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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Pissed Off Day Off

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had a day off yesterday where I spent the majority of the time off doing the "kill. every. living. thing." in sight in Fallout.  Felt real good too.  Especially since I set meself up a self-regulated scoring system.  For those who don't know, the Fallout series (3, New Vegas, 4 and now 76) is a rather intensely loaded graphic game.  
That's a screenshot from Fallout 3, a Supermutant taking a .308 to the head
MY game?
I went hunting 'muh Diversity! 'Cos it (the game(s) includes various race-based characters.  10 points for every muh Diversity for every non-violent kill, 20 points for 'hostile kills'... meaning if the NPC in question was passive, it was only worth 10 points, while openly hostile, like a raider or whatnot, 20.

VERY relaxing to be able to scratch the 'massacre itch' so to speak.  My shrink thinks it's better I do such things.  Although at the rate -other- things are going... maaan.  I have to use this time to now for really-reelz start getting in shape.  I took a 1/2 a mile walk yesterday.  Unladen.  Sucked purely but I'ma doing it again tonight for 3/4 of a mile.  See if it kills me or not.  Managed to do it without my cane, which in itself is a HUGE improvement.

Yeah, ye Olde IR of Fame, and Past Fast Shewtin and Movin' is relegated (or supposed to be) to a fucking Gimp Stick.  My lower Lumbar are quite literally disintegrating and there ain't much cartilage or diskage left back there.  Which is why I really prefer these days despite shitty eyesight and Shakes-the-Clown-hands to do my killing remotely or by distance if I have to.

My Hand-to-Hand ain't so much these days, but I -do- have quite the self-defense if needed:
Solid Brass head with a Ebony hard-as-a-motherfucker stick.  No sword cane horseshit here... this's here a cudgle.  I'd LOVE to have a classic Shillelagh Cane but they tend to run big bucks and most aren't real per se.  Wifey got this one for me when we went on that biddness trip to Saint Auggie.  I didn't have my CC so I couldn't have my 'piece of mind' if vandals or ruffians came up on us...  That right there tho, oh me Droogs... lemme tell you, Ole Alex hisself would love that there shlaga.  Weighs a ton by 'normal' cane weight.  The head is what appears to be solid brass.

They cut it to my proper height/use, so I do have it with me.  Lord help the asshole who thinks I'm fully grip while stumping along with that.  BUT also, I've been working at NOT using it.  The problem is the pain and posture issues.  More pain, more gain and the only easy day was yesterday.

So, as I was ranting about yesterday.  The fact that a GIANT multinational would (again) bend at the knee to fucking sub-50 IQ'd fucking illiterates... and yes, they ARE fucking illiterates... the 'reading aloud' portion of training, where as we were training remotely, in order to insure participation, the trainee had to read to the rest of the class...  You want to talk about possibly the worst torture that a literate white male can have performed on him?  A mother of 6 (who is BTW 24... how the fuck does that even work?) who when you read her resume is chockablock full of spelling errors, grammatical incomprehension you fucking name it, and then speaks in a baby-talk ebonics fashion and is having trouble with a curriculum intentionally dumbed down to what I'd consider a fourth grade level?  Literally the word that they kept tripping over: deductible
                DEE DUCK A BALL
                DAY TUCK TIBBLE
                DEE DUCK TABLE (That one was sounded out until they got it right)
Now, also, the tests required correct spelling.  MS Form Quiz, type your answer.  Correct spelling gets you a Good Credit checkmark.  Bad Spelling, No Credit.  The word that no shit they choked on:

No shit.
It was a health insurance company, that much I'll reveal.  Hence the whole lern'ing aboot various things.  Amazingly the money parts on HOW the deductible applied and when a person has to pay, how much someone owes... THAT they got right.  Guess the only thing they have on their minds is money and muh dick... that and fucking over whitey.  As seen on Gab today:
This is why I game
Keeps that impulse control in check.
I already heard that the training class was overheard celebrating 'sticking it to' me.  Nice people huh?    So, I'm going to chillax this week... unwind.  File for unemployment which will STILL be fucked up... no telling but considering how fucked up it was last time, I've given up hope of any sort of resolution in my favor.  I'm 'no one' and no one cares about 'no one.'  Not connected, not assisted, another Whypeepo, Disposable Type One Each.

Until I'm not.
Then I'm Christopher Dorner, The Pale Version.
Their worst. fucking. nightmare. come to living breathing vengeful life.
Not to worry tho me Droogs N Droogettes... I'm good
For Now.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. If you want to get serious about training with that cudgel, get a copy of "Raising Cane" by Octavio Ramos. Lotsa serious exercises, and it becomes a formidable weapon. And the best part is it'll sail right through any screen like TSA.

  2. Good luck on the job search. Hope you get your benefits. Maybe hang out the armorers shingle and get cash up front on custom builds. Half should get them to come back. Used the deposit idea on the car lot to discourage looks Lou’s.

  3. Oh my, yes, we "whities" just don't matter anymore. VA appointment tomorrow to again apply for aid and attendance. The last bitch VA doctor had no fucking idea what aid and attendance was. Bitch had to look it up on the computer. Taking a nurse of 40 years, which by the way just told her hospital to go fuck themselves, with me. Should be a real clown show.
    Really don't even give a fuck anymore. I particularly like the big "HALT" sign before you enter the facility. They really can all go fuck themselves. They can't eat me yet, can they?

  4. Hearing someone who can't read Try is nails on the chalkboard.
    If you can't use your eyes to read a few words ahead of what your mouth is saying to check out the upcoming punctuation so you can get the right cadence, Phhhht.
    Our schools are so screwed.

  5. I'm surprised your company isn't trying to replace Esther and Lamont with some Sepoy or Pinoy in Hyderabad or Alabang. Ravi and Manuel work for less than the regular diversity CSR and don't complain as much.

  6. and when I think the bitch from ssd wanted me to teach in high schools in either west or north philly instead of going
    out with a totally fucked back is just insane. I thank god every day that I didn't have to do that shit.
    any place you end up working these days, if you are white,\. you are expected to do more than your share of shit, keep quiet about the other fuck offs and do every damn dirty job that comes up. the fun part will be is when we don't work anymore and neither does anything else. as the brothers do not have a clue how shit works or how to fix it.
    did out patient mri for a while, lots of worker comp and mva claims. try reading the history they write down !
    we ended up with pictures of the human body so they could mark a x where it hurt !
    whoever said "beware of the marching morons" had it right. might be time to rethink about selling out and moving someplace cheaper and live on the sale money.

    1. Philly schools are the definition of shit show

    2. You are so right and it is already happening in South Africa. "Yay them White Deebils are run off or are forbidden to work""we food".."we thirsty..water plants no work"..."factories know how machines work". People should be careful what they wish for ....

  7. Makes me want to have to deal with my health insurance company... not..

  8. We'll just call you: Pale Rider...

  9. Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck.


  10. There feral Irishman just got axed as well if you follow his blog. Crazy times all around. The party is getting closer every day. Good luck down there.

  11. New Vegas was my shit. Still playing it. Has the only diversity I like: Weapons.

    1. Sooo much better of a game than Fallout 4

  12. let the fuckers starve. I really couldn't care less about them. and they think they going to live in wakada or whatever
    they call it ? they can even change a flat tire ! let alone fix anything. there are a few that can, but for the most part? they are fucked if shit goes sideways. watch a couple of clowns trying to start a fire in fire ring type of thing, they ended up using gas to start it after fucking around for almost a hour ! and even that almost blew up on them. so, yup they a bunch of rocket men that should do well. this country has being circling the drain for quite a while now. they are fucked when we quit doing shit for them. time we stop helping them out with anything.

  13. That solid brass piece is actually from a draft horse harness. The part is the Hame ball or top. Guy that makes walkin sticks with it here:

  14. If you ever need a decent back up cane:

    Got one of those myself. I particularly like the "Not meant to be used for medical purposes" notation that it comes with.

  15. I thought you knew...."ayebody poda hep"