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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Intarwhebz and Training Daze

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
O.....K...... between yesterday and today more the same.  Teh Intarwhebz went completely ballista-shit-fit, what with Fecesbook and all the other attention whoring stupid sites crashing and burning.  Now, that being said, I went on downdetector dot com and found that yesterday, it wasn't just the social media sites, but like everything everywhere.  Not only that, but it's ongoing it would seem...
Hmmn.  Lots of speculation as it was Europe and the US that bore the brunt of it.  And yesterdays cascade reminded me of 'worm' attacks.  Each major hit went in sequence in groups... like in the above chart I snipped, Xfinity, quickly followed by Fox News and then Cox... like mere minutes apart... and that's today!

Please please please let this be the Beginning of the End.

I so want whatever "The Plan" these morons have be implemented so that we can just get back to whatever the new normal is going to be.  Be it "Mad Max" "Escape From New York" or something akin to "Alas Babylon"... hell even "Blade Runner"... cyberpunk would be cool but I just want whatever the hell it is to come before I'm in a wheelchair.  

I mean I think that's the general feeling everywhere.  

It's like holding your breath for a really long time.  Starts off ok, but then the pressure and need to breath increases exponentially, until you either pass out or exhale violently and panic-inhale...  I feel like we're at the blue-in-the-face stage... been holding it a while, but not -quite- there yet.  

Like just get it over with already.  Not like there's that much more that the people who're initiating alllll dis here bullshit need to have:

They have all the power 
They have all the monies
They have all the everything(s)

What more do they want?  What more do they need?  They're insane, we know that... that might be the whole issue too.  Sadists and Insane.  Probably want to keep toying with us like a cat does a mouse.  They enjoy the feeling of absolute power.  It's the first taste of it for a lot of them.  Dictatorial bullshit and we've seen the Tyranny grow because of their newly-discovered Power.  People like Oberfuhrer Whitmer.  A governor of a mid-size, relatively unimportant state, she's been one of the biggest Power-Mad cunts out there.  To the point that the politically weaponized FBI pretty much made up a plot to 'kidnap' her out of whole cloth, and it was believed because she's sooooooooo fucking despised, even by the normies.  No wonder the DotFeds were able to gin up a bogus plot.

I swear, I'm even beginning to believe that the DotFeds are bankrolling the recent rash o'Trolls that've been around here and Phil's place.  Time will tell on that one Aye.  At this point. without the FBI, there'd be zero domestic terrorism in the country.  And that's provable in real time.

So, today I'm in training again.
Whooo boy.... dis fuckin guy who's leading the training... every single sentence he ends with a little >coff<  "The infrastructure will be completed on Thursday. >coff<"  "All supervisors need to insure full accountability >coff<"
Like dat.
So I'm gutting it out.  I'll be back as we go
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yep. Hate that shit. Spent a week in a class where the instructor said “there again,” about every third word. I’d been working on this type aircraft for 5 years when they decided to send me to the class, so I wasn’t being all that attentive anyway. Started keeping track of the “there agains”... 268 in the course of one morning. BRUTAL!

  2. it does feel like we are just marking time until it gets hot. the thing I think they do not realize is the fact we are
    just waiting for it to kick off, so to speak. I not sure what they are expecting but, we do get as say in the matter.
    how they wish they could have disarmed up like they have elsewhere. do they really think all the ammo being bought up
    is getting shot at the range ? I am willing to bet a lot of people are stockpiling it up for when it will be needed.

  3. So, maybe "it" IS about to start. That would explain my calmness this week so far.
    Always did get that relaxed feeling right before SP. My brain knows it's time to be in the zone.

  4. On an unrelated, yet humorous note, just read where "The Government" is requesting the names of people that made particular searches in an effort to find someone doing bad things. Naturally, I went to Google and entered the following search "Fuck the NSA, FBI, CIA, DOJ". Let's see if the stoopid bastards really ARE paying attention.

  5. You're the second guy this week to reference Alas Babylon. Great book, great prophecy. Stay frosty...

  6. BCE~ Better that annoying little cough than the snot snorting sound made by the Idiot giving the presentation for a new project. He then tried to hock the snot into the trash can. Missed it hitting the wall. Told me to clean it up as I was the only Woman in the room. I had his Boss on speed dial. It did not end well for him.
    Some Divine Intervention would be nice to stop all the idiocy, but I think the Big Guy Upstairs is kicking back with some good eats and drinks ready to watch the show. What are the Odds in Vegas these days? Red

  7. BCE, when it comes to Waiting for the Apocalypse, I've got the answer to cure your ills: become an ACCELERATIONIST! Dems want $3.5 Trillion? Awww Hellz No!...give em $20 Trillion! Dow Jones up 500 points and you ain't got a dime in it? Come on baby! Let's hope it goes up 1,000 tomorrow! Dems want to ban guns? Hell Yeah! BAN ALL THEM SUCKERS! Right down to Grandaddy's bolt action .410!
    Most of us here know there ain't no fixin or stopping this runaway jalopy known as the FUSA. The pressure you feel is millions of Normies, ridin the brakes, screaming "Vote Harderer", hoping they can slow it down just enough to keep posting pictures of their new truck, and their new boat, and new whatever(all bought on credit) on "Facebuuuuuk". All I'm saying is pray they keep the throttle pinned and give a Ric Flair "Woooooooooooo" as it heads towards the cliff!!
    I promise you'll feel like a new man!

  8. What more do they want? What more do they need?

    they want most of the peasants dead dead dead

    can't say i blame them at all

    damn tired of seeing a sea of human turds floating haplessly thru the sea of life...


    300 million muthafokkers!

  9. I get that too, I am in the best physical shape I have been in for the last dozen plus years but that won't last as time isn't on my side so if we are going to do this, let's do it.

  10. Problem is the greedy critters want to tax any unrealized equity in your Home and Business. They also want to upon the death of the Homeowner is to tax the Equity and Inheritance on the Home or Business. Double Taxes because it's not fair to those that rented instead. They COVET everything. Red

  11. Had a guy that I worked with that ended *every* sentence with "Know what I'm saying?"

    Felt so much like answering him, slowly, each time, "Yes, I know what you are saying."

    1. They slur it into a lowest-denomination, attempting to combine all the words into a single syllable, apparently:
      * "gnome-sane"
      but instead of a question, it is merely a place-holder, apparently.
      A fear of silence, apparently.
      I meet their insipid, and raise with my quite-superior Northern European Heritage VoiceOfRationality:
      "I hear your words; do your words match your intent?"
      That ought to teach them to mess with a home-schooled philomath!

  12. the world economic forum just ran a "crisis scenario" that included total net down along with bank hack of all the monies. in 2019 their crisis roleplay was pandemic. guess this is the beginning. they asked for several large corps' backbone code and security info, AND THEY GAVE IT TO THEM.

  13. Walked away from my job two weeks ago. Still trying to get Prudential to release my 401. They say they can't until my former employer gives them my departure date. Is that coo coo or what! I've checked with corporate HR and they said gotta wait for last check to go thru, yadayada. I just hope I can get it before it goes poof! Oh and BC, thanks for the heads up on the email thing. Ohio Guy

  14. Divine intervention can't come quick enough but we are not to ask for that. When we have nothing left to lose. When they crash the market that is the signal. It won't be done till they think they are ready.

  15. They have all the power
    They have all the monies
    They have all the everything(s)

    What more do they want? What more do they need?

    They Want to be Done with the useless eaters.
    They don't Need us anymore. Technology has made the majority of the blue collar people not necessary. Sure, someone has to put the tires on, someone has to maintain the roads, someone has to keep the airplanes going and the limousines rolling, but look at Agenda 21, look at the Georgia Guidestones, watch the videos of G.Edward Griffin and Charlotte Iserbyt.
    Bill Gates pretty much straight up says
    Population control can be accomplished through Successful vaccination programs.
    But hearing what he says is a conspiracy theory..
    Look at what is happening.