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Friday, October 8, 2021

Outage and Outrage

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
BIG Thunderboomer of a T-Storm yesterday/last night.  Teh Intarhwhebz wuz spotty at best, down at worst.  Didn't put me in a right mind so to speak as maaan, it gave the 'trainees' I'm 'overseeing' the chance to play the bo-bo-stupidhead thing and not work.  Couldn't blegg either.

Ugh.  No wonder I'm in a bad mood.  The quality of our new hires is shall we say.... lacking?  As in completely lacking brains, basic skills, the ability to speak English..."I'm sorry, does anyone here speak Jive?"
And some of them?  Well, lets just say that stereotypes gonna stereotype... as in two of these assholes were interviewed three times... initial, follow up and then tech interview.  Lot to go through Aye.  Everybody who wants the job has to pass the Three Gates so to speak... THEN, after making it through the various 'hoops n' loops' they get onboarded.  That means going to pick up a work-from-home workstation.

Now, depending on the role, it was at least a Laptop (HP) and a 22 inch monitor.  Plus all the 'fixins' i.e. headset, power parts, cables etc...  Now, the stuff -I- actually took was just the lappie, as I have all my own stuff.  Especially since the monitors they offered me looked like someone had used them as booger-parking spots.  Like for real.. crusted 'something' on the outer edge... totally maximally grossed.  Thanks but no fucking thanks.  

Two of deze fukkin people came in, got the shit and disa-fuckin-ppeared.

"Oh free sheeeeeit!" 
Any wonder I drink?  Continuously?
Well, I do anyways, but this kind of shit makes at least for a better excuse.  That and my Boss having the propensity to start hitting me with MAD text messages at 0730 every. single. day.  My current work schedule is supposed to be 1100 Eastern to 19:30 daily... but for some reason, they have ALL the meetings at 0730 to 1100, and I'm expected to fucking be there.  I actually brought that up the other day vis-a-vis comp time, 'cos the State of Flor-reee!-duh Department of Labor tends to be really harsh on companies that fuck over the workers, salaried or not.

So, latest outrages.  That fucking "Poor Lil Rich" bastard down in Texas who did the school shooting.. you know the one that got almost immediately memory holed as soon as they found out he was a member of "Muh Diversity!" got out on fucking bond.  Seems the Sprog is playing the "he wuz bullied and was a good kid who dindu nuffin!"  Yeah... Fucking nigger.

Someone vidya'd the fight in the classroom.  It sure as fuck doesn't look like he was bullied... in fact he's beating the every-loving shytte out of ANOTHER member of "Muh Diversity!"... I mean really laying the blows too... if he was winning, or had won, why the fuck did he pull a gat and cap, well, a pair of whypeepo and -some unidentified race (prolly MD!)?  Plus the kid he shot multiple times was 15?  He's 18?  Last time I looked, even in a rage, going and getting a gun, out of your car, plugging three people MULTIPLE times ain't self defense.
Now, Someone out there, even the Media is running cover for this murderous lil nog.  
How do I know that?  Well... here's a pic from the Daily Fail:
The caption reads: "This video, taken moments before the shooting, shows Timothy Simpkins, the shooter, being beaten up by in his classroom by a 15 year old student..."

Minor Problem
Let's close it in a bit:
First off, if you watch said-vidya, the kid has long dreds and is wearing a black shirt... he's WAY bigger and dominates the kid in the white shirt.  Like completely and utterly owns the kid... the kid in the white shirt got his ass kicked, and is just trying to keep from taking too much damage.  Now, couple of things, the kid in the black shirt has height AND mass on the kid getting beaten... now, we don't have vidya (Yet!) of the shewtin in question, but we DO have the Sproggynog's Booking Foto:
Dreds? Check
Black T-shirt? Check
Hmmn... seems that to me, he was the aggressor... I mean we don't -know- but it definitely looks to me of another case of out-of-control impulse "stupid"...  What really cranks me is because he's black, AND his fambly is rich as fuck, (he drives his own 2018 Dodge Challenger... I can't afford a Challenger!) and he's prolly going to get away with three blatant cases of attempted homicide.

Sheeeeeeeit.  I -supposedly- pulled a gun on someone, and spent time in the can for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Attempted Moider... and whatever else they could throw at me with Nosebleed levels of Bail required, and I never even had so much as a speeding ticket as an adult...  Dis fukking Sproggynog goes, lays what looks like is an epic beatdown on another kid, and then lights up the room with a Glock .45, makes bail, AND now plays the "He's a good boi and dindu nuffin 'cos he's bullied for being rich!" race card? 

Man, Justice in this country is fucking Dead.
I'm no longer participating in this horseshit.  Rule of Law?  What Rule of Law?
Can't wait to see what happens next... to follow this particular case'll be interesting, as I want to know where an 18 year old got a Glock .45?  His dad was beaten to death it seems and Mom has been rotting in jail forever and a day... several other news media outlets have been showing -other- pictures of Sproggywog, and unsurprisingly, they've been booking photos which in one of them he's wearing a diamond earring that the rock?  Holy Shit! levels of huge and what appear to be gold 'grillz' on his front upper toofusus.  Got me a hunch his Nana and Papa spoilt lil Dindu to the point that money and lawyers have kept him out of jail so far but me?

If I were the father of one of the victims?  Lil Fucker and his fambly'd be Dee Eee Fucking Dee.
House burned to the ground.
'Cos Homie don't play that.
In fact, I'm a feeling that it's almost time to start forming "Regulators" like the Old West
If justice keeps getting denied, that's when Good but Hard Men have to take a stand
Won't be pretty
But what is these days?

“All Heaven and Earth
Flowered white obliterate...
Snow...unceasing snow”
- Matsuo Bashō

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Equal justice under the rule of law stopped being true under the Clinton’s. The slope is getting steeper so soon it will be a Wild West from the east coast to the west and north to Canada and south to Mexico. Life will get a lot sporty soon.

  2. Did you see the pics of the house he lives in? Awfully fancy for ghetto trash. He had the Glawk fotty five in his backpack and shot the other kid and a White teacher after the fight broke up. Talk about your anger management and impulse control. Geeze-O-Pete. What I have observed again and again is that you can give them money and a good upbringing and it still doesn't change who they are.

    1. Good upbringing? What good upbringing? Most of the parents of these little hoodrats can't even spell good much less upbringing, or know what either means. And let's not forget the liberal judges who constantly feel sorry for this negroid trash. Liberal judges are the #1 reason for violent crime in big cities.

    2. Fotty five? Don't you mean fiddy five?

  3. ..What I have observed again and again is that you can give them money and a good upbringing and it still doesn't change who they are....

    ....which are savages.

  4. ...Life will get a lot sporty soon....

    I wish we could get on with it. I want to fight, and die if need be, so my grandchildren dont.

  5. No comment on the Black Little Murderer. As far as new employees go I'll offer that Help Wanted signs in Cincinnati are in critical shortage and people I know in places hiring various types are saying the quality is a bit low for the new hires.

  6. I also see the Help Wanted signs around Cincy, but most of them want you to wear the mask all the time, and to get the Needle O'Death. No to the nth power, sez me. Apparently a lot of other folks aren't willing to play Falsi Roulette, but the businesses keep doubling down on the jab and the masks.
    This seems to be the case for both retail and white collar professional jobs. I had a recruiting firm that I'm worked for in the past contact me about a position at a client I worked at a few years ago, a little engineering shop with about 10 employees(not including the crickets in the break room). Yep, they require both the mask, and the jab. So I stay home, collect SS, and lift weights in my garage.

  7. Don McCollor [to Unknown]...It is sad that companies so often drive away the best and the brightest...

  8. Had a Diversity at work who was screwing up so much as a customer facing employee they promoted her. She promptly had an access certification to do for compliance and misread 'REMOVE' as 'CERTIFY'. Her whole team was unable to login and she has me sit and hold her hand for three hours as she adds the access back. I'm sure nothing will happen to her as her yearly review will be stellar and she'll be promoted again very soon to HR or to overseer of the box of crosshairs.

    1. I worked for TDCJ (the Texas prison system) and saw all too many of these illiterate affirmative action hires come up through the ranks based solely on their skin color (the darker, the better). Glad I never applied for a supervisor job, with my luck, I'd have ended up kissing a lot of dark, stanky ass.
      But now, I'm retired and can spend my days spoiling grandbabies.

  9. If the lesser races understood just HOW close they are to losing their judeo-shield... and the repercussions that would likely follow, they'd willingly slap themselves in chains.

  10. So glad my kids are out of school, but now I fear for my beautiful white grandkids. Thankfully, they're either graduated, or at least in a decent school district. First thing I checked out before enrolling them in high school was the race ratio. How many blacks and Mexicans to every white kid. If I see too many blacks and browns, it's time to find another school, illegally if necessary.

  11. Oh ye intrepid reporter, a droogett here. Praise my sainted mother for teaching me good English. Now over the years, mainly due to my career in state corrections, I've picked up some negro-speak, or ebonics, and a few choice phrases in Spanglish. I wonder, does that make me bilingual?? 🤔