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Monday, October 25, 2021

Over It

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, I'm completely over Corporate 'Murica.  Friday I had an 'oopsie' so to speak during the Training Class where I accidentally came off mute... What happened was Dumbunny dropped an entire jar of Skettie Sauce on the tile floor in the kitchen, closely adjoining my work area.  It went off like a bomb and it seems I must have hit the 'unmute' and well... y'all know me well enough... about 20-30 fucks later I realized I had been broadcasting...

Begin Career Dissipation Light to "Amber" in 3...2...1...

So, halfway through today I get a call from my boss... The terms bandied about are "Serious Allegations" "Improper humor/language" "Use of Obscenities"  and for whatever reason, the 'Accusers' also alluded to some sort of raycyst behavior on my part...  

Oh boy... Make that CDL straight to "Solid Red"

Either way I'm toast.  The "HR Investigation" will be started shortly.  

Annnnnnnnnnnd a quick update

Times may not be so bleak.  Just got off the fon with the boss, who told me I'm ok.  They're still going to go through the motions, but it seems that it's going to be just that,  motions.   Seems some of the allegations on further inspection were from some of the fuckwits I fired for failing to show up for work... meaning this was the "stick it to him' on the way out the door."  I mean gee, getting fired for not showing up  3 days in a row, without even calling in?  Perish the thought that we expect you to I dunno?  Show up?  How silly of me.... so, because there was no real evidence and the people who made the accusation were on the way out the door, so yeah...

I do have to re-apologize for the swear-fest, but even then I copped to it.  I mean man, I came out of my skin when it happened.  OF COURSE I swore my ass off.  What I didn't know was my finger had hit the mute/unmute button.
I'm usually soooper-dooper psycho-level obsessive compulsive about making sure I'm muted.  I have to be 'cos man, I need to be able to do mah thang Aye?

So, I'll do some more stuff maybe tonight.  This sort of shytte-piled-onto-MOR-shytte tends to be emotionally exhausting and draining.  Like I don't have enough on Ye Olde Platter amiright?

Also, if you frequent the other blegg page, I'm taking time off over there as the Troll Patrol seems to be coming back.  Not sure what riled them up, (again) but I might just let it sit fallow for a few days, see what turns up so to speak.

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Idly curious what’s the pay range for these peeps who fail to show?

    1. I'd be mildly curious too, although whatever it is, peeps like that often say, "they don't pay me enough". Kind if like my clueless 22 year old stepson who thinks he is qualified for a $100,000-a-year job.

  2. Big Country,
    I am glad it sounds like it's working out, while you have Dumbunny there, maybe you need to switch to the plastic jars of pasta sauce
    They have them on Amazon: Scarpetta Arrabbiata Sauce
    Probably shitty, but wouldn't make as much noise when she drops it. I recently re-watched the first season of Breaking Bad, and she sounds like a Jessie Pinkman style F'up.

  3. Yep. I took a voluntary anger management course after an incident that occurred when I popped off at a civilian while in uniform. The guy started the conversation by screaming at me and I flipped him off and mouthed the words to go along with it. He immediately called the 1st Selectwoman at town hall who had a total meltdown about it. I also got a seven week suspension with no pay.

    The counselor asked what I was looking to get out of counseling (I hate those questions, but I was ready for it). I told him I needed something similar to the smoking cessation exercise where you wear a rubber band on your wrist. Every time you feel the urge to light up, you repeatedly snap the rubber band until the urge goes away. I told him I wanted a mental version of that, just to create a pause long enough so I don't impulsively react to assholes. I also told him that I need to learn to have the same mindset I have when I carry (an armed society is a polite society) where I would avoid such conflict and impulse. The sessions were kind of lame because they were by telephone, but it did help talking it out with someone, and I have been making a conscious effort to not react to morons.

    1. You can't control anyone but yourself. People are going to act like...people. Luckily, we can all choose how we react to them. Good on you.
      Now me, I want to put them on trains going east, but...alas.

  4. If enough Americans survive the civil war, we're going to have make sure judeo-bullshit like "racism is bad" and "censorship" never rear their rat-shaped heads again.

  5. Any and every call I have at work, I always look at the "mute button" on the phone.
    I usually try to answer my desk phone on speaker and I often start with "You're on speaker" because I know a lot of the crew that call me start of with "@!(* ^^#)!@ !!!"
    With these idiotic "Zoom" calls we have to have, I have heard WAY too much stuff that should have been muted !!!!

  6. BCE~ Well, let's see. You are above ground and any day above ground is a good day. Second thing is you let DB near food? Third is using new terms for F** A Holes. Fornicating Constricting Orifices is good. Bigger MUTE button is better. Being Scientific regarding body parts or what to do with a tool... Oh you might want to stock up on beer/soda cans, aluminum foil etc NOW. Red

  7. I could never go back to the corporate world, after being out for 7 years or so. First I use my real name on social media so I wouldn't get past the initial screening and second I couldn't keep my mouth shut when they stated with the bullshit.

  8. You need a lit sign like radio programs have "ON THE AIR" or In your case maybe "RED ALERT"then no surprises.

  9. Hah. Get a cover for your mute button like they have on civilian detonators. An active switch you have to switch.

    Or tie up and gag Dumbunny while you're working.

  10. i swear damn near every other word that comes out...

    more help needed...

    i gots my new IIIA FAST helmet today

    what's the best route to go buying the PVS/14 mount for it? ATN wants $240. HOLY SHIT!

    and what other cool shit do i want/need for the grape protector?

    any input-links would be helpful- i'm old school steel pot armeeeee


      @tfAt Take a look around this place. Got this link from one of the guys at NCRenegade (I think, its been a minute) Ohio Guy

    2. i ended up going with the ATN. $3,700. for the optic, what's another $250.? i now have more $ in and on my helmet than i do in my best AR

  11. Around here if I'm not cussing nobody will pay me any attention.

  12. I used to swear like a manic sailor when I was in college.
    Then, I got my teaching certificate, and had to Stop that Shit!
    I got around the swearing by learning substitution:
    "Blanking Blankity-Blank Son of a Blank!"
    Eventually, I learned more school-appropriate ways to deal with frustration.