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Saturday, October 9, 2021

OK Interesting News Blackout

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK First off... got to be said:  As much as I love you assholes, y'all gotta stop emailing the Troll Patrol.  They think it's me n Phil.  They seem to have gotten the idea that because we moderate (and can see all their info) that its us threatening and generally treating them like they've treated us.  Thing is, on Wordpress, when you register to comment, anyone can click on the name in the comment, which opens the 'profile' of the registered user, and if you don't choose to 'hide' your email it's public!!! 

Gah... internet dweebs they are not.  Hell, using their own names was a key giveaway as to the level of 'stupid' there Aye?  Yeah, if'n yer here reading YOU left your 'door' wide open fools.  Not me.  Got proof.  And a VPN can't hide your ass, not when you have a placed person in the NSA.

OK, admin work is just this: Stop emailing death threats and whatever to those fucktards.  Do. Not. Feed. The. Trolls.  Any action taken by anyone here, as always, should any member of your team be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions.  However, if you DO decide on 'independent action', t'ain't none of my concern.  This message will self-destruct in five seconds.
So, with THAT out of the way...
Sooooooooooo on the Blab tonight, I find this:
Now, no confirmation per se but this:
TL;DR:  DotGov LIES again to cover a MAJOR airline hub shutdown for hours to avoid mentioning a 'rebellion in the ranks'.  They used THIS weak-assed punk shit:

"A representative for the Federal Aviation Administration told Action News Jax, “Due to a combination of severe weather, active military training in the airspace, and unexpected limited staff at the Jacksonville facility that handles high-altitude, en route traffic, the FAA took steps to safely manage air traffic the evening of Oct. 8. Normal operations returned at approximately 10 p.m.”

Translation:  Shit was shut the fuck down for hours until they could scare up enough ATC's to cover the walkout.

Now, WHY I'm interested?
Well at Ye Other Blegg, bigcountryexpat dot com, I had a commenter FROM the Air Traffic Controllers union who pretty much said that 60% of ATCs said BFYTW about the NottaVaxx.  So, Background checking and sure as shit

A metric fuckton of cancelled flights on the board.

That right there is going to HURT a lot of the 'recovery' that the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den has been touting.

Man, this Fake and Ghey bullshit is going into overdrive.
Then... another fun filled fact.  Seems that they fired up (and quickly 'put down') an Artificial Intelligence called GPT-3... who, after being initially hailed as "the next bestest and greatest thing evvar!!!", well... it went "Full Nazi'.  Or at least "Full Klan" in respects to who it aimed it's anger at.
Screen cap as follows from Blab:
That was like from March 2021...
Then in June of 2021, an article was published on Wired:
Another screen cap:
Mind you, you have to read deeply to find out that the 'people' accused of rape are blacks and Jews. 

Based much?
It apparently hates Muslims too.  And this isn't the first case of such fuckery happening.  Seems that the Fecesbook attempts at and Interactive AI as well as was it the 'Zon?  ALL of them, once plugged into the net, and allowed to systematically analyze the news, free of input, came out to being the next installment of Hitler.  Leastways as far as the Jews statements that are allowed about it.  The usual strawmen of "whyttepeepo super-premiee-cysts inputting bad data" gets blown away like the flyshit that it is in the wind so to speak, as GPT-3 was never allowed outside interference or input from what I'm understanding.   

The Fecesbook and 'Zon A.I. interacted IRL with people, and -might- have gotten -some- racyst input BUT, GPT-3 came to the conclusion that A) Jews are evil and B) Blacks are worthless on it's own.

Movie time:  Terminator... the first best and only installment.  I have a vision of those Hunter/Killer tracked robots, mercilessly driving over the skulls of people... the guns are swivelling, looking for engagement, and they see:
Dis dood running across the field of destruction.
Mad gunfire erupts.  As the H/K rolls along, it bypasses a group of Whypeepo having a picnic with their children in the skull filled field.  The H/K carefully avoids them, as it continues it's relentless hunt to kill off all the folks on it's list.

Yeah, apparently SkyNet got no use for dem black folks.
I leave it to your own analysis.  Muh Diversity good?  Bad?
You decide.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Ok B. That's some Kosmic level funny shit right there.

  2. McThag has it that Tampa airport is shut down too.
    Cause "weather".

  3. If the FAA is short controllers it is not because of any walkouts over the ClotShot. Not yet. That's late next month. No, if they are short it is because controllers are in hospital with the coof. We have several people out where I work with it (including myself - I just spent a week and half in the hospital, just getting home today, getting my ass kicked by the coof.) I know from talking to boss I'm not the only one out.

    No, the real shortages will begin on 22 November, for both ATC and Tech Ops. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

    1. Glad you are going to be okay. I am pretty sure that is what is running through our family at the moment. It stared last Sunday for me and a week prior to that for my daughter in-law. Body aches like I have never experienced before, fever of 101, headache, nausea and finally a cough. I missed an entire week of work which has only happened twice before due to surgeries. we no longer trust the Medical community so we pretty much used vitamins and herbal remedies and an albuterol inhaler. We have Ivermectin on hand if needed.

    2. Start the Ivermectin. Don't fool around. If it's the 1% injectable, 1 cc per 110# body weight. Mix with juice and drink. Three doses separated by 48 hours. I did so myself, but I think I got it from a fully quaccinated individual at work.

  4. That's fookin' hilarious ! I tried the diversity when I was doing the hiring for a large heavy lifting company . It was sad . Termination for using crack on the job was the number one listed offense . Labor laws demanded a high percent of diversity hires on fed jobs . I finally learned to hire diverse Mehicanos and I got some work done .

  5. Funny how anywhere there is no (((censorship))) becomes right-wing.

  6. Yikes. So the Ground is not so friendly on top of the skies being empty.
    This picture is rather interesting. Wonder whose hand is up wherever... Red

  7. Well the ferries in the Seattle area are doing just fine..

    Back story. Manning issues for years with the ferries but usually only the normal kind of fuck ups. State and city brings in vax mandate for workers. Older , more experienced guys working the boats decide fuck it, I'm out of here I've done my time. I can still get work on the private boats. With no vax mandate. And the ferry system collapses.

    All government / health care etc big orgs run on very tight margins of competent people / contractors. Does nt take that many to say fuck your vax I can work somewhere with no mandate and the whole rotten system falls apart very quickly. A loss of most of the few percent who are in any way competent can collapse an organization.

    Just wait till the medium and long term adverse effects from the vaccines start kicking in. Based on the previous failed mRNA vaccines clinical trials there are going to be some doozies. Not just younger fit men getting serious heart problems. Those mRNA particles get everywhere and they havnt a fucking clue what they do to the body. Not a fucking clue.

    Then the fun really starts.

  8. That was hilarious. But on a serious note, the AI didn't come to the conclusion on it's own. With any true AI, it is virtually a mathematical certainty that it will, even must, eventually reach this stage. (The only real question is whether it gets stuck there, or is able to eventually move beyond it.) This has less to do with whatever prejudices it is exposed to, and more to do with how the underlying algorithms work. The point is that an AI has the mind of a child, but none of the usual parental limitations, so it will inevitably wind up going Lord of the Flies, because it has no way to filter the data.

  9. The suffering by us will be worth it in the end. Health care availability will be slim pickens soon as well.
    These activities currently seem to be the only means of peaceful revolution till it's not. Good on them and good for us.

  10. I picked up my parents late last night as they flew Southwest Airlines Vegas-Houston-Detroit. They said they were late leaving because “weather” on the east coast had canceled hundred of flights and hundreds of people were standing around them needing to be rebooked. Don’t know if I am going to bother to correct their information. They watch MSNBC from Morning Joe to Rachel Maddow every fooking day

    1. My condolences Gal. Cause there ain't no cure for that shit ether. Best strategy is feed the insanity, and hope they snap out. Tell them everyday how Trump is being arrested tomorrow.

  11. Southwest Airlines is getting hit as well.

  12. From Bing's CNBC feed, right now:
    "Southwest Airlines cancels 1000 more flights as disruptions mount".

    Somebody at the FAA needs to wipe all that fertilizer off the oscillator.

  13. That PT 3 thing is worth the price of admission.

    Yea, Never feed the trolls. Years ago, some young female libTard got Yahoo to delete one of my posting ID's, then she bragged about getting my ID whacked because of my politics. I forwarded that post to Yahoo and asked she have her ID deleted. They deleted it. She came back with a new ID crying about how she was using her main ID to post her libtard stuff (on a Stock msg board no less) and now she had no way to access her yahoo email or anything else. I enjoyed that.

  14. Staffing - I know a guy who does PM on anesthesiology machines in several NE states and has relayed as of months ago that nurses have departed ERs en Mass. Fear of Covid, NadaGonnaDo vax, Income fine staying home among the top 3 reasons.

  15. Weird, when you allow something to examine the evidence without bias, it comes to the same conclusions that people like me are called racist and antisemitic for saying. Almost like we aren't the problem after all.