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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Maff and Organs

Greetings Me Drrogs N Droogettes!
So much for a lazy Sunday. Short bitchfestivus before I get to the meat and taters of todays topic. Wifey wakes me up at 0830 on the only day I can sleep in screeching "That fucking bitch!!!" To whit, your author, known for his witty repartee, responded "Whuzzle!" and tried to cogitate a bit...

Seems she had a new client yesterday who decided to reverse the $200 that she paid for the services, but THEN went on every. single. website that Wifey advertises on, and trashed her rep.  She poasted pictures saying Wifey was incompetent,  a scammer the usual when a crazy bitch decides to go full throttle retard.  What's common with these broads is they generally are Karens who're scamming the system for a free service, and being bitchy to intimidate by trashing her out on the intahwhebz.  The pics?  She even admitted to changing and re-doing the makeup herself after the fact...  God I hate crazy bitches...  But, the good news?  Thing is, she can leave shitty reviews, but only on the website she contracted through.  She left them like everywhere.  THAT was a bridge too far.  We've won in court before on this.

That's by Florida Law Slander/Libel, 'cos this's got the potential to have Wifey lose business.

So, Hi-Ho off to court I go...
Quick Laugh before we start though to lighten the mood/load:
Now, for todays topic, Bear Bussjaeger has a poast, and he's far more knowing than I, about the numbers on the FDA Reveal about the Notavaxx.  It's here:
Now, I ain't none too good at Maffs.  But he breaks it down so even a four-time-basic-math failure like me gets it.

The FDA conference which dropped truth-nukes and has been subsequently ignored by everyone especially the Ministry of Propaganda stated that 1 in 1000 who got the jab are going or have ALREADY developed Myocarditis. Myocarditis is defined as usually being caused by a viral infection, (the Jab apparently). A severe case can weaken the heart, which can lead to heart failure, abnormal heartbeat, and sudden death, i.e. fucking stroke and heart attack.

The only solution is a new ticker.
Now to the maffs.  He figured out that there are aboot 218,872,070 jabs delivered... that means 1 in 1000?  Yeah that's 10,535,018 “vaxxed" folks, and out of them? About 10,533 are going to possibly needing a new heart, my Ex-Nephew being one of them...

So, a lot of things to unpack.  10,533 people potentially needing new hearts.  Now reality, well the news that HAS slipped through, it seems that yeah, a LOT of people are running on borrowed time... and these 10,533 are of the young age group... the oldsters are dying as opposed to getting sick, sort of like my Ex-Father in Law who cashed in two weeks after #2.

Soooooo from a Globalist Perspective and every one has been saying

Cui Bono?

Think I figgered out the bono of that cui.  Me thinking, a most dangerous concept...

The average cost of a heart transplant in the Untied Statz is:
That doesn't include allll the 'other stuff' that goes along with the post operative stuff... anti-rejection meds (huge $$$) and therapies, and lifelong maintenance on said-victim/patient.
That works out, on the baseline Bear came up with of $14,746,200,000.00 or more simply put, Fourteen Point Seven BILLION dollars in MedCorps pockets.  NOT including post-op.

Then, lets look at the 'other' unpleasant aspects.
Where you gonna find 10,000 +/- new, fresh healthy tickers?
What country supplies the majority of organs via illegal organ trafficking?

Huh... what a co-inky-dink
Well whaddya know George?

Don't forget the 10% for the "Big Guy" I guess.  Now it makes a hell of a lot more sense.  China has zero qualms about harvesting organs... Ask the Uighurs, if you can find any outside of the Concentration Camps they have set up over there.  Big Pharma has a couple of things going for it too, as well as the DotGov and the Globalist mass murderers.

1) As they said on /pol/ on the chans, "Congratulations, you just turned you immune system into a subscription service." meaning those who -haven't yet- experienced anything bad looks like they NEED to keep taking the Notavaxx now and forever, as if they don't bad thing may happen.  Too soon to tell, but either way, the 'subscription service' business model is a winner income wise for Big Pharma

2) The future is Transplants and the Future is Now.  Expect the cost of the organs to go through the roof, and I fully expect that the FedGov will broaden the 'donation' requirement quietly... be interesting to see if that's in the Omnibus they want to pass... if so, then that's telling... something like "unless you opt out, you'll be added tot he National Organ Donation Registry" or some shytte to that affect.  However, even if they do that here? There still ain't going to be enough hearts to go around, and also, the people who got the shot?  they're going to be exempt as the 'damaged goods' they now are.  Which then means

3) China.  The Number One illegal organ trafficker in the world is now staged to really get going on the ole 'slice and dice' of them political dissidents.  Add on the ChinkVaxx is not doing the same thing as ours, i.e. damaging nor killing their population... hmmn... things that make you wonder if there was a larger plan in place?  Add on that Xinney-the-Poo is starting to rehab Moa's Cultural Revolution, and looking like he's rolling back tot he Bad Old Days where Joe Chink kil't off 22-50 million of their own, then yeah, I'd call anyone who Xinney and his neo-commies consider 'dissidents' to be 'donations on standby' there Aye?

4)  And here and anywhere else that used the Heart-clot-shot?  It's killing off the oldsters.  Which is a net win for the DotGov.  No expending massive amounts of valuable resources on dead-ender Boomers and the like.  No more paying for Med Care for them nor maintenance like Social Security.  They cash in, and the DotGovs worldwide win.  The Globalists also dig it because it's part and parcel of the Population reduction they dream of.

So, that's my theory for today
Prove me wrong
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Big,
    I think you are giving YourBetters far more credit than they earn.
    After generations of inbreeding, YourBetters reached a nice stable level of incompetence so remarkable, they are off-the-charts on the dumbness scale.
    Despite all their access to data from think-tanks in the universities they fund, despite all the highly-educated staff they hire to gather information from polls, YourBetters exist in the delusion they know better than TheMasses.
    Imagine the dumbest person you know.
    Now, imagine a garden-party, casual chit-chat among hundreds of the dumbest people you can imagine.
    Now, imagine those nincompoops formulating 'National Policy' (whatever that is).
    Now, imagine they are so stupit, they have no idea they are stupit.
    This is a level of stupit normal folks automatically know is inevitably destined to fail.
    We do not need to lift a finger.
    Like a Roomba vacuum stuck between corners under the table in a helpless spiral, bouncing off then retreating from chair legs, YourBetters are incapable of anything productive.
    And the chinese -- twice as worse.
    The ashka-nazi -- suicidally paranoid stupit mixed with phenomenal arrogance.
    How do I know this is true?
    One word -- o'bama, o'casio-cortez, j. robinette biden, newsome, dan rather.
    Caribbean 'aspiring rap artist' nicki manaj, golda meier and doctor ruth.

  2. SO, to fill the new world wide demand for heart replacements, every Uyghur in China should be nervous.............

  3. True story:

    Fed-bois blow each other so much, they can identify each other just by the taste of their smegma.

  4. Just going through the math I think he's off by a factor of 10 *worse*.

    He cites 210,700,361 Americans have been vaccinated. I know this is different from the 218,872,070 jabs delivered you quote but they're close enough to not matter.

    He figures half were Pfizer. It seems it was Pfizer that was studied. He's not clear on that but OK. So divide by two.

    100,350,201 Pfizer doses.

    One in a thousand develop cardiomyopathy and need a new heart.

    That's now 100,350 cases of cardiomyopathy needing a heart transplant.

    At you're quoted cost of a heart transplant it's about 140 BILLION dollars. A factor of 10 larger.

    Correct me if I'm wrong and/or delete the post but Shit. There's so much going on that's not being talked about. And if they (whoever they are) keep control of the media and the narrative we'll never know for sure.

    Enjoy your blog. One of my daily go to's.

  5. Be Advised
    Cumbre Vieja Volcano on La Palma has started erupting.
    If you are on the US East Coast within sight of the ocean you should probably be paying attention
    That Is All
    Mr M

  6. Mongo,
    I am going to disagree with your numbers just a bit. I spent some time looking at this, the one in 1,000 number is the reported incidents of adverse reactions, not cases of myocarditis, which is much lower (just over 4% of adverse reactions are myocarditis) and this is only in the under 30 crowd. So the 10533 hearts is at most 468, but that number is based upon all vaccinated people, so, the final number should be much less.
    Any heart damage is awful, and needs to be looked at since mRNA seems like the way vaccines are going.

    1. New VAERS numbers are out.

      701,559 Adverse Events
      60,741 Hospitalizations
      80,393 Urgent Care
      6,637 Heart Attacks
      5,765 Myocarditis
      1,862 Miscarriages
      19,210 Permanently Disabled
      14,925 Deaths

      Keep in mind: Only about 10% of vaccine adverse reactions/deaths are actually reported.

  7. Years ago a nurse friend went to one of those "plastination" exhibits (Cadavers are basically cut up, dipped in some kind of plastic chemicals and then posed. Their information said the bodies were "donated" from China. She kept repeating that they looked so young and healthy, as most cadavers are elderly. Probably executed political prisoners who were harvested and then sold to American museums.

    1. Yup... saw one of those exhibitions back inthe 90's in Boston, and the same observations were made then...
      "My, what great shape these bodies were in!"

  8. Just a little perspective to cheer folks up on medical.
    1968, broken lower leg, crushed in 2 places, broken ankle. 45 days in hospital, 2 orthopedic surgeries, 120 shots of morphine, good looking nurses. Total Cost = $1,800.00. Seriously. Can't even imagine what that would be today. 7 figures no doubt.

    1. Hi "Kid!!!,"
      Dig it... 1973.. broke right ankle..."Tib/Fib" ...Vietnam Vet.. going to School they sent me to the local "VA Hospital!!'' Great Dr's... Sexy nurses,, 3 Screws and No Out Of pocket$$$$.
      That was Then!!
      "TODAY!!!!!!!!!!" I won't get near a VA fac. today for "Anything!!!!!!"

      The Dirty, Rotten, Low Puller!!!!.....

  9. It is a dirty little secret but it is not that hard to dispute charges and get your goods or services for free as the burden is on the merchant to prove the transaction was legit. I imagine there are entire websites to coach people on how to game that system.

    1. Folks keep running to lawyers and getting shafted. Stop being dumb and lazy.
      Do some homework online and defend yourself, I did TWICE, and WON!

  10. I'm stealin' that fed boi with his hands covering his pretty little face . That's priceless !

  11. Dude, it looks like he's suffering a BigCountrylanche.

  12. Report yourselves, all of you, immediately. For wrongthink.

  13. My Daughter caught the C-bug while on the Bart. She was one of the first in the Bay area. The Doc gave her an inhaler and a Z-Pac. Ran a fever and felt like she was drop kicked off a 10 story building. Dropped 20 pounds in 2 weeks. She made a full recovery. Unfortunately because she is in Health Care, she had to get the Vax prior to any side effects being reported. Life is being warped into an episode of Hellraiser. Red

  14. "4) And here and anywhere else that used the Heart-clot-shot? It's killing off the oldsters. Which is a net win for the DotGov. No expending massive amounts of valuable resources on dead-ender Boomers and the like. No more paying for Med Care for them nor maintenance like Social Security. They cash in, and the DotGovs worldwide win. The Globalists also dig it because it's part and parcel of the Population reduction they dream of."

    There's an even more important angle with dead senior citizens: estate taxes. The elderly tend to have a lot of assets. Estate taxes let state and fed governments glom on to not-insignificant portions of all that sweet, sweet casheesh.

  15. "Where you gonna find 10,000 +/- new, fresh healthy tickers?"

    Meh as we know many of them faked taking the vax. Soon we will be able to tell who has not been vaxxed. The local patriots in that area will provide the cadavers.

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  17. I wanted to add this link because I think it makes BC's case. It isnt a question of whether they are subverting VAERS data but how much.
    This is conspiracy to commit genocide.