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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

At The VA This Fine Day.....

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Since 0700 this AM.
Doing this on my phone as I ain't got a lot of ability with this thing.   Nothing more -theoretically- than the usual cancer screen/health screen...  More to follow
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  1. went yesterday myself. and I fucking refuse to wear a god damn mask. they gave me one and I carried it in my hand.
    my doc was pissed she had to get the novax shot. then I explained how a mandate is not really a lawful order.
    there no law stating it, and if congress and all those fuckers are not required to get it, why is she ??
    that there makes it null and void.

  2. I was just one with Medicare. two disconnects and then 20 minutes on hold to be told they had not got the form yet. Not sure if USPS is the problem or Medicare. Lets just say I am impressed.

  3. At least you don't have to pay.....with money. But you might pay with your health. The VA the a classic example of just how badly the government man fuck something up.

  4. Buta butthole - "She graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Education in 1987"

    BS in education explains it all in two ways.

  5. I live 40 or so miles from the local VA Hospital. So far every thing I have had done to be by them has turned out very good. No problems yet with any of the care I get from them.
    Maybe we have a good bunch of people staffing and running this Hospital. Only one thing is bad with it is the parking. It is just crap trying to find a parking place in the lots they have, so far that is the only problem I have with them.
    I just hope I have not cursed it by laying down this comment.
    Plus it is near a great burger place.