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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Rando Texas Thoughts

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yannow, sometimes when I see a story, I need to do my screen captures right there and then these days.  Fucking the story about the Texas "Mad Minute" or ten as it's been seen has been completely memory holed on the Goolag.  I googled a bunch of terms, and the only searches and images that come up are from years ago, unsurprisingly from Orangeman Bad Days or earlier.
Yep.  Seems a few days ago, the Mexheeecans started throwing rounds across the border.  Michael Yon got a text message about it, and he's been running around over the whole A.O. doing snippet reports.  I'm of two minds with Yon, I purely hate his way of his messages being suuuuuuper short and like broken... it's almost like he's using a radio to report.  Incredibly short, concise, bursts of train-of-thought.  On the other, he's got great intel and skills.  Wish he'd elaborate more.. but, he did share the text message from a buddy of his:
Fox News had a quicky story on it, with some vidya of the tracers flying.  Seems the cartels were throwing live rounds at the Texas National Guard doing observational ops on the border in towers.  Now, I personally did some missions like that in the Reserve.  They sent down us for two weeks from Massachusetts to literally get dropped in the desert, with a radio, in two-to-three man teams, dig a hole, and observe and report.

No ammo of course.

This was in 1993/4?  The reasoning to use us from Mass was we hadn't been compromised or bribed.  The Guard and DotMil of all flavors can only radio and report on movement, which is -supposed- to be relayed to the Border Patrol who does their "cop thang" and 'Book 'em Danno!'  Problem was from my understanding, the Texas Guard had been bought off, and weren't reliable, so that year my Annual Training was twice... Volunteered to sit in the desert for a week with a TOW Thermal and report movement.

Did I mention the whole retarded No Ammo thing? 

Yeah.  That's what they said.  Then there's what we did.  I personally had a full loadout AND spares/reloads for all of us.  It was a stone bitch lifting my ruck with all that shit, but I wasn't fucking around.  I had to make it -seem- like it was 'normal weight' lest the Senior folks start questioning why PFC Big Country's ruck tips the scales at 200+ pounds.  (I had a LOT of pogie bait too... couldn't go out without snacks!)

Otherwise it was boooooooooring.
It's also when I found out I love the desert.  My kind of town.

And here I am stuck in swampland.  >Le Sigh<  Not my first choice... Xwife's fambly is/was here, and as you've all heard me bitching in the past, I didn't get much say in picking where I lived... pretty much my whole life.  This time though, when NewInLaws cash their chips?  Maaaan, I'm out, provided there is a country/freedom left for me to move around in Aye?

So The Cartels did this the other night to make the Guard 'go to ground'.  Roma is a major human trafficking point, and used the gunfire to get the observers "off the net."  A few follow up reports said that they did a huge 'push' of people and drugs during this shitfestivus.  Very typical... along with the Ministry of Propaganda's absolute silence on this.

Which brings me to random thought:  IF the Governor of Texas had any balls, he'd throw the Feds out.  Like completely.  Like we're talking full on double-secret-succession.   Couple of things would have to happen.  Whoever the TexGov is, he/she would have to find out who's loyal to Texas and who's loyal to the FedGov.  Then, do the same across ALL state agencies.  Begin a purge of all 'non-hackers' who cannot 'pack the gear' to paraphrase R Lee Ermy.  Do the same to the FedGovFolks as well... they've been living there, they have families and such, then do another "Fort Sumter" on Fort Hood and all the rest of the DotMil.  Confiscate ALL of it from the FedGov for failure to support and defend the State from what is now, IMO a fully hostile military/state sanctioned foreign invasion.

Then deploy the Bradleys and ALL the Tanks to the border.  Tell New Mexico and the surrounding States, "Yer either with us or against us!" and then invade Mexico.  Push at least 10 miles in.  Depopulate/evacuate every living person in that 10 mile buffer zone.  Kill any and all armed men.  What the fuck is Mexico going to do?  Cry to the UN?  What's the fucking UN going to do?  Fort Hood alone has TWO Heavy Armored Division.  Add Fort Bliss which has 1st Armor Division, that3 Heavy Armored Divisions.  That literally could make Texas like the 6th strongest DotMil in the world.  And that's only the Heavy Divisions.  
Then, add in the Red River Army Depot and civilian volunteers who'd be MORE than willing to join the cause and get trained up, to man and use that depot storage equipment for The Free State of Texas?  Oh holy shit that'd be a terminal meltdown in DC.  But, currently?  What could they do?  I mean right now our FedGov and Higher-Higher DotMil is literally the most ineffective and incompetent it's ever been since the founding of the country.  Literally. Stupidest. DotGov. Evvar! 

They wouldn't do anything, except maybe threaten to nuke Texas, at which point, if they (Texas) sent a division North to 'clean house', ain't literally NOTHING that could stop them outside of a nuke, as well as threatening to nuke your own folks?  Rookie mistake material there... Or what could also happen is they'd scream for 'outside intervention' from the UN and then that's where Joe Chink tries to roll in, but no matter what happens they'd lose.  Period Fucking Dot.  The optics on either threatening to nuke, actually using a nuke OR inviting in Slo Xi-Den's Joe Chink Controllers into the Untied Statz?  Yeah, that'd be about as messy as his depends Aye.  Quite literally shyttey. 

Texas quite literally has everything to gain and nothing to lose except the chains tying them to the illegitimate DotGov of the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

Again, another great movie/book.

Oh, and the Invasion of Mexico?  Too easy to solve.  Tell the Mexheeecans that you'll be pulling back AFTER that a five mile Demilitarized Zone of Minefields, razorwire and towers are installed permanently.  LOTS of mines.  Hordes of Mines.  Nuclear Area Denial Mines IF you can find 'em.  Backed up by a Quick Reaction Force of Heavies that'll have exceptionally liberal rules of engagement.  Anyone, or anything seen in that area is 'meat for the table'.  No quarter given on ANYTHING or ANYONE now and forever.

Fuck Mexheeeco.  They've been literally blood sucking ticks to the tune of Billions of remittances forever.  And oh yeah, ALL remittances, leastways out of Texas?  Shut the fuck down, now and forevermore.  Anyone who doesn't like it, and thinks it's harsh, man, you ain't see shit yet.  Random thoughts and ideas?  I got a fuckton.  Like how to deal with the cartel and illegals in the country?  Easy.  A 30 grace period.  Get. The. Fuck. Out.  Pack yor shit.  Sell anything you can't take with you.

End of the thirty day grace period?

Issue hunting licenses and bounties.
Put it on Pay-Per-View.
Reinstate the Texas Rangers as the highest law of the land.  Clean out the bureaucrats and "Make Hanging Great Again".  Don't like it?  Fucking leave.  Majority Rule -again-.  NOT the 'Tyranny of the Minority'... you want to be treated 'special'?  Think that biological mentally ill men can get pregnant? Move to San Francisco or some 'other' psychotically run DemonCrat Hellhole where they'll coddle your mental illness.  OR, stay, get the help you need and maybe assist in helping Texas (or anywhere else) become of a for-real Better state.

Whew... so yeah, I get a bit fired up.
I Loved Texas.  Hated "Da Hood".  Rural Texas is awesome.  Would LOVE to head back there but only if they make it legal to shoot motherfucking illegals and Demons.  True story:  The most anti-illegals in Texas are the legal Mexican migrants?  I knew a few of them in the DotMil in my time in Iraq.  They purely hate the illegals to the point that it was confided in me the reason you DON'T hear about follow ups on those groups of dead illegals that get found occasionally in the high desert who've been shot? 

Yeah, it's 'cos it don't fit the 'narrative'.

Sometimes it's the Cartels... But then again, it may be the legal newly-minted former Mexicans doing those dirty jobs no one else wants to.  Not the eeevil anti-immigrant (love how they call those douches 'immigrants' Aye?) whypeepo superpreemiecysts doing the killings, it's their fucking former countryfolk.  Sez a lot aboot that don't it?

So, More Later  I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. pogie bait, god . the last time I had heard that when I was station at fort fumble as we called it. otherwise known as
    ft. campbell ky. home of the 101st. was next door or across the way from d/3/187 or wolf pack I believed they called
    themselves. anyway. it was over the main door. if I say pogie bait now, guys just stare at me. a co. 1/503 pir myself
    or as they say a rock soldier.

  2. As one of the new Texans myself I have to agree with a lot of your post there :-) Spent a bit of time here when I was in and "disliked" the post, but the State was great... 'Course, that was the 90's, so... But moved here for the job and glad I got here with my family... Hopefully things are OK over there in FL, sir!

  3. Alas Babylon...the Texas version : 'Texas on the Rocks' by Daniel de Cruz

  4. From your chart--George Patton and John Pershing. Both of them "been there, done that, got the shirt". See "Pancho Villa Expedition". No one else on the chart needed. And count me in.

    On the lighter side--

    "When Camargo was reached, we found a city of tents outside the Mexican hamlet. I was detailed to act as quartermaster and commissary to the regiment. The teams that had proven abundantly sufficient to transport all supplies from Corpus Christi to the Rio Grande over the level prairies of Texas, were entirely inadequate to the needs of the reinforced army in a mountainous country. To obviate the deficiency, pack mules were hired, with Mexicans to pack and drive them. I had charge of the few wagons allotted to the 4th infantry and of the pack train to supplement them. There were not men enough in the army to manage that train without the help of Mexicans who had learned how. As it was the difficulty was great enough. The troops would take up their march at an early hour each day. After they had started, the tents and cooking utensils had to be made into packages, so that they could be lashed to the backs of the mules. Sheet-iron kettles, tent-poles, and the mess chests were inconvenient articles to transport in that way. It took several hours to get ready to start each morning, and by the time we were ready some of the mules first loaded would be tired of standing so long with their loads on their backs. Sometimes one would start to run, bowing his back and kicking up until he scattered his load; others would lie down and try to disarrange their loads by attempting to get on the top of them by rolling on them; others with tent-poles for part of their loads would manage to run a tent-pole on one side of a sapling while they would take the other. I am not aware of ever having used a profane explicative in my life; but I would have the charity to excuse those who may have done so, if they were in charge of a train of Mexican pack mules at the time."

    2Lt U.S. Grant
    Camargo, Mexico
    August, 1846

    Excerpt from Ulysses S. Grant—Memoirs and Selected Letters

    ISBN 978-0-94045058-5

  5. The real question is where in the former US of A is there left to bug out to? Texas and Arizona will both go blue within a decade, Idaho and Colorado are overrun with Californians, even Tennessee is suffering from too much liberalism in the Nashville area. You might want to leave Florida but it might end up being the last free state in the country.

    1. There is maybe one true answer to your question. There is not many states left and some day there may be none. And then there is only one option.

  6. 25 mile barrier, depopulated, devegetated and flattened, of course. That's out of range of most artillery systems, including Hamas rockets. And do a variation of the Iron Dome, with auto-firing 155mm emplacements (armored, of course) that are tied into the ground sensor network. Tied in with auto-firing .50cals or gatlings (combo of 7.62 and 20mm, BFYTW).

    And mines. Lots of mines.

    As to war leaders, you left out Charles (THE HAMMER) Martel. Who stopped dead cold muslim invaders coming up from Spain. Not a nice guy.

    And, of course, Vlad Tepes. Stopped dead-cold a muslim army 10 times his size, and then had fun decorating his place for Halloween with the bodies.

    Can we select from columns instead of rows? I mean, Robert E. Lee and Rommel on the same side of Patton? Maybe just resurrect them all?

    Texas passed, and it's now a law, that furrin countries and furriners can't buy land near critical infrastructure, like ports, military bases, the electric grid. I see this getting potentially tossed by certain fed judges, but can see others fully supporting Texas.

  7. Fuck. YES, BC!

    Texan civilian volunteers? Sheee-it... I'd take a road trip and join 'em; be a fun ride, though a bit of a haul. Could use some live-fire experience before this shit-storm kicks off. And I sincerely doubt I'd be the only one.

    _I_ at least take seriously that Constitutional obligation to protect the States from invasion, and that's precisely what this is. Uphold and defend; all enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Don't respect my country? FAFO, ya bastards...

  8. Civilian volunteers...Mention it on your blog,(they've started censoring stuff on the news here) I'll drive down from Canada.

  9. Patton, Pershing and Rommel. They know how to sweep thru an enemy/country successfully and swiftly.
    Love your plan.
    Same problem as yours Fl. Family. It will change and pray we get to make it to Texas.

  10. Washington-CINC, return America to its roots, Lee-Strategy, Patton-put rounds downrange. Make the other bastard die for his cause.

  11. Beat me too it.... Charlamane wouldn't exist without Martel.

    At this point it is an invasion and it is something the are constitutionally required to prevent.

  12. Leonidas-Training, Patton-Battlefield Commander, Alexander-Strategy

  13. Awesome laser eyed warrior meme. Btw BC, whenever the time is right, and if you're interested in living up north a bit, there is always something coming up for sale, whether a turnkey home or a good parcel of land in my area. They go fast, usually to family and or friends. If living in a little Mayberry with the nearest big box store 25 mi. away is your cup o tea, let's put each other on speed dial, eh? We'd love to have you n yours up here. Ohio Guy

    1. But that's Ohio... I spent a whole week there one afternoon. And it is Ohio, did I say Ohio?

    2. Cederq, you just have to know the right folks to get the good stuff! :) OG

    3. Cederq,
      That's how I felt about Yuma AZ (SW corner). Moving through on an FTX from Huachuca to 29 Palms, stayed overnight at Yuma. Felt like a week.

      President Elect B Woodman

  14. Your Texas plan is good, but I mean, why stop at armed men? Hate to compliment Israel but they have no problem head-shotting a Palestinian 10 year-old who gets too close to the walls. Invaders would learn quick.

  15. 3 guys had personal experience on the border: Lee, Pershing, and Patton. Team USA.

  16. Rommel for the tanks, patton for the troops, alexander for the area conversions to support both of the first.

    I like your plan

  17. Random thoughts and ideas?

    Article V convention to dissolve the USA and form the nations of Greater Idaho, the Republic of Dixie, the coastlands, the Clinton Archepelegos, Buffalo land (N. & S. Dakota, NE, OK, Amarilloish.), the faggots known as yankees....what ever they call themselves, and all the Injun nations, too. So the Navaho, Apache, and Hualapai Nations could shut down I 40.
    Discuss what to do with the nukes, federal real properties, chattels. Will need a new currencies and inter-contenient agreements.
    The terms of the social contract need to be renegotiated.

  18. Scrap the first row, I'll take Cincinnatus instead. Then Patton and Pershing.

  19. I'm Guilty of Not thinking right. Your post is exciting, opening my mind to a concept never considered. Fukkin brilliant. Own our border and defend it by creating a wasteland on the other side. If our government wasn't anti-American, we wouldn't be having the problems I've been watching since I was a young man. I'm 66.
    Rowe vs. Wade stands on reading the constitution and agreeing with the statement that the constitution is for those Born or Naturalized into America.

    But somehow there are people who support Rowe vs. Wade who believe the rights and privileges Americans have are to be poured over illegal aliens, while we have military veterans Homeless..
    There's just no understanding that kind of crazy.

    THANKS for the new ideas on how to solve this problem.

  20. ..Texas and Arizona will both go blue within a decade, Idaho and Colorado are overrun with Californians, even Tennessee...

    I am not so pessimistics. The North American contenient contains many nations. More than are represented by the legalistic concept of nation-states as represented by Mexico, USA, and Canada.
    USA is/was a truly global empire. But it is imploding socially and politically. Pre-USA nations, i.e, the Havasupai, the Nez-Pierce, continue to survive. Despite decades of miscegenation, whitish nations de facto exist.
    And by exist, exhibit #1, Dixie. There is a place called Dixie. They say grace and they say ma'am. People from the nation of Dixie know what mean.
    People from the Pacific Northwest are a different animal. We have things called wilderness areas that are the antithesis of the urban 'Clinton Archepelego' nations.
    In Sydney Idaho you can see the plane of our galaxy. In baltimore, not so much.
    A shit ton of people are moving. Now I rather step in dog shit, bare foot, than have another Californian move here, I think many of the people that have moved have moved here for ideologocal reasons. Meaning yeah, we a getting our share of faggots, but 1) it is people who share the ideals of the native, and 2), it isnt just califonians moving to red spots. My point is, I think a good chunk of the people moving to red states are not feared normies. And many nations will be rising as FUSA disappears.

  21. Rommel, Patton, & Pershing. First two excellent tacticians. Pershing knew how to control the Muslim insurrectionists and didn't give a rosy red royal rat's rump.

  22. PS: I'm a native Texan and LOVE your idea! Might have to move back to help. And yes, even here far away from the border the legal Mexican immigrants hate the illegal one with a passion and are the first to turn them in if they get a chance.

  23. a)
    I said this for decades:
    * establish a DMZ for ten miles south of the American border
    Carpet-bomb that ten miles to glass.
    Obliterate every structure, every road, every school, every hospital.
    Deny the enemy shelter, food, water, companionship, medical care.
    De-Milaterized Zone.
    I also said this for decades:
    * annex Mexico
    The ill***ls want to come here?
    Let them.
    We get the beaches and the pyramids and everything else... all the way to Guatemala.
    The Guatemalans can have Guatemala.

  24. I concur with the 25 mile Border zone I personally favor one Slightly Deeper 30-50 Miles Deep. Use Eminent Domain to clean out The civilians who want to go leave. Leave the rest to their own devices IE NO POLICE, FIRE DEPT. or government services of any kind. Convert it all to a military Live fire exercise Area. That should make things interesting.