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Monday, October 11, 2021

Meals and Cases

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
It's nice to be ahead of the power curve some days.  The ATC issues that were cropping up and I was one of the first bleggers out there to say "Uh... hey!" as well as the Auguson shortage.  Now, a lot of folks are and have been commenting (mostly at ye othere backup blegg) that Freeze Dried requires clean water and it's a gimmick! and the usual.  One person even commented that canned goods are cheap, and betterer.  

Well all of the above I agree with however.  My rationale for 'sounding the alarums' and whatnot is that well, the length of time that freeze dried, if properly stored, can last.  Mountain House was the originator of the LRP meals from Vietnam.  LRP or "Lurps" stood for "Long Range Patrol" and was a further development from the NASA 'space food' that was developed for the space race.

An original LRP was essentially a dehydrated main meal, and some extras to keep the calories up.
It looked like this:
Now, cool thing?  IF you can find one at a reasonable price, they're collectable as all get oot, and expensive, BUT they're still edible 40 years later from date on manufacture.  There's a lunatic out on Youtube called Steve1989MRE Info who collects and eats ALL the DotMil food from ALL times and ALL dates, no matter how funky and old they are.  Oldest one he ate that I saw was an 1880's BritRat... one of the very first 'canned emergency ration' made of beef tallow and a brick of chocolate.  It was practically petrified and he paid a couple of thousand for it... he did up an original 1968? LRP Spaghetti and Sauce and apparently it was still good to the point of him calling it delicious...

Not that I disbelieve him, but this's a dood who's et 200 year old chow... no accounting for taste buds IMO Aye?  MH still sells the newer version on their website but the LRP has been renamed to the MCW which stands for Meal, Cold Weather.  It comes in a few flavors and runs $12 a meal on the MH website.

Canned food is cheaper, I agree.  BUT the lifespan?  Outside of Fallout New Vegas have I ever seen canned goods that've lasted 50+ years and still been edible.  The pouches me n Sapper picked up yesterday have an expiry of March 2051.  30 years and I'm willing to bet that IF it's stored carefully, it'll last a hell of a lot longer.

Personal Case in Point:  I got MREs I'm still snacking on that 'expired' theoretically years ago... specifically the forerunner of the McRib, the "Patty, Pork Rib (Simulated)".  And yep... the McRib came about BECAUSE of the manufacturing of the DotMil pork patty.  Same dude who made it for the DotMil went and took the recibe to Mickey D's and the rest is either gastronomic horror OR heaven (I'm in the 'heaven' side of the equation).  I bought a metric fuckton on the web for $2 a piece for JUST the patty when they only had a year left on the expiry, and that was 3? 4? years ago.  They're in another pelican case that's stuffed with JUST MRE pieces parts... mostly main meals that I also got with the patties... mostly beef patty and spaghetti, oh!  And the ravioli with beef... all my favorite except the Omelet with Ham. 
REALLY bummed I can't find those.  And for those of you who just recoiled/puked a little, on it's own?  Nasty, even when hot.  I however had a workaround that was key.  I'd start by heating up a ramen, any ramen, get it cooked in my canteen cup, then squish up the omelet and dump it AND the chees packet into the ramen after draining out the excess water... I'd leave maybe a 1/4 cup of the water, THEN add the flavor packet.  Mix it all the hell up and THEN Omelet with Ham was GREAT. 

Now, 'other' comments:  The medical Pelican cases... yeah $615.00 from Pelican.  Crazy amiright?  If there was EVER a overpriced product, it's that.  Fucking crazy as hell.  The cases I have are the model 472-MED-30180802 Medical Supply Trunk
Now, for those of you who still have it, I recommend checking Fecesbook Marketplace.
Go to the marketplace and look for "military cases' and you'll probably find some.  They tend to be faaaar cheaper used.  Scraped the hell up, but still fully functional.  That or hit the local DotMil Base, go to the DRMO (Defense Reutilization Maintenance Organization) and find out what it takes to go to the monthly auction where they usually get rid of all that shit.  IF you don't get outbid by the surplus dealers that is... that being said -sometimes- you can go up to one of the winners of the stack, and make an offer right there and thne, and come away cheap-cheap for some top end cases.
Because we have McDill AND a lot of DotMil Contractors around here, we got tons of these things to choose from.  I have a need for maybe one or two more larger ones, and I'll be all set.  Just wanted to put this out there of the 'how to' on getting these a bit more cheaply.

So, That's it for now I think.  
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  1. you forgot to mention the corn flake bar ! hands down the best part of the lurp ration. at least that the way I remember them to be. used to be ,we add water to it and placed it under the straps on the ruck, facing the sun. so to speak. it took anywhere from 45 minutes to a hour to heat up like that. bad part of them was trying to take a shit after
    4-5 days or more of eating them. but they where good, c-rats where touch and go. but nobody i knew like ham and motherfuckers or lima beans. you couldn't give that fucking meal away !

    1. Nah. The oatmeal bar was pretty good but those cornflake bars were mostly orange flavored and I never liked them at all.

  2. Back in the late 70's, I tried a C-Rats pack we had stored at our remote radar site. I think they were from the Korean War. Was barely palatable. But each C-Rats did come with a pack of gum and a small pack of smokes, either Lucky Strikes or Chesterfields.

  3. Depending on where you live and where you store them, canned goods are very susceptible to being made inedible because they can freeze in cold weather.
    A couple years ago I had to throw away a couple hundred bucks worth of canned goods that I had stored out in the garage.
    They were too close to the roll up door and froze during the winter.
    Oh man were they nasty when I opened one up one day.
    They also take up a lot of room and they get heavy real quick when you are trying to store them by the case.

  4. Mix in enough tiny Tabasco bottles and the ham omelette was tolerable. I was always the last to pick from the case...guess what was left.

  5. When I was a kid, my Dad used to bring home those old Air Force Food Packet Survival General Purpose cans. They opened with a key like a can of corned beef. If any of those are laying around they are probably still good as it consisted of big flavored crackers almost like hardtack. There was a Chicken Bar which tasted like a big Chicken in a Basket cracker, a Cornflake bar tasting like frosted flakes, a potato Cheese bar which had a vague cheese flavor and a chocolate fudge bar you could make hot chocolate with. The fudge bar would probably be rank but the others might be OK. It also had chicken bouillon and freeze dried coffee and a sugar packet.

    I miss the old C-rats with the beef and shrapnel and green eggs and Spam. I haven't seen any in years.

  6. Still have half a case of so of Lrp rats and 2 cases of Meals, Cold Weather. Even have a case of Hooah bars, nasty things that will pull a filling or rip a crown off. I keep a pack of Imodium and Senekot with them to cover stoppage or blockage.

    Can eat just about any MRE except cheese tortellini. Really enjoyed the old C-rat can chicken and biscuit.

  7. Dad brought home some cases of C Rations when Cuba went all wonky with large GO BOOM sticks. He said they were much better than the stuff they had in '48 while he was setting up listening stations way up north where it was slightly warmer than Kansas in the winter. My sister swiped any sweet items. Red

  8. speaking of rations...

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    that the "Jews" want to control the world. Guess what?

    The "anti semites" were right.

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  9. we got issued c-rats at benning in '81 that were dated '46 or '47. still "good". then we were issued the first mre's when the water main to sand hill broke. we preferred the 40 y/o c-rats. mountain house is good for its purpose, on the go quick meals, but not that much nutrition per bulk/pound and they all taste alike to me. properly stored cans last nearly forever. people have found cans from the indian wars still edible and miner's stash of over 100 y/o cans still good. too heavy to bugout much with though. i prefer the staples in number ten cans, pack them in cases to make meals from scratch. keep mre foil packs for immediate bugging out/patrol, mh for near term, and number tens for extended use. stacked in that order by the back door along w/ the goodies to go with them. ....water required? yeah, but living requires water too, mil cases etc at

  10. I love watching Steve1989MRE ! His tag line, "Let's get this out on a try. Nice!" He can make almost any meal look great, except for The Vomelet.