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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Morning Horse Shit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sooooo GranBebe was overnight, and I got woke up at 0600.  >sigh<.
Now, even though I'm working full time, I still had to help out as the workday wasn't scheduled to start til 10am... call it 0930 as I have to get everything opened, set up and logged in, which seems to take a wee bit o'time.  So, up and at 'em early by my standards.  The training is fooked as we have people in Costa Rica, India, and the Philippines as well as the FUSA, so we're operating on a half-way schedule as the poor bastards on the other side of the planet, it's 23:00.

So, fed and watered GranBebe, turned on "Frozen" (kill. me. now.)
Then hit Gab.  Where early this a.m., there was a poasted and linked story that I can only descibe as hysterical and stupid.  "Fake and Gay" indeed.  I did a screen cap after the fact because I got a hunch -someone- did a magnificent disinformation op on the news station in question, because now the link is deader n'Kelsey's Nuts.
The story in question?
As the poaster stated, they're getting really desperate
I read the article in question, and found it to be laughable... like genuinely fucking hilarious... "Researchers at three universities in NIGERIA"
Oh my sides... the thing read and stunk like OMFG a pile o'bullshit stuffed up a dead rhino's ass.  Complete "OMFG YOU'LL BE STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERILE!!!" scare tactics.  It goes to show the retardation of our Ministry of Propaganda.  Truly, a stupid so deep, so complete, the density of which makes the core of a black hole weigh as much as a feather...

Fuckin' NIGERIA?  Such a trustworthy and noteworthy locations of Higher Edjumuhcation there never was apparently.  Geez...  I need to call KTSM news later today and ask "Are you truly that dumb, or did you get special lessons in stupid in Journalism College?"

Would LOVE to get a real comment on that...
If I do, I'll let you know.
I mean C'Mon man...fookin' Nigeria.  Home of ALL them scams and shitbirds.
Wow... just fucking wow...
Any bets this was a play by r/ourguys?
Make up some bullshit story and feed it and see if it'd play in Peoria so to speak?  Nah, I'm not that gambling type, because I don't think -anyone- with two whole Caucasian braincells to rub together would've fallen for that shytte Aye?
Only reason I can see -someone- jumping on that particular thing is to 'keep the skeer up' AGAIN
Which is becoming tiresome... the never ending pile after pile of 'orders' and 'lockdowns' and 'threats' and shytte.  Hell, last night I blew the fuck up in a conversation with Wifey... can't repeat what I sad 'cos it was pure fedpoast material.  I got that wound-up and pissed off... felt good to vent though.
It's getting harder these days.  I can -feel- the vitriol flowing off of some of r/ourguys (and gals, Sarah Hoyt for one) web pages.  Like Mike over at "Cold Fury"... he n'me (I know grammar nazis, chillax Aye?) been talking on the phone and man, we BOTH agree that we're fucking done with this bullshit.  Reading between some of the other lines on these daily site -I- hit, hell, the great memer, satirist and -horrible- 'punner' John Wilder who on occasion visits and comments (if that's really you man, welcome welcome, and let me tell you some of those puns bro.... you should be ashamed...Jes' Sayin') went 'full-borderline-retard' a ways back and blew the fuck up at the Cheater-in-Chief...  It was magnificent.  In fact his site got ponged with a warning label or some such for the first time evvar as he really vented with  both barrels.

Even Peter over at Bayou Renaissance is getting a bit 'upset'... (BTW Thanks for the link Peter,  Heel erg bedankt voor de link.)  What with him being a retired pastor, and generally nonviolent and a really been-there-done-that-got-the-scars from his Sou'Africa life, he's done as well.

It's purely amazing that despite the poking, prodding, and obvious attempts at entrapment...

Did I mention the fedboi who emailed me after my 'how to use the hand grenade' which was a baseline intel/knowledge share... I mean everything I poasted about that was out there to be found online, and some glownig actually emailed me asking "Hey man, love your blog, do you know where to buy those grenades, and if not, would you be interested if I can source them?"
And yeah, I made that
Suck it Obamamessiah!!!
*(That's my illustrated 'me' from Charlie Mike Comix Issue #1)

Why SURE I would Mister Federal Agent/BATF Asshole.  GFYDIAF.
Jeez, talk about not knowing your audience nor reading my file...

I mean wow.  r/ourguys seem to -definitely- be the MOR steady side (mentally speaking) of the equation.  I mean look at the whole Larry Elder versus hopefully soon-to-be-ExGovernor Gavin "Pelosi's Prick-Nephew" Nuisance.  Elder has literally made the Ministry of Propaganda short circuit.  WHAT SHOULD BE A possible historic moment... a black man, the first, taking control of the Governorship of the BIGGEST state, Califruitopiacation.   Instead, because he's an unrepentant Republican it's causing mental meltdowns.  They -try- to smear him, as a "Black-anti-Black Raycyst" but man, who the fuck believes that shytte?

He's also been assaulted by obviously self hating whypeepo while wearing a gorilla mask throwing eggs at a black man... dunno man, scratch a libtard, find the true raycyst.  Not that they'll admit it ever... they wrap their twisted skein up into pretzel logic...  Aesop as of late, bro, check that BP Marine... you  gonna stroke the fuck out.  I recommend GTFO of Cali sooner, rather than later.  I can't even begin to imagine the hell of being even in a 'red zone' and being surrounded and commanded by the blue fucktards.  Problem  is, he ain't wrong.


Until -something- breaks, the majority of us are going to have to continue to be 'keyboard commandos' and doing small but HIGHLY irritating nits in Leviathans side.  I mean there are some things you can do... a small bag of Quikrete in the local shitter of either a business fully on board with masking requirements... 
20 pounds, $15 +/-.  
A couple of gallon freezer bags to tote it around, put one or two bags in a shopping bag, or backpack... wear your mask, gloves... these days if anyone asks, tell 'em your immuno-compromised.  Bet no one comes near you after.  Just make sure to  remember that you'll be on camera everywhere.  If you hit somewhere, park blocks away.  Plan alternate routes.  Another suggestion is to make sure your car is invisible.  Don't be rolling up in "The Pussy Wagon" from 'Kill Bill'

Be the Gray Man

Couple of bags of that in the latrine?  20 minutes to set, 40 minutes to harden, 4 hours to completely fuck things up.  YMMV.

So, for now, I got to get back to the 'stupid'...
The longer I'm in training the MOR I realize just how terminally fucked Corporate 'Murica is.  It's catastrophically fucked.  Nonrecoverable.  Terminal case of the-soon-to-be-deads.  My fellow 'trainees?'  Oh. My. GAWD.  Lord help me... no wonder they literally interviewed me on a Wednesday and hired me Friday morning.  These mooks?  There's dumb, then there's oh holy hells.  Worst part?  The Indians and TCNs?  They're the smart ones.  The 'Muricans?  Let's just sort of put it nicely... 
I am:
The only Whypeepo new hire in the FUSA side... other males, but all overseas
The only Male new hire (except the trainer)
The only Male over the age of 50 new hire
The rest?
All female
All diversity, Magic Dirt
All older females.

I'll deal with it, but man, the very fact that the email today?  First one I see, and I cropped out a lot of shit and took a pic with my camera, as I can't chance forwarding the email, it reeks of a trap but yep, BIG reason I say that the corporate corpse is without any hope?
Well now...
"Unconscious Bias"  RUFKM????
They're excited by this.  Orwell had nothing on these jokers.  And I'm going to be tortured by this... That I need to sit through a "struggle session" and denounce my 'colonizing' and 'privilege' to keep the job... >le sigh<
Shit I go through Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Haha, those dipshits.

    "FOR THE RECORD: A national story regarding Ivermectin and a study regarding its effect on men’s reproductive health that KTSM published, has been removed from our website."

    aka: "FOR THE RECORD: We're dumbshits that rush to publish anything our glorious overlords request."


  2. Mr. Country,
    I saw there is a new Charlie Mike comic, are you going to link to it so you get a taste when I buy it.
    If so, I’ll wait until you have it up

  3. Yesterday the USMC mandated the vax, made the order illegal to refuse. Refusal = automatic NJP and Admin Sep.

    Thinking the SHTF PDQ.....

  4. One local radio station was breathlessly reporting that story this morning, they are collectively dumb as a bag of hammers but they mostly play music and go local news

  5. Ivermectin has been used for more than 30 years for the treatment of several diseases. More than one million doses of the drug are administered daily, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

    That sure is a lot of sterile people... lol

  6. Unconscious bias? Fuck that. I am most assuredly very conscious in my bias.

  7. Iffn I’da known that shit would make me sterile, I woulda been buttering my toast with it years ago.

  8. slo joe pulled out the vax mandate for PRIVATE businesses. how the hell is that legal? i know, i know, they don't care. but these idiots are cruising for it. 70 nurses quit the local hospital, along with non-medical staff. they were already running on a skeleton crew. my neighbor said he's quitting his very well paying job, and 15 more on his shift are walking too. slo joe's strategy is going to topple his own government. American Spring anybody? better load up on long term food, now.

  9. Instead of using quikcrete try using 3/4'' chip bentonite like what is used for abandoning wells. My coworker said a half gallon/gallon bag of it would plug the toilet but when the roto goes to clean it it will just pass right through and the clay seals back up again... the finely powdered clay is real nasty also if it gets on the pavement... slimy as snot and you can never really wash it away decent

  10. Nowhere close to strokin' out, amigo.
    Just working up to my target heart rate for workouts.

    Kilaeau's got nothing on the nuclear levels of volcanic rage just splashing around waiting for Kickoff Time.
    Anything between now and then is just the occasional magma bubble to blow off a little bit of steam.

    Califrutipoia doesn't piss me off, per se.
    Been dealing with the stupid shite from TPTB here for a solid lifetime.
    Like guys who work with beehives all the time, I'm immune to their BS, and they hate laughter at their antics and ridicule above all things.

    The only thing that really gets my goat is when people who should know better swerve over into full retard. It's like they just can't not throw out the baby and the dirty bathwater, every single time. That's what NCO Love is for.

    Otherwise, just getting my crap in one bag, so to speak.

    Time's gonna come when a lot of us look back at this time, and realize these were the Good Old Days.
    Don't want to be doing the "If Only" dance when that happens.
    Mostly already have the belt and suspenders taken care of, now it's on to the bungee and paracord levels of P-A-C-E for most things.

    As for getting out of here, eff that. I may have to work out of state a few days a week, but that's only a part-time problem. And currently, it's looking like even the employers aren't too happy about losing between 1/4 and 1/3 of their employees to must-Vaxx mandates. They're kind of pissed at Gabbin' Nuisance for that one too, they just can't say it openly.
    But this place is home to me, as much as any Tennessee kid's hills or a Cajun's swamps are to them.
    Been most everywhere in this country, and to those that feel the same way about their homes, I totally understand.
    This one is mine. From my cold, dead hands is the only way it's getting taken away.

    I paid for this motherfucker, in blood, for decades, and I intend to collect on that debt, with interest.
    When communism falls here - and it ALWAYS falls - I'll be driving the Killdozer to help push it over.
    And if certain people get turned into tread grease in the transition process, well, Shit Happens.
    If everybody took the same sensible attitude about their own personal Home, i.e. not surrendering one square foot of territory to Safe Space for the common enemies of civilization, the world would be a better place.

    Keep on doing what you do.

    Huddle talk is to keep everyone on the same page.

    What happens face-to-face on the scrimmage line doesn't get talked about.
    That stuff, everyone can feel, in their bones.
    And Fred the Fed up in the stands can't do dick about stopping that. He can only watch.
    "Are you not entertained?" - Maximus Decimus Meridius

  11. Please to represent Mr. Prince Omar Simbonogo, Dean of Nigerian Medical School, who has lost US $50 millions of dollar in stranded account. Need only to hand over your freedom to take part in payout.

  12. Half of my fellow techs at the FAA tower I work at are walking over this. The equipment (radars, radios, VOR, ILS, etc) won't maintain itself. The percentage of air traffic controllers is lower, because younger, snowflakes, but still significant. The flying public will definitely notice half or more of the airports in the country being shut down.