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Friday, October 22, 2021

Random Thoughts

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I may be relocatinng here shortly.  It'd mean a disruption in Ye Olde Bloggage but I'm at that point so to speak.  Not to heavy on the details but I'm seriously debating on taking that "FU and Walk" monays from one of these House-Purchase places and going 'walkaboot'.

Like literally.  It's been one of those days.

Pack a very small duff, call Spawn to inherit all the weapons, food, ammo and gear and pop smoke.  I mean I did not want to have to deal with this heaping pyle of shytte that seems to continually get deposited on me on the daily daily.  Not normally one to 'cut and run' but man, these days of looking at finding a stretch of nice, quiet beach, free of teh wahmenz, poly-ticks, and most of all the current J.O.B.?  Getting to where I'm literally that weird old dropped-the-hell out Soldat who has no fucks to give any longer and plays beachcomer?  Maaaaaan.. it's sounding far more attractive day-to-day, moment to moment...
That picture... it was IRL a poster I got that I had made up in Iraq to GIANT sized so it covered the entire wall of my bedroom area, so when I woke up first thing in the A.M., I had that view every day, allowing me to have the fantasy that I was there as opposed to fucking Iraq.  Used to play beach noises while sleeping, and burned scented wax to complete the 'head escape' that I needed to survive.

Amazing how adaptable we are Aye?

Never did find out where that actual tree and beach is located. 

Probably some insanely expensive rich pricks getaway like Tahiti or Pago-Pago.  I had a coworker back in the day, post High School put Pre-Army who I did bouncing with on Landsdowne Street next to Fenway... waaaaaay back int he days of Axis, Bill's... all the super-trendoid bars and clubs.  Looking up some of the info, seems ALL of the 'old haunts' went under the wrecking ball in 2007 too build a "House of Blue" supermegaevilcorporateglobohomo "Club".  < Le Sigh > Guess you really can't go home Aye?

Just like the Rathskeller... I was there for a last party before I went to Germany...  It was way sad and cool at the same time because that's where Aerosmith and a varied and wild amount of 'Boston' groups had gotten their start.  It got closed in 97 and torn down in 2000.

So, a bit nostalgic for the old days.
And wondering what's coming down the pike now?
So, might hit Ye Olde Vlog tonight...  See where the mood/mental takes me.  Right now I don't have a lot of 'steam' left in me from the bullshit I've had to put up with today and for the entire weekend.  Wifey has a bunch of pre-Halloween Gigs in Orlando, and I got stuck here at the Casa to ostensibly keep and eye on her fucking Dumbunny.  Soo, I'm locked in here with a Moron and Sapper's eyeballing the spade... gonna be a looooooooooooooong weekend methinks.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. A nice poor mans trawler seems your new habitat perhaps?

    A recycled older sailboat with a stand up cabin and a stout diesel inboard. Perhaps this one 1981 Pearson 365 Ketch - $37,500 (Jacksonville Beach) on craigslist Orlando. Well worth a marine inspection. Have some solar panels installed and you have a mobile life pod to small to get overly involved with troublesome in-laws. Just saying.

    1. Fuck that. A sailboat aint nothing but work. The 2 best days in a boat owners life is the day he bought it and the day he sells it. Take a deep breath BC. Everything is cyclic. It’ll come back around.

    2. A Big Amen to that!
      Nobody knows the troubles I've sailed.
      EX looong time sailor.

    3. A boat is a hole in the water, surrounded by wood and fiberglass, into which you pour all of your money.

    4. BOAT stands for Bring Out Another Thousand.

  2. Sorry the BS is getting you down BCE. Just remember that things can and do change in your life.
    Regarding Dumbunny, as I did with my daughter who is living with me, there MUST be rules and a hard exit plan that will be adhered to or GTFO. That is your house and you have worked hard for it. It sounds hard but it sometimes needs to be said that you are STEP GRANDPA of those 2 babies and NOT Daddy. It is not YOUR job to raise 2 more kids and at your age it will be difficult if not impossible to do so. Don't let Dumbunny and Dumfuck's stupid decisions and irresponsibility mess up your life or your marriage.

    You should never have to feel like you just want to run away, that's a sign that you've had enough BS. You and Wifey need to have a heart to heart about Dumbunny and the grand kids and what exactly your responsibilities are and are not. Good luck BCE and have a cold one and try to chill, getting your blood pressure sky high helps no one and is dangerous for you.

  3. Know the feeling. But you need to be a dad and we just suck it up and keep plugging away. No matter how good that isle looks it cannot match a child when things are going good.

  4. YUP

    soon as mama passes ol tfA-t is headed to the Caribbean on a twin diesel powered 50 something footer. i've had more than enough of the stewpit and the murkin flavor of freedumb. if these shitstix pull some BS before that happens ima fixin to go dorner on steroids

    300 million indeed

  5. I saw many a band at the Rat. Boston was great back in the 80's.

  6. Hang in there, perhaps a safety meeting is in order...

  7. you got to set the rules in stone if she wants to live with you. or so as I did move away and do not tell them where or
    even the phone number. sounds cold and hard, but if you want to keep your sanity you might have too.
    spawn one as you call him, sounds like a great kid to have- be thankful ! most kids his age . the only time you hear from them is when they either want something or need help for some dumb fuck thing they did. seems like common sense
    was a no show for most of the kids today ? if it was so hot down there, I say take stella for a walk instead of blowing up your bp. as far as work goes, it all sucks. otherwise they would have to pay you to do it (whatever it is ) did the single parent show for about 12 years or so. when shit got bad and I was going to duct tape one their hand together and put them out in the back with a pistol each to kill each other and get it over with. I would take a breath and a glass of good single malt and watch the clouds go bye, or the sunset, if I was lucky enough to catch it.
    remember one thing, all things will pass, even kidney stones ! not saying it be a nice thing.
    by the way, lemon aide helps tons with kidney stones. I drink at least one to 2 cups per day and no more stone problems. dave in pa. hiding in the hills like. used to be with A CO. 1/503 across from the D co 3/187 in the old days. they used to call us the mad men of the 3rd brigade back then. or just another rock solider. take care of your self. you are a spot of sanity that would be missed greatly. besides the grins and giggles we get from reading your posts,

  8. Hang in there. We all hit the wall, time to time. Some good drinking tonight, followed by sleep and then a talk with wifey will help.

  9. BCE~ Anyway you can Lo-Jack the Dumb bunny? and put some type of tracker in the GrandBebes stuff should DB take off? I surmise she isn't working with a full sea bag and what is there needs to be sanitized. Red

  10. Don't even THINK about popping smoke. That is YOUR AO. You and wifey need to have a serious talk. I'm sure these events with the grands and Dumbunny weren't on the radar when you and wifey got hitched. Or maybe this was in the back of her mind even back then. Either way, terms need to be agreed upon. You don't need the hassle of raising kids. Dumbunny made her stupid choices, she needs to live with the consequences.
    Keep your shit together. We need you right here, and you don't have to feed us !!!

  11. I know how you feel. My stepson was making our lives miserable. I asked myself "Why am I letting some teenaged, punkassed kid make me miserable?" I snatched his ass up and told him if he can't live by the rules of the household, he can't stay. I warned him that if he decides to leave, it would be one of his life's biggest mistakes. He left. Peace returned.

  12. BCE~ Good Sir, I pray you were able to get some actual sleep. I thought this might be of interest Red

  13. Diego Garcia, Near the horse shoe pits. Do not pass out on the beach, coconut crabs will eatcha.

    1. My Dad gave an idiot the choice of getting tossed out of the Navy or a three year duty tour on Diego Garcia in order to contemplate and repent his really bad choices. Red

    2. Anon 8:49,
      Never heard of the place, had to look it up. Holy shit! Talk about "middle of nowhere"! Does everyone have to stand on tiptoe at high tide?

      President Elect B Woodman

  14. I have been thinking about buying a Class A motorhome with the proceeds of the house. A 38' pusher land yacht and all of our stuff in storage until the housing market bubble pops works for me. That would leave $250ish that could be invested until we purchased a new home or built one a year or three down the road.

  15. You need to do what is best for you.