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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Renters Woes

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit o a changeup here.  DiveMedic has been hammering on it, as he gets quite a bit'o scrim from his rental properties, but the whole Eviction Moratorium is coming to a close, and this's IMO a good thing.  Mainly because even in the worst of times the CDC as far as I'm concerned had ZERO right to claim that landlords couldn't throw motherfuckers on the street.  For that matter, the whole 'homeless' issue itself calls into question the validity of the COVID horseshit.  More on that in a few.

But this comes now to a personal thing.  Dumbfuck and Dumbunny apparently are being evicted.

This's my surprised face.
Yep.  She poasted of Fecebook (where she tends to put ALL of her biddness out there in typical millennial-attention whoring fashion) that they needed boxes for a move and whatnot and any financial help...  of course Wifey finally got ahold of her and shed claims that they're actually moving to better digs but reality is, they've both been unemployed for over a year, with the exception of DoorDash which is the only job Dumbfuck can do what with multiple felony convictions... Dumbunny cut us dead from their lives when we tried to help... help as in tell them to actually become better people, maybe try to be better parents, maybe not let Dumbfuck beat on her regularly?  I mean Oh the horror!

Now she's back and talking to Wifey.
I told her we ain't doing shit, ain't helping, no fucking how, no fucking way.
I got exactly a big fat fucking nuthin' for them fuckers.
BIG part of it, besides being complete and utter pieces of whytte trash, they spent the entire 'lockdown' and alllll the subsequent bennies and monies and freebies that the DotGov gave them going to exciting places and exotic locations, i.e. they went to shows, stayed at vacation resorts in the mountains, and generally fucked around, having a good ole time, and then, now that the rent is due?  They're crying how unfair it all is and how it ain't right.  

I haven't, outside of a trip to Saint Augustine, haven't gone anywhere for any length of time.  ZERO vay-kays.  In fact, the St Auggie trip was actually biddness that Wifey had with a Wedding she was doing hair n makeup for, so we turned it into a mini-kay, as we haven't really gone anywhere or done anything since we've been together.

Shit, I haven't seen the MomUnit in almost 2 years.
Mostly because MomUnit is a CNN junky and actually believes this's a world-ending plague.
<Le Sigh>
Oh well... either way, man, seeing all the poasts on Fecebook from Dumbunny over the past year, year and a half?  yeah... steams my motherfuckin' clams man...badly
NASCAR races, niiiiice trips to Waterparks over weekends in really nice hotels?  Going out to dinner like every. single. meal?

Spoiled fucking children, who feel entitled to free rent.
Fucking Lotus Eaters man...
She (Dumbunny) is leveraging the NewGranBebe to possibly have us do something... hasn't directly said anything yet, but I know her and him.  Grifters nonpareil.  Wifey tentatively asked about NGB, and it was sort of left open ended.  I know at some point Grandma-Biology is going to kick in, at which point I've already made it clear AGAIN we ain't doing shytte. 

Thing is, these two fucks haven't sent Gift #1 or anything to GranBebe.  Their first borne may as well not even exist.  It makes me madder than fuck.  FIREBREATHINGLY angry.  Outside of the occasional vidya-chat, they've had no interest, put ZERO fucking effort into ANYTHING for her, and it tears me up, especially since GranBebe is now asking about Mama and Dada...

And I can't do or say anything.  I mean I'd like to do things.  Dark and Unspeakable Things and then I put a leash back on that aspect of my personality, double check the metaphoric chains and locks on THAT particular cage in my psyche, and go about dealing with my normal anger issues...

THAT particular 'Big Country Expat' should never be unleashed.  If -he's- allowed out, shit is officially off the fucking chain into full on bugshit cray-cray, and life as we know it will never, ever be the same again.

Jes' Sayin'

So as I mentioned a BIG reason CDC illegally implemented the whole 'can't throw deadbeat motherfuckers out' rule was to cut down on a possible rise in homelessness.  Now, this begs the question of who the fuck cares?  Obviously no one.  Because we haven't implemented a single coherent strategy to alleviate it.  No one -wants- it to end... there's too much money to be made.  Let's face it.  The $$$ involved in "tackling homelessness" is in the billions and yet nothing ever gets fucking solved.  The people who want to not be homeless generally work their asses off to not become or stay homeless.  The rest?  Fucking bums... addicts... society's useless refuse.  better to round them up like the untrainable animals they are, and gas them like the rabid animals they are.  Cold?  yep.  Utterly practical?  Fuck yeah.  But, that's me for you.  CDC was worried it'd cause a 'spike' in the virus...

Problem is, in the pre-existing homeless, COVID was a non-starter.  The buried studies of which they cannot ever speak of concerning the Bowery and Skid Row in LA?  ZERO noticeable infection/death rates in the homeless.  Same in Calcutta... sure... for a bit they had a spike, then they positively -flooded- the area with guess what? Hydroxychloroquine.  Same shit they've been using as an anti-malarial for thirty years, BUT 

Doesn't make "Big Pharm" any moneys, so it's a no-no here.
Homelessness is like Cancer.  Too much money in the treatment, not in the cure.  We'll never see an end to it as long as people can make money 'advocating' and "working towards ending it" with no identifiable or consistent results.  As long as zero accountability in a real-world fashion vis-a-vis the problem, it'll be there.  

So, that's the short one for today
I'm in training at work now, for 10 hours a day.  Every. Single. Day.  Such is the life of a salaried mo'fo'.
They'd never do this if I was hourly.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. double check the metaphoric chains and locks on THAT particular cage in my psyche, and go about dealing with my normal anger issues...Roger THAT. Ohio Guy

  2. The REAL purpose behind the eviction moratorium is to drive private property owners bankrupt...make them sell their rental property to Big Business....who are n be with the commie ALL us little people are forced to become renters. Communism REQUIRES an end to private property ownership. Getting rid of landlords who aren't partibthe commie cabal is step one. After that they find a way to drive the rest of the homeowners out of our houses so the can buy them for pennies on the dollar. They want us ALL totally depending on them for EVERYTHING.

    1. Not only communism requires non-ownership of property.

      Feudalism. Feudalism assumes the local lord owns everything and the peons rent everything from the local lord.

      That's what they want, the power elite. A return to feudalism and debt-peonage (debt slavery) and serfs and peasants and outright slaves.

      Back in the day, a non-gentry class individual could escape his/her debts, indenture (like indentured servants, which the US of A finally got rid of, mostly, by the 1910's, though it still exists in Asian and Indian (dot) culture) in Europe by being gone from the local area for a year and a day.

      Now? With all the power of a fully-weaponized intel state? Try to disappear for even a week. Some people can do it, but most people? Not so much. Which, of course, makes you wonder why Osama Bin Laden was finally found not on Bush II's watch but when Barky the Lightbringer was shit in the opinion polls. And how exactly do Mexican Cartel members disappear from the Intel State's radar, hmmm?

      But back to the point I was gonna make. Feudalism, or latifundia (slave plantations, not like in the South pre Civ War, but oh, say, the size of a whole county.) That's what the move behind removing any ownership of anything is behind.

      Making us slaves, more so than we've ever been in modern times.

      Slavery. Peasants. Serfs. All bound to the land or location or job with no way out, and their children and their children's children being all bound to the land or location or job with no way out.

      And no way to ever escape slavery or serfdom or peasantry except by dying.

      That retarded movie "Elysium" is an example, with Jodie Foster playing Cankles Hillary Clinton. Or "The Hunger Games" the first book or movie. That's what they want us to be. Wage and body slaves to the elite. We still have some freedom, but too many people have sold their rights away for a useless degree or a lifetime drug addiction or just credit-slavery.

  3. I stopped helping people that won't help themselves a Long time ago, the last one my brother. Cut him off.

  4. "they spent the entire 'lockdown' and alllll the subsequent bennies and monies and freebies that the DotGov gave them going to exciting places and exotic locations, i.e. they went to shows, stayed at vacation resorts in the mountains, and generally fucked around, having a good ole time, and then, now that the rent is due? They're crying how unfair it all is and how it ain't right.

    Bet a whole lot o'people fit that description.

  5. I sold my rental property a few years ago when the province changed the rules on evicting dead beats. After that it wasn't worth the pain and suffering anymore.


  6. When these evictions start to hit it will be a shitstorm and once again The Usurper will be clueless. He can't be in office much longer.

  7. When I lived in Orange County, there were several properties in the 20 years I lived there that were bulldozed. Many of them were nice rental properties that had been there for years. Long term tenants, reasonable rent, quiet and peaceful.

    But OH NO.....

    Let's kick all the kwans out, tear down all those cute cottages, force them to pay even higher rents in Newport Beach and make this a new development. That didn't age well.

    Many of them became vacant dilapidated properties, empty and devoid of any homes or nice residents. Several of the developers went bankrupt. To this day, 2021 they're still unused. What a waste.

    One property near me was a newly developed 10 unit condo complex. They were first 750k, then 500K and even at 300k they weren't selling and that was 10 years ago! I can only imagine how bad it is now.

    The best way to avoid being a renter is to buy either a tax sale, probate sale or trashed out property in a small town where no one wants to live. That's what I did. Bought a house 11 years ago for 5K, living in it now. Decent 1400 square foot home. Worked on it little by little. When I sell it and I will, it won't sell for a huge amount of money, but I've lived rent free in it for almost a decade.

    It can be done.

    1. Problem with that is a lot of states and localities quietly, during the scamdemic, changed zoning laws even in rural areas that shift everything from low density single housing to high density only. Done without anyone noticing. It's happening all over.

      Places where, when you sell a nice house, by law, if it is torn down it must be replaced by high density housing with a certain percentage set aside for Section 8 housing.

      Lots of really bad juju stuff was passed or made into regulatory law during the scamdemic. Shit that we just don't know because it was all done behind the public's back with no access to the new rules by us peons, until we run afoul of the new rules and regulations and when we do, the full power of the police state will be used against us.

      The whole rent thing is just the start.

      It's the reason most city councils/county commissions, even in 'sunshine' states where the people are supposed to be able to observe, did all their shitty backdoor deals behind, well, back doors where nobody could see or follow.

    2. We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon.
      The zoning was unilaterally changed to 'E-2', an 'economic zone'.
      Any development from the rural farm will be to multi-story, with "low-impact' businesses on the street-level, offices on the second-story, and apartments up top.
      Instead of expanding their 'urban growth boundaries' laterally, they are expanding vertically.