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Monday, October 18, 2021

Internet Issues?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Having trouble maintaining Ye Olde Connectivity.  In fact ALL my people in my Training Class are experiencing connections issues.  I've got a Spectrum Biddness Line, and my Trainer (awesome lady!) has Verizon and SHE's having issues too.  In and out... minor bounces.

Anyone heard if there was any electro-magnetic stuff happening?  I know last week we had a minor CME that suspicious observers reported on, but otherwise it's theoretically quiet?

Weirdness I guess.

So, dealing Gaaaaaaaaaah!
My GAWD!  My fon won't stop detonating!!!
OK waaaay too busy today to blegg.  Will try tonight.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Overworked Reporter
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  1. Hopefully they can stay together.


  2. Wilder's site is down, too - think that may be internet fuckery more than solar activity. Yesterday (10/17) there was a pop off the incoming side of the sun but it should have missed us to the left; if that sunspot group develops delta+ complexity by the time it reaches the Earth-facing side of the disc, we might have some more serious stuff. Getting hit right now with some coronal hole stream bullcrap should hit us by tomorrow and/or Wednesday. This morning we were up to KP-4, nothing too serious, easing down now.

    Good site, huh? Great stuff to drink coffee to and warm up the thinking meats before applying them to commuting and the daily grind of Waaagh-Ork. Don't have to wait for the morning SO news, tho, you can check it anytime off their SWN website, all the relevant indexes are there once you're used to them. Also can look at the recent SDO footage of the sun and monitor pops from sunspots and such. Eyes open, no fear, brother! Be safe out there.

  3. Cute kids. The Red head looks like she'll be a handful when she gets older.

    I have 3 daughters and 6 granddaughters so I know of what I speak.

  4. Nice to see someone else use the verrb 'detonate' about the phone.

  5. funny thing about the phone, switch to comcast for phone and internet as windstream blew big time. no spam calls ???
    before we got like 10 or more per day fort some bullshit or another. the ones I used to love getting was for cops and shit. those fuckers get a gold plated retirement package and they crying about needing money?? wtf.
    understand the broke part as it seems like every time I get a little ahead, god or the gov't. fucks me again.
    wish you well. girls look great, hope you can keep them safe from the stupid parents.
    seems like no matter how hard you try , kids are bound to do something stupid !
    the part that pisses me off the most about it is, they never seem to learn from their mistakes ??

  6. Internet and phone also actin up here in the Great Northwest. Jus maybe it tis the start of Klause Schwab's "Great Cyber Pandemic" as he of World Economic Forum fame, has so justifiably said we do not need to own anything and we will be happy.

  7. BCE~ FYI and maybe you can contact your active and retired people Red