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Monday, September 6, 2021

Tough Night

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, Most of you know I'm the cook up 'round here in these parts.  Love me some Wifey, but the cooking leaves something to be desired.  Don't know who originally said it, Dangerfield I believe, but "How can toast have bones?"  What's even more humorous was I googled that phrase looking for some memeage, it actually came up with recibes for Big Spanish Oxen Toasted Bones (the marrow being the edible part apparently.)  Unexpected Aye?

But, last night >something< misfired badly.  I made a pretty elaborate dish.  Dug out a magnificent pound and a half bone-in Ribeye, did the 'double baked' stuffed potatoes and farm fresh corn on the cob... that was for Sapper and Wifey.  In my old age, unless the meat is 'ground' (i.e. patties, snausages, or super thinly cut like paper thin pieces) I can't digest it very well.  I got some sort of intestinal thing... seems I got 'pouches' in my intestine... diverticulosis is what it's called, and food gets 'trapped' in them, which leads to inflammation AND inflation, where I look like I'm 8 months into a pregnancy.  So no more hard-to-digest steaks for me, unless I cut it up into baby sized bites, and chew the hell out of them
And yeah, I generally don't 'do' the foodie-picture thing, but the one I cooked last night DID look like that.  The taters were big assed russets, baked for an hour and a half in the toaster over at 450.  Then I pulled 'em, let them cool 1/2way, then cut them in two, and scraped out the 'canoe' so to speak.  The filling I put in a bowl, and combined a touch of garlic powder, diced bacon, a dash (1 tablespoon) of sour cream, salt n'pepper to taste, and a cup of cheddar jack shredded cheese.  Mixed it all together to a nice, cheesy-bacon mashed tater, and then re-stuffed the hollowed out potatoes.  Final touch was a double-fingerful of cheese over the top of each one, and a garnish of MOR chopped bacon.  Then did the oven (needed the oven 'cos the now-six taters wouldn't fit in the toaster oven) at 400, and rebaqked them til brown and cheese melted.  OMFG.

Good stuff.
MY sorry butt?  I had Italian sausages.  
Note to self:  Never, ever buy them when they're on sale... I though I was getting a bargain.  Instead, I got sick as a dog.  It -had- to be the snausages.  Sapper and Wifey, them?  They're fine.  Me? 
0300 this past a.m. I got the Red Alert as I was fitfully sleeping... my guts were ALL out of whack.  I made it to the bathroom, just in time to imitate a LAW rocket.  Bad stuff at both ends, simultaneously.  Went back to bed, and thankfully I'm empty... well, was... I'm currently sipping s-l-o-w-l-y on some aqua fria, and Sapper gave me an English muffin, to 'pad' all the meds Wifey dumped into me.

So haven't read the news, 'cept the story that 'vanished' mighty quick... seems here in the Tampa Area we had a guy 'flip his shit' and randomly waste an entire family...  Fucker.  a 3 month old was one of the vics, and the fucker surrendered.  Even the cops are pissed, as it happened out in Grady Judd's turf.
The Money-Quote from Grady during the presser:

"He came out with his hands up and that's why there was no further gunfire.  It would have been nice if he'd come out with a gun... if he'd given us the opportunity, we would have shot him up a lot but he didn't, because he was a coward."

Ladies and Gentlemen: Grady Judd.
He's a bit overboard, and Divemedic got no love for him.  That being said though, people know NOT to fuck around in Polk County because of him because he will make you 'find out' so to speak.  One of my issues is that small digital scales and whatnot are currently illegal in Polk, and Spawn lives over there.  Not for nothing, but OK, yeah, they can and are used by drug dealers, but the also are used by guys like me in reloading ammo.  I much prefer the $25 digital scale than the $400 powder measurer... I don't have that sort of cash laying around Aye.

Not going to link the story though.  It's heartbreaking.  

I hope they max this motherfucker out and have him 'ride the lightening'.  I mean from the sound of it, he genuinely is crazy as shit.  Guy was a Marine, has MAD PTSD, and his girlfriend said he'd recently been saying that God was talking to him.  Mix in a big ole Meth Binge and boy howdy, bad bad shit happens.

So my only concern is how the next moves are played.  This's the sort of thing that give veterans a bad name.  Especially those of us with PTSD.  I'm lucky.  Been working my way through my demons, and Wifey and even Sapper and a couple other close friends keep an eye on me and check on my mental status regularly, to include Mr. Cowboy as GranBebe calls him.  He's a damned good friend who has a functioning horse farm where he breeds some really gorgeous horses.  We take GranBebe over there for her to get her "farmer on" so to speak
He took her for her first tractor ride last weekend.  She has a blast and loves "Mr Cowboy".
He's a regular reader here too.
So, for now, I gotta get going... what a waste of a perfectly good day...<le sigh>
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Yeah, I've heard that any less than honorable meat counter can take sausage that's outdating and spice it up to cover the bad odor and then put it out as anything "spicy". My wife came home with a couple packages of such spiced pork. I gave it a very close sniff test and then cooked it very well done. Back during the E.Coli scandals, wasn't there a restaurant chain that had the tag line "We cook the shit out of your hamburger"?

  2. Decades of judeo-propaganda, starting with fake columbine all the way to INCREDIBLY FAKE sandy hook- always with the evil White boy plastered on the news (nevermind blacks waste entire families and children all the time-and are never on the news for it) makes it very hard for me to give a damn about any alleged shooting.

  3. Mr. County,
    You need a better purveyor of meet.I just hit the tip jar for $100.00, please use that to order from Fairway Packing in Detroit, they will ship it to you. Here is the link to their Rinaldi Sausage page:,rinaldi-sausage
    The hot sausages are the best. While you are then, also get some ground Piedmontese beef, that is crazy good, as well as being healthy. Being grass fed only, it has more long chain omega 3 fatty acids than Salmon.

  4. Mr. Country- Damn, boi! That steak lookin too good. Check out Kent Rollins on how us West Texans eat. You be liken it. Thanks so much for your work here.

  5. I can't believe one of those cops didn't have a throw-down gun.

  6. My dad used call your night adventure “an imitation of a two way geyser”

  7. BC, you shouldn't be getting sick like that all of the time. If you haven't make an appointment with a gastroenterologist, have him do an upper and lower GI and make sure everything is OK.

  8. (Don McCollor)...There was a college recipe from my mon for tough steak (from the family larder) used on a Sunday morning. Aluminum foil in a pan. Half cup of mushroom sauce spread out. Place steak on it. Cover with rest of the mushroom sauce along with salt, pepper, onions, and spices. Then fold the rest of the foil over and try to seal it. Oven it at (I forget the temperature) while going back to bed for three hours, and cut the result with a fork to feast...

  9. Big,
    I will be 70 in a few weeks.
    I have no problem running my salad through the blender.
    Of course, 'my salad' is part greens (NO spinach, oxalic acid binds my hemoglobin, I get lethargic slowly), part fresh herbs and fruit, and about a third animal protein such as smoked elk or crumbled bacon.
    Sardines and anchovies are a nice nibble on the side.
    My suggestion:
    * prior to getting multiple opinions from several physicians, I think I might go on a fast
    I might take diluted organic juices for a few days, then slowly add the foods I know I can tolerate.

    My Intolerants:
    * nightshades -- potato, tomato, peppers, eggplant
    * all grains murder my gut, including some grasses such as corn. Oats -- no!
    * dairy (allegedly, I can tolerate sheep cheeses, but why chance contamination)
    re -- digestion
    As our body ages past 30, we automatically produce less stomach acid.
    Some people get relief -- and simultaneously, get more nutrition -- from taking hydrochloric supplements to assist the diminished stomach action.
    re -- plant walls
    Animal food has a cell membrane.
    It is much easier to digest compared to the tough cell walls of plants.
    I freeze my plants to break the cell walls, making more nutrition available in my advanced decrepitude.
    Running my plants through the blender for a nice soup or smoothie further breaks the cell walls.
    Before anybody goes to a disinterested third-party -- such as a physician forced to keep you barely alive so you are forced to return for another visit -- I think a food journal is a good idea:
    * "I ate this, and felt that."
    * "I drank this, and felt that."
    * "I did a feast-fast of 600-calories in the 10am-2pm window (600 total for the day), and felt this."
    I am best doing 'keto'.
    As soon as I eliminated root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, potatoes, plus grains, I lost decades of allergies.
    I also lost 'brain-fog', that 'stopping in a room, wondering what did I come in here for'.
    re -- organic
    Some folks experience an extreme reaction to petroleum-based pesticides and herbicides.
    Some folks benefit by eliminating those in favor of foods grown without petroleum.
    I do.
    I avoid the vegantarianist go-to -- legumes.
    Beans are not my friend.
    Nor are garbanzo or lentils.
    Do not get me started on soy.
    I can go on all day about the health hazards of soy.
    And inflammatory Omega 6 oils such as rape (aka 'canada oil' (aka 'canola')) and other seed oils such as sunflower and safflower.

  10. Probably won’t want to hear it but … the gold-standard (hidden in the addendum's of most medical text-books) for Crohns, IBS and Diverticulitis is … smoking (not a two pack a day habit, but two to three cigarettes a day). Seriously! (The mechanism isn’t understood because … nobody will, is allowed, to research it because of PC – also major reductions in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's rates for some reason).

    The other thing that seems to help is a tablespoon (in water or juice, drunk) of diatomaceous earth a day (plenty of evidence that, rather than being just a kid, or furiners living in Africa, thing parasites are a major cause of issues here). (Fenbendazole and that, never to mentioned, Invermec stuff show similar reduction effects, even apocryphally in cancer rates too).

    Is it just me but why is it when anybody who is/was ever remotely associated with the military does anything untoward do they always list (headline, screech from the rooftops) them as such. Don’t see the same about any other job (or demographic divide). All the facts show (around the world) that whilst the military reflects the society it comes from, ex-mil are way less likely to commit any crime. Could it be yet more of that maintaining the narrative stuff?

  11. Lone star tick disease?

    Regardless of LST or any other disease, treat your parasites. Yes, ‘Muricans have parasites. Ivermectin for the win. Ivermectin Gold to dislodge the pancreatic cancer causing liver flukes. You won’t believe what dies off and comes out of your skin, nose, mouth, digestive and urinary. Get rid of it. Check out Herxheimer Response first.

  12. Fenbendazole: search "my cancer story rocks"

  13. Mr. Cowboy's 4066M is a $40k yard machine. Whew! Ohio Guy