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Sunday, October 17, 2021

After Action Report

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaan... note to self:  I am entirely too white to be out in the Florida Sun without sunscreen.  Got a bit roasty-toasty today at the Range.  Had a meetup with The infamous Borepatch ( who on the reg organizes the mid-to-south Florida Blogshoot.  

Every six months or so, we were doing it, Last time was sort of a sad time as Miguel from moved to waaay up yonder to Tennessee.  So, this 'un here wasn't a per-se Blogshoot, as much as just two bros and their old ladies getting together to bust caps.  Borepatch's significant other, A.K.A The Queen of the World was there, and most unfortunately, Wifey couldn't make it.

Because DumBunny we've found can't be trusted to stay home at Mi Casa and do the right thing.

So, Wifey got stuck on babysitting duty which has pissed me off to no end.  Fucking unreal... DumBunny is one of the most self-entitled fucking To The Letter Definition of a Fucking Millennial.  Like the polar opposite of Spawn.  Man... I'm not going to rant, but needless to say ALL the good, de-stressing that I did breaking in the firepower is oot the fucking window the second I walk in the door.

Time to sell -everything- and move to Costa I'm thinking.

OK:  So, unfortunately not a lot of pictures as we were a bit to busy pulling triggers.  I did get one of 'Patch throwing from his OMFG Beauty of an AR:
Team America FUCK YEAH!
I personally think he should get that put on the side... but 
He was working on getting on paper with a new scope while I was in 'new test of the M1A' which you can see on the table behind him, on the bipod.  I also worked in the AR-10 with the Russian Dragunov scope I told y'all about waaays back.

OK:  The M1A:  Thank you Springfield for restoring my faith in you.  FLAWLESS except for three 'soft strike' on some Tula Russian Ammo.  Now for that matter, they weren't soft strike but them damned hard-assed rooskie primers... total of 5 rounds out of 40 had to be re-run through for a second attempt as they just were HARD Aye?  NO issues on the M1A and the National Match sights/barrel combo are a tack driving dream, leastways when I wasn't shaking with 'deer fever'.  Rounds were for the most part in a 4-5 inch group which for me and my shakes ain't bad.  That was at the 100 Yard shooting distance.  Respectable but I'm way the fuck out of practice.  In fact by a few months ago price standards, I was joking with Patch that we'd pretty much shot a mortgage payment's worth of Boolits today between the 4 of us.

Now:  The AR-10 Dragunov Scope Combination.
Zeroed here at the house with a laser boresite to 'rough gage' the scope aiming point and mount.  Did a quick three rounds at 100 to confirm, dialed in the scope... which by the way was a stone bitch.  The knobs on the scope?  In Cyrillic Rooskie.  Couldn't tell if something was "Up" "Left" or "Right" and "Down"... I had to do 3, adjust, do 3, re-adjust and THEN I was in the right center mass grouping.

3 sets of 3 rounds.
I walked them from top to bottom, with the last round being a 'flyer' up on the top left... jerked the trigger... 'cos I got excited as fuck to see the two damned-near center mass.

Not bad for a blind Shakes-the-Clown Motherfucker.

Now, the Dragunov Scope... whoooo wee!  I need ANOTHER one.  It's incredibly well-matched to the AR-10 platform.  Fucking a dream-scope-rifle combo.  Mind you that target to MY blind ass was barely visible to me at 100 years.  The eye relief is great, and I think Borepatch is going to get one for HIS rifle.  When I explained the 'how it works' he was muy impressed.  For those who don't remember, the reticle is this:
The sloped scale on the left?  It's for estimating target distance.  It works thusly:
The stadia lines on the top are to adjust for movement/lead.  The middle hash marks on the up/down axis are for ranging the round impact.  Like I said hella cool and fucking need another one.  
As Aesop is fond of saying, One is None Aye?
Ivan makes great optics.
Sold out currently but HIGHLY Recommend:

So, went to a dive bar for a beer.  Was nice.
And yep.  That is an honest to God functional Cigarette Machine.  Right out of the olde daze gone by.  Outlaw Biker Bar with Outlawed Cigarette Machine?  Fucking coolio.

Place -did- reek of cigs tho, only drawback that I could tell.  Only because I quit smoking two years ago after like 30 years of it...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd came home to a shitfestivus of fuckitude 
OMFG Please I do not need this.  
If I 'drop off' the Net, it's 'cos I either stroked the fuck out
I done kil't everyone
Might have to flip a coin on that.  Right now I'm leaning towards telling Sapper to get the plastic tarps, duct tape and shovel.  
I. Am. Too. Old. For. This. Shit.
Annnnnnnnnnnd the BP: 189 over 127.... Might have to relax a bit 
Ya Thiiiiiink?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. damn. now you got me to thinking about a russie scope or 2 ! and just after I bought a very nice vortex ffp one too. got to fuck around with a m1a back in the 1970's , I think it's a bit on the long side for moving around with.
    ar 10 works for me, and simpler parts too.

  2. White people are not meant to live in places like Florida. Come to Hyperborea with us!

  3. BCE~ Anyway you can drop the self entitled princess wannabe who needs to be brought to Jesus out in a swamp to walk out? Pardon the run on sentence. Might want to lock everything of value up including your Go Boom really fast stuff, computer access etc. Count any $$$$, Meds and any other liquids with a level of whoopee juice. Keep an eye on the small humans as she can use them as leverage. Good luck. May the Shades of Warriors visit her in her dreams until she confesses, repent and atones. Red

  4. BCE, I literally know what you are going through. Last year the week after she turned 18 and her child support from me was ended, "mysteriously" Ex threw my daughter out. She called me and said she wanted to go to college, so I had her come stay with Wifey and me and "go to school". She got a job at McD's and that's where all of her energy went. Her room looks like a missile hit it, she refuses to do what Wifey or I ask (which is just pick up after herself), hooked up with a 23 year old loser burger jockey, flunked out of school, is moving out in a few weeks with burger boy who has a real temper and grew up watching his Mom be a punching bag-- what could go wrong ? She doesn't listen at all to us and is totally determined to become a piece of White Trash.

    Wifey and I had her get a 5 year Norplant, so hopefully no rugrats but she is talking about marrying loser burger boy, pulling the Norplant and being a Mommy !!! She's mad because I said the hateful words that if she becomes a piece of white trash and spits out a bastard or two, I want NOTHING to do with them and you and they are NEVER coming to live in my house and I'm never giving you a dime !!

    BCE, I know that seems harsh but I finally realized that she is a Narcissistic Sociopath just like her Mother and sees me as an easy mark. She doesn't give a crap about me, only what she can get out of me and she as much admitted this. I have to protect myself and my wife and if that means that I have to be a "cold hearted bastard" so be it. I'm afraid for you and Wifey's well being you may have to make some hard decisions soon as well. Good luck to both of you !!

  5. BCE, today was a BLAST. Hopefully Wifey can come to the next one.

    And that Drag scope? Oh. My. God. I think I have to replace my scope, which was recommended by my sniper step-son. If he gets to shoot your M1A I'm thinking he will have to get one, too.

    Sorry about the shitfestivus. Insanity is hereditary - you get it from your kids.

  6. The more tools you can use effectively, the better. However, for my area (Jew England,) there just aren't many unobstructed shot lines greater than 100-200 yards. Lot of hills and trees.

  7. mongolian rock

    the hu
    this is why I identify as a mongolian
    my kinda peeps

  8. What Red said. If'n your stash isn't behind a friggin safe door, you've set yourself up for Dumbunny to contact Dumbfuck and schedule a raid of your stuffs.

    And if you do make her do a swamp-walk, strap some porkchops around her.

    Hope you and the Wifey get her head straight or get her out. There is no in-between with idiots.

    Good luck.

  9. Unfortunately it takes a lot for some of them to get their head straight, and some never do. Youngest stepson had to spend a couple of years in the state penitentiary before getting his head right and deciding to behave. Been seven years since he got out. Spent five years on parole before being released from it. Much better person to deal with than before. I hope and pray that dumbunny wakes up and smells the coffee. The odds are not good. Most don't want to get out of the hole that they have dug. Beans is giving good advice.

  10. Damn. I miss the old Gunblogger Rendevous that used to be held annually in Reno, NV. Those were about the most fun you could have outside of a bedroom.

  11. always possible more reproduction perhaps the 5 yr norplant mentioned above?

    can you get custody of the babies?