abusive to my wife, didn't do a damn thing around the house, thought he was going to live off me forever. I finally had enough one night and told my wife either he goes, or I go, but I can't live in the same house with him any more.

    It was a sink or swim moment for him. Thankfully, he swam, and he's a far better person for it today. My wife and I are far better for it, because he was screwing up our relationship in order to get what he wanted. But if my wife had said that he stayed, I would have left.

  19. I feel your pain, BC. Hate having to tell a grown-ass adult to pick up after themselves. I have a feeling DB won't change, unless she's forced to do so. Then again, people like her will usually just find someone else to attach themselves to. I agree with the other commentors: don't let her drive you to an early grave, because her refusal to get her crap together is affecting YOUR physical and mental health.

    1. Exactly Ken because like my daughter Dumbunny has a massive entitlement mentality and she is ALWAYS "the victim". NOTHING is ever her fault, always someone else's !!

      A person like that who never takes responsibility for anything and feels totally entitled to other's money and fixing up their messes, isn't worth the powder to blow them to Hell and will destroy and then despise anyone who tries to help them.

      I feel so bad for BCE because this issue hits home for me as my daughter is moving out of my house Tuesday with loser burger flipper she hooked up with after he convinced her to drop out of school. Meanwhile I am a rotten no good SOB for trying to make her Adult.

  20. "(Side note: This COVID bullshit has got to stop soon... lots of MedFolk MIA because of Slo's mandate and the VA being retards... not enough people to help the folks who need it)".

    It's a featue not a bug. VAX mayday kills in two ways for their depopulation mengele ways.

    MGTOW, it's on my radar as well I will say a prayer for you and the family but only you can take care of yourself.