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Friday, September 17, 2021

Where's an Airstrike When You Need One?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, seems Customs and Border has had the FAA shut down the airspace in Texas over by that bridge in Del Rio.  You know, that huge assed long bridge that they turned into an illegal camp?
Claiming a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) for two weeks, they say it's because of ‘special security reasons' that they were implemented.  Yet for the past two to three months, it ain't been no thang so to speak.  I'd have to say it's more of an issue of managing 'optics' than anything else.  Seems the Haitians are showing up in hordes...  guess that earthquake made 'em decide to take a shot at the land of the Big PX.

Me?  Man, if I had the resources?  I'd have a pair of planes fly over and drop a combo of cluster munitions and napalm.  And yeah... women and children?  They are not automatically allowed here despite what the fucktards say.  I'd blow 'em to hell and gone, and burn the remains with the napalm.

Double Plus Good Points if the Administration had Heels-up on a junket there at the time.
Reminds me of that little song from the Army:

(sung to the tune: 'Jesus Loves the Little Children')
Napalm Sticks to Little Children
All the Children of the World
Red or Yellow
Black or White
Watch the Little Fucks Ignite
Napalm Sticks to all the Children of the Woooooorld

Yeah... back in the Old Army we could get away with that while marching.  Sort of like our twisted version of "(Walking in a) Winter Wonderland", we turned it into "(Walking in a) Sniper's Wonderland"

 People scream
Are you listening?
In the lane
Blood is glistening
It’s a horrible sight
They’re dying tonight
Walking in a sniper’s wonderland

Killed and slain are the bluebirds
Hunted down are the nerds
He screams “This is wrong!”
And we say so long
Walking in a sniper’s wonderland

In the bunker we can make a snowman
And hide in him twenty bombs
They’ll say is safe
And we’ll say yes man
And then the snowman will explode
And kill them all

Later on
You’ll expire
As we set you on fire
And you’ll be afraid
Of the plans that we made
Walking in a snipers wonder land

In the bunker we can make a snowman
And hide in him twenty bombs
They’ll say is safe
And we’ll say yes man
And then the snowman will explode
And kill them all

When they die
We’ll be killing
Though your bodies are a chilling
We’ll kill all day
The serial way
Walking in a sniper’s wonderland

Walking in a sniper’s wonderland
Walking in a sniper’s wonderland

Ahhh the true holiday hits... Warms the blackened embers of my cold, dead heart.  And yeah, what do you expect?  I was in the INFANTRY and the RAKKASANS.  You do not want to fuck with either.  In fact, those seem to be the main group of guys who're straining at the leash right now.  OMFG... I mod on one of the Fecesbook groups for the Rakks... the amount of warning them about FedPoasting?  I mean these are guys I -know- who're doing it, and no, they ain't glowies... these are rabid patriots.. like really rabid...I have NOT seen a set of veterans out there who are soooooooooo ready to rally up, squeeze into the body armor...
Highly accurate and funny
We may be old, fat, slower but man, every single one of us was trained to the point where, from what I can tell, ALL of us kept our skills up.  PT?  Not so much, mostly due to injuries, but the majority of us?  Still experts in dealing Death and Destruction in Wholesale Lots.

WE are the veterans that they're oh so righteously worried about.
And they should be afraid. 
It's all a matter of time.
Woe betide them dumb motherfuckers who think that there is no 'breaking point'
There is one, they just haven't hit that particular point yet.
So, last day of training supposedly.  I'm juuuuuuust like 'meh' and yeah, bills get paid today Yay!  It's aboot damned time that I saw a paycheck Aye?  Been since what?  End of June?  With no unemployment?  Whatever.  Thanks to y'all and some other things, to include Wifey working her ass off, we stayed afloat.  Now to figure out what the Immediate Needs that have to be done (water/power/internet... which is critical, the 'net that is, 'cos that's how I earn my shekels) then, I have to do the 'minimum pay' to what few credit cards I have, THEN figure out the food budget yadda yadda...  Jeez
Adulting: 0/10, would NOT recommend... blows goats.
But, it's gotta be done
Add on, GranBebe?  Yeeeeeeeeah... shit... she didn't fall asleep until midnight... wound like a top for some reason, and then she woke at 0300, and then she went back down, and was up at 0700 and running full speed.  I just had to threaten harsh punishments if she didn't nap right now... take the diaper off (working on potty training still) and skin that ass up... <Le Sigh>  Makes one tired-er.
So More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. SCOTUS read the constitution and used the part that states that Those who are Born or Naturalized in America are protected by the constitution.

    And that has been used to make abortion legal.

    But somehow the same people who love the constitution for creating a way to murder babies are ready to literally BATHE illegals in every kind of benefit that Our Citizens are supposed to enjoy. Seeing the way our vets are ignored and the outpouring of caring and cash for Fukkin illegals just makes me crazy.
    Hey!! Stop flying Cameras around and looking at the disaster we are creating!!
    Murca, lan O Da Fray..

  2. Now I don't feel so bad. Even Mr. Incredible has issues with clothes fit....

  3. back in the day, the 3/187 was across the parking lot from us a co 1/503 back in the early to mid 1970's. they used to call us guys the mad men of post. aa school was at 25 and colo. and they gave us a 3 day pass if we went to it. 2 4 day passes if we passed back then. had a lot of good friends from back then. still in touch with a few of them too.
    someone should take the patch off the fuck milley. a lot of guys at the va hate that fucker for wearing it.

  4. Heh, the sniper's song, was just waiting for a verse where they build a snowman and call him Heimo.

    And, yep. The two old vets in my apartment block have gone from quiet nobodies to walking around muttering and foaming at the mouth. And I don't think they're rabid. Seen the nice hot ex-Cuban lady put some suspicious packages in her apartment. Things are getting 'interesting.'

    "blows goats." Man, you have a way with words!


  6. My favorite Xmas song was the 12 days of combat

    Five. Abrams. Tanks
    Four RTOs
    Three Handgrenades
    Two Bayonets
    And a Sniper in a Palm Tree.

  7. Beat you to it by 30 minutes so I am ahead of the game today.

  8. I hate to bring up our greatest ally, but Israel snipes Palestinian children all the time. They KNOW it's a life or death issue to get near that border.

  9. Goats...well said. Had a CW3 I used to fly with and he was beyond DILLIGAF. His favorite retort to any rank was "Suck bums in hell". He died of cancer after a long hospitalization and terrorized the staff in a humorous way.

  10. I was stationed in Del Taco back in the mid 80’s. It sucked ass then.

  11. It amazes me that everyone who's complaining about what the commies are doing, YET,
    the very same people could just refuse to follow ILLEGAL orders just do NOTHING...
    and they allow these crimes to be carried out. In other words, those who're are
    on the border just let them in our Republic. Those who talk about the in-flow,
    (Abbott and others) won't close their borders doors. If everyone just refused to
    allow these commies wishes to be carried out, this would stop almost overnight.
    Then, it "hang'in time" for the criminals, finally.

  12. Saw that picture posted by someone else with fox news twitter claiming the FAA put up the flight restriction so their drone could not film this activity.

    Sadly not a veteran but pretty sure I could imitate Samuel Whitmore.

  13. Damn now I'll be humming Christmas music all weekend.

  14. ...In a field, is a lady
    In her arms, is a baby
    You load up one round, the baby goes down
    Walking in a sniper wonderland....

    You forgot this part. From your New England long distance service provider, The Patrol Base. Stay hard BCE, and do some PT.

  15. Later on, we'll rape and pillage
    As we burn the fuckin' village