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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Whatever You Do...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
You should never, ever do any of the things I found on 4chan last night.  I mean these things, who comes up with such things?  Talk about horrible, awful people.  I mean look at this:
Seems that was in a Council building in Jolly Olde... seems that the person in question was a tad peeved about some sort of bullshit 'notice' vis-a-vis him exercising outside during the Lockdown.  Fined excessively donchaknow?  So, guess he decided that his fines would be better spent on re-piping the Council hall... rather devious Aye?

Then, some of the other lads went a bit further in their 'suggestions' which I reproduce here strictly for entertainment sake.  I LOL'd at a few of them, as why not?  We need all the laughs we can get in this day and age, and I'm just trying to do my part is sharing the hilarity.
Now, there was quite the debate regarding hydraulic cement and quikcrete.  I personally think it's a matter of individual choice.  It was getting a bit heated, calling each other names and what not, but overall, they stayed on track, and considering the chans, that's quite the accomplishment overall.

One person suggested an alternative that takes a while to start to work, but is as effective to a point.  Think 'slow-time sabotage'.  That one involves acid on the valves and hoses in the same DoGov bathrooms.
Now, according to the poaster of that particular jape, it takes about a week plus to have the valve fail.  I'm not so sure... it's questionable, but, hey, I'll never know 'cos I'm not "that guy" so to speak.  

Then, someone also did a nice write up of some of the deviltry one can do to fuck with high-end pozzed out supermarkets: 
Again, from the formerly Great Britain...

This one might get costly and you -might- have trouble with the authorities, depending on how aware the store personnel are.  Now from my point of view, lately, in supermarkets outside of Publix, they 'give a fuck' factor is in the negative like completely.  

"I'm not paid enough for this shit" seems to be the overwhelming attitude.  Most of the people who spent the pandemic on their duffs, locked in, and getting paid fat stacks to play PS4 or Xbox, well, they ain't exactly pleased to be back in the grind.  As the Dilbert cartoon said:
That 'taste of happiness' is a stone truth.  Yesterday I had to take NewCat Nook to the vet early-early.  As in this's the first time in like...damn... like almost two years? since I was in "Morning Commute Traffic" and let me tell you.

I will full on fucking quit if I ever have to work outside the house again.  Ain't laziness... nope... tis more of an eye-opener.  Why the hell should I expend allllll sorts of precious time, effort, energy, gas, .....shiiiiit the list goes on and on to go to a place where you get told, on a regular basis that you're nothing more than an easily replaceable cog in a mighty machine?  That all that expenditure is not calculated into your pay, that it's out-of-pocket...  Fuck them if they think I'm setting foot in the cubes again ever.  Commuting?  HA!  "Never Again" as they say...

< /rant > Soooo.  As I was pointing out, you should never, ever think of doing such things at a DotGov facility.  Such things are highly illegal.  Get you in hot water as it were...  But yeah, seems that there have been -others- out there who're even more accelerationist than I or even the morons in charge.  This list here:
As stated at the bottom (click to embiggen) "Three feet on the gas" as it were.  Some of the 'stuff' listed on that there fun n games are very bad...  I personally think the 'throwing screws in the local newspaper/news station parking lot' has a lot of merit.  Same could also be said for them Mini-Cam trucks that are all over the major metropolitan hubs...  here in downtown Tampa, they seem to be everywhere on the regular.  Tell you what, lots of exposed wires and whatnot with them on the trucks, or a handful of screws under the front and rear tire of the cam-truck might make life a bit uncomfortable.  Hell, I did a meme a ways back about making the media uncomfortable in general... the one of the chick in the horse-head mask getting all up in "Roving Reporter-boy's" shit...
Shit like that is how to fuck them allll up...
'Cos mind you, IF they (stupidly) touch you, you own them.
But I'd never condone, nor encourage any of these actions.  That'd be a thing of badness.

But it is fun to write about and such...I'm like aggressively frustrated at the fact that things are so fucked up, and there ain't much that can be done except wait.  Wait for it all to burn.  At this point, that IS the plan, far as I can tell.  And in the meantime, dis here blegg is my outlet for now.  For Now being key words.  Hell, I hit the gym again.  This's a new record, three days in a row.  Of course I'm walking around like I got polio in my arms... in order to fully straighten them out, I have to lift full ammo cans to strrrrrretch out the biceps, and man they're screaming at me...

Now, other things,  hopefully I'll have a webcast set up by the weekend.  Not sure, BUT I'm working on it.  Spawn has been doing MAD tech work and setup for me, and I got the equipment, software and whatnot from him.  Little to no expenditure as of now.  The trick is going to see if I can upload it here... and the other backup site.  We'll see... I'm hoping to go 'short and sweet' for the first one... we'll have to see.  The thing is, most of the guys who do nothin but vidya have the personality of a dead fish.  Booooor-ring.  In a minute or so, you know it's going to be lame, so short and sweet maybe? We'll see.... Very few of the casts out there actually are really good.  Doubt mine is going to be anything special, but what the hell, I speak like I write, so why the hell not Aye?

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Sorta like the club scene in "Man On Fire".

  2. The key to acting is to ACT ALONE whenever possible. Because while generally incompetent one thing the FedBois ARE accomplished at is infiltrating groups of people they don't approve of.

  3. To anyone who gives more than passing thought to any of the above mentioned monkeywrenching: You CANNOT be too paranoid about possible surveillance on anything you do. Just assume CCTV cameras are everywhere, and don't take a cell phone anywhere on you. Even turning you phone off is no help; it'll just upload the tracking info when it's turned back on. If you really want to stop it's GPS tracking, take the battery out AND zip it into a mylar Faraday cage bag.
    BCE, about the podcasting, I wish you the best with it. I really do, but I have no patience for video of any form. About thirty seconds into one I'm screaming: GIMME A F******* TRANSCRIPT!!! Yeah, I'm an old coot, and print oriented. I used to follow Scott Adams, and loved his snark, but since he went to podcasting, he's lost me entirely. Same for Bill Whittle. I've bought every book by both of those guys. I know writing (keyboarding) is hard work, and takes a lot longer, but if I can't find a transcript, I'm on to the next website.

    1. Greg, don't feel too left out or weirder then we think you are... (snarc) I am the same way I don't want to listen I listen all the time, I want words printed on dead trees or even papyrus, but print.

  4. You A****hole! I laughed so hard I pissed my pants. Now I gotta change! When you get old and on blood pressure meds an extremely good idea that is extremely funny can make you leak!

  5. Loved the lists.

    This is why lions never, ever attack a pack of baboons.

    By the way, don't slip broadsheets into a stack of the sales flyers at big box stores as you shop, and then drop them off for other customers to find.
    Don't put up WANTED posters of Gropey Dopey, Kneepads, and Alzheimer's Nancy at the post office.
    Don't shut off the supply hose to a public toilet, flush it, and then dump acrylic resin and activator in its place, because unlike concrete, it isn't obvious until the poop mounds up.
    Don't do the same thing to the sinks, and then come back in half an our to turn them on just slow enough to overflow after you've left. Plexiglass epoxied onto floor drains would be naughty too.
    Don't do that in "employees only" restrooms, to 'share the love'.
    Don't move the softporn mags to the children's section at the local leftwing mega-bookstore.
    Don't move lefty bios to the fiction or sci-fi section.
    Don't stencil withering anti-gov messages on the sides of street telco and power co boxes, in dayglo paints, where passing drivers can see them 24/7.
    Never JBWeld door locks of Karen-run businesses shut at 3AM, dressed up as homeless, on your bicycle.
    Do not distribute fliers announcing free food giveaways among homeless encampments, specifying city offices during mid-morning working hours, nor specifying food banks at Lefty churches carrying government's water.
    Anyone who can't find a better place for a platter of rainbow trout than the seafood freezer, doesn't have a swiss army knife.
    Never, ever turn a store-bought rat or mouse loose in the bakery aisle, or a restaurant's back hallway. (Pro-tip: white ones don't wild exist in nature.)
    Cockroaches in the candy aisle are a gift that keeps on giving. Don't do that either.
    A lot of stores padlock all their carts outside overnight. Don't weld the locks early Saturday, before the busiest shopping day of the week.
    Stores are built to stop people taking things out. Try bringing things in. Expired goods. Withered veggies and fruits. Rusted or bulging and leaking canned goods. Bonus points for smell and generally disgusting appearance. But don't do it.
    Don't leave glass etching compound on store self-checkout scanners. Don't epoxy mylar plastic and opaque glue over laser pistol scanner heads.

  6. (cont.)
    Screws and nails in any parking lots, not just TV stations, are why they make wrist rocket slingshots. Don't do that. And don't mortar-launch ball bearings or rocks to land from altitude there either. You might crack windshields, dent bodywork, and crack paint.
    Don't forget wigs, sunglasses, and gloves. Go for low-key, not Unabomber. And walk in, and walk out, from blocks away. Heading out to your car, with your license plate, watched by 87 security cams, is a rookie move. And hey, remember, masks work! For that matter, so do plausible license plate replicas, which you can remove after a few blocks.
    Bonus pro tip: A sturdy metal box, screwed into the sidewalk or on a wall and painted to look like it belongs there (utility box, burglar alarm, etc.), can hide a killer game camera, for gathering boatlads of license plate intel, at, say, city hall, the local PD station, media businesses, etc. for instance. The higher-end ones are internet accessible via cell phone, 24/7. Watch the watchers. Download from a burner phone.

    If anyplace or anyone has a subterranean water meter and valve, shutting it off and concreting the box is very naughty.
    So is strategically plugging any and all street drains near a given target with plastic and some sandbags, just ahead of a rainy day. Are they below street grade? Don't redirect the gutter flow towards them with a couple of well-placed sandbags. Don't glue small impermeable drain covers in their own local drains either. That could turn a parking structure into a swimming pool.

    Many tall buildings have empty floors. Taping over their elevator's electric eye sensors when they open on one, and taking the stairs down, would be a real pain. Just no.

    Whatever you don't do, remember the Golden Rule: One, And Done.
    Patterns get people caught.
    Twice is a pattern.
    Diversity Is Our Strength.

  7. ...Remember plausible deniability is important - would be hard explaining a sock full of concrete mix much less a bottle of acid...

  8. There's this stuff called 'expanding demolition grout' that you use to demolish cement, mortar, bricks and stuff. Drill a hole, pour it in, let it dry and expand and, pop, the surrounding stuff breaks. Used in places where you can't get a jackhammer because of noise or vibration. People use it to break off parts of their foundations in order to dig out basements and such. Neat stuff. People are so inventive.

    And did you know the utility company is responsible for everything up to where it comes into a building? Past that, it is the problem of whomever owns the house.


  10. A Flammenwerfer always peps up a podcast. And using it on a puppet Joe Xiden or Kamalhoe guest a minute in would be a good signature move. Heck, do Jimmeh Carter or any Bush. Or Osama or any other O. Good fun and quality video.

  11. .... Fuck them if they think I'm setting foot in the cubes again ever. Commuting? HA! "Never Again" as they say...

    Atlas is shrugging. I love what is going on in the restraunt industry. You have these pissed off boomers who now cant and eat cheaply. The extended benefits have ended but people arent taking the jobs. why? Because humans suck. working for a cocksucker ....errrr customer, who has some make work job being a diversity coorinator making +100k doing nothing. then you have a workinng stiff making less than minimum wage listen to vapid bullshit of a whole class of cocksuckers with make work job. so the they said fuck it. if i work my ass off i will be poor. if i stay at home and Play Xbox , I will still be poor. I cant learn to code be cause those jobs are given to Hadjis.
    And Xbox is fun. Minecrafts new Caves and cliffs update is turning this game into aweeomeness of another level. Ill never see all the content in assassins creed odyssey.

  12. Black Widow catapults. Had to look that up did not know mine had a name.

  13. is there a list of things like electric grid junctions, server farms, data pipes? You know fragile stuff whose the pejorative repocussions if which, boggle the mind. I tottaly would not want to know where any of these are in my area, or any area, so I might accideantly run into one. I am a klutz and I want to avoid the fragile stuff.


    good news in ozzie land

  15. Let's not forget a can or six of Great Stuff expanding foam crevice filler/insulator. Sold locally. Great for sealing around windows, doors and soooo much more. Ohio Guy