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Sunday, October 31, 2021

New Vidya

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Happy Halloween! Time for Part One of the Scare:
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That and a Happy Sunday!
I'm going back to Bed
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Big Country



    Try that version


  2. BCE,
    Tried commenting from my computer, but always got an error message
    1) get a haircut
    2) only part of the video that was Nazi was a scene taken from the movie “ Battle of the Buldge” from 1965, the rest of the visuals looked Eastern European, the song was good
    3) Springsteen is Dutch, even if his politics is crap

  3. BCE~ Good Sir, your eyes remind me of my Dad's eyes when he came back from Vietnam. From the time he entered the Navy in 1948 as a Boot Recruit to when he retired as a Full Commander in 1979, and even to when he died from the results of Agent Orange/Blowing an artery he kept his hair regulation. Be kind to yourself, watch your six and here is to some better days. Red

  4. The singing footage that's the young SS Tankers singing the Panzerlied to Robert Shaws version of Joachim Piper in the Battle of the Bulge movie. My favorite version of the song is in that Japanese anime Girls und Panzer. It's really weird.

    The song itself seems like a Soviet patriotic song of the Partisans in WWII. The non Hollywood footage looks like the Soviets in Afghanistan or Chechnya.

    It was a good video. Take care of yourself.

  5. Good to see you are still kicking, take care of yourself. You have put up with two much shit to miss the payback time.

  6. Oh, and you should try a livestream some evening to see what sort of participation you get. I have no idea how to do that but if you can figure it out it might be fun.

  7. Everything worked great in the video. I was introduced to that video by WOTW. Love the song and the video. War footage cut with scenes from The Piece movies and Battle of the Bulge. Good stuff. Glad you're still kicking ass and chewing gum.