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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Another Ya Vidya and FO everyone esle

 Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!



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Halloween Weirdness

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry for the later-timed poast, but it was a FULL night of BOTH GranBebes here with Other 'Rents and Trick or Treating with the whole damned extended Clan.  It went off rather well, what with Father Big Country Expat on the job:

Ye though I walk through the Valley in the Shadow of Death
I shall Fear No Evil
For I am the baddest motherfucker here and y'all need to move the fuck out.

Yeah, Little known factoid, I am legally a Right Reverend.
Full on no shit skool edge-ah-muh-cated.  Masters in Comparative Religion.  
Doctorate of Divinity from an accredited skool no less... not that that means shytte anymore Aye?
Yep.  Got me the shirt and T-Shirt so to speak and have officiated two full on weddings AND one funeral for a fellow veteran.  Most honored to say the least.  Best way as far as -my- take on it is the "Preacher" that Clint Eastwood played in "Pale Rider"

Yep And yes, Wifey gave me a bad buzz cut.  She fucked it up three ways to this Sunday
<Le Sigh>
Unusual for her... but lots going on, and sheeeeeeeeeeee-it.  Not like I give a fuck... it's hair.  Shit grows back.  No biggie.  
Me and Gran #1:
Maaaaaaaaaaaan that haircut sucks balls... prolly be bald tomorrow if I have anything to say about it...
Gran #2:
Good times had by all... 
Except by my horrible haircuts.
Oh well... fuckitall pill inbound Aye?
Lil #1 Gran was Elsa for you non-Disney-Watching Savages... of course... the wig was barely staying on and it doesn't help to have a sugar rushed 3 and a half year old under aforementioned wiggage.  Fuck me we could barely keep up.  Old, Old, I'm too old, I swear.

Dumbunny was on best behavior, and best she -should be- as primarily (unbeknownst to all and sundry) I had the Poly80 9mm under the priest shirt in case of weirdness.  One never knows in ye Olde Dayz and Agez of Shytte Past Goings On Aye?

Best be judged by 12 that carried by six.

Yep.  Priest with a Piece.

Hey, I -did- bless the rounds AND mags with holy water
I'm not a -total pagan- amiright?
Best to Bring the Very Best on Nights of Potential Weirdness.

Now, I will be striving to stop the personal dumps of private shytte here and get back to some more violent coverage of the shitshow that seems to be ongoing.  It's hard right now though as it's -such- a phenomenal shitfestivus of an assfucktivus of bullshit... I mean at this point even the Babylon Bee is close to shutting down because the truth is far more fucked up than any satire they can come up with.

THAT right there.  
That's how fucked we are, so I've been more focused on my personal life, and by dint of that, y'all are along for the ride.  I might be able to crank out some more DotMil instructionals, but y'all have to tell me what you want and if it's in my wheelhouse, I'll break it down like Barny for you.  Otherwise my mind is sort of done.

It's been a few tough weeks.
I appreciate any and all support y'all have given.
We'll be talking so to speak, and hopefully keeping it weird.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

New Vidya

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Happy Halloween! Time for Part One of the Scare:
On Gab as well
That and a Happy Sunday!
I'm going back to Bed
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Big Country

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Run Over W/A Truck

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Alive but exhausted, emotionally/physically
So yeah, had a possible 'minor heart incident' yesterday.  Got took to the VA via whambulance.  I GTFO of there ASAP as there was a shortage of personnel, beds and some -seriously- ill vets who needed the bed.  Once I'd been CAT'd and told that no, I wasn't having a fucking stroke (tho it sure as fuck at the time felt like it) and I had them script me a shitton of meds, I jetted back to the Casa.  (Side note: This COVID bullshit has got to stop soon... lots of MedFolk MIA because of Slo's mandate and the VA being retards... not enough people to help the folks who need it)

Meh.  Not my first rodeo but a rather impressive BP of 198 over 130 got me the 'entry ticket' when the paras were working me up at the house.  Which even before we called them in a certain amount of 'cleanup' was necessitated as the possibility of  Ye Minions of Leviathan occasionally accompany the hardworking paras, and I didn't want to (in the middle of a potential heart attack) to explain to Deputy Fife that no, those are not live grenades, and no the rocket launcher is inert, and yes that flammenwerfer is legal.


Nitroglycerine cannot be underrated however.

My my, how it makes that pain go 'way oh! lo so quickly!

T'ain't my first tango with the ticker issue.  First time was a full blown heart attack at 25 that I thought was a really bad hangover, but the subsequent years have shown the scarring on the heart and the damage to be a genuine H/A.  I had another 'minor' arrhythmia back about 16? years ago? at work... it's stress that does me in... Only -so much- I can handle.  I internalize... well I was taught to expend the energy and usually I do so... but lately I haven't been able to... between work, which was stressing me even BEFORE the bullshit (as I was always bitching about just how fucked up the operation was/is,) and then Dumbunny, who I'm seriously getting a 'shallow grave' vibe aboot these days.
"Sapper, get the shovel..."

Example:  I'm not, by any means, a clean freak.  I'm cluttered, but organized clutter.  Dis fukkin beeyatcha?  Nasty.  Has to be told to clean up after herself AND the Bebe.  I'm clean in that my kitchen floor is clean.. like usually spotless.  Counters too.  Now?  Ain't been this dirty in the 20 years I've lived here.  I run a clean kitchen and tight A.O. and I can't do it meselves, and she's oblivious.  I mean I do all the mopping, to the point I actually got a fucking restaurant style BIG yellow mop bukkit and mop and squeezer.  If you're going to do a job, do it right Aye? 

But under normal circumstances, I mop once a week, twice if I have a spill.  I -know- having a 1 year old makes it harder, but even then... she does disgusting things... uncivilized things that I have to constantly be on her about... took a drink out of the orange juice (from the container!) and dribbled it... landed on the floor and she didn't even notice OR more than likely, didn't fucking care.  O.J... on my floor.  I called her out but for the past few days I haven't which led to yesterdays meltdown.  Walks around barefoot through the spil't juice and tracked it over the kitchen!

Fucking floor is, as I said nasty by my standards, and I've -lived- in Iraq, which you don't get much more nasty that that fuckin' place.  I swear to Gawd, I'm over it all.  Going to go to the zoo.  Check into the Monkey house.

I told Wifey 5 days, and I'm selling everything, paying my 'owes' and headed out to I don't-know-fucking-where  Without her OR her pig-daughter.

MGTOW might be a thing who's time has come.
IF I live that long
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Thursday, October 28, 2021

They Got Irish...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
More 'News from the Front" i.e. Globohomocoporaclownworld strikes again.  The Feral Irishan got his gig nuked from orbit today.  Link here:
In his own words:
Now, to be honest, if I see ANY OTHER bloggers of our 'kind' start poasting the same thing, I'm going to have to call 'enemy action' and then try and figure out the OODA on it.  Once is happenstance. (me) Twice is coincidence. (Irish)  Three times is enemy action.(?)

And you absolutely know that in their trolled out libtarded enlightened minds that by getting rid of the eeeeee-vil Whypeepo Raysacyst that theirs is now a better and more enlightened and smarter company that will go on to do great things because it rid itself of that horrible pre-modern cismale raysacyst.   To them, it's a 'moral victory' and I've already heard that they've been 'dancing' on my memory at having 'stuck it to da man!'  Yes, de eeeevil Whypeepo Debbilman was defeated gloriously.  And on that, let me tell ya there folks....

Here's a fucking Hint: You're not defeating us nor marginalizing us. You are however making us very very very angry. And that infobit should be something that IF you had two or more functional brain cells would realize is very very very BAD. It took Europe five years to recover from World War Two. And THAT particular miracle was because the United States was intact and assisted every. step. of. the. way.  Namely them eeeevil Whypeepo Debbilmen who you so casually slander and grind under?  Yeah... this is almost a light-switch moment.  Keep going and let me tell you...

Ask the Lakota how it worked out for them.
Ask the Sioux... ask any of the original 'Native Americans' IF you can actually find any that aren't either completely morally destroyed/inbred/culturally bereft.  The last time The Whypeepo collectively got angry continents burned.  Ask the Japs how it worked out for them.
We've seen how "Cowboys and Indians" played out as the joke said...

Right now, if anything, instead of being on a "Victory Lap" y'all should be paying attention.  The Saxon is Fully Awake, as well as his peers who've been content up til now to sit idly on the sidelines... but the threat to the kids, and jarring realization that no, The Powers That Be are not your friends but your sworn blood-oath enemies.  The proof is now in the 'activation' of so many formerly 'normie' Moms and Dads who go t a look at the perversity of these book that've been forced into schools, along with the celebration of deranged Cross Dressing Dragfreaks in schools, most of whom, once under the microscope, have turned out to be wanted and convicted pedophiles.

The very threat posed by Globohomo has them scared and above all angry.

That anger translates to blood in the long term, especially seeing how Leviathan is stuttering and faltering like a badly programmed toy robot... There is no leadership.  There is no control.  There is no rescue outside of local local and local.  This country is going to burn and it's going to be lit off over the inherent threat to the kids.

Threaten ME all day long.
Threaten MY Grans?  OR my kid(s)?  
Well, there's a reason I own and build and improve my flammenwerfer design.
Besides fun at parties of course.  Makes a great conversation starter.
So yeah, Stand by... methinks MOR weirdness inbound.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Pissed Off Day Off

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had a day off yesterday where I spent the majority of the time off doing the "kill. every. living. thing." in sight in Fallout.  Felt real good too.  Especially since I set meself up a self-regulated scoring system.  For those who don't know, the Fallout series (3, New Vegas, 4 and now 76) is a rather intensely loaded graphic game.  
That's a screenshot from Fallout 3, a Supermutant taking a .308 to the head
MY game?
I went hunting 'muh Diversity! 'Cos it (the game(s) includes various race-based characters.  10 points for every muh Diversity for every non-violent kill, 20 points for 'hostile kills'... meaning if the NPC in question was passive, it was only worth 10 points, while openly hostile, like a raider or whatnot, 20.

VERY relaxing to be able to scratch the 'massacre itch' so to speak.  My shrink thinks it's better I do such things.  Although at the rate -other- things are going... maaan.  I have to use this time to now for really-reelz start getting in shape.  I took a 1/2 a mile walk yesterday.  Unladen.  Sucked purely but I'ma doing it again tonight for 3/4 of a mile.  See if it kills me or not.  Managed to do it without my cane, which in itself is a HUGE improvement.

Yeah, ye Olde IR of Fame, and Past Fast Shewtin and Movin' is relegated (or supposed to be) to a fucking Gimp Stick.  My lower Lumbar are quite literally disintegrating and there ain't much cartilage or diskage left back there.  Which is why I really prefer these days despite shitty eyesight and Shakes-the-Clown-hands to do my killing remotely or by distance if I have to.

My Hand-to-Hand ain't so much these days, but I -do- have quite the self-defense if needed:
Solid Brass head with a Ebony hard-as-a-motherfucker stick.  No sword cane horseshit here... this's here a cudgle.  I'd LOVE to have a classic Shillelagh Cane but they tend to run big bucks and most aren't real per se.  Wifey got this one for me when we went on that biddness trip to Saint Auggie.  I didn't have my CC so I couldn't have my 'piece of mind' if vandals or ruffians came up on us...  That right there tho, oh me Droogs... lemme tell you, Ole Alex hisself would love that there shlaga.  Weighs a ton by 'normal' cane weight.  The head is what appears to be solid brass.

They cut it to my proper height/use, so I do have it with me.  Lord help the asshole who thinks I'm fully grip while stumping along with that.  BUT also, I've been working at NOT using it.  The problem is the pain and posture issues.  More pain, more gain and the only easy day was yesterday.

So, as I was ranting about yesterday.  The fact that a GIANT multinational would (again) bend at the knee to fucking sub-50 IQ'd fucking illiterates... and yes, they ARE fucking illiterates... the 'reading aloud' portion of training, where as we were training remotely, in order to insure participation, the trainee had to read to the rest of the class...  You want to talk about possibly the worst torture that a literate white male can have performed on him?  A mother of 6 (who is BTW 24... how the fuck does that even work?) who when you read her resume is chockablock full of spelling errors, grammatical incomprehension you fucking name it, and then speaks in a baby-talk ebonics fashion and is having trouble with a curriculum intentionally dumbed down to what I'd consider a fourth grade level?  Literally the word that they kept tripping over: deductible
                DEE DUCK A BALL
                DAY TUCK TIBBLE
                DEE DUCK TABLE (That one was sounded out until they got it right)
Now, also, the tests required correct spelling.  MS Form Quiz, type your answer.  Correct spelling gets you a Good Credit checkmark.  Bad Spelling, No Credit.  The word that no shit they choked on:

No shit.
It was a health insurance company, that much I'll reveal.  Hence the whole lern'ing aboot various things.  Amazingly the money parts on HOW the deductible applied and when a person has to pay, how much someone owes... THAT they got right.  Guess the only thing they have on their minds is money and muh dick... that and fucking over whitey.  As seen on Gab today:
This is why I game
Keeps that impulse control in check.
I already heard that the training class was overheard celebrating 'sticking it to' me.  Nice people huh?    So, I'm going to chillax this week... unwind.  File for unemployment which will STILL be fucked up... no telling but considering how fucked up it was last time, I've given up hope of any sort of resolution in my favor.  I'm 'no one' and no one cares about 'no one.'  Not connected, not assisted, another Whypeepo, Disposable Type One Each.

Until I'm not.
Then I'm Christopher Dorner, The Pale Version.
Their worst. fucking. nightmare. come to living breathing vengeful life.
Not to worry tho me Droogs N Droogettes... I'm good
For Now.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

So Much For That 'Un

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, I resigned this A.M.  Got word through Ye Olde Grapevine that they were going to come after me hammer and tongs.  Seems I really pissed off a senior manager by calling out his subordinate's malfeasance.   Last time I looked I was -supposed- to be making sure that the people who are supposed to be at work actually are and that if they're NOT, writing up said individuals.  Until they get termed for not showing up.  And timesheet fraud, last time I looked?  Yeah.....

Well I guess calling out lying and timecard fraud gets you accused of being a 'raysacyst' when the person yer calling out happens to be the 'approved amount of melanin' as opposed to my Whypeepo self.  That whole 'white culture' of honesty and integrity seems to be inappropriate now.

Not like I'm going to be hurting too bad.

I got out BEFORE they could drag my name and rep through whatever mud-lined street they had lined up.  Couple of the trainees got with each other and AFTER three weeks of being with me every. single. day. did they ALL come out, simultaneously and accuse me of 'bad whypeeponess' and being a closet raysacyst.  Even MY boss was like "This's bullshit" when we last talked when I explained why I'm bailing now... told him flat out, "I'm over 50, and the only whypeepo here... ANY and ALL race things?  No matter what, I'm going to lose, so I'm out before they can shmear me."  Since racial things are so hot-button these days, THAT would have been (and probably still will be) the death of my Corporate Culture Participation.  I got NO interest in ever setting foot in, around or for or with any corporate bullshit.  Hell... when I saw I have mandatory "Unconscious Bias Training" that I was still supposed to go through, I knew it's pretty much curtain call for me.

THIS is why we're circling the drain.
The willful and intentional slaughter of the norms and mores of the most basic rules of life have resulted in the death of America.  I mean how foolish of me to think that De'yonte or Shaniqua should be 'on time' at the appointed place of duty, ready to work?  How thoughtless of me to say that Nevasaydee should NOT take a hour and a half long lunch?  Nevermind the two other times she took 45 minute lunches?  That she missed a metric ton of training?
Any wonder why we're on a precipice of collapse?

Simple fact is we encouraged this behavior.  It's on US.  OUR fault.  Much like dealing with Dumbunny... I now have to deal with a 26 year old single mother who can't hold a job, has ZERO prospects, AND a kid ALL now MY responsibility, and I just lost my job?  Even I still have her first kid that I assist in OVER AND ABOVE...  Her basic lack of instruction at a young age, coupled with being in a time when it was acceptable for her to BE a piece of shit, but Oh My Gawd she got participation trophies out the ass growing up?

Losers need to be told that they're LOSERS.
And, appropriately, get the beating they so richly deserve!
And being on time, doing the right thing?  
That's considered 'acting whytte' apparently.

And Corporate 'Murica is so balls-deep in this bullshit of maintaining the "Culture of Correct" which should be called "The Culture of Fear and Loathing".  

Fear because of things like this, where AGAIN I do the 'right thing' but because I didn't say it or deliver the message wrapped in soft fuzzy bunny-slippers and rainbows, FEAR that I can lose my livelihood  because I didn't tell them that they did really really good that they tried their best to get back from lunch on time, and that next time they'll do better, I'm sure. 

Fear of losing my job (which I did) because my delivery was point blank to tell them: "It's purely unacceptable for you to have done this not once, not twice, but three times and on top of that, you show ZERO respect to me, nor the trainer, so, because of that, we're releasing you.  Best of luck in your future endeavors." 

LOATHING because now?  Oh man, 'Chained and Caged' Big Country is rattling the doors, and realizing he may have a way out to have fun and mayhem.  That loathing, where it was a minor, slow burn, is rising up to a flame, where I look at these 'people' and ask why I, an obvious superior person, both in work ethic and morals, gets sacrificed to the Altar of This Pile of Corporate Shytte?  Why I now have to deal with the fallout of Wifey raging at me, even though it literally ain't my fault.

I did what was asked of me.
I managed these people

But apparently I'm completely, and utterly out of tune with unpuzzling the overall code of Corporate Fear Culture.  I mean maaaaaaaaaaan I went waaaay out of my way with keeping my mouth fucking shut.  And in the end, it still didn't matter.  The High Priests heard BLASPHEMY and I was going to be the sacrifice.

Fuck that I said Aye...
I bailed from the whole fucking picture before they could do anything.
Fuck them AND the fucking horse they rode in on.
Can't lose if you don't play the game
And in this case, this's the proverbial straw that just shattered THIS particular camel's spine
I'm done.
Fuck them.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, October 25, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now I absolutely and positively need to keep kissing ass, begging, borrowing hell, a bank job isn't out of the question...  I need monays... a PILE of monays.  ALL of you do.  Leastways call it 'hopes and dreams' categories but the news is out and burning up the Gun Websites

Springfield Armory is bringing back the Browning Hi-Power basic design John Moses Browning made.  They're calling it the SA-35.
Now, there -are- some Hi-Powers out there.  Original Browning made, highly overpriced IMO.  Like ASTRONOMICALLY overpriced for what's a decent hog-leg, but like a Kimber not that good.

I have my own personal experience with a Hi-Power.  It was my first daily carry in Iraq.  Marked with "Iraqi National Police" on the slide.  Awful black plastic checkerboard grips, and a butt-ring for putting a lanyard on...  I had ONE mag, that held 13 rounds with one up the pipe.  I -only- initially had like 24, maybe 27 rounds loose... all mixed and of questionable sourcing.  Such was life in early 2004.  I did eventually get 2 more mags, and traded some gear (some boots and uniforms) for 200 rounds of 147 Grain Hollowpoints from the SF kids who needed to get rid of the 'illegal ammo'.  Finding a holster that -wasn't- Haji leather dogshit was a bitch until I found the Israeli company Fobus who makes a nice plastic Blackhawk style hip-rider.  It was that or the Blackhawk shoulder rig, which I wasn't a fan of as it tended to get caught up in the seat belt of the trucks we drove. 

I also have needs to pay back the Droog who helped me when the shytte went sideways here a ways back.  Haven't fergotten nor stopped saving to do the payback.  The bitch of it is was they $$$ I had slated, well, I blame Dumbunny.  Her ass is costing me MOR mental and monays than I like to t'ink aboot mon.  

Now, besides my usually whining about finances, all told the Springfield price point on this is $700.  That t'ain't bad.  UNLESS some seriously unscrupulous louses buy up all available stock (which (((they))) will, no doubt) then it should stay at a nominal price point.

Leastways I hope so.  I DID like the thing... VERY nice handling weapon.  VERY comfortable AND one of THE GREATEST designs ever put forth by the Genius Gun-God Browning the First PBUH.

Mine was named "Roscoe".  We named our weapons so's we could talk about them without the uninitiated and uncool understanding just -what- or in this case, who we were referring to.  In 2004, most civvie contractors were not allowed to have firepower, and it was a fireable offence to get caught sporting 'illegal arms'... only the US DotMil could do something like that Aye?  Despite MOST if not all us Contractors having FAR more experience and trigger time than the fucking newbies that they were feeding into the sausage grinder...

So, when we had missions outside the wire, I'd say like "Yeah, Me n Roscoe are gonna mount up and do this here thing later today..."  Lil or Middle would come back with "Well, I'm bringing Fritz (the MP-5, naturally) and Lil has Jeeves (the Sterling MK6... and yeah, it IS the Stormtrooper gun LOL) and we'll bring all the other friends we need to keep the party going!"

Depending on which was what, the FN-FAL's we had were "Pierre" and "Alphonse"... the German firepower was "Fritz" or "Gunter".  Roscoe only got HIS name as it was the first piece I had and did the daily carry with, and I named it after the Sherriff in 'Dukes of Hazzard' before we came up with our code-naming convention.  Almost ALL of our AKs were "Ivan" with the lone exception of my Dragunov SVD which I called "Long Tall Sally" 'cos with that long assed 26 inch barrel?  Yeaaaaah baby.

So, again, totally excited about this S.A. remake.  I'll let you know if and when it DOES get out there and I'll follow the reviews.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Over It

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, I'm completely over Corporate 'Murica.  Friday I had an 'oopsie' so to speak during the Training Class where I accidentally came off mute... What happened was Dumbunny dropped an entire jar of Skettie Sauce on the tile floor in the kitchen, closely adjoining my work area.  It went off like a bomb and it seems I must have hit the 'unmute' and well... y'all know me well enough... about 20-30 fucks later I realized I had been broadcasting...

Begin Career Dissipation Light to "Amber" in 3...2...1...

So, halfway through today I get a call from my boss... The terms bandied about are "Serious Allegations" "Improper humor/language" "Use of Obscenities"  and for whatever reason, the 'Accusers' also alluded to some sort of raycyst behavior on my part...  

Oh boy... Make that CDL straight to "Solid Red"

Either way I'm toast.  The "HR Investigation" will be started shortly.  

Annnnnnnnnnnd a quick update

Times may not be so bleak.  Just got off the fon with the boss, who told me I'm ok.  They're still going to go through the motions, but it seems that it's going to be just that,  motions.   Seems some of the allegations on further inspection were from some of the fuckwits I fired for failing to show up for work... meaning this was the "stick it to him' on the way out the door."  I mean gee, getting fired for not showing up  3 days in a row, without even calling in?  Perish the thought that we expect you to I dunno?  Show up?  How silly of me.... so, because there was no real evidence and the people who made the accusation were on the way out the door, so yeah...

I do have to re-apologize for the swear-fest, but even then I copped to it.  I mean man, I came out of my skin when it happened.  OF COURSE I swore my ass off.  What I didn't know was my finger had hit the mute/unmute button.
I'm usually soooper-dooper psycho-level obsessive compulsive about making sure I'm muted.  I have to be 'cos man, I need to be able to do mah thang Aye?

So, I'll do some more stuff maybe tonight.  This sort of shytte-piled-onto-MOR-shytte tends to be emotionally exhausting and draining.  Like I don't have enough on Ye Olde Platter amiright?

Also, if you frequent the other blegg page, I'm taking time off over there as the Troll Patrol seems to be coming back.  Not sure what riled them up, (again) but I might just let it sit fallow for a few days, see what turns up so to speak.

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Baldwin Brewhaha UPDATED at Bottom

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Time foir Ye Olde Master-at-Arms and OF Arms break it down like Barney a bit on the whole Alec "Too Bad For Him" Baldwin shewtin.  Lotsa folks burning up ye olde bleggs ALLLLL over da place, and Aesop and Divemedic having a toe-to-toe tet-a-tete over the whole "responsibility" thingy. 

Now, Me?  Don't know, don't care.  I know for damned sure that if I'da been 'dood behind the trigger' I'd still be in County waiting to find out if it was negligent homicide or man-2.  Bail?  What is this bail of which you speak?
Sapper did the best summation of the entirety of the shytteshow so far though over on Fecesbook:
Trimmed for OPSEC
Fucking classic.  Now... for the sake of brevity, I'm not going to go into too many details, well ackchully I am.  Fuck it.  MY area of specialization is Da Gunz.  I don't know shit from legal-beagle shit, but I'm hearing a whoooole lot that's s-l-o-w-l-y trickling out about the whole Shitfestivus that went on.

The FACTS of the case that HAVE come out is that some Ukrainian Director of Photography named Halyna Hutchins caught a round fired by Alec "Douchebag" Baldwin.  Also hit was the director Joel Souza.  The "Armorer" was some chick (24 years old) named Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.  Seems she literally was the worst pick for that job, and it looks like a case of PURE Hollyweird Nepotism.  Her dad is some uber-famous "Gun Guy" in the industry, and seems he was trying to bring Daddy's lil girl into the biddness...  

Unfortunately, she's a fucking retard.  Retards and guns DO NOT mix well.

So, we still don't know what really happened.  LOTS of conjecture.  There's two lines of thought though as far as 'what kind' of handgun was it.  One poast out there has it as a Colt Dragoon 1862 Black powder pistola.  
Now, small problemo with this being identified as 'the gun'.
Namely that right there is a presentation Colt Dragoon that is in a museum, as it was given to one of the Czars waaaay back in the old days...  Now, if it was THIS MODEL of weapon, well ok... cool.  The other choice that I've been hearing about is a Colt Peacemaker.
Now TMZ is reporting that the crew on the reg would go shooting live rounds and doing target shooting during 'down time' at this place.  Which IMO is fucking stupid.  BAD Idea to have a mix of biddness and pleasure so to speak.  If you're using weapons in a film you DO NOT want any 'live ammunition' within any proximity to that location.  The odds and chances of something going epically wrong increases to the point... well, we can see right here now aimiright?

My issue is that IF it was a black powder pistola, maaaaan... it's really hard to 'accidentally' load live rounds in that fucker...  Like too many steps.  WAY too many to have this happen as an 'oopsie!'.  As I put it on Aesop's place in the comments, (which I'm going to cut n paste as it was a rather lengthy writeup):
OK... Cap and Ball weapons... LOTS of work to make them loaded with 'live rounds'.. Had me a repro Colt 1864 Dragoon .44 back when I was a kid, when age didn't matter vis-a-vis (leastways New Hampshire) for Blackpowder and Handguns (nominally a handgun you hadda be 21... jes' sayin' Blackpowder was a 'gray area') Anywho...

To Load a LIVE ROUND in the WIQ (Weapon in Question) means it was intentional. One does NOT load a .44 caliber beebee into a Black powder weapon by accident EVVAR

So, unless it was a re-worked 1865+ weapon that fired 'cartridged' ammo, yeah... I'ma leaning towards "intentional"...

Fact is, to load a live round into a black powder pistola takes effort. In sequence:
Unloaded weapon:
1) Pour premeasured powder charge into cylinder. HAS to be pre- measured lest you turn it into "Hand-gre-nuke" by accident.
Literally: "Pour a measured charge into the chamber. Carefully pour a properly measured charge of black powder into the chamber closest to the loading cutout. Repeat for each chamber.
Use an individual powder measure. Do not pour powder from a large powder flask or can.
The exact amount of powder will vary depending on the type of gun.
For a .36, use 12 grains of powder. Never exceed 20 grains.
For a .44, use 20 to 28 grains of powder. Never exceed 35 to 40 grains."

2) Rotate NOW FILLED cylinder to the 'beebee loading point'. Meaning that area where, by the photo shown of the WIQ, is at the absolute six-o'clock of the 'firing chamber' i.e. twelve o'clock zone. That lever UNDER the barrel? That's the Loading area where
Place the ball over a chamber opening. Set a proper size ball or bullet over the opening of the chamber nearest the loading cutout.  The ball should be oversized so that it only rests on top and does not enter.
Make sure that the ball or bullet has been lightly greased before you load it."

3) Now, that lever underneath the barrel? Loading lever. Is used to 'pack' the bullet and round INTO the cylinder... hence why I said, "dis ain't no accy-dent"... Per the online guide of "how to load a black powder pistola": Seat the bowl using the loading lever. Unlatch the loading lever and use it to firmly press the ball down until it sits securely and firmly on the powder.
Apply smooth, even pressure as you do this.
There should be no air in between the powder and ball, but you should not crush the powder as you seat the ball.
Also note that a thin outline of lead will be shaved off the ball as you do this. It should be visible at the opening of the chamber. This is a good sign and and indication that the ball is properly fitted.

4) Now, having done this, it's usually "wash rinse repeat" for the rest of the chambers except 'greasing' the cylinder, meaning covering ALL the loaded chambers to prevent a mass firing of ALL chamber simultaneously. "Apply additional grease. Fill the space above the ball in each cylinder with vegetable grease or bullet lubricant.
The use of grease can prevent "chain firing," or accidental secondary discharges." Reason for this is that BP weapons, esp. pistolas are finicky at best...

5) Now, AFTER doing ALL that bullshit above, you put a percussion cap on each nipple to 'prime' it to fire.
"Place a percussion cap on each loaded chamber. Point the gun down range and place a percussion cap on each loaded chamber. With the completion of this step, the revolver is fully loaded.
Make sure that the hammer is still in a half cocked position before doing this."

Soooooooooooooooo IF they, in fact had a percussion capped weapon (usually .44 caliber) then it's next to impossible to fuck that up, load wise of a LIVE round versus a BLANK 'cos the blank would have stopped at the "powder stage" It takes legitimate effort to load live rounds, AND after it's had the cylinder 'greased' to seal the chambers?  Damned near impossible to tell if it's real or memorex Aye?

As to a 'regular' Colt Peacemaker, whelp... that's simple really... either way it doesn't really matter.  The chick was DRT, and someone IS eventually going to go to jail.  Probably going to be the ditz-o-matic Daddy's Lil Girl... dat fucking broad?  She actually was interviewed a ways back, and stated like that she felt 'uncomfortable' around guns and shit... like OK sugartits, then what in the fuck were you doing there if you think guns are 'iky!?!  Like damn... I'd kill to have a gig as a 'gun guy' making that filthy lucre, and it's becoming apparent that Daddy was pushing her round peg into a square hole so to speak...  24 years old?  Who in the hell would put a box-of-rocks-dumbfuck like that in charge of Da Gunz?  Unreal Aye...

Like I said at the start, Me?  Sapper? You?  Any of us 'lesser mere deplorables?  We'd be rockin' the Orange until they sized up a jury and then flushed our asses down the tubes.  Baldwin should be in cuffs but, as we well know The rule of law is fucking dead in this here Dick-Tater-Shit.  The Attorney General is FAAAR too busy going after righteously pissed off parents for being terrorists than I dunno?  Maybe actually going after legitimate fucking murderous celebutards?  Who -literally- kil't one, and wounded another ON CAMERA?

Go figure.
MOR Intel leaking out from the edges of this fuckfestivus (yes, promoted downwardly from a shitfestivus)  Seems that Ole Fuckstick Balwin WAS fucking around and done found out... Unfortunately not on hisself though.  

Pity that Aye?

Word I'm getting now is it was ackchully NOT a BP Bangstick but a Colt Peacemaker and said-fuckstick WAS fucking around... 

Seems the Director had called for another take, and according to on-set sources, Baldwin said (jokingly) "Another take?  Why don't I fuckin' just shoot the both of ya?" and then aimed the weapon AT them and squeezed off the round, hence why the Director of Cinematography took the round which kil't her, and it being a .45LC More N Likely That's a BIG BeeBee with some penetration, hence why Director Boy caught the round AFTER it done plugged said chick.

Also it's been mentioned that the Armorer was seen unloading the piece AFTER the shooting (tamper evidence much?) Much fuckery afoot here...  Be interesting to see HOW Much Monays it's going to take to make this 'go away' 'cos that's how the Hollyweird Game is.  What ALSO pisses me off and makes me soooo angry is that Old Alec is turning this into 'his' tragedy... "Boo Hoo! Poor widdle Me!"

Dood, you done kil't a mother of a 9 year old boy... and made a widow out of her Hubby, and you have the "Hollyweird" audacity to make it about yourself?  Congrats... I hope they (the Husband and Son) utterly destroy you fiscally to the point your pseudo-Spanish slore of a Wife needs to give $5 Blowjobs under a bridge downtown next to your cardboard box that you now call "home" for sustenance. 

NOTHING would please me more.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Color Me HIGHLY Impressed

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ahhhh a day of relaxation.  To a point.  Sleep was elusive as Wifey is still on mission, as she will be tonight as well.  Sapper decided I needed some 'get the fuck out of the house' and took me to see the new flick "Dune".
OK... so we're Sci Fi Nerds n Geeks.  Frank Herbert's masterpiece "Dune" is one of my favorite books.  I loved reading it and re-reading it on field problems as it was long, in depth and highly entertaining.  The David Lynch film, despite it's faults was in my view, no bad... a bit 'touched by the 80's' so to speak in it's presentation, and a lot of it was 'left behind' but for the time and technology of the era, a good movie.

Now this?
Stunning visuals.
The sound in IMAX?  To be honest, a bit over the top.  I came out feeling like I'd been subjected to a danger-close artillery barrage with the base... literally my ears are -still- ringing.  The soundtrack was unreal, (might have to download it) and the whole thing was very well done.  Couple of things missing of course, not enough backstory, so if you've never read the book, you'd be "WTF was THAT all about?" or even worse "Who the hell was that and why did he betray the Duke?"  Couple of BIG plot holes to the uninitiated.

Now, the controversy on Liet Kynes, the Imperial Geologist/Planetologist and "Keeper of the Change" about them flipping gender and race.  Kynes is, in the book a white older dude who was played by Max Von Sydow in the Lynch version.  This one was played by a black chick...Sharon Duncan-Brewster... I had to google it...
Let me tell you
She was great.  She played it straight.  Like as in I was totally believing that she IS Liet Kynes.  Deserves a best supporting IMO.  They didn't do any 'super-stronk female lesbian wahmans' bullshit... she was a really good character, and played it out -perfectly-.  I mean nothing in the book specifically states that it's a whypeepo dood, and man, in this case, Ms. Duncan Brewster deserves the praise she's gonna get.  I'm all about the purity of the story line... and she kept it pitch-perfect.

Only one scene left me with a "Holy Shit!" nightmare-fuel, and that was the scene on Salusa Secundis when the Baron's rep is recruiting the Sarduakar for the fight... it looks like your basic "Pre-Combat" harangue, and the troops on one knee getting some weird assed blessing of Blood, and there's this really creepy TechnoTalking Motherfucker on what looks like a pulpit... the camera pans back, and they show what appears to be a a HUGE pile of dudes, crucified upside down, getting their throats slit, and the blood collecting in rivers for this pre-combat 'blessing'... veeeeerrrry creepy scene.  Both Sapper and me looked at each other and were like "Dude THAT right there is seriously fucked up!"

So yeah, I only think IF you see it, go and drop the extra $$$ for the IMAX experience.  The small screen won't do it justice.  So I'll get with y'all more later.  I got to figure out dinner...
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Friday, October 22, 2021

Random Thoughts

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I may be relocatinng here shortly.  It'd mean a disruption in Ye Olde Bloggage but I'm at that point so to speak.  Not to heavy on the details but I'm seriously debating on taking that "FU and Walk" monays from one of these House-Purchase places and going 'walkaboot'.

Like literally.  It's been one of those days.

Pack a very small duff, call Spawn to inherit all the weapons, food, ammo and gear and pop smoke.  I mean I did not want to have to deal with this heaping pyle of shytte that seems to continually get deposited on me on the daily daily.  Not normally one to 'cut and run' but man, these days of looking at finding a stretch of nice, quiet beach, free of teh wahmenz, poly-ticks, and most of all the current J.O.B.?  Getting to where I'm literally that weird old dropped-the-hell out Soldat who has no fucks to give any longer and plays beachcomer?  Maaaaaan.. it's sounding far more attractive day-to-day, moment to moment...
That picture... it was IRL a poster I got that I had made up in Iraq to GIANT sized so it covered the entire wall of my bedroom area, so when I woke up first thing in the A.M., I had that view every day, allowing me to have the fantasy that I was there as opposed to fucking Iraq.  Used to play beach noises while sleeping, and burned scented wax to complete the 'head escape' that I needed to survive.

Amazing how adaptable we are Aye?

Never did find out where that actual tree and beach is located. 

Probably some insanely expensive rich pricks getaway like Tahiti or Pago-Pago.  I had a coworker back in the day, post High School put Pre-Army who I did bouncing with on Landsdowne Street next to Fenway... waaaaaay back int he days of Axis, Bill's... all the super-trendoid bars and clubs.  Looking up some of the info, seems ALL of the 'old haunts' went under the wrecking ball in 2007 too build a "House of Blue" supermegaevilcorporateglobohomo "Club".  < Le Sigh > Guess you really can't go home Aye?

Just like the Rathskeller... I was there for a last party before I went to Germany...  It was way sad and cool at the same time because that's where Aerosmith and a varied and wild amount of 'Boston' groups had gotten their start.  It got closed in 97 and torn down in 2000.

So, a bit nostalgic for the old days.
And wondering what's coming down the pike now?
So, might hit Ye Olde Vlog tonight...  See where the mood/mental takes me.  Right now I don't have a lot of 'steam' left in me from the bullshit I've had to put up with today and for the entire weekend.  Wifey has a bunch of pre-Halloween Gigs in Orlando, and I got stuck here at the Casa to ostensibly keep and eye on her fucking Dumbunny.  Soo, I'm locked in here with a Moron and Sapper's eyeballing the spade... gonna be a looooooooooooooong weekend methinks.
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Thursday, October 21, 2021

More Enrichment and No C&C

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Tell you what... it's only going to get more enriching all thanks to Orifice of The (p)Resident, PBUH (and +10%) The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den's new 'Open Borders' policy of insuring that only the best and brightest of the Afghanis got on them thar evacuation planes.  Yep.

Then again, mebbe not.
Meet Zabihullah Mohmand
Another 'culturally enriching' Rape-Monster.  The vic?  18 year old girl.  In Montana.  

I'ma kinda sorta amazed that he's in such good shape... that smirk and smarm of "I don't give a fuck" would surely be completely wiped from his face had I been one of the Arresting Occifers.  In fact I'd insure that he'd need a permanent all-liquid diet for the next oh-so-few-years he's got left up until one of the Aryan Brotherhood decides he needs a Haji-Skin Cigarette case or something...I mean man, it's fucking Montana man... what the fuck happened?  That used to be a gen-you-wine-lee bad ass state full of bad ass Cowboys and shit... now?  

Yeah, the booking foto shows how much 'kinder and gentler' the Fuzz and Montana as a whole are when dealing with assholes like this here goatfucker.  Me?  Man, he should have 'fallen down the stairs' a multiplicity of times, never mind hitting his head on the door jab, falling on a nightstick or 10, and broken a few limbs and fingers while trying to get back up off the concrete.  The whole sordid bullshit story is here:

The article goes into how Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale is calling for the expulsion of all the Rapey McRapefaced Goatfuckers and Childbride Pedofucks that the current Regime cut loose in like anywhere they could to undermine any and all "Red" states...reducing the issue to pure politics per usual.  That's all they know


Couple more stories like this and you're going to see a network of loosely connected people start figuring out what time and where these 'people' (and it's a stretch to call them that AYe?) are being 'deposited' like the dead-of-night doggie donut dropoffs they are... I mean let's be honest.  It IS just like that absolute asshole of a neighbor that you have ON CAMERA taking his dog for an oh-dark-late walk, and going right up to your house, and letting Rover drop his 'package' off on your yard, and casually roaming off without policing up said-"gift".  Once the intel is gathered, well, it wouldn't be hard to arrange (pure hypothetically that is) a 'welcome' of suppressed rifle fire that targets the military aged males.  Groin and head shots.
"No women, no kids."
Couple of times of a no Bag Limit Open Season on Afghani Rapey McRapefestivus Goatfuckers, and I gar-ron-damned-tee they'll be positively begging to be sent back to Asscanishitstan.  The more the body count, the more they'll utterly refuse to get on the bus to relocate...

See, I lived there.  Had to be around these smelly fucksticks... and yes they do stank like death... like a rotten carcass 4 weeks dead doesn't smell as bad as an Afghan...  anyways... The only thing they understand is brute fucking force and the imposition of brute fucking force on whatever the target of the day is.  If their Imam tells them "Allah has proclaimed death to all Guinea Pigs and Gerbils!  They are all satanic and must die!"  I ab-so-loot-lee can tell you these turbaned hardheaded fucking weirdbeards would be breaking into elementary schools to kill Mr.  Lemmiwinks and the local PetSmart would see the same 'unexplained uptick in pro-guinea pig and gerbil violence'.  Complete unquestioning belief in their religion, and by way of their Holy Rollers (the Imams) they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Hell... the lesser religious nutbags (compared to the Affys) in Iraq even knew our mollycoddling ways and worked them against us.  They knew for certain that IF they got caught, but not actually IN the process of pulling a trigger OR with the bomb IN HAND that the MOST we'd do was a minor vacation, in a air conditioned prison cell, (where MOST of his friends were anyways mind you) that they'd get three hots and a cot, maybe a bit of 'harsh language questioning' and then eventually, cut loose with a $10 bill for transportation and a "Don't let us see you around here no more!" lecture.  I know. I actively assisted in the re-capture of one of these doodz who done did this, and probably kept doing it until they either won, or he fucked around, wrong place, wrong time and got greased.

Until we start utilizing barbarity against them?  It's a zero-sum game.  To a Rape-monster like dis fukkin guy?  Prison?  After living and eking out a sub-par non-TV life in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, with only the occasional raid on another ville for loot, and a goat for sustenance and/or sexual gratification?  Yeah, US Prisons, outside of the whole potential of running into a REAL whypeepo superpreemiecysts group who, if they find out aboot him, WILL eat his liver for lunch, prison is a fucking lotto winner dream for him. 

Hence why I personally think, in this increasingly lawless environment, "The Men Who Wanted to Be Left the Fuck ALONE" are going to start to step off the porch.  And when and IF it does happen, it's going to be beyond the worst case scenarios of the pants-wetting crybaby fuckstick lawbreakers in the District of Criminality and/or the Ministry of Propaganda all over the country...  They have no clue.

It's going to be "The Harvest of 100/1000/10000/100000 Heads" or however many those who are angry enough to decide... I mean after all, who puts a call to stop a decentralized, non-unitary, cell like, lone wolf operation?  I mean despite ALL the fever dreams of the retards on the Ministry of Propaganda, and the breathless, witless ramblings of self-important, impotent cowards, the near-do-wells and flat out brain dead "politicians" of the UniParty who have hyped up OrangeManBad as "HitlerJunior"... fact is, most of us purely despise him AND especially his (((fambly))).  His obeisance and bowing to the (((Tribe))) and his blatant abandonment of everyone involved in the January 6th Shenanigans, nevermind ALL the 'other' broken promises, well, we say "Fuck that guy."

Reality is, IF the 'spark' gets lit, there ain't no one to put out the subsequent fire.
Especially if it's successful. 
I mean from a purely outside POV, how much blood is enough IF you're winning?

The answer?  

It'll not stop til every. single. one. of. them. on. the. Left. is. dead.

There's no leadership.
There's no voice out there to cry "Hold!" and re-leash the Dogs of War so to speak...

It'll keep going
and going
and going
and going
Until one side wins

And let me tell you, r/ourguys/ tend to be better armed, more angry and better trained.
You do your own maffs.

These idiots in charge?  They obviously are absolutely oblivious to these things, hence the empty retarded threats of Nukes and F-15s... they have NO IDEA what kind of beast they're poking.  It literally is millions of heavily armed guys and gals who look, see 'that one thing' that finally pushes them over the edge, and they start killing
and killing
and killing

without a centralized Command and Control.  They'll keep at it until they theyselves get kil't OR they finally grow weary of trudging knee-deep through the blood of retards.

So, think on it...
I know I am
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rape on The Train

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a few minootos to throw up some stuff here as my work PC got the dreaded "Pushes a n d Updates have been installed: Restarting" which means I probably have time for a Poast or two, and a Coke, Smoke and a Joke or 5.  Nuthin' like waiting on the updates Aye?  Got no choice what with Winders being the OS of biddness choice.

So, lots of outrage at the rape on the Subway Train in Philly last week.  Can't say I'm even remotely surprised.  The story is here:

And it's also going away pretty quickly.  It WAS at the top  of the fold on the Daily Fail today but now?
Annnnnnnnnnd it's gone. 

Mainly because the perp was a 32 Year old Congolese Illegal with a propensity for Rape, Rape, Felonious Assault and oh gee, MOR Rape and was -supposed- to be deported in 2015 by the Obamamessiah.

Makes me wonder if they -didn't- deport all these fuckwits we're finding now with the intention of leaving them behind as 'time bombs' for someone to deal with later.  Now... everyone has been freaking about how everyone Vidya'd this, instead of "White Knighting" and saving the "Damsel in Distress" 

Let me tell you Mister and Missuz ("That's MIZ to you cis-het-hater!!!") Fake and Ghey, Y'all made this particular bed, so enjoy the more 'rapey aspects' that're going to become MOR popular as them Afghanis start showing up in your towns.  THOSE guys are super-dooper especially Magic-Dirtalicious Rapey McRapefests... small boys, girls, goats, Teh Wahmenz?  They rape 'em all. 

And the Congo-Critters?  Right up there in a close second for Rape... 'cept they tend to eat the victim afterwards...  Yeah, the Congo... THAT place... holy hells what a weird place that's spawned OH so many Memes... a veritable paradise for Shitlord Memeing.
Nothing like being 'culturally enriched' by Congolese Cannibal-Rape-Monsters amiright?

But yeah, this is what they wanted...
Defund the Police? 
Indict -anyone- and -everyone- who even attempts to dial 9-11 on a Black in the Untied Statz these days? 
Accuse all Whypeepo as Eeeee-vil Rayyycysts for even questioning the behavior of these fucking Dindu Nuffinz and the actions that thereof?

At this point?  Fuck 'Em and I do mean Fuck 'Em ALL.  Unless the individual is personally known to me that motherfucker is purely shit-out-of-fucking-luck now and forevermore, Amen.

I ain't helping or doing shit.  Unless there's a operational and immediate need that endangers me or mine?  The pistola is staying right there in Ye Olde Holster.  The Rifle in it's case.  I won't do shit, 'cos even if I do help and theoretically AM on the 'right side' both morally, ethically and legally, if it's a Dindu?  Nah brah... rather sleep soundly knowing I protected mine by NOT allowing meselves or mine to be exposed in any way that could cut into my bottom line.  What good it it to 'do the right thing' when in the end you're gonna take a public cornholing and more n'likely a monetary hit/assraping by some fucktard lawyer who's out to score social justice points as well as line the pockets of he and his by financially destroying a Whypeepo for fun n'profit?

Sheeeeeeeeeee-it... Kyle did the 'right thing' and look what it got him.

So, beyond putting Ye Olde Middle Finger in the Air, I did have a 'cute' moment with one of the Kittahs today.  Past couple of days, Nook has been sleeping on the kitchen table.  In the lasagna dish no less. 
 Garfield Much?
The sun hits the dish for the most of the early morning, getting it nice and warm.
She curls right up in it for 80% of the mid morning to early afternoon.  I've told everyone not to fuck with the dish... we generally eat at our various 'workstations' so the table ain't a big deal, and the dish I can wash before we need to use it again.  Right now she just loves it so much and looks soooo cute, soo let her enjoy her dish and 'place'...Purring away and sleeping the day away....

Besides, if God forbid, Post Apocalypto, we got to eat her, I now know which dish she'll fit in Aye?

Got ya with that one didn't I?
Sorry but not sorry... yeah, Just being the sick bastard with bad humor that I am...
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

MORE! Vidya!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Loads of Fun and Logistics

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Telling you, this workforce?
Completely and utterly fucked.
I started this class of trainees with 18 people.  2 didn't even show.  In 12 days, I've lost 6 more.  I'm averaging a 1 every two day killshot.  Today was actually a twofer.  Queue the music:
Rather appropriate considering.
It's un-fucking-believable.  The sense of "just show up and I'm good" is startling.  And -thusfar- I -haven't had anyone try and throw the race card at me.  Yet.  Not really sure how they can though, as the attendance policy is straightforward enough, and I'm just following it to the letter.  Hells Bells I'm not really even in charge... the Training Management is responsible.  I'm just riding shotgun here.

Better to clear out the deadwood now though, 'cos when the rubber meets Ye Olde Road?  I ain't gonna have time for hand-holding and a bullshitfestivus of fuckery.

Speaking of Fuckery:
One of the Droogs reached out to ask me aboot the adverts here.  Seems that he got rooked by a company called "Blaroken" a 'supposed' tacticacool store.  Now I got no real control over the ads.  I did choose that it show 'similar stuff' for the crawler, i.e. military type tactical gear, BUT I have no, ZERO control over the goolag.  

Droog got his $$$ back with a chargeback for a ripoff, but do your due diligence on any and ALL webcrawler ads... this one when you do a search comes up right off the bat with "SCAMMERS!" in like 3 foot high burning letters.  Chineseum bullshit it would appear... 

Now, as to 'other stuff' I've been soooo out of the loop lately.
It would appear that shit is -still- the same, just shittier.  The Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is still too stupid to safely play outside without supervision.  Or is it stupor-vision?  Fucking Aye... this whole shitshow has a the feel of I don't know what.  The 'smartest guy from South Bend' the Queerer than a Three Dollar-Make-You Holler Bath-House Pete Buttplug Secretary of Transportation is still on 'paternity leave.'  

Yep.  Welcome to the New Bizarro World.

Fucking covered THAT shytteshow on my vlog.  Paternity Leave is supposed to be for a dood to help out his wife after giving birth... Passing a small human out yer body is sorta-kinda traumatic and exhausting.  Many times the have to lay open the mom like a trout and C-Section that kid out, or like they did with my X, cut her on the ladybits to 'widen the hole'... < shudder >  No thanks.  But since all that abuse gets inflicted, NewMoms need some help around the house in getting the strength back and whatnot.  I know I had to help the hell out with BOTH kids both times.

Buttplug, well seeings that he can -probably- sit naked on a standard issue barstool, and have it shoot/slide right up the ole pooper sans lube, I'd say there isn't any issue in that house.  Nope... and then, they essentially bought a whypeepo bebe.  Actually, make that two whypeepo bebes.  Twins.  Guess they didn't want the other getting jealous when they fire up the pedo later in life...  It shows how genuinely 'ungenuine' these prog-globo-homo fuckwits are.  How many minority kids with real developmental issues are abandoned/not wanted/whatever/orphaned out there? 

Buttplug was ALL about sympathy for the BLM or whatever 'flavor of the month' out there is,  but the spermburper apparently only purchased hisself two lil whypeepo bebes.  Him and Mrs. Cumguzzler Buttplug didn't go through any stress, outside of maybe worrying that -somebody- might call out the fact that they shouldn't get paternity leave, but in Clownword, no one's gonna say a thing as they're a 'special protected class' of A) Rich as Fuck, B) Powerful and C) Gay as fuck.  No one in the current Ministry of Propaganda is going to call those two out for baby trafficking, never mind that this taxpayer funded "Paternity Leave" is both a scam AND a fraud.

Nero supposedly fiddled while Rome Burned...
Buttplug is probably lactating as we speak.

And it's under this fucking guy our Fragile and Not-Yet-Recovered Logistics System is getting worse.  And he's too busy getting Vogue and Vanity Spreads of him holding a baby, and gazing loooongingly into his "missuz" bearded face...  Let me tell you.

In Iraq in 2006 we had a minor 'bump' in the Logistics shipping.  'Bump' as being defined by the fact that the Haj went batshit, and the IEDs were soooooo bad, that the roads went from "Green" (safe to roll on) to "Red" (Robot-Levels of "Danger Will Robinson!!!!").  There were sections of Route Irish that were so thick with IEDs that the roads were essentially closed the fuck down.  For like two weeks.

And we started running out of food... and everything else.

Went from 3 Hot Meals in the Chow hall to One a day.  MREs were available but they were a bit worried about available stocks as that hadn't been "The Plan" to need a metric shitpile of those on hand.  We also got told to re-use the disposable plastic tableware.  "Hold onto your fork!"  Bottled Water started getting rationed, and mail was non-existent.  I'm sure AT LEAST one or two of my 'care packages' from the US got nuked on a convoy... leastways I think... 

Either way, even with the entire US Army and ALL of KBR-Halliburton working to alleviate this, we still needed help.   At one point they had the Ukrainians load up ONE aircraft chockablock FULL of critical supplies and fly it into Sather Air Base in Baghdad.  Then they did it again.

One plane you say Big Country?  That ain't much...
Wanna Bet?
Two flights worth of cargo, but it was the AN-225 Mirya.  I actually SAW that gorgeous thing taking off... went -right over- the Crib on Victory.  Looked like the Empire State Building grew wings and decided to go for some sight-seeing.  It's that fucking big.

Yah, we 'slammed the wall' getting shit unfucked.  But that's a microcosm compared the shit we got going on here n'now.  Like that was a teeny tiny issue with what we ACKCHULLY got going on right here, right now.  And the assclown (literally!) that they have nominally 'in charge' is as fake and gay for his qualifications to be "Transportation Smegmatary as he is in his personal life.  Meaning he's utterly fake and gay.  I mean fer Crissakes, I believe when asked about his qualifications, didn't he say something about he once rode an AMTRAK once?  More like used the men's room 'Glory Hole' in the South Bend Train Station...

Jes' Sayin'

For real, between the 'lack of willingness' of people (which is what -I'm- seeing IRT) to do any work these days... the 'lotus eaters' that have been spoken of, and then the near fascist-intervention of the DotGov on any and all levels to impose unneeded and unhelpful regulatory supra-state 'environmentally friendly' rules, shit's on the slide... quickly.

Take all the new rules that Califrutopia is putting in... sure... enviro-friendly laws and rules that make the Hollyweird and Box Wine Aunts and Karens have the good feelz, but the reality is, even they're gonna 'suddenly' find theyselves out of food.

Oh Quick Note!
Evvabody go check your preps!
Don't forget to top off and rotate.
I found a bad can last night.  Needs replacement as soon as I can.
Hell, -I- have to wait til payday.  One of my cans of Provident Pantry went bad...  Can was ALLLLL swole like a motherfucker.  Tomato Powder.  Bought in 2012.  Very common unfortunately for acidic stuff like that.  Now they claim it's good for 30 years.  Reality?  Not so much.  And the can was stored inside for the entirety of it's life, out of the sun (I use a big wardrobe as a storage locker) in a stable comfy temperature for that whole time (outside of a few power outages.). 

As dumb as it sounds, a BIG menu item for the "Big Country Post-Apocalyto Cafe and Diner" is pizza.  I got a metric ton of flour, yeast, freeze dried sausage, ground beef, peppers, onions, mozzarella and I got a solar oven that bakes up a pie in about an hour on the lanai.  Even got aged and stored pepperoni.  I mean hell, why not?  One large pie feeds 4-5 people, and if it's reduced rations, one slice a person, a 6 slice pie is a pretty good meal Aye?

But right now?  The majority of these morons out there are ALL about the 'daily shopping' even IF they go shopping.  I usually avoid Publix after work because its ALL people buying what they're going to cook THAT NIGHT that they're picking up on the way home... you can tell with a glance at the cart if that's a 'week worth' of grub, or if it's the "I need to feed Jimmy and Hubby as soon as I get home!"  That's usually the chick with either Manwich and ground beef, with a pack of buns or the Hotdogs, bag of OreIda oven bake fries and rolls.  Otherwise they're ordering from UberEats or GrubHub....

I only go if I realize I forgot something... a quick hit n run.  
JIT Logistics is almost dead
And when it does die
That's when shit'll get interesting quick.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, October 18, 2021

Internet Issues?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Having trouble maintaining Ye Olde Connectivity.  In fact ALL my people in my Training Class are experiencing connections issues.  I've got a Spectrum Biddness Line, and my Trainer (awesome lady!) has Verizon and SHE's having issues too.  In and out... minor bounces.

Anyone heard if there was any electro-magnetic stuff happening?  I know last week we had a minor CME that suspicious observers reported on, but otherwise it's theoretically quiet?

Weirdness I guess.

So, dealing Gaaaaaaaaaah!
My GAWD!  My fon won't stop detonating!!!
OK waaaay too busy today to blegg.  Will try tonight.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Overworked Reporter
Big Country
First Time Meeting

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Yeah, Again with Editing?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaaaaaaaaaaan I am sooooo having to learn ALL the editing Software.  AND I'm pissed at meselves.  I don't want to make loooooooooooooooong rambling vidyas.  However, as I write, so goes nYe Olde Viday Channel.

So, we gots another one:

Which is:
Dis fukking one?
OK... without too much reveal, I was dead the fuck right to keeping Wifey home today.  And no 'Derq, we ain't  at the pork-chop-gator-walkaboot.....


I AM keeping it in mind tho.  Good Idea Bro...
It's what I love aboot you sick fucks.
Even a Good Church Going Lady like Large Marge give me something I can work with
And man, so is she, DumBunny, (keeping said aforementioned Gator-Walk) in mind....  Think she went through 2-3 pairs of panty-shields when I got home, maybe even drawers 'cos when -I- go on a rampage?  Yeah, it's bad, but today?  I went all fartlike... silent, but deadly.  It's when I get quiet... Sapper went in, blocked and locked his door, and told me he'd be on 'standby' with the shovel and quiklime.

God I purely love good subordinates.

Hard to find Great Minions these days Aye?

And if YooToob nukes it, IT IS on GAB:

Hope you enjoy.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country