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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rape on The Train

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a few minootos to throw up some stuff here as my work PC got the dreaded "Pushes a n d Updates have been installed: Restarting" which means I probably have time for a Poast or two, and a Coke, Smoke and a Joke or 5.  Nuthin' like waiting on the updates Aye?  Got no choice what with Winders being the OS of biddness choice.

So, lots of outrage at the rape on the Subway Train in Philly last week.  Can't say I'm even remotely surprised.  The story is here:

And it's also going away pretty quickly.  It WAS at the top  of the fold on the Daily Fail today but now?
Annnnnnnnnnd it's gone. 

Mainly because the perp was a 32 Year old Congolese Illegal with a propensity for Rape, Rape, Felonious Assault and oh gee, MOR Rape and was -supposed- to be deported in 2015 by the Obamamessiah.

Makes me wonder if they -didn't- deport all these fuckwits we're finding now with the intention of leaving them behind as 'time bombs' for someone to deal with later.  Now... everyone has been freaking about how everyone Vidya'd this, instead of "White Knighting" and saving the "Damsel in Distress" 

Let me tell you Mister and Missuz ("That's MIZ to you cis-het-hater!!!") Fake and Ghey, Y'all made this particular bed, so enjoy the more 'rapey aspects' that're going to become MOR popular as them Afghanis start showing up in your towns.  THOSE guys are super-dooper especially Magic-Dirtalicious Rapey McRapefests... small boys, girls, goats, Teh Wahmenz?  They rape 'em all. 

And the Congo-Critters?  Right up there in a close second for Rape... 'cept they tend to eat the victim afterwards...  Yeah, the Congo... THAT place... holy hells what a weird place that's spawned OH so many Memes... a veritable paradise for Shitlord Memeing.
Nothing like being 'culturally enriched' by Congolese Cannibal-Rape-Monsters amiright?

But yeah, this is what they wanted...
Defund the Police? 
Indict -anyone- and -everyone- who even attempts to dial 9-11 on a Black in the Untied Statz these days? 
Accuse all Whypeepo as Eeeee-vil Rayyycysts for even questioning the behavior of these fucking Dindu Nuffinz and the actions that thereof?

At this point?  Fuck 'Em and I do mean Fuck 'Em ALL.  Unless the individual is personally known to me that motherfucker is purely shit-out-of-fucking-luck now and forevermore, Amen.

I ain't helping or doing shit.  Unless there's a operational and immediate need that endangers me or mine?  The pistola is staying right there in Ye Olde Holster.  The Rifle in it's case.  I won't do shit, 'cos even if I do help and theoretically AM on the 'right side' both morally, ethically and legally, if it's a Dindu?  Nah brah... rather sleep soundly knowing I protected mine by NOT allowing meselves or mine to be exposed in any way that could cut into my bottom line.  What good it it to 'do the right thing' when in the end you're gonna take a public cornholing and more n'likely a monetary hit/assraping by some fucktard lawyer who's out to score social justice points as well as line the pockets of he and his by financially destroying a Whypeepo for fun n'profit?

Sheeeeeeeeeee-it... Kyle did the 'right thing' and look what it got him.

So, beyond putting Ye Olde Middle Finger in the Air, I did have a 'cute' moment with one of the Kittahs today.  Past couple of days, Nook has been sleeping on the kitchen table.  In the lasagna dish no less. 
 Garfield Much?
The sun hits the dish for the most of the early morning, getting it nice and warm.
She curls right up in it for 80% of the mid morning to early afternoon.  I've told everyone not to fuck with the dish... we generally eat at our various 'workstations' so the table ain't a big deal, and the dish I can wash before we need to use it again.  Right now she just loves it so much and looks soooo cute, soo let her enjoy her dish and 'place'...Purring away and sleeping the day away....

Besides, if God forbid, Post Apocalypto, we got to eat her, I now know which dish she'll fit in Aye?

Got ya with that one didn't I?
Sorry but not sorry... yeah, Just being the sick bastard with bad humor that I am...
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Look at what happened to the DI at Ft Jackson who shoved a crazy vibrant who was harassing wife and neighbors. Assault conviction and suspension from duty. You have to be crazy to play the hero.

  2. proton thing in your inbox.
    Never thought I would see a cute cat pic on your site, now I have seen it all. LOL

  3. You sick bastard, I literally LOL'd on your closure. Good thing I had already swallowed my Cold Adult Beverage beforehand.

  4. You need to update the link on the blog role for Bustednuckles. Now located at:

    1. Thanks... for a while it was more frequently changed than my drawers I swear... it's updated now, Thanks!

    2. Our drawers are old, smelly and slightly used, but we endeavored to persevere...

  5. As far as I'm concerned, it's kith, kin and kind. If the vic was POC, none of my bidness. If the vic was White, and not a domestic mudshark partner, then yeah, someone is gonna get something upside the cabeza. Mid rape calls for.....230 grain fatboy. Simple assault, something not so final.

  6. Krasner is the current DA in Philly and he would absolutely attempt to procicute anyone who lifted a finger to help.

    The previous DA was pushed out on corruption charges that "appeared" suddenly. Realisticly is isn't more corrupt than anyone else in the city, but this was made very public and pushed hard in a non-election of any note year. This lead to a multi-way race in a very low turnout election. (IIRC there were 7+ candidates at one point) Krasner had Soros money behind him, spent more than nearly all the other candidates combined.

    He is so bad that the Democrat AG, Shapiro, has taken over procicutions from the Philly DA office. He does every chaos sewing policy he has pushed. The San Francisco DA is the same.

  7. FURRY BABY!!!! Our Zoe started out in a shoe box, then a large ziploc cookie container, then a small sweater and now a large sweater box. With her teddy bear. Red

  8. Not gonna lie. Laughed at the end there. Be aware, if I remember correctly, cat meat is stringy.

  9. I'm enjoying Pottersville. Its a Wonderful Strife!

  10. Folks ask me why a six foot, two hunnerd thirty pound man has a twenty pound Yorkie. I simply reply that he's nicer than 99.99% of the humans I know, he's a near-silent alarm, AND when shit goes sideways, and there's no food or electricity, he's dinner for two on the hoof !

    1. Chuck, I get asked those same question with my ten pound Chihuahua... I inherited from an ex wife and she was the best trade I have ever done. She alerts far sooner then I could, and is a chick magnet. I have been asked if I was gay. I told 'em lets you and me fight and I can show you I am not gay. She has also saved my life on a couple of occasions, being diabetic has barked and licked me incessantly because of low blood sugar and I was slow to respond. Yeah I will keep her.

  11. philly is fucked. and has bein for the last 7-9 years now. used to live there. so glad I am far away from that shithole. funny thing, got a surrey to fill out why I left (tax payer) for a gift card.. told them the truth.
    I am the wrong color and crime is not punished there. and that was 6 years ago.
    the cops don't do shit to poc's they can do anything and it has bein going on for the last ten years there.
    look up zombie land, it is in philly. it always was a bad area, or rather it was a poor area from the last 50 years
    now, it a waste land.

  12. There is a YouTube of driving along Kensington Ave.

    It is amazingly bad

  13. BCE~ I hope this day finds you well, not to harried and have not need to use any quick lime. Concerning the creature that committed the rape, he needs a radical vasectomy and then take on the enviable position of "the New Girlfriend" in whatever cell block he lands. As to those that did nothing, charge them with Depraved Indifference, and Aiding and Abetting as a side dish. Red

  14. Oookay, I have three
    Pinned to favorites
    now. When it finally starts working I'll ditch the ones that don't work.
    I'm starting to think You have Pisstawf someone.
    Reason enough to stick with you.