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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Too Much Happening and Not Too Much

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yannow when you hit the wall informationally speaking?
Yeah, Dat me.  TOO much badness, downright -stupid- and OMFG the training... it drones on and on and on... the guy means well, but he's -obviously- following the "legally mandated, Human Capitol (when did that shit change from 'Resources'?) approved politically and vetted Training Syllabus."

Which means I'm like soooo over it  
Yeah, aboot that level at this point Aye.
I mean I've been able to do my poasts later in the evening, early morning when there isn't much going on, but man, this coursework, albeit necessary, it's fucking retarded.  It's the lowest common definition.  Doesn't take anyone's experience into account, which means for those of us who've been Supervisory/Management for oh, like their whole career, we're getting the 'refresher' of having to start. from. the. beginning.

Oh joy

So, to keep myself entertained, I've done a few 'things' to keep myseelf on the 'cool kid list(s)'.  One is I'm half-assed listening, and asking good questions when the opportunity arises.  Always had thhat ability in school, to be able to track in a corner of the brain housing group what's being talked about, and be able to ask a question, (that I usually ALREADY know the answer to) BUT it establishes A) I'm following along, and usually the question -is- pertinent, and it shows I'm paying attention.  I usually make it a 2-3 a day input, just to let 'em know I'm alive.

The other gizmo I got shows I'm actively following along.  Now they currently don't have the ability (that I know of) to follow my screen as of yet, but they do know if the 'puter goes into 'sleep mode' and you can get hemmed up for that.  And to me, it's a pain in the ass to have to grab the mouse and jiggle it every 5 minutes.  SO I got a mouse 'jiggler'.  Neat toy.  On-Off switch that plugs into a USB socket, and when it's on, it keeps the mouse randomly bouncing around on the screen, thereby keeping my 'puter "active".

Teach me how to suck eggs will ya?
But yep.  Bit tired too.  The back is hurting and the hours on this shit are really kind of fucked up.  11am Eastern, but we've been doing the 9am to 19:30pm thing, as they want to have a pre-work meeting each day.  Salary doncha know?  Otherwise, the world is still in a slow-motion meltdown.

Seems that the CDC -real scientist kids- fucking quit over Herr Fauxi's and the (p)Resident's new booster guideline.  Reading over everything, and now the 'twice a day Pfizer pill' they want to start?  OMFG... can these people not understand that eventually, those of the surviving members of humanity are going to hang the rest of y'all?
Leastways I -hope- we do.

But on the home front, I'm burned out.   Got word that Wifey's Brother (the good one) is down with the COVID.  He and his Spawn visited back in June?  And I -told- him what to take and how to keep himself 'amped' by way of the Zinc, D vitamins, C, and B, as well as keeping the ivermectin on hand.  He's a security guard in a hospital no less.  Dude is exposed all the time to the bug... and he's down hard and Wifey is worried...
And I took shit last night for being frustrated about it.
Look, I'm -not- a prone-to-sympathy sort of guy.  I don't look for sympathy.  I own my fuckups.  And I also very strongly believe that when your time is up, it's fucking up.  NO negotiation, no take-backsies, no nuthin'  Da Reaper shows, you're done.  Game Over Player One.  Seen it, lived it too many times.  When I should have been dead I bounced back, survived and FIDO'd...
Fuck It, Drive On.
"Sympathy is a word located in the dictionary between 'Shit' and 'Syphilis' in my dictionary."
Dunno who the originator of that gem was, but it's brilliant.
Hopefully Dude makes it, he's a good guy.
So, the day progresses.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. back in the 70s when I first entered on duty with the border Patrol I had a Korean War vet as a supervisor. I came in one day whining about something and he said: "if you're looking for sympathy it's in the dictionary between shit and syphilis." so it was in use even back then.

  2. Big Country,
    When my son had Covid last year, I got him, zinc, Vitamin D and full strength aspirin, the aspirin acts as a blood thinner, and helps prevent the clotting in the alveoli that caused the "broken glass" images when Covid first arrived. If he works for a hospital, have they given him Remdesivir? My Sister-in-law is a nurse anesthetist, she had a covid case in her hospital who was on a ventilator, and declining quickly, it was past the point that Remdisivir is normally given, but the head of infectious diseases at the hospital made them give it to him, the man was off the ventilator two days later and basically back from the dead. I think that is what they gave Trump.

  3. If it makes you feel better I'm pretty sure covid doesn't exist. There SURE as hell aren't any variants- that's propaganda for the idiots who deserve their self-inflicted genocide. There is flu though, common colds, bacterial infection- you know, stuff that existed before every disease on the planet was magically renamed "covid" in 2019.

    1. Whoever, I get your skepticism I do but I personally work at a large hospital and see the large numbers of sick and dying people. Last year was much ado about nothing truthfully but this Delta variant is the real deal! This is no regular flu or cold!

      In my opinion it is a bio weapon that got out either on purpose or accident. It is real and a good friend of mine that I worked with who was healthy got it and it killed him 10 days later. If you don't want the vax then make sure to keep healthy and take your vitamins and zinc.

    2. Im with you on this, the media and covid propagandists would have you believe the whole world is in a covid death spiral. The mortuary statistics prove otherwise. The death rate is the same as before the scam started. Trump got sucked into playing along with the ruse that was designed to derail his reelection. His ego wont allow him to let go of the whole " I saved millions of lives with operation warp speed," although in his heart i believe he knows it all bullshit. Meanwhile pols on both sides of the unitary are lining thier pockets along with big pharma.

  4. Sympathy is between shit and syphilis and somewhere after sodomy(my addition to humanity)

  5. Asking the occasional question is a key skill, it can make you sound engaged even if you only pay attention 5% of the time. I used to work from home back in my corporate days and could play video games on one screen while chiming in occasionally on the phone.

  6. Big,
    I hope you enjoy this:
    The president of Philadelphia Toboggan Company chortles -- "...send out 24 people and they all come back dead..."
    I get the impression all it will take is one.
    One cantankerous old woman in an old farm-truck full-throttles (backs-up a few times to make sure) a burn-looter-murderer supporter or beats the face off a millennial 'DENIED-stamper' at the building department or sics her mules on one-too-many dope-fiends evacuating their bowels in her front-yard...
    ...then a couple-three folks notice and 'kick it up a notch'...
    ...then we are instantly in a cascade of 'revenge killings'.
    No tar-n-feathers, no 'ride-them-out-of-town-on-a-rail', no night-letters.
    Door-to-door merciless belligerence, corpses stacked on every sidewalk.
    I just read about Australia AuthoritiesAndOfficials 'blanking' all comments about their truckers blocking roads as a protest against needing an 'APPROVED-stamped' official chinesium influenza passport to leave the bedroom.
    Apparently, operating on the theory:
    * If nobody knows about it, it never happened.
    Each time I feel over-whelmed by a sensation of 'my one act will not slow or decrease this collapse', I sit in the porch-rocker a spell.
    My hand usually finds a dog ear to scratch behind.