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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Color Me HIGHLY Impressed

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ahhhh a day of relaxation.  To a point.  Sleep was elusive as Wifey is still on mission, as she will be tonight as well.  Sapper decided I needed some 'get the fuck out of the house' and took me to see the new flick "Dune".
OK... so we're Sci Fi Nerds n Geeks.  Frank Herbert's masterpiece "Dune" is one of my favorite books.  I loved reading it and re-reading it on field problems as it was long, in depth and highly entertaining.  The David Lynch film, despite it's faults was in my view, no bad... a bit 'touched by the 80's' so to speak in it's presentation, and a lot of it was 'left behind' but for the time and technology of the era, a good movie.

Now this?
Stunning visuals.
The sound in IMAX?  To be honest, a bit over the top.  I came out feeling like I'd been subjected to a danger-close artillery barrage with the base... literally my ears are -still- ringing.  The soundtrack was unreal, (might have to download it) and the whole thing was very well done.  Couple of things missing of course, not enough backstory, so if you've never read the book, you'd be "WTF was THAT all about?" or even worse "Who the hell was that and why did he betray the Duke?"  Couple of BIG plot holes to the uninitiated.

Now, the controversy on Liet Kynes, the Imperial Geologist/Planetologist and "Keeper of the Change" about them flipping gender and race.  Kynes is, in the book a white older dude who was played by Max Von Sydow in the Lynch version.  This one was played by a black chick...Sharon Duncan-Brewster... I had to google it...
Let me tell you
She was great.  She played it straight.  Like as in I was totally believing that she IS Liet Kynes.  Deserves a best supporting IMO.  They didn't do any 'super-stronk female lesbian wahmans' bullshit... she was a really good character, and played it out -perfectly-.  I mean nothing in the book specifically states that it's a whypeepo dood, and man, in this case, Ms. Duncan Brewster deserves the praise she's gonna get.  I'm all about the purity of the story line... and she kept it pitch-perfect.

Only one scene left me with a "Holy Shit!" nightmare-fuel, and that was the scene on Salusa Secundis when the Baron's rep is recruiting the Sarduakar for the fight... it looks like your basic "Pre-Combat" harangue, and the troops on one knee getting some weird assed blessing of Blood, and there's this really creepy TechnoTalking Motherfucker on what looks like a pulpit... the camera pans back, and they show what appears to be a a HUGE pile of dudes, crucified upside down, getting their throats slit, and the blood collecting in rivers for this pre-combat 'blessing'... veeeeerrrry creepy scene.  Both Sapper and me looked at each other and were like "Dude THAT right there is seriously fucked up!"

So yeah, I only think IF you see it, go and drop the extra $$$ for the IMAX experience.  The small screen won't do it justice.  So I'll get with y'all more later.  I got to figure out dinner...
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Big Country


  1. I didn't find the black chick very compelling at all, and the girl playing Zendaya was awful, as was Jason Momoa but I am 100% sure that the visuals are incredibly on the big screen.

    1. OK: MY Complaints... Jessica... FAAAAR too 'emo'... crying all the time.. she's a Bad-Ass Bene Gesserit Witch for fucks sakes... the actress playing her? Way too 'weepy' at the wrong time. The chick playing Chani (who's name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman... I think that's who you mean) wasn't onscreen even long enuff to have ANY real impact...

      What little we saw was allllllll the interminable fucking 'visions' Paul had, and by the time we meet the broad, it was a big fucking "Meh!" instead of a -reveal-...

      Now, what I'm saying about Liet was that they didn't 'ghetto' her up or change the baseline character, and the chick they picked delivered if not an inspiring performance, one that deserves acknowledgement on the basis that she did 'right' by the character, instead of trying to 'make it her own.'

      My 2cents and a $1 will get me nuthin' in this economy... Hope yer well!

    2. She was a weak character which seems weird in an era of strong wahmen, here is someone legit powerful in the book but she is just blubbering all the time. Maybe her being strong in the wrong sort of way, subtle and devious like a chick, didn't fit their narrative.

  2. Thanks for the review. Going to pass.

  3. I think I will actually go see this now. Thanks for the review.

  4. Agree on the Lady Jessica-way too weak for the character. Disagree on Kynes. Liet Kynes is supposed to be Chani's father, FFS. Kinda hard when you're a female, unless the kid had 2 mothers {{{shudder}}}. I don't care about the character's skintone, but the sex is a no-go.

    I didn't come out humming the visuals as much as I did with Lynch's version. I liked the steampunk overtones. I do like the new ornithopters better. Credit that to modern CGI. It could actually look like it was supposed to. I want one.

    It's been a lot of years since I read the book, but didn't they monkey with the storyline a bit? I though Duncan Idaho was supposed to die in Arakeen, not in some abandoned ecology station.

    All-in-all, I think it was worth the coin to see it. I'll see the second one if it makes it to the screen.

  5. Might have to go see it. Book done right Dune is 3 movies in the one book. Lots of internal dialogue in the book that does not translate to dialogue for a movie so there is that. Still. Might have to buck up and see it

  6. Man fuck the gender bender and race swap. Don't care how well the actress did her job, it's not wanted or needed, and subverts the original storyline.

    Hard to father Chani if you're a black woman..

  7. Big County,
    Glad you got out and had some fun. I too am a Dune Geek, and have looked forward to the movie. No way the wife will go, so I'll see it on HBO. Thank you for the review

  8. Me? My preferred version of "Dune" is the mini-series that was on the Sci-Fi network. Good acting, excellent costuming, great effects, didn't leave out much of anything and was just good.

    And they did a followup series dealing with the 2nd and 3rd books.

    Admittedly, they didn't have Sting or Jose Ferrer or Jurgen Procknow, but still a damned good rendition.

  9. J...ason Momoa but I am 100% sure that the visuals are incredibly on the big screen...

    Before Owen Benjamin was cancelled off Youtube, there was a video of this Mamoa twiddling his 7ish year old daughters nipple until she got pissed and stopped him. Ill not watch anything this pervert does.
    There was no need to genderswap, much less niggerize, Liet-Kynes.
    It sounds visually, stylistically, and sonically delicious. Ill pass though.

    I thought that the 84 movie did the internal dialoige right and is what made it cool.

  10. And the actor playing Usel, look like a weak fag with no chin. Kyle whats his face at least looked like a man.

    Maybe we could get a go fund me site and get this kid a chin.

  11. I want to see how they do reunification of Gurney and Paul. It is one of my favorites scenes in all literature. Paul appears out of nowhere having ambushed Gurneys patrol. And Gurney understanding instantly of the leathality of the human in front of him.

    IMHO that didnt need to badass the women who were already badass. therr is a scene where paul thinks he is hiding. Chani jumps out "I would not have allowed him to hurt my tribe " and she meant like killing Paul personally with a chris-knife.